10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 144)

You’ve got Jesus. You’re going to make it. Don’t let your mind argue with what your heart knows. It’s the truth!

God is not a god of compromise. He doesn’t compromise His traits, His character and His promises. He doesn’t negotiate and trade favors. He is genuine, faithful, real and authentic.

Pray for the rain when it’s too hot. Pray for the sun when it’s too dark. Pray for the impossible when nothing seems possible. Pray for the best when the enemy tempts you with the worst. Pray every day and you will get God’s best.

The Lord is a giver. The enemy is a thief. God will give you back everything the enemy has stolen and more. Expect restoration. Expect retribution. God the giver is going to make things right in your life!

Let God be your first option and you will not need a backup plan. Let God be your plan A and you will never need to resort to plan B. Let God’s plan be your plan!

God is true to His Word and He blesses it. Whoever speaks His Word continually reaps the blessings. Speak the Word daily!

The flame of hope should always be burning in your heart. Don’t put it out. Don’t let your mind and your circumstances put it out. Hope is alive and well. Jesus is alive and well!

Make “God choices” today. Choose Him in everything you do. Let His wisdom guide you and you will make the right choices every time.

God will increase you and not decrease you. Have faith in His increase. Know that you are going from glory to glory.

The Lord is singing over you. He has a melody with your name in it. He has lyrics about you. He is singing about how much He loves you and how wonderful you are. Tune in and listen to His love song for you.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:10; 1 Chronicles 16:1; John 14:27


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 143)

Let God’s Word live rent free in your mind. Let it permeate your spirit and dominate your heart. Give it a home in your spirit and it will make you a powerhouse of faith.

Talk about what the Lord has done any chance you get. Don’t worry about your praise report. Don’t worry that it’s not as big as your neighbors’. Report what the Lord has done. That is all that matters. Give God the glory!

Every time you think you can do it on on your own and you take control of the situation, you stand in the way. You stand in the way of what is the best way. You stand in God’s way!

Don’t engage in conversations with fear. It will try to convince you and say that all is lost. Tell fear to be quiet by having conversations with God and by telling your mind that your faith is bigger than your fear.

Jesus is the portal to Heaven. He is the way, the truth and the life. Go through Him in everything you do. Rely on Him in everything that happens. Trust His love and know that it is true. Jesus is the way when there seems to be no way!

Take the pulse of your faith. Monitor it and adjust it. Use the Word of God to regulate your faith. Let God give you the rhythm of your faith. He knows how to change the beat of your hope.

Rebuke bitterness. It will give you a bitter spiritual taste. It will spoil your spiritual appetite and it will leave you hungry for more negativity. Find the soothing manna from Heaven. Jesus has set a table before you where bitterness doesn’t exist. Eat at His table. Refuse to join the negative meals the enemy is serving you.

The anchor to your soul will keep you grounded and will keep you stable even in the midst of the wildest oceans. Jesus is that anchor!

The peace that comes from the Lord can shutter the stress that comes from the world. Adhere to His peace by thanking Him and by declaring that it is in you.

Hope is God’s reply to our distress. Let’s take His reply and apply it to every question we have in our lives. His hope will answer everything!

Suggested reading: Colossians 1:27; 1 Peter 1:13; 1 Peter 5:10

With God nothing is ever too late

I was drawn to John chapter 11 the other day. It has to do with Lazarus being resurrected from the dead. It is such a powerful testimony to the Lord’s love and to His power. Jesus loved Lazarus and He was filled with compassion when He saw that He had died. He was so moved that He cried. Jesus wept. It is almost inconceivable that the Son of God could cry and yet He did. He felt bad and He felt sad. Mary, Lazarus’ sister had a strong and normal reaction when she saw Jesus. She fell at His feet but then she said “If only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Isn’t it how we often react? Don’t we believe that God arrived too late and that if He had come before, things would have been fine? “If only God had stepped in earlier”, we say. “If only God had acted before,” we cry out. The truth that shakes us is that God is never too late and never too early. What seemed like a hopeless situation to Mary, was not a dead situation for the Lord. Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. Did that stop Jesus? Certainly not. The One who was going to conquer death knew that He could bring Lazarus back to life. Now, think of Lazarus as a situation in your life that appears to be impossible to fix. Think of something that happened 4 days ago so to speak and that looks completely hopeless today. A situation void of joy and peace. A situation that is in critical condition. Present that situation to the Lord. Change your thinking and don’t proclaim that God is too late. Renew your mind by untangling your thoughts with the comb of hope and faith. What is presented by the world as being too late is not too late for God. Put it in His hands and He will make things happen. When you trust Him, He can speak into your lifeless circumstances and bring them back to life.

