My wish and prayer for you this week

Like most people in the world, you might be in need of words of encouragement. My encouragement to you today is a prayer. I am praying for you. I am praying that God blesses your week. I am praying that you receive the peace of mind you have been waiting for. I am praying that those tough times end and you find yourself tougher than ever. I am praying that Jesus becomes clearer to you and that you see His beauty despite the ugliness of the world today. I am praying that God strengthens you, blesses you, refines you and always defines you. Let God be the One who gives a definition of who you are to the world. A definition that transcends what the world says about you and what the world is doing on the inside of you today. The negative thoughts and the fear have no right to define who you are. You are a child of God. You are loved and adored and you are going to make it through this. This storm didn’t take the Lord by surprise and it doesn’t change who He is in the least. God is still around and He is still almighty. The week to come with be accompanied with challenges. It will bring some baggage that it will try to leave in your house and make you uncomfortable in your own home. Let God be the main guest at your house. Let Him be the guest who becomes the host and who takes care of your house. Put the negative baggage outside and close the door to negativity. May this week be a week of restoration for you. May it be a week of strengthening and of revelation. May you get a bigger revelation of God’s majesty and of His awesome love for you.

One thing remains; God is still sovereign and Jesus is still King. This week God is going to be the same regardless of what you hear or what you see. The One who saved your life, who got you out of trouble and who has blessed you is still the same. I also want to remind you that the peace that surpasses all understanding is still real and still available. Start your week by praying for peace. Spend time in prayer and ask the Lord for assistance. Peace is what will help you get through the week. Make it a priority to gain it back. Jesus can give it to you. Ask and you shall receive. You might need to spend more time in prayer and more time in the Word but it will happen. Peace is coming back. Peace is rightfully yours. You see, the enemy knows that if he can remove peace from your life, he has an opening. He has a way to come in and ruin your mind and disturb your heart. He wants to steal from you and destroy you. God’s plan for you is the opposite. He has provision for you in every way and He wants to fill you with His peace and His joy. Spend time with Him and you will see how contagious He is. “Catch Jesus” and you will be operating from a totally different platform!

God is matchless. His mercy and grace are matchless. This pandemic is no match to our God. The Lord is calling you to stand in faith and to remind your mind and your heart that nothing is impossible to Him and nothing and no one is bigger than Him. Bigger is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world. You are going to make it beautifully with the Lord on your side. Jesus is sending angels to minister to you. Keep believing. Keep praying. Don’t give up. Stay strong in the Lord. With God you have nothing to lose but every to gain. God’s love is following you everywhere you go. You are blessed, friend. Don’t forget the favor and mercy that are always on you. God is going to bless your week. Declare it. Believe it. Thank Him for it. May God bless you abundantly with a great measure of His peace. May you see what you have never seen before in the name of Jesus as you hold on to the truth of His majesty. God is still on the throne!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:8; Nehemiah 9:6; Hebrews 13:8

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