Feed your faith

You must have heard the saying “Feed your faith and your fears will starve.” If you haven’t, I am glad to be introducing you to such a powerful recommendation. It’s a recommendation that lines up with God’s Word. The Lord tells us not to worry throughout His Word and He inspires us to live by faith and develop our faith. We need faith to believe in God and according to the size of our faith we receive from God. That’s outside of grace of course but faith is very important. It’s pivotal in our walk with God. We start off with a mustard seed. That seed can be tiny but full of power and potential. It takes a small seed to believe in God but the seed has to grow. Seeds were meant to be planted and to produce something bigger. They were never meant to be shelved and to accumulate dust. They have to multiply.



Faith seeds are alive but we too often consider them as dead grains that we revive from time to time. We think of faith more as a raisin than a grape. Faith should have pulp, density and volume. It should be fed every day or every chance we get. Today I want to encourage you to feed your faith. Let it get meaty. Let it be more than bones of mere hope. Let your faith become a giant. Let your faith get you as close to God as possible. Aspire to grow in faith. Aspire to let your heart learn about faith. Renew your mind. Block out the visions of doubt by wearing the sunglasses of faith. They allow you to see what the naked eye can’t see. Feed your faith and your doubts will lose the weight they have gained through years of uncertainty. Let faith be the bridge between you and the Lord. Faith knows the Lord well and it will get you better acquainted with Him.


Faith understands God because it doesn’t question Him. It doesn’t think twice. It doesn’t hesitate. It doesn’t waver. When we start out in faith, we get glimpses of what that sturdy faith looks like. What characterizes small faith is that it is not consistent and it is not solid enough to stand on its own. Feeding our faith is giving it the chance to stand tall and stand strong. It’s putting in the effort to believe despite the bad things that are going on. What is the best way to feed our faith? Practice is a major component of feeding our faith. Every time we go through trials, we should consider them as opportunities to feed our faith. We should hold on to hope as much as we can through the trials knowing that we will come out of them stronger. The next time we get hit by difficulties, we will have a stronger coat of faith to deal with them. We will be dressed for the occasion so to speak. We will be wearing the outfit of faith that makes us look horrible in the eyes of doubt and fear and beautiful in the eyes of hope.



Do not dread the hard times. I know it’s easier said than done but they truly are stepping stones for a wider faith. Once you go through them, you will be moving around with a wider scope of faith. Your faith will be able to handle more and more things on this road of life. All sorts of obstacles will try to stall you but your faith will keep you strong and hurdles won’t faze you. You should also think of feeding your faith as feeding your relationship with God. It will draw you closer to His heart. It will give you a new perspective of life. It will reveal a world of possibilities that you didn’t know existed. Keep believing even when there is no reason to believe. You will feed your faith every time you starve the world’s reasoning. Faith doesn’t make sense. It is also what I call senseless. It doesn’t rely on your physical senses. It relies on the Lord’s good sense that is foolishness to the world. Feed your faith and you will start thinking more like the Lord. Feed your faith daily and see miracles happen daily as you know you are rested in the hands of the Lord. Feed your faith!


Suggested reading: Matthew 21:22; Hebrews 11:1; 1 Corinthians 2:5



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