The goodness of “the new you”

When I think about all the things the Lord has done for me, I can’t help but be grateful. I don’t deserve any of it yet He is so merciful that He has poured blessing upon blessing on my life. It is all so beautiful even on the days when I struggle or when problems arise, it is still very beautiful. Why? Because Jesus has held my hand the whole time. He has never left me and He has never forsaken me. On days when I can’t see Him, He can still see me. He still sings over me and rejoices over me. All I am saying about myself is true for you as well. The Lord has not left your side and He still sees you. He sees your pain; He sees your joy. He is not deaf to your cries and He is not blind to your tears. Being with Jesus is quite an adventure. It is the best thing that has happened to me. My life hasn’t been the same and it will never be the same again. I have turned the page on my old self and now I am focusing on the new person I am in Him. Today I want to encourage you to focus on “the new you” and let “the new you” emerge as much as possible. I am talking about the new you in the Lord.

“The new you” has the fruit of the Spirit and loves the Lord
. Now, your old self will always try to pull you back and take you down the lane of your old ways and your old principles. There is a battle between the flesh and the spirit. Your spirit aspires to be more like Jesus now. Your flesh does not like spiritual changes and would rather stay away from anything that draws you closer to God. Think about that. As you are developing the new you, and the process never truly ends, you must contend with the flesh. Learn to be the spiritual being that you were meant to be. Adhere to the Word of God. Befriend the Holy Spirit. Let Him become your best friend. As you partner with the Holy Spirit, the new you will grow and will learn valuable lessons that only the Lord can give you. He will show you hidden treasures, reveal messages that will transform your life and open your spiritual eyes. It’s difficult to mature in the Lord without having a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Jesus knows Jesus the best and He can help you become more like Jesus. It is better to be close to the Spirit of God than to hold a high place in the world. Being with God’s Spirit is worth all the blessings of the world. I would rather be showered with blessings from Heaven than have all the riches of the world. A few minutes with the Holy Spirit as our coach is worth a hundred years with the world owning our soul.

Like I said earlier, the new you has the fruit of the Spirit inside and the fruit has to be watered not only by the Word of God but by the fruit itself. Yes, the fruit will grow if you let the fruit take over your life. Yield to love, faith, joy, peace, patience and the rest of the fruit. By giving in, you will let the fruit express itself and blossom in you. It will be a wonderful experience of growth and maturity. The fruit waters the fruit. The more of the fruit you display, the more the fruit will increase in your life. It’s the principle of dying to self and letting God live in you. It’s carrying our cross every day and accepting the light burden of the Lord. It’s putting our trust in the Lord and having faith in His goodness and allowing it to touch the world through us. The fruit in you is destined to plant trees of blessings around you. The new you looks like Jesus but there is a need to maintain the image of Jesus in you. You have to fight the desires of the flesh and let the flesh be under so your spirit can dominate and rule with the Holy Spirit. Fully embrace “the new you” and become the person the Lord has designed. “The new you” is good and its goodness needs to be expressed all the time. The Holy Spirit is going to assist you. Enjoy “the new you”!

Suggested reading: Matthew 26:41; Galatians 2:20; Galatians 5:24

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