Give Jesus credit

The message I woke up to the other day was “Give Jesus credit.” I sat with that message for some time after I got up. Giving Jesus credit is so important but what does that mean? I used to give credit to people a lot for the nice things they did for me. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that but it was problematic when I saw people’s actions as the ultimate act that brought about a blessing into my life. I wasn’t giving God enough credit for His blessings. I think it is more than acceptable to thank people and to show them appreciation for what they do but we should never forget who’s behind the scenes. When something good happens in our lives, it comes from a pipeline from Heaven. The Lord orchestrates the blessing and people are sometimes the operators that are used to make it come to pass. Everything that is good comes from God. We might not see it directly but it is His doing. When Jesus died on the cross and rose again, that act was the biggest blessing, the biggest miracle that has ever taken place. That alone deserves our daily praise and we ought to give Jesus credit for His powerful sacrifice and for giving us life. Jesus brings life and His power of resurrection is here with us. When our situations die and then we get a breakthrough or a miracle, it is God’s resurrecting power in action. The Lord deserves credit all the time for His love and His goodness. You and I woke up this morning. Let’s give God credit for that. You and I are blessed and favored. Let’s give God credit for that. You and I have access to the Bible. Let’s give God credit for that. You and I can pray and worship today. Let’s give God credit for that. You and I are going to make it no matter what. Let’s give Jesus credit for that. You and I are never alone. Let’s give Jesus credit for the Holy Spirit. Let’s give the Lord credit all the time. He is more than worthy of our honor and praise. Let’s be grateful for the people in our lives but above all let’s be thankful for Jesus.


Giving Jesus credit for who He is makes a difference in our spiritual lives. It shows that we recognize His impact on who we are and that He is the anchor of our salvation. Salvation is such a powerful deliverance from death. It is also defined as preservation. We are preserved from eternal death. We are kept safe from harm and ruin. Harm will happen. Plans will be ruined but because of Jesus we can expect an escape plan and we can be sure that everything will work out for the best. Jesus deserves a round of spiritual applause for that. Our gratitude to Him should be eternal and it should be expressed as much as possible. I am convinced that my mind and my spirit need to be reminded of the goodness of God and that should be a recurring event. Why? The world will make us forget how good our God is very fast. Just turn on the news. Just step outside. Just sit there and overthink and you will start believing that God’s goodness is gone. God is good all the time. He is a blessing all the time and we should be thanking Him all the time. When we believe that there is nothing to be thankful for because our lives have been too devastated, we should go back to the basics of our faith and thank God for being God. We can give the Lord credit for being the creator of the universe and for creating us. He has a plan for our lives and even when we don’t see it or we don’t understand it we can still thank Him for that. God is love, unconditional love and that merits a huge “thank You” on our parts. What are things in your life you can give God credit for? I suggest you make a daily list and you give Him credit not just when you pray but every chance you get.


Giving Jesus credit for His intervention in our lives is beautiful. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so He could dwell in us. When was the last time you gave Jesus credit for the Holy Spirit? I know I don’t do it enough but I go through phases when I can’t stop thanking Him for the Holy Spirit. Having the most amazing Person in my life is just incredible. What did we do to deserve the Holy Spirit? Nothing. He is a free gift that keeps on giving and keeps on loving and He is with us all the time. That boggles my mind. Jesus should be given so much credit for His Spirit. We can make a habit to thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit. When we do, His Spirit will become even more real to us. Jesus is the giver of life, of love, of miracles, of all good things including His Spirit. Think about that. He gave His Spirit for us to be comforted, counseled, guided, protected and loved. He could have left the earth and said “Good luck you are on your own. Pray to the Father in your own strength.” Instead He stayed with us through His Spirit. Let’s give Him praise and honor for His mighty gift. Jesus will always be with us and He will always listen to us and talk to us thanks to the Holy Spirit. Your next blessing comes from Jesus and His Spirit is the One who will show you the blessing and give you the desire to thank God. With the Holy Spirit we can see the light and we can see hope. The flames of your faith are being fanned by the Holy Spirit. The display of God’s goodness is being revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. The good ideas and the advice you receive when you seek God are being sponsored by the Holy Spirit. Your innovative ideas should be credited to the Lord. He is behind them. Your spiritual growth, your emotional healing, your blessing in disguise should all be credited to the Lord. Today is a good day to start giving Jesus credit for all the good things in your life. Be relentless with it. Keep doing it. Give God all the glory!

Suggested reading: Psalm 50:23; Romans 15:9; 1 Corinthians 10:31


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