God gives the victory

When I pray, I often hear the words “triumph” and “victory” but they are in the context of the cross. The Holy Spirit likes to emphasize what the victory on the cross means. I believe it is a very important message because that victory is still relevant today and I need to completely comprehend that. I used to think that I was triumphant and I produced the victory and that’s what mattered but the victory belongs to the Lord. Jesus did the work through the cross. I am not the one who won over death. I am not the victor here. He is and He makes that victory available to us. We can’t lose sight of what He did and we ought to give Him all the praise and glory for that. I misunderstood a lot of the messages preached about victory. My interpretation of the messages built up my ego. It’s not about me. It’s about Jesus. It’s always about Jesus. We take a big risk when we put more emphasis on the victory than on who won the victory. If we glorify the victory, we can easily attach it to us more than to the Lord. God gives us the victory but He owned it first and the creator of it is much more significant than the creation. Jesus is more paramount than the victory. If you are in Chris,t you do have the victory. You have victory over the world. You overcome the world because He overcame the world. Today I want to underline that our victory is in the Lord and He should get all the credit for what He did. The victory is already here. Our faith gives us access to it.


Understanding that the Lord’s victory over death is still relevant today is very good for our faith. Faith comes from what we hear and what we hear comes from the Word of God. The Word of God clearly states that Jesus won over death. He won over 2000 years ago but what He did back then is still present today. Our faith needs to get ahold of that truth and grow in it. Basing our faith on the truth that Jesus conquered death is a strong foundation. Why? Because death is the termination of life and Jesus terminated what stops us from having life. It is a lot simpler than it sounds. Death silences life and all that is in it. Jesus came to give life a voice. He came to be the spokesperson for Heaven. He was the voice that echoed Heaven and that made sure that life was spoken for. Death was conquered. What seemed to be impossible took place. Who would have imagined that death could be stopped when it was known for stopping everything? No one imagined that our biggest enemy could be taken down but that is what Jesus did when He died and rose from the dead. That victory will always be true and it will live on forever. Jesus has the victory and He is giving it to you today. Now, think of all the negative agents that come with death. Think of all the negative events that fall under the umbrella of death. All the bad circumstances and all the tough situations you will ever encounter are in the death category because they bring death to joy, peace, love and faith. Jesus conquered them all. Those difficult circumstances were not too hard for the Lord. He destroyed them. Embrace that truth. Have faith in Jesus “the death destroyer” and receive His victory by faith.


If you were to sit face to face with Jesus today and talk to Him about your problems, He would tell you that He conquered them and He would not want you to worry. You might ask Him why you are still going through a tough time. He would tell you that those things are bound to happen but be of good cheer because He has conquered the world. The victory bought on the cross belongs to you. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Listen to His words of encouragement. His words have not changed. He is still talking about victory, triumph, freedom and peace. Don’t get discouraged. The victory will come. It will happen. Stay encouraged. Remember that it is all coming from the Lord. You don’t have to win that victory. You have to win the fight of faith and keep believing. Jesus won’t let you down. He will give you the victory. It’s on its way. Continue to praise the Lord. Look at your problems in the eyes and tell them that the Lord overcame them and it’s only a question of time until you see the victory. Celebrate today the One who gives you the victory. He cannot be defeated!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 20:4; Ephesians 6:10; 1 John 5:4


Start the day with hope

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering what the day is going to be like? Your first thoughts are manufactured by anxiety and apprehension and you would rather stay in bed than face the day? The good news is that the Lord will face the day with you. He wants you to replace those heavy morning thoughts with His light words. He wants to take your burden and replace it with His yoke that is never heavy and never stressful. Trade your thoughts for God’s promises. Every time those morning thoughts come, attack them with God’s promises. He promised a new day with new blessings. Talk to the thoughts and tell them what the Lord has to say about them. He calls them lies. He knows they are part of an intimidation plan and He has much better plans for you. He is planning to prosper you and to bless you. He is planning to take care of you and to help you. Your help comes from the Lord every day. You don’t have to deal with a new day with an old way of thinking. Reject the old thinking patterns that scream defeat and fear. God’s way of thinking whispers peace, victory and love. The enemy has shown  how much he hates you. Give the Lord a chance to show you how much He loves you. Let Him be in charge of the day. Give Him control by casting all your cares on Him. Take a stand. Refuse to succumb to worry and fear. God can handle any situation you will ever encounter. God can make things right even when everything seems wrong. The worries on your mind will not change your circumstances for the better. They will only make things worse because what you think about a lot ends up becoming your reality. Let God’s reality come through. Let Him be the One who is guiding you throughout the day. Let Him dictate what your day is going to be like. It’s going to be amazing according to Him.


