Better days are coming

Yesterday was unusually warm and I couldn’t believe it was March. It felt like spring. Some people were wearing t-shirts and shorts. We had a nice preview of early summer. It was a nice break from the cold temperatures and the gloomy weather. Despite the events that are taking place in the world, people had a smile on their faces. Hope sprung for a day and sadness went away for a few hours. It made me think of how no matter what, spring always comes. No matter how cold and cloudy it is for months, nice weather always shows up. Friend, your spring is coming. You might have had a preview of it for a day or so but rest assured that it will come and it will be here for a while. Don’t lose hope. Your winter won’t last forever. Your pain and suffering are temporary. The joy that is to come is going to blow you away. Your current misery doesn’t compare to the joy that God has in store for you. God actually has joy for you and me all the time. His joy doesn’t rely on what season it is. It depends on the Lord and the Lord is consistent. He never changes.


Just like the great day we had in winter; you can expect some great days in the middle of your tribulations. God is going to turn up with a burst of spring in the middle of your winter. Better days are coming for you, friend. Better days are coming but if you take the time to see what today has to offer, you will see that God is with you in every moment of every day. He is by your side when you are having problems. He is by your side when you are sick. He is by your side when you have no money. He is there and his Spirit is singing over you and comforting you. God is not ignoring your suffering. We all go through tough winter months and He is bringing the best spring you have seen yet. Use this season to build up your praise and worship repertoire. Find the beauty under the ashes. See what the Lord is doing in your life. He is actively paving the way for more. Your better days are waiting at the door. Let them in with songs of praise. Invite them in with your thanksgiving and your gratitude. Let your words be words of affirmation of God’s goodness even when your body would rather sing a song of distress.


It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things the Lord has done for us when we are going through a tough time. It’s easy to forget what summer feels like when we are going through a rough winter. Rain or shine the Lord is the same. He can set the temperature of our spiritual body if we let Him. He can keep us in a state of peace and joy if we rely on Him in all types of circumstances. His Spirit is a thermostat that gives us what we need so we are never too cold and never too hot. However, His Spirit can bring on the fire that will burn all sorrow and sadness and that will set our hearts ablaze for the Lord. When we make it a habit to truly get into adoration mode and worship mode, all the anguish of the world fades away. Our problems seem to vanish and all our hearts want to do is praise the Lord. I have been there many times. I have gone through times when life was too much but a song of praise set me free and set me on the right path again. Sometimes all it takes is a song of reverence and the Lord’s presence takes care of everything.


God has amazing days ahead of you and He is going to do a new thing in your life. He is taking you from glory to glory and what is ahead of you is much more powerful than what you have been through. God has the ability to make you forget all the hardships, the heartaches and the headaches. When things are going wrong, you get off-center. You are not balanced and you tilt to one side, the wrong side. Reposition yourself today. Find balance by seeking the Lord’s face. Spend time in prayer and praise and your spiritual and emotional equilibrium will come back. Keep an attitude of gratitude and the better days will come. Align yourself with God’s goodness and blessings and beautiful events will take place. Embrace God’s heart for you and you will how loving and caring He is. Welcome the better days of the Lord. Thank Him in advance. Things are going to get better. Don’t give up. Stay encouraged. Better days are coming in the name of Jesus!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Proverbs 16:3; John 14:1




Trust in the Lord with all your heart

There is so much fear going around these days. We hear terrible reports that make us want to stay home and be isolated from everyone. The fear of the unknown pushes us to discriminate and to put those we don’t know into boxes we would never open out of fear of getting something bad from them. The fear of getting sick and of being attacked is alive and well and it is contagious. Have you noticed how negativity is contagious? It is easily transmitted. We have the necessary receptors for fear. We welcome it and we invite it in without thinking. Fear is one of those instincts that we are born with. It’s part of human nature and not having it can feel very unnatural. Fear is very unnatural to God. Fear is not in His nature. It is not part of who He is. He doesn’t promote it and He doesn’t accept it. He is opposed to it and He is the deliverer from it. Should we adopt everyone’s fear and go with it so we can blend in? I would think that most people who believe in Christ would say no. You see, faith is not limited to certain things. It should be for all things.


Faith should be the instinct we rely on. It should be natural to our spirits. Not having it should feel unnatural. Fear is the enemy of faith and faith keeps its distance from fear. The two of them are like oil and water. Our faith should be like the oil of hope that is floating in an ocean of fear. It should refuse to mingle with fear. It should stay on the surface and not drown. It should remain constant no matter what the circumstances are. Our faith should never turn into water and be dissolved into the rivers of doubt and worry. Let your fear be strong and it will never bow down to fear. Today I want to reinforce the idea that we are people of faith who follow the King of Kings and in Him there is no place for fear. Let’s stand against fear. Let’s stand against the evil reports and share God’s report. His report is the good news the world has been waiting for. Nothing is impossible to God and fear is not the answer to our problems but faith in God will always give us all the solutions.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” is a reminder that I appreciate hearing all the time.

We can’t let our hearts be troubled. When we do, we lose what connects us to God. Faith gets shaken when we let bad news and rumors of evil penetrate our hearts. We ought to guard our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to build a barrier of protection around our hearts. My wall of protection is awesome. It is made of prayer and thanksgiving. Those two amazing roadblocks keep the flow of fear and negativity from getting into my spiritual fortress. My heart is a fortress that is well protected. There are attacks at times that get the best of me. I am not invincible and I am human but I have seen what prayer and thanksgiving can do and they do a job that nothing else can achieve. What do you do to guard your heart? What do you do to keep your faith strong?


The Fortress that shields my heart, my fortress, is the Lord. He is my stronghold and my protector. Let Him be that wall against the attacks of the enemy. Make Him the King of your heart. Fill your heart with His love and your mind will empty itself of fear. Fill your heart with the Keeper of your faith and your doubts will fall apart. Trust the Lord in all things. Listen to Him and don’t focus on what the world is trying to tell you. Don’t ignore the world because you live in it but don’t let its junk get inside of you and mess up your spirit. There will always be rumors of wars and rumors of evil but the good news of the Gospel is never a rumor. It is real. It is true and it will stand the test of time. Find refuge in the Lord. Dive into His Word and stay there. The Word of God is the only ocean you should stay in. Let it be all around you and keep you save. The only shark in the ocean of the Word of God are in your mind. Trust in the Lord and His Word. Don’t fear. Believe. God has a plan for you that doesn’t include destruction. Stay strong. The Lord is always protecting you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7



Roar like a lion and love like a lamb

I used to have an erroneous mental picture