God will see you through it

I can think of many times when God has seen me through the worst situations possible. I can remember times I had no hope but a glimmer of love shone into the darkness and gave me the boost I needed. God is true to His Word. He will always see us through when we rest in Him. When we put our trust in Him and we have Him as our Lord and Savior, we can expect Him to show up and see us through. The main thing to remember is that God is still in control. No matter what we are going through, He is still in control. He has the power and the authority to overturn any obstacles and change any situation. God is the One who makes everything good again. He has all it takes to bring peace and joy. He takes a bad situation and transforms it into a blessing. God knows you. He understands you. He knows your situation and He understands it better than anyone else.


If you are having a hard time right now, I can guarantee that God is completely aware of your situation and He is going to step in and change the atmosphere. When things are tense and tough, the air is impregnated with negative feelings and bad vibes. That air is not going to stay. The way you are feeling now is not permanent. Your outlook on life is going to change. God is going to do all that for you and more. Remember who He is and what He does. Remember that His love for you is enough to sustain Him for eternity. You are an heir of the Kingdom and your inheritance starts now. Part of that amazing blessing from the Lord is protection and resurrection. Whatever has died in your life is being resurrected by the Lord. Hope might be dead and buried now but just wait and see, the Lord is bringing it all back to life. He is walking with you in the valley of death. He is getting you through it and seeing you through it. It doesn’t matter what is around you; God is for you!
Going through the valley is never easy. It makes you feel like you are stuck there forever and you can’t see the sun because you are deep down in the canyon of despair. Every valley is different but every valley is a ditch where anxiety and fear grow. When the enemy keeps us down in the valley, he thinks that he has found the way to get us away from the Lord. He can’t stand it when Christians rejoice in the valley. He can’t stand it when Christians are thankful to the Lord in the valley. He can’t stand it when Christians pray in faith to the Lord in the valley.


Our attitude in the valley will always make us stand out for good reasons if we acknowledge the Lord when we are there. The right attitude to adopt in the valley is the attitude of a person who knows without the shadow of a doubt that he or she will make it through the valley. The attitude of victory in the face of misery is a powerful attitude. Staying strong in the valley, proclaiming that our Lord will get us through it is remarkable. I want to encourage you today to first look at Jesus in the valley and keep your eyes on Him. Secondly, I want you to stir yourself up and motivate yourself in the valley by holding on to hope. Your valley might be deep and dark but it is not too deep and not too dark for the One who is the Light. God is not afraid of depth and not afraid of the dark. Let His fearless disposition rub off on you.


God is going to get you out of that ditch. Praise Him while you are waiting. Celebrate Him. Glorify Him. Get into a rhythm of praise and get out of the desperate mode. There is so much power in worship and praise that it is not surprising that the enemy discourages us to praise. He makes sure we are always “too busy” to praise and pray so that those habits are not natural to us. They often are our last resorts but if we are not used to them, they won’t seem right and we will easily abandon them. If you are a daily worshipper, the enemy will find way to scrape off your zeal for the Lord and make you believe that praise is only when all is well. Praise is how you get through the valleys. Praise is how you can go through the hard times and come out just fine. Praise is letting God come to the scene and focusing on His solutions and not on your problems. If you are in the middle of a crisis today, praise and worship. Let them be the habits that you turn to all the time. When you do, you will realize that God will always see you through the worst times. Stay in faith. God is working on your situation right now! Praise Him!

Suggested reading: Psalm 75:1; Jeremiah 20:13; 1 Peter 4:11

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