I make it a point to start my day with the Lord before my day starts with the world. I meditate on some scriptures. I meditate on God’s promises. His promises reassure me and they comfort me. I declare what the Lord says about my life. I focus on His love knowing that He won’t let me down. It is crucial that I begin with positivity because negativity doesn’t take a nap during the night and it is right there waiting for me when I wake up. I say, “No, not today. Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Yes, I tell my body and my mind that I will rejoice. My spirit knows that I can. I just have to convince the rest of me that I will. It does work because I believe in the power of confessing the Word of God. It brings change and it brings results. This is something I do every single day no matter how I feel. It comes with practice and it surely pays off. God is with me every day. He matters more than my problems and more than the world. The world will try to squeeze in complaints and criticism in my mind first thing in the morning and that is when I retaliate with praise. Praise like I have said many times, allows the Lord to come into the scene in a big way. Praise makes me so joyful. It puts a smile on my heart and it appeases my mind. God has a lot of good things in store for the day for you and me and we can access His goodness through our words of faith and through our hope in Him.


“Today is going to be amazing”‘ is what I have trained myself to declare in the morning. I love proclaiming how great my Lord is and how amazing He is going to make things today. I know that there will be tribulations but I don’t worry because Jesus conquered them all. When a problem arises, my heart says “Stay strong. Jesus already got this one.” Then the goal is to stick to that truth and to make sure that I don’t fall into the trap of second guessing the Lord. When we doubt, we second guess God. We basically wonder if He is God enough. He is more than enough. He is way stronger and bigger than any trial and tribulation. God remains constant. The world changes but He will never change. Your worst nightmare could not even change Him. Your mind changes Him by twisting His sovereignty every time it inflates your troubles. Friend, God will always make a way. Stay encouraged by His Word. Face the day with His promises. Don’t give up on God when bad things land on your lap. Shake off your lap and let your problems fall off. God will pick them up and destroy them. You have great things to look forward to. Look forward to a day where Jesus is king, your problems have solutions, love reigns, peace surpasses all understanding and joy is in the house! Start your day with hope in Jesus Christ every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:24; Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 15:13

Experiencing the goodness of God

God is good. God is good all the time. Life might be tough. Life might be rough but life never changes God. God’s goodness is constant. It doesn’t waver. It doesn’t change. It is more stable than the ground you walk on. God’s goodness is a ground that can’t be shaken. It is a solid ground on which we can walk, we can run, we can grow. God’s stability is unparalleled and yet we focus more on the instability of the world. We say that the only thing that is constant is change. We see change as something we should expect all the time. That approach tarnishes the way we see God. We picture Him as a changing God who is good when all is good and He is absent when we are going through difficulties. We run into trouble and we imagine that God runs away from us when the going gets tough. God doesn’t run away. He stays right by our side no matter what we go through. His goodness is at the fingertip of our faith. We can reach it with our hand of faith anytime even in hard times. God is good every single day of our lives. He changes our lives so we can taste His goodness. He changes our bad circumstances so we can experience His goodness. However, it shouldn’t take a “rescue mission” from God for us to see His goodness. We ought to enjoy God’s goodness every day. Today I want to talk about the goodness of God and how we can experience it all the time. God’s goodness can be our lifestyle and not our life-long wish that makes a cameo from time to time.

David says that he will proclaim the goodness of God and talk about His salvation all day long.
If you read through the Psalms, you will notice that David emphasizes the goodness of God and glorifies God because He is good. If we want to see God’s goodness, we need to start proclaiming it every day. We need to invite God’s goodness into our lives by declaring that God is good. This should become a habit. Setting time aside every day to talk about how good how God is will change our lives. It will allow us to understand that God is always good. It will linger in our minds and it will settle in our spirits. I like singing to the Lord in the morning. I love singing along Christian songs that magnify Jesus but I also love coming up with my own songs. I start my prayers with worship and praise. I declare that the Lord is almighty and that His goodness endures forever. The verb “endure” is key. To endure is to stand the test of time. Something that endures stays the same no matter what happens. God’s goodness breaks the record of endurance so to speak. If God’s goodness were in a race with the world’s wickedness, His goodness would win every time. There is no competition between the world’s evil ways and God’s goodness. Exalt the Lord’s goodness as much as possible and your spiritual eyes will be open to a new reality.