I can think of a dozen situations in my life when hope was gone and I had reached the point of no return. In those tough situations there was no way out and no exit. I looked for the staircase that would take me outside of those buildings of problems but I could never find them. It’s in those moments of desperation that God showed up and proved to be caring more than I could imagine. His grace and His mercy have been umerited but they always take control of the situations. Looking back I can see that at times no one came to my rescue right away but with time, with God’s timing, the rescue was always there. It was late in my mind but it was right on time for God. We sometimes go through long seasons, long, long winters but then we jump from cold weather to summer. God does that. He can turn our toughest seasons into the most beautiful summer time. This is why I want to encourage you to hang in there and hold on to Jesus. Go to His feet and praise Him. Go to His feet and wait. Wait on His perfect timing. Wait for His intervention and cherish Him in the meantime. Don’t let your bad season give you a bitter taste. You will taste the honey and the milk again. The promise of your best days has not expired. It is renewed every day. Every morning the Lord sings over you and He is faithful. His angels are with you and you are still blessed and favored. Bad seasons don’t mean you have a bad life. The accumulation of the misery and the pain in your life can leave you hopeless but God is going to change that. He is going to pour blessings after blessings and wipe away those tears. It is never too late with the Lord!

If you think that it is too late and that your struggle will not end, let me tell you that God has a timetable that is going to reverse every bad thing that you have experienced. Get on His timetable. Get on the timetable of hope. Don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. The Lord sees you. The Lord wept when He saw your suffering as He was hanging on the cross. He also rose again and saw the end of your pain. It is coming. It is not too late for it to happen. Take courage. Something amazing is coming your way and Jesus Christ is sponsoring that beautiful event. Know that Jesus adores you. He has felt your tears and He has visited your fears. He knows how you are feeling. He knows what you are going through and He definitely knows that this is not the end. With God nothing is ever too late. Keep your hopes high. Remember you are dealing with the Creator of the universe. Nothing is impossible to Him. Ever!

Suggested reading: Psalm 63:2; John 11:33-44; 2 Corinthians 3:18

Don’t forget that God is supernatural

Sometimes, or I should say many times, God surprises me. He does something that is out of the ordinary and my whole world is shaken in a great way. I experience earth shuttering moments where all seems to stand still and God can express His love in a manner that can’t be missed. Yesterday I was sitting at work and I felt an avalanche of peace and joy. It was like a steady stream of waters of bliss. I bathed in that joy and I rejoiced in that peace. It was unprecedented and it was unparalleled. It was not because of my circumstances. There was nothing special going on. There was just “God going on” and His presence was enough. The stream of His presence was strong and it was calming. I loved it. It gave me a huge boost and it helped me face the day. It was as if there was an army with me everywhere I went. It was an army of God’s warriors. Peace and joy were leading that army and love was another leader of that powerful infantry. It was very supernatural and it underlined God’s extraordinary character. He is supernatural. He transcends the natural and He is beyond and above everything. Our problems and our trials are very much in the realm of the natural. They can be so bad that they are tangible. We feel their weight and the pain and sorrow they cause can cut like a knife. God is the response to anything that happens in the natural and His response is supernatural. Remember that when you have God on your side, you have the Creator of the universe who is not limited by the natural. His supernatural abilities can crash into your natural difficulties and change the course of time. Today I want to remind you that your God is not only supernatural but He always intervenes in your life in a supernatural way.

Defining God as being supernatural is describing His nature and presenting a picture that is very accurate. I believe there is a need to see that picture and to understand with our hearts and minds that the Lord we cherish is bigger than the natural. We ought to develop faith in His abilities and in His supernatural nature. Jesus said that He couldn’t perform miracles where people didn’t believe in Him. This is still true today. If we don’t believe that God is supernatural and He is the God of miracles, we won’t see many miracles take place. Our faith can heal us and it is our faith in the mighty Savior that gets the job done. Without faith we can’t please God. Without faith we can’t know God. Without faith we can’t apprehend God. Without faith signs and wonders are not around. It’s time we trusted that the God of the Bible, the God who can do all things is still willing and able to do the most amazing things in the world and out of this world. We need to have a spirit of expectancy. A spirit of hoping for supernatural things to happen. We shouldn’t be after that and go to God just for the supernatural but we should be aware of them and open to them. That is when things flow into our lives and we receive the fruit of the Spirit that surpasses all understanding and blessings that are out of this world.

