You are not alone

You are not alone. You are not alone in your suffering. You are not alone in the wilderness. You are not alone in the darkness. You are not alone in your pain. God has not left you. He has not forsaken you. It is impossible for the Lord to leave you. He promised that He would be by your side all the time. He said He would stay with you. Today you might be down in the valley but the Lord is by your side. He is standing there with you. He is standing tall. The valley is not changing your God but your God is changing your valley. Your suffering and your pain are going to go away. If all you can see in the valley is misery and torment, pray that you can see the Lord in the valley. We tend to think that afflictions and struggles erase God. They don’t. They give us the illusion that He is gone and that illusion gnaws at our faith to the point where we lose hope. I have been in that valley. I have felt alone in the ditch of trouble feeling like I had to labor to get out of my troubled waters. It is a lonely place. It is a dark place. However, it is not our final destination and we can be rescued from the torture and the agony. The valley can be a long and narrow site but it doesn’t matter how narrow it is, God can squeeze in and stretch it out. The truth is that no valley, no problem, no trial, no affliction can separate us from the love of God. The worst headache can be remedied. The worst situation can be reversed. Those negative situations are not stronger than God’s love. My prayer for you today is that you experience God in the middle of your valley. I pray that God’s love pierces through this lonely time and shows you that you are cared for, you are protected, you are still blessed and you are not alone.


You are not alone in the darkness. A pitch black area is hard to navigate. When you can’t see where you are going it is difficult to try to proceed and move around especially if no one is with you. You don’t have a hand to hold to. You don’t hear a voice that can comfort you. You don’t have a presence that can reassure you. You are under the impression that you have to make it on your own and it can be a scary place. I remember when I didn’t know what to do or where to go and I had no reference point and no guide that could help me get through that dark period. Someone was watching over me the whole time. Someone was by my side but I was looking in the wrong direction until someone pointed out the One who is the light, the truth and the life. Jesus was smiling at me even though I was deep in the valley of sorrow. He didn’t cry. He didn’t panic. He didn’t throw in the towel. Instead He threw some scriptures at me and comforted me in my pain. He never gives up. He never gives in and I found that my problems were the ones that had to give in. You see if you hold on to God’s hand in the worst situations, those situations will have to stay clear from you and let you walk in peace. I held on to Jesus’ hand. I made up my mind that He would be the One I would keep my eyes on in the valley. I was not alone and the more I held on to Him the less lonely I felt. Jesus went through what I went through. Once I realized that, my spiritual composure changed. My outlook changed. My loneliness changed. My desperation changed. Jesus went there before me. He was in that valley. He was in pain. He was lonely. He was afflicted. All I was living at the time, Jesus had lived a long time ago.


You are not alone during your trials. Problems will arise and struggles will always be part of life but Jesus is the biggest part of life. He has the ability to squash all problems and He stands with us in the court of life when trials take place. He is the best advocate, the best attorney and the best judge. His decision is that we can be free and we will be free. This lonely place is not where we belong. He is going to get us out of that jail. Those problems are not what He has in mind for us but He is never surprised by them. When you call upon the Lord in the valley, He sends an army. The Lord sends an army of angels. He sends an army of blessings. He sends an army of new possibilities. He sends an army of peace and joy. He sends an army that surrounds us and that leads the way out of the valley. Know that you are surrounded today. Know that God’s love is a powerful circle of protection around you. Know that you are supported and shielded by blessings that will make you forget your present suffering. Jesus is smiling at you. He is showing Himself strong and He is standing tall. No weapon formed against you shall prosper because you have the One who destroys all weapons. Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. You are not alone and you are going to make it out of the danger zone. Stay encouraged. The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 46:1-3; Hebrews 13:5

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