Thanking God for His goodness is another important factor when it comes to experiencing God’s goodness. I lift up the Lord for being good and I thank Him for being good. Now, I don’t thank Him only on sunny days. Come what may, I thank the Lord. When there is a storm, I thank God for His goodness. When I am stranded in an ocean of confusion, I thank God for His goodness. When unexpected bills make their way to my house, I thank God for His goodness. When the world seems to be falling apart, I thank God for His goodness. God’s goodness doesn’t hinge upon outside circumstances. It depends on God Himself. God defines His goodness. Our situation shouldn’t dictate if God is good or not. God’s essence is good. If we focus on the Lord, if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will see that His goodness stays the same. God’s Word is one of the best promoters of God’s goodness. Spend time reading about His goodness. Write about His goodness in your life and keep reading what you write. It will boost your faith in His goodness.

When your declaration of how good God is is bigger than your thoughts of how bad the world is, you put yourself on a platform. You ascend to a platform where you can live out God’s goodness. You put yourself in a place where you can receive God’s goodness. God wants you to live out His goodness. He wants your faith in His goodness to guide your day and to lead the way. When you trust that God is good all the time, doubt and fear cannot derail you. God is good so He desires for you to be blessed. Your problems today cannot stop the goodness of God in your life unless you let them. Your failures and lacks cannot stop you from experiencing God’s goodness when you stay in faith and you proclaim that God is good all the time. You have a good, good God who loves you very, very much. Expect His goodness. Expect His love. God is good to you night and day. Proclaim His goodness every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 71:15-24; Mark 10:18; James 1:17

No weapon formed against you shall prosper

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” This verse is a weapon in itself. It is a verse that many Christians have been using, especially these days. It is a promise that God will protect us against the attacks of the enemy. Anything bad that happens to us is a weapon that is meant to destroy us, to rob us of our joy and to kill our faith. I am sure you can think of many weapons that have formed against you in your life and some are forming now as well. What is important to notice here is that the Lord said that weapons would form. He never said that there would never be attacks, that there would never be problems. Problems, trials, and tribulations are weapons that will always form against us. When something is formed, it is taking shape and it is being prepared. The enemy is always preparing something to knock us down. Some people don’t have that many weapons formed against them it seems because the enemy has them where he wants them. However, the truth is that him holding them captive and hostage is a major weapon. We all have something negative formed against us but we also have the Lord who has always been ready. He has known about the weapons. He has conquered all the weapons. It is up to us to react positively when faced with those weapons. I am not saying we should be happy when we are facing difficulties. We should stay happy in the Lord despite the difficulties because of our faith. Our faith is the weapon that can bring down any weapon formed against us. A few words spoken in faith can keep the weapons from prospering. Today I want to encourage you to use your weapon of faith daily. Let it take shape in you. Let it form against the weapons that are trying to ruin you. Let the Lord be the essence of your weapon and you will see that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

I used to think that being a Christian meant that I would have fewer problems and that my life would be easy. I thought that salvation translated into liberation from the enemy. That thinking was detrimental because every time something bad happened I doubted God. I doubted Him and I would get mad at Him. The enemy knows how to form weapons in our minds by giving us the wrong thinking. He has ideologies and theories that appear to be truth worthy but that are really false teaching that alienates us from God’s truth. I believe it is important to analyze our thinking and to detect where mental weapons are hiding. We ought to ask the Holy Spirit to help us unload the weapons of wrong thinking. God can show us where we are going wrong in our thinking and His Spirit can stop those weapons from hurting our belief systems and from stalling our faith. God has the perfect weapon against wrong thinking; His Word studied with the assistance of His Spirit. When we speak the Word against the mental weapons of the enemy, we neutralize his stronghold on our minds. We must constantly speak the truth so the lies don’t stick and so they don’t prosper. I can’t emphasize the power of our positive confessions enough. Speak against the weapons. Speak faith against fear. Speak love against hatred. Speak peace against the storms. Speak joy against sorrow. Speak God against the enemy.

