God will supply all your needs

When I first heard that God would provide all my needs, I understood that He would give me all my wants. I thought that scripture was about getting everything I wanted and not what I needed. The confusion led to disappointment which led to distancing myself from God. You see, as a kid God was more of a genie than anything else. I would make a wish and expect to see it come to pass. I believe I had the right attitude but the foundation was wrong. God didn’t say that I would get just about anything I wanted. He promised to supply my needs. Now He will do that for any of us. We need to keep in mind that His ways are different from ours and what we think we need might not be what He knows we need. There are needs we have that we are not even aware of but God knows. God always knows best. He has a clear idea of what is best for each and every one of us. When He says He will supply our needs according to His riches in glory, He knows what He is talking about and He means business.



Instead of asking God to give me what I wanted, I started asking Him to give me what He knew I needed. It took me a while to make that switch and I must admit that I revert to my old ways at times. The key is to comprehend that God always has our best interest in mind. We are always on His mind and He desires for us to get the best out of this life. He is the best we can get and His wish for us all is that we get as much as God as we can. That covers all our needs. He wants us to be God-minded, God-oriented, God-centered because He knows it is the best way for us to be God-blessed. To be “God-blessed” is an expression I created but it has a profound significance. God will always bless us when we put Him first. If we stay in Him, we will be highly blessed. The goal is to stay in Him no matter what. When He is our anchor, He anchors us in the realm of blessings, of the supernatural and of heavenly visitations. We experience Heaven colliding with earth when we stay in Him. All we need will come to us and the good news is that we will find out what we really need when we stay in Him.



What do you need today? This question can be answered by mentioning necessities but when it comes to God, He goes a step further. He is aware of all our spiritual needs. The question should be, what do we need to get closer to God? What do we need to grow in Him? What do we need to get to know Him better? Our spiritual needs are important. They matter more than material needs. If we spend time and prayer working on having our spiritual needs met, all the other needs will be taken care of. Take care of your pursuing God first and the other needs will be met. God will supply all that you need to make it in this life with Him when He is your priority. Ask Him to reveal what your needs are. Ask Him to teach you and guide you. Seek His face daily. He has what it takes to fulfill your needs and surpass your highest expectations. God will supply your needs. They might not look like what you want but they are what’s best for you. He is a good Father. Expect the best!


Suggested reading: Psalm 81:10; Romans 8:32; Philippians 4:19



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