God, He reigns

Yesterday I was getting ready for some praise time but before I even started, my spirit was shouting praises to the Lord. I heard in my inner praise sanctuary, “He reigns” many times. It was a beautiful song I had never heard before but it was coming strongly from within. The words were repeated over and over again and sounded like a thunder of joy with trumpets of gladness and violins of peace. I let it all out. I shouted “My God reigns.” It was a declaration of victory and an expression of the promise that stays the same. I saw my problems, I saw my worries and my fears sitting in the audience of the spectacle of my life, cowing away as I was singing the piercing truth that will never change. It was as if my trials and tribulations were bowing down in front of those words of triumph. God reigns. He always does and we have to remind ourselves and reminds our problems that God still reigns. Today I want to encourage you to shout at your problems and your fears and tell them that your God reigns. Make them tremble and make them shake as they hear the truth that puts them back in their place.

We can’t let our fears, our problems and our worries rule our lives. They appear to be a mighty presence in our lives that occupy our minds and that find a place in our hearts where they can shutter our dreams. I got tired of allowing the negativity and all the problems  to dictate my life. I didn’t know how to make them stop creating havoc in my mind until I found out that they don’t change God. God changes them and makes them stop. God silences them and removes them. God can destroy them and erase them. God can replace them with good. God can neutralize them and paralyze them. We have a part to play in that process. We need to declare our faith and speak over the negativity. We need to cover it with the power of Jesus by saying what He did on the cross and by talking about how He reigns. Saying it repeatedly helps even if we don’t see a change. The change will come. As we continue to declare victory and we continue to stay strong in faith, we are bound to see our problems dwindle. It will start with their grip. Their grip will not be as strong. We will realize how big our God is and how small problems are compared to Him. God should be the giant in our lives and not our bad circumstances. God should be the giant in our minds and not the negative thoughts. God should be the giant in our hearts and not the fear and the worries.

God is always on the throne and we ought to be careful we are not putting anything else on the throne. God reigns and everyone and everything should be subject to His majesty. It’s time we emphasized God’s power and we de-emphasized the enemy’s lies. It’s time we lifted up the Lord daily and we put down the enemy on a regular basis. It’s time we sang God’s victory in our lives and we defused the enemy’s negative chatter. Sing and sing. Don’t get tired of it. Sing when your body is tired. Sing when your mind is blind. Sing when your heart is heavy. Singing that God reigns despite our feelings and emotions is a good step in the faith direction. Keep walking the faith line. God will meet you on the way. He will help you and He will show you that He still reigns. God reigns. He is more powerful than anything bad that will ever come your way. Let Him reign. Let Him be bigger than the pain. Give Him priority and let Him take control of your problems. God will reign forever. Nothing is impossible to Him. Sing it loud and clear. God is on the throne and all trials and problems will bow down. Thank the Lord that He reigns. Tell Him how much you love you and you adore Him. He still reigns so don’t worry and don’t fear. Things are going to get better soon. Stay strong and stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:8; Matthew 24:35; 1 Timothy 1:17

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