Hope beyond the clouds

What will tomorrow bring? I often asked myself that question. Back then I thought that since today was bad, tomorrow would be even worse. I expected the worst. I didn’t know any better. The future looked bleak and hope was nowhere to be found. I waited for bad things to happen because it seemed like a natural flow. I was in a negative flow all the time and there was no chance I could jump off that flow and land on a better ground. The ground beneath my feet was always shaky. There was no stability. I had no firm place to stand. I was in sinky sand a lot and I got used to it. It is sad when you have a lot of problems and it is even sadder when you are used to them and they are all you know. Then I found the light. Then there was a glimmer of hope in the dark room I had been living. It was as if someone had finally opened the door to let in some change and to allow me to see that my future could be brighter than my past. I had never known that it was possible but that tiny glimmer of hope is all I needed to understand that behind dark clouds there is a sun that never stops shining. The Lord entered my life. I was introduced to Him and I was made aware that He had been behind those clouds the whole time. Nowadays when I find myself in a tough spot and things start to get dark again, I remember that God is still there and that above the clouds there is hope. Hope beyond the cloud is a daily reminder that I cherish. Today I want to remind you that there is hope beyond the clouds. There is a sun, the Lord, that is always bright and always full of life and hope. Look beyond the clouds. Look for hope. It is never gone!

The last time I was in a cloudy season, I almost fell into the trap of thinking that things would not get better. I was made to believe that my spring and my summer would never come. The Lord did not let me go down that road and He took me down memory lane where all things had always worked out. He showed me how He had been faithful through the years and encouraged me to stay in faith because nothing and no one could change how much He loved me. He pointed out that the season might be tough but I would come out of it stronger. I would learn to weather some of the worst storms. He was right, of course. Once I made up my mind that I was not going to let the weather dictate my mood and my disposition, things got better. I decided to let the Lord be the barometer and the thermometer for my emotions and my reactions. He is good all the time and something good will always come out of the circumstances we are in when we trust Him.

 I looked beyond the clouds. I focused on Jesus and not on the storm. I walked on water by holding His hand. I held on to hope. I declared hope. I stayed in the refuge of His hands. I looked at the clouds and commanded them to move. You see, at times you have to show the authority you have in the name of Jesus and make bold declarations. Boldness came out of me and I stood my ground. The clouds didn’t budge and neither did my faith. I was determined to stay in faith. What did I have to lose? It is when we are fervent and we don’t give up, that the negativity loses its grip. The Bible says “Resist the devil and he will flee.” I resisted and resisted and refused to be pessimistic about the situation and he packed his bags and moved. Don’t let him occupy your mind and take up space that doesn’t belong to him. Kick him to the curb and evict him. He lives in those dark clouds and tries to make you believe that you live there as well.

When you go through a difficult season, you often end up developing a sense of belonging. You think that problems and trials are part of your home. You sleep in the bedroom of fear and you eat in the dining room of worry. Your entire home is filled with sadness and hopelessness. However, that negativity is not your habitation. You belong with the Lord and where He is is where you should be. Go past the clouds. Get to the Heavens so to speak. Pray your way through the cloudiness. Reach out to God and He will draw closer to you. When you pray, tell Him that you know there is hope beyond the clouds and you won’t let the clouds intimidate you. Hope will come back. Hope will be right there with you again. Those clouds, those problems, are temporary. With the Lord you are going to soar and go beyond the dark clouds. Your future is bright. Your cloudy day today doesn’t mean that there is no sun for you tomorrow. God will make you smile again. Don’t worry. Great things are coming your way. The Lord is preparing amazing moments that will make you forget today’s gloominess and sorrow. There is hope beyond the clouds and its name is Jesus!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; 1 Thessalonians 1:3; Colossians 1:27

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