God’s creative solutions

The other day while I was cooking in the kitchen, I had the tv on and I heard someone say the words “creative solutions.” Those words sounded like they were spoken directly by the Lord who was reminding me that He had creative solutions to all our problems. I meditated on that message and I thought about how creative our God is. He created everything. There is no one more creative than Him. The enemy tries to imitate Him but his sense of creativity pales compared to the Lord’s. The Lord made the Heaven and earth. Every idea, every concept and everything was created by Him. We can try and take credit for some things but every good thing comes from God. God is an expert at creating and His creativity has no limits because He has no limits. We are the ones who limit God by not being open to His limitless power and creativity. When we are facing problems and we need to find solutions, we think about answers based on what we know can happen. We look at things from our perspective, from a human perspective. Now if we take God into consideration and let Him be in control, there is nothing that He can’t do. From His perspective, nothing is impossible to Him. Our bad circumstances, our diseases, our money problems don’t intimidate Him and don’t faze Him one bit. He sees everything from His realm, the realm of “anything is possible.” If you are going through a tough situation now, know that God has creative solutions that can solve your problems.

God gives breath to people and life to all creation. Your solutions are going to get life. They already exist in the heavenlies but your faith will give life to them. When you ask God for help, He puts the process in motion. He gives breath to the most amazing solutions. He is creative and He can use anything and anyone for those creative solutions that will be part of your breakthrough. Don’t underestimate what God can create out of nothing. Look at your problems and trust that God can make things good again by solving your problems with His creative ways. Your job is to believe, pray and stay in gratitude for God’s creative solutions. Your job is not to worry about how He is going to do it and when. Don’t worry about how things are going to play out. Don’t play God in your mind. Let Him do His part. Thank Him for His creativity. Declare that nothing can stop Him. Declare that He will move Heaven and earth to give you your solution. Declare that your creative God has not said His final word yet. He has a plan and solutions that will change your circumstances for the better.


God has come through so many times in my life. I am used to His hand intervening in my life. I am used to His love covering my sins and making things work out for the best. What I love about Him among many other things, is how He doesn’t do things the same way every time. He comes from the north one time and the next time He comes from the south. You never know how He is going to show up but He always shows up when you trust Him. When I wanted to teach over ten years ago, I didn’t know how things were going to come together. I had been denied getting my teaching certification because they had said that I needed more classes from my undergraduate studies even though I already had a master’s degree. God put it in my heart to try again years after I had been turned down. Nothing had changed as far as my credentials went but I had the confidence that something good was going to happen. I had a problem and the Lord had a creative solution for me. I applied again and they accepted me into the program. I got certified, I got a great teaching job and a few months into it they asked me to take more classes for the certification I already had. I was able to take tests on a computer and I kept my job. God had a plan and His creative solution worked out nicely. Trust in the God who has all solutions. He will get you out of your misery with His creative ways!

Suggested reading: Genesis 1:1; Nehemiah 9:6; Revelation 4:11


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