There are tons of weapons that can form in our lives. The enemy can form weapon after weapon. He is an expert when it comes to the negative domino effect. God is an expert at destroying what the enemy plans against us. When you think about the cross and the resurrection, you see that no weapon formed against you can prosper because every weapon died on that cross and freedom resurrected. Claim your freedom from the weapons.  Declare that they died and that they can’t prosper and they can’t take you down. Disarm the enemy with the power of the cross. Disarm the enemy with the power of the blood of Jesus. Keep talking even when the enemy is screaming. Sing praises over his screaming. Sing Jesus’ victory. Don’t let the enemy win the battle of the weapons. Your weapons in the Lord are much stronger and bigger. Prayer, praise, gratitude, faith, God’s mercy, and God’s grace are weapons you can resort to. Stay in love even when the weapons are making you hate life. Love is the weapon that puts an end to the reign of the enemy. Love the Lord, love your neighbor. Seek the kingdom first. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God has the final say!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 6:33; 1 John 4:4

Good things are coming your way

I love how encouraging the Holy Spirit is. He is that inner voice that is always positive and always full of love. He motivates and He pours love non-stop. Whether you see it or not, He is always working on showing us how much the Lord cares and how much He is in control if we stay in faith. One thing that He tells me often is that something good is coming my way. He is so positive. He is so optimistic. He is so confident in the good that can happen. He knows that His blessings are stronger than anything and for Him the good that is coming our way will make us forget the pain that we are going through at the moment. Something good is coming your way, friend. Don’t take my word for it. Take the Lord’s word for it. God has reserves of goodness that are ready to be sprinkled into your life. Blessings that will get in between the heartaches and the trials. Good things come from God. Be on the lookout for the outpouring of kindness and love. We often equate good things to material things but there is so much more goodness that manifests in other areas. Can you imagine a life where you have so much peace of mind and so much joy that nothing bothers you? Can you imagine a life where you know that you are so loved that nothing scares you because there is no fear in perfect love? God can provide those blessings and make them daily experiences. They can become part of your life. Expect something good from God. Expect good things every day. Something good is coming your way and Jesus will make a way.


Things are constantly being thrown at us. The enemy sends fiery darts relentlessly. He is so obsessed with stealing our joy that he doesn’t take a break. He finds ways to get inside our heads and our hearts and he digs until he makes holes that leave us depleted and devoid of hope. God is in the business of plugging those holes and making hope part of our daily journey again. He brings good things and the way He does it is by giving us what we need the most. Love is what we all need and our Father specializes in giving us an abundance of love. His love was demonstrated on the cross and through the resurrection process and it lives on. It will never die. Love is still coming your way even when you feel unloved. Today I want you to take a hard look at love and thank the Lord for it. His goodness is present and you are going to receive more of it. You are not staying where you are. Something good is coming your way and it will show up in whichever way the Lord wants His love to be displayed. The goodness that is coming your way will lift you up to another level.


If you have been bruised by the fiery darts of the enemy, know that relief is on the way. God is going to heal your pain and remove the suffering. Peace of mind is coming. Peace of mind is more valuable than gold and it is coming to you in the name of Jesus. Declare it today. Don’t let the attacks of the enemy deprive you of what’s coming to you. Stand in faith, stand your ground. Something good and powerful is coming. You are going to receive a dose of God’s love that will soothe the wounds and erase the hurt. Something so good is coming your way that you can’t even imagine what’s it like now. It is going to change the way you see life and the way you enjoy life. God’s love has the ability to change everything. Change is on the way. Expect it and desire it. Let God’s goodness be what you wait for every day. Your mind tends to expect the worst so train it to expect God’s love. Plunge into the Word of God and learn how to reprogram your thoughts. Something good is coming your way and God will make sure that it leaves a blessed mark that nothing can erase. Enjoy the blessings and thank God for His goodness!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 23:18; Matthew 11:28; Ephesians 2:8-9

With men it is impossible but with God all things are possible

“This is impossible for Me” is something God has never said, never says and will never say. With God nothing is impossible. He has no limitations and He has no restrictions. Your wildest dreams aligned with His Word are not too far-fetched. When you share the mind of the Lord you share His unlimited visions and His reasoning. His reasoning contradicts the world’s. His reasoning makes no sense to most of us. We think we know but we don’t know. We think we get it but we don’t. We think we have Him figured out but we don’t. What do we get then? Glimpses, cameos of His greatness into our lives and impartations. He is so big and so powerful that we can’t see it all and understand it all and that is fine. What we can pursue is His heart and His love. He has a heart full of goodness and love for everyone and His love manifests in His major acts of kindness toward us. Acts that demonstrate that nothing is impossible to Him. Jesus declared that some things were impossible to men but to God everything is possible.

We all have our own definition of the impossible but God’s definition covers everything we can think of collectively. We could be a big village of thousands of people with thousands of ideas of what the impossible looks like and God would still say that none of these things are impossible to Him. I want to be in the place where the Lord is and from which nothing looks impossible. I want to rest in the arms of faith and just know that God can do anything. I want to be so high up on the mountaintop that I lose sight of the impossible and only see what is possible to God on the horizon of my life. I want to look straight ahead at the visions of faith the Lord gives and never look down at the world of impossibilities that the enemy keeps presenting to me. Will you join me in that place of faith? Will you join me on this journey where nothing is impossible?

I have learned that gratitude opens the door to multitude. What I mean by that is that when we are grateful to the Lord, He piles up blessings in our lives. A grateful and a hopeful heart ushers us into a world where everything is possible. You see, gratitude thanks God for who He is and what He does and it can thank Him for what we don’t see or feel. Gratitude can work very nicely with faith and give us the incentive to look forward to the unseen, to look forward to the impossible made possible. Be grateful to God every day for what you are hoping for every day in faith. Look at the future with the eyes of faith and praise the Lord for what’s to come. If you are not thanking God for the impossible every day, I suggest that you start today. Thank Him. Let your heart and your mind hear you thank Him for the impossible. You will build up your faith in His ability to do the impossible.


Don’t get stuck on your human limitations and on the natural limitations around you. Get stuck on God’s extensions knowing that He can extend and stretch anything. Let Him stretch your mind and your thinking. Get a good dose of faith by meditating on the Scriptures every day and you will see what it does to your way of seeing life. You will start seeing it as a playground for God to do the impossible. You will start to believe that even the sky is not the limit for the Lord. You will start dreaming big dreams and having high hopes. “With God all things are possible” will become the refrain of your life and you will sing it with every “faith breath” you take. Take your problem today. Look at it and say, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Don’t get tired of saying it. It’s the truth. Enjoy the impossible made possible!

Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; mark 9:23

Pray Until Something Happens

You might have seen the acronym P.U.S.H: Pray Until Something Happens. It has become my motto in the past few years. I have made it a way of life. I have learned how to push through until something happens. One important lesson I have gleaned from these years of pushing through is that the “something” is really what the Lord wants it to be. It’s not up to us and we need to be open to what it could look like. The “something” always takes place but we can miss it easily. We can wish for something that is not God’s will for us and then we believe that God has not answered our prayer when in reality He has given us an answer, the best answer and we missed it. God knows what’s best for us and He knows how to handle everything. His answer is His way of showing us that He cares and that He can take care of our situations. Now the acronym indicates pushing. It is key. God wants us to keep going and to keep pushing. We should persevere and keep going. Today I want to encourage you to keep praying even when nothing seems to be taking place. Keep praying, keep your eyes on the Lord and you will see amazing results and great answers to your prayers.


When we are in God, we are made the righteousness of the Lord. We are covered by the blood and we are redeemed. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. Believing and trusting that we are made right with God is important when it comes to prayer. It allows us to trust that God hears our prayers. The truth is that our prayers are powerful because of the One we pray to. They are effective because the Lord knows how to handle everything. Do we get answers to our prayers within twenty-four hours? Not always. I would say it is rarely the case but it can happen. In top of believing that God hears us, we should remember that we need to pray according to His will. Some prayers don’t get answered the way we wish they were answered because they might not be part of God’s will. What is God’s will? How do we find out? There are two places we can look; the Word of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit. I rely on the Holy Spirit more and more and I am told what God’s will is and what is not. I also get confirmation in the Bible. The Lord won’t contradict His Word. We need to understand the Word well enough in order to comprehend God’s will at times. Get ahold of God’s will and go with it when you pray.


Pushing is the act of exerting force on something in order to remove it from oneself or from the origin of the force. When you are in prayer and you are pushing through, you are exerting force on obstacles, problems and hurdles in order to remove them from yourself or to get them out of the way. The obstacles might stick around for a while but when you start praying, God is putting things in motion and your problem is being pushed around until it is gone. Know that God heard you and keep your eyes on Him and not on the problem. Praying means talking to God and fixing your eyes on Him until the problem is not the center of your focus anymore. Praying is not ignoring the problem but it’s acknowledging your God (more). Pushing involves force like I said earlier. That force is perseverance. Pray even when it hurts. Pray even when it’s hard. Pray even when it doesn’t seem to do anything. How should you pray? Present your dilemma to the Lord and then thank Him for the answer. Expect an answer, whatever answer He wants to give you. Prayer is faith expressed out loud or in your heart. It’s a request that morphs into a declaration of victory before it comes to pass. Friend, keep on praying until you get God’s answer. Things are going to get better. Things are going to turn around for you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; 1 John 5:15; James 5:13


I wish you love

I wish you peace. I wish you joy. I wish you happiness. I wish you the best but above all I wish you love. I wish for you to know love. I wish for you to know God’s love. God’s love is everything. God’s love is all you need. If you were to get rich, wealthy and famous but you never knew God’s love, you would be poor. God’s love is the richness that makes life better. God’s love is wealth and it’s an abundance of everything. God’s love is the key to everything. I wish you the best so I wish you His love. I don’t know where I would be without God’s love today. What I know is that with His love I can go anywhere. I can be everywhere on the spectrum of goodness and blessings. God loves everyone. God loves nonstop but the question is do you know how much He loves you? It’s one thing to hear about His love and it’s another thing to experience it and be aware of it. When I say that I wish you love, I mean that I wish you lived with the understanding of His love. Once you do, you have all you need. There is no fear in perfect love. When you know that God loves you, you fear nothing. When you know in your heart that God loves you, you can do anything. Today I wish you love, God’s love and I wish you the best intimate relationship with His love. Know God, know love. Know His love, know His peace. Know His love, know joy. Know His love, know freedom!

The best way you will ever experience the Christian life is through God’s love. Knowing His love for yourself and knowing His love for others. Learning how to navigate life in the heart of God’s love is the best thing that can happen to you. His love helps in everything and it gives you the power to conquer everything. Why? Because you are convinced that God will protect you and you understand that His love is covering you. God’s love is a cover that will shield you in all kinds of weathers. The Christian life hinges upon faith, hope and love and love is the biggest one of them. We focus a lot on faith and that is very important. We hold on to hope and that is crucial but love is the binding element for everything. His love makes us His children. He loves us so much that He sees us as His children and we must believe that it is who we are. If we don’t know love, we don’t know God. I think this is where we miss it a lot in the church. We see ourselves as children of faith and hope but we don’t remember that we are children of love before all. We spend time developing our faith and hope but we don’t focus enough on love. If you are on social media these days you have probably seen a lot of Christian posts that seem to be void of love. They sound nice and spiritual but they are filled with undertones of condemnation and judgement. God speaks love. He speaks hope and faith but love is the power behind it all.


I wish you God’s love. I wish you the very best that life has to offer and it’s called faith in God’s love. Don’t let the world rob you of that love. The enemy will do his best to make you forget about God’s love and to make you believe that God doesn’t love you. Religion presents a picture of love that is less than perfect and it’s necessary to remove that frame from your life and replace it with God’s perfect love. Find out about His love in His Word. See love for what it is. It is pure, noble and unconditional. No matter what you have been through. No matter what you will go through, God’s love doesn’t change. Let God lavish you with His love. Take His word for it. He adores you. My prayer is that you are aware of His love for you and that you live every day knowing that you can rest in the arms of love, you can rest in the arms of the Lord. I wish you love!

Suggested reading: Philippians 3:10; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1


God has better for you

We all have dreams and wishes. Some of us see them clearly and know exactly what we want. Some of us are still trying to design our dreams and make a list of our wishes. Some of us have had those dreams and wishes for as long as we can remember and we won’t let go of them. What are our dreams based on? Are our wishes God-centered? Do we wish to have the best in this life because of how the world describes what our lives should be like? God wants us to dream big dreams and those dreams should align with His desires for our lives. We too often go passed God and create dreams that are far out because we think God gave us those dreams when in reality they were born in the realm of our ego and they are not from God. How do we know what’s best for us? What’s best for us is not necessarily what the world says is best. The world presents ideals that lure us but they are not the Lord’s best. In this message today, I want to invite to rethink what’s best for you and to open up to God’s best. What you might consider a dream could be a fantasy that doesn’t even come close to God’s best for you. God will always have better for you and when you get into His mindset, you will understand what’s best.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? If you are a Christian, getting saved is by far the best thing that has happened in your life. Having Jesus as your Savior is the very best thing! You entered salvation and your life was rescued from the claws of eternal death. Having a relationship with your Savior is the best relationship you can have. Now that you are saved and you are an heir to the Kingdom of God, you should expect a “Kingdom lifestyle” here on earth. Your inheritance entitles you to a lot more than you could hope for before you were saved. God’s Kingdom is the absolutely best place to be and we Christians can be in that place today. How? By faith. It’s by faith that we seize the Kingdom. It’s by faith that we reach out for the best. It’s by faith that we dream God’s dreams and see them come to pass. However, we ought to feed our faith the right manna from Heaven and not the junk food of the world in order to develop those big dreams.

The junk food of the world looks appealing, filling and delicious. It imitates God’s food. It is a diluted and processed version of God’s food. It is not sustainable and it won’t help you grow. It won’t keep you spiritually healthy even though it looks like it would. My point is that if you base your faith on what you hear in the world even if it’s not confirmed in the Word, you will have dreams that don’t align with God. For instance, your biggest dream could be to become a millionaire. God says He will provide your needs so becoming a millionaire sounds about right. It’s one of the world’s goals but is it the best that God wants for you? God tells you He has better for you. What is better than being a millionaire you might ask? Being rich in the things of the Lord is way better. Having an intimate relationship with Jesus is better. God is love and He desires for all of us to know and experience His love. His love is always better. It manifests in many ways and that is what the Lord wants us to dream about. His love is bigger than anything we can fathom so His dreams are always bigger. Expect big things based on God’s love. God loves you so much that He wants you to have better than what you want for yourself. Leave it up to Him and let Him show you the best!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; John 10:10; Ephesians 3:20

How far will you go?

How far are you willing to go with God? How deep are you willing to travel inside the realm of faith? How much of God do you want to know? What are you ready to do to get to a place of intimacy with the Lord? Those are questions that have been circulating on the path of my mind and I feel the need to answer them for myself. A new year symbolizes a new start and I want to answer these questions with fresh answers and with a zeal that will take me all the way. God is so worthy of being discovered and explored by all of us but He is not an excavation; He is a habitation. We should inhabit Him and dwell in Him. He is not a temporary residence but He is a permanent dwelling place. Our faith can help us settle in that place and remain there and be safe and sound all the time. I am willing to go the distance and go as far as I can so that my intimacy with the Lord resembles David’s and mirrors Paul’s. We all have some digging to do to reach that intimacy and the digging happens in our hearts. God is there and we must unearth Him sometimes so His love can shine out of our hearts and into the world.

I was recently led to spend more time in the Word. There are so many treasures in the Word of God and His Spirit gives us the keys to unlock the safe that is filled with wisdom and knowledge. When we meditate on the Word, we let the wisdom out of the safe and we let it land in our hearts where it will grow into understanding. Our hearts are places of refuge for love, joy, peace and wisdom. The Bible recommends that we keep our hearts strong and we guard them because life comes out of them. Our hearts connect us to God. Our “God connector” needs to be intact and to be kept clean and pure. When we read the Word of God with our hearts and not just with our heads, we receive an impartation from God. Wouldn’t you like to receive a blessing from God every day? Spend as much time as you can in the Bible and you will go to spiritual places that you never knew existed. Each step of the way there will bless you, will grow you and will get you closer to God.

The more time you spend in the Word, the more you will be challenged to live out the Word
. It is a healthy challenge that comes with some very healthy sacrifices. The sacrifice of praise is the continued expression of praise through our lives despite what is going on. When a storm is coming, we keep praising. In the middle of the storm, we keep praising. When the storm has overstayed its welcome, we keep praising. We sacrifice our emotions and tell them to stay away while we remain in gratitude and adoration to the Lord. It is a big part of going far with the Lord. It is not easy to praise when we are going through difficulties. However, it is a demonstration of our desire to go the distance and to rest in the arms of the Lord. Walking in love when hate is walking all over the place is another way of staying close to God and maintaining our intimacy with Him. Loving our enemies may sound like a sacrifice but it should be a habit and it can be a burning desire in our hearts when we yield to the Spirit of Jesus. Total surrender will always lead us to the heart of God and it will give us the ability to go deep in faith. How far will you go to be closer to God? Let this new year be the year when you reach a level of intimacy with Jesus like never before!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:12: Colossians 1:11-12; Galatians 6:9