What I felt yesterday was more than feelings and more than an emotional lift. It was a realization, an awakening to God’s best, God’s love, God’s peace and God’s presence. I was humble and touched by the whole experience who lasted all day and it was just what I needed to see happen. Thursdays are my low days. Low energy and low motivation are a big part of my Thursday but yesterday they were nowhere to be found and that is what makes it supernatural because in the natural I was beat and I was overworked but God’s love and power met my needs and took care of them and His presence was made strong. It took me back to that Saturday morning when the glory of God was so vibrant in my bedroom that I couldn’t stop weeping and I was face down on the floor, lying down and praising Him. I kept saying “If only people only knew.” If only people only knew how majestic and amazing He is. Nothing special led to this glorious morning. I had not received good news or there was nothing in particular to look forward to. It was Jesus. Only Jesus. Nothing in the natural but His love that is supernatural clothed me that morning and it was an extremely powerful experience. Thank God that He is supernatural and that nothing in the natural can get in the way and He can make a way through the worst problems. Don’t forget that God is supernatural! Whatever you are facing today can’t win against the God of the supernatural!

Suggested reading: Matthew 28:18; Hebrews 4:12; 1 John 5:14

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 138)

Peace. Jesus has it. Love. Jesus has it. Truth. Jesus has it. Joy. Jesus has it. Freedom. Jesus has it. Hope. Jesus has it. Power. Jesus has it. Healing. Jesus has it. Deliverance. Jesus has it. Everything. Jesus has it. Jesus has everything you need and more!

You will conquer the fear of the world when you give into the peace of the Lord. Let the Lord’s peace enter the core of your belief system. His peace will chase away fear and anxiety. Ask for peace and you will get it in Jesus’ name!

There is only one king and His name is Jesus. Everyone should bow at His name. Every problem, every trial should bow at His name. Don’t be intimidated by how stubborn your tribulations are. Stay in faith and you will see them bow down before the King. No one and nothing is stronger than the Lord.

The fruit of the Spirit is like a necklace you wear around your spiritual neck. Every bead is a powerful fruit. Your necklace is complete. The bead of love is the biggest bead. It always activates the necklace. Wear the necklace of the Lord with pride!

The Lord is the world that your world needs. Let Him become your world. Let Him define your world. Let Him transform your world. Let the Lord be your world!

Evacuate the worry zone. Don’t linger in the fear house. Escape from the stress cabin. Run to the house of the Lord. Dwell in His house. Inhabit the premises of His love. Reside in His presence.

God speaks in a language that defies hate speech. One word from God and darkness dissipates. One verse from God and the enemy flees. One song from God and fear and worry get confused. Speak the language of the Lord and your world will hear love, peace, joy, freedom and salvation!

The enemy’s lies try to bury the truth of the Lord but like a Phoenix coming ouf of the ashes, the truth will emerge. God’s truth is bigger than the enemy’s lies. Stick with the truth and the lies will flee!

Sometimes the best way to describe Jesus is through our lifestyles, our actions and our deeds. Words don’t need to be spoken. Actions need to be spoken. Our lifestyles and our love for others speak louder than words.

There are times when what you want is not what God has planned for you. Let Him decide. Let Him plan your life. God always knows best!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:114; Hebrews 10:24-25; 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

Become friends with joy

It took me a while to understand that the joy of the Lord was my strength. I didn’t have joy for a while. I saw people at church filled with joy and they weirded me out. Having joy just wasn’t normal for me and those people displayed something that seemed very unnatural and yet it was also very appealing.They laughed all the time. They hugged all the time. Their joy appeared to be coming from nowhere and from everywhere at the same time. I wanted to approach the happy and joyful people. I wanted to be friends with them but I wasn’t sure how they would accept my sadness and my lack of the substance they had.

Joy was the substance that made them stand out and they associated it with God. Their joy came from God who was always in their mist. They were always hanging out together and the Lord was with them. He is with all of us but those folks had a strong awareness of His presence and they constantly referred to Him. It was “Jesus this and Jesus that” with them. They couldn’t get enough of the joyful Jesus and I was intrigued. My Jesus at the time was more somber and more serious. They knew Jesus in a way that I didn’t and their relationship with Him inspired me.

I became friends with the happy people and the more time I spent with them the more I saw the beautiful things Jesus could do in people’s lives. That joy, that amazing power that was working in their lives was from the Lord and not coming from them. They knew and they celebrated Jesus. They never presented the joy as something they had earned or something they had created. Jesus was the author of their joy and they adored Him. That was key. They adored the Lord and they embraced His presence.

Jesus is a joyful Lord. He is full of joy and He is full of life. His joy and His new life were dominant in the happy people and I was determined to understand their secret. It wasn’t after a few years that I got to the bottom of it. It wasn’t what I read and what I was told that revealed the secret. It was living out the joy of the Lord for myself that showed me what those people had. How did I discover the joy? For me, it came through sessions of praise and worship. I strongly believe that there is nothing more powerful than praising the Lord. Praising is a celebrating and exalting someone by expressing warm approval and admiration.

When we admire the Lord and “approve” of His majesty and sovereignty He comes onto the scene. He inhabits our praises and He shows up. He is full of joy so joy comes in. I got into the habit of praising the Lord every day. It changed how I prayed and it gave me a lot of joy. God’s joy is contagious. We can’t spend time with God without being contaminated with His joy. When joy is present, we feel strong and confident. We have peace and we know that nothing is impossible. Why is that?

When we praise the Lord regularly, we discover that His joy can come in even when we are feeling down. His joy can pierce into the darkest clouds and refresh the atmosphere. His joy is our strength. It is more powerful than the sadness and the sorrow of the enemy. Just the way I became friends with the happy people, I also became friends with joy. I started inviting the joy of the Lord every day no matter how I felt. That is the amazing thing about the joy of the Lord. It’s not conditional. It doesn’t care about our circumstances. It cares about Jesus and He is the most joyful One. Be friends with joy and you will break up with sadness. Praise the Lord!!!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:26-27; Nehemiah 8:10; Philippians 4:4

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 128)

You can “cut the Bible out of the Bible” but then you will be a prisoner of your own doctrine and ideology. You will create a “new truth” that will not set you free.

The Lord listens to the songs you write in your heart. He hears the happy ones and the sad ones. He is a great listener and He will fine tune the lyrics of your heart and make sure that you have a joyful song.

The pain that is keeping you from moving forward cannot keep the Lord from operating in your life. God will operate on you, fix you, restore you and get you on your way again. This pain is temporary. Trust in the Lord whose love is permanent.

Triumph is spelled J-e-s-u-s. He is your victory. He is your breakthrough. He is your answer. He is your solution. You are going to make it. Not because of who you are but because of the One who is in you. His triumph is your victory!

Nothing can separate you from the love who died for you and rose again. Your bad circumstances cannot stand a chance against the love that always stands. Your bad circumstances cannot compete with the love that won it all on the cross. Nothing can separate you from the love that was nailed on the cross for you.

God loves everyone the same way. His favor doesn’t have a favorite. You are on the same boat as Moses, as Saul, as the drug addict, as the popular ones, as the biggest sinner around and as the homeless and the richest man alive. You can’t escape the boat of love even if you don’t like the ones sitting next to you. Jesus is sitting next to everyone on that boat!

Sometimes thinking is like diving into a bottomless ocean with no swimming gear. We keep swimming and we can’t find our way out. God is with us in the ocean and His Word keeps us afloat. His power is the boat that keeps us above water. Don’t underestimate the power of the Word of God. It will renew your thinking!

God always has a message of peace and love for you. Focus on hearing His peace and love and you will get closer to His heart.

The One who changed your world before can change it again. God will bring change into your life. A change that will be a fresh start and a fresh set of blessings. Stay encouraged!

Make your heart available to the Lord. That is the place where His inspiration is born and where beautiful deeds in the name of love are formed. Let God touch your heart so you can touch others in His name!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2: Nehemiah 8:10; Matthew 19:26

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 126)

You can’t wear the frown of the world and the crown of the Lord at the same time. Wear the Lord’s smile and let His sovereignty will reign in your life.

Cast a net of trust between you and the Lord. Let all doubts and worries get caught in the net. Remove the net of lies of the enemy and replace it with the net of faith where truth always wins and sets you free!

Trust in the Lord no matter what. Trust in the Lord no matter what your feelings are saying. Trust in the Lord no matter what sad song your emotions are singing. Trust in the Lord no matter what your circumstances are screaming. Trust in the Lord and you will see what really matters.

There will always be a way out of your problems and that way is Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life. He will get you out through His truth that sets you free and He will make life better.

Sleeping on the lake of fear will never take you to oceans of freedom. Walking on the water of faith will take you places you never knew existed.

Thank You, Lord for being so good even when my life is so bad.

Ask the Lord to pair you up with the ability to see Him in all good things so you can develop a heart of gratitude and you can resist all bitterness and negativity.

The Lord says, “Don’t worry. Stay grounded in Me.” He is the fertile soil that produces good fruit and the ground that keeps you stable. Keep standing on Him!

Your mind is the doorway to the supernatural and to the impossible. Keep opening your mind and the doorway to miracles will be wide open!

Trust that God has a plan for you. Don’t add any paragraphs to it and don’t take out any passages. Let Him do what He wants. He always knows best!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Matthew 6:25; Hebrews 11:6

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 125)

The Lord says “See Me for who I am and not the way you think I am. I am who I say I am. I am the truth, the way and the life.”

The Lord will help you maneuver your feelings. He will create a clear path between the angst and the fear. He will delineate the territory that belongs to Him. He won’t leave you in the middle of your emotions with no assistance.

Pray every day. Pray for love. Pray for peace. Pray for justice. Pray for joy. Pray for miracles. Pray that you are someone’s miracle. Pray for patience. Pray for hope. Pray every day that someone be blessed by how you pray.

God nailed your insecurities, your failures, your lacks and your sins on the cross. He did away with them so don’t go back to when you were hanging on a dead end. He made a way for you and there will always be a way in Jesus’ name!

God will undo the bondage that has been weighing you down and He will fix your life when you fix your eyes on Him!

Keep praying. Your prayers always help. You never know what’s going on behind spiritual closed doors.

The world can be a scary place but with God you can be assured that you are protected and you are in good hands. Nothing scares Him. Trust that He can cover you.

The gifts from God are free. God is generous and He is extremely good. There are gifts labeled with your name. Be open to the gifts from Heaven that will change your life here on earth.

God’s portrait has your reflection in it. Look at yourself in the mirror and if you look hard enough you will God’s smile. Don’t let the world erase the beauty of the Creator in you.

Truth is the key that allows you to open the door of freedom. Leave that key in the door and lies won’t be able to get into your life.

Suggested reading: Luke 6:38-40; John 8:31-32; 3 John 1:2-4

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 124)

The blessings that are coming are bigger than the heartaches that have been crippling you. More goodness is coming. More favor is coming. More peace is coming. More breakthroughs are coming. Stay the course. The best is yet to come!

Love has no color other than the red blood of Jesus that was on the cross. Love people through the eyes of the blood of Jesus and not through the eyes of the blindness of discrimination and judgement.

The future is uncertain but the One who has been to the future is always certain that you and I will be fine because He holds us in His hand no matter what the future holds!

Don’t underestimate God’s ability to make anything possible. Remember that He is God and that you are not!

Heaven’s doors are wide open and you are invited to go in. Seek the kingdom of God. You will find that there are treasures from Heaven awaiting you here on earth!

There is a solution to your problem and it is spelled J-e-s-u-s. Jesus can delete your biggest nightmares and leave you with dreams that will blow your mind.

Forgive and keep on forgiving. You can never forgive too much. You can never forgive too often. Forgive the way the Lord forgives you. Forgive and you will give yourself peace.

Stay in faith and God will get things done for you. He will take every part of your life and fill them with blessings and new beginnings.

It’s time to reveal the beauty of the Lord again so that people can see Him. The world needs to see how beautiful and pure God’s love and goodness are. God loves everyone and cares for anyone.

Your next season is going to be like summer in the middle of winter. Expect God to perform the impossible in the middle of the storms.

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:4; Luke 6:38; John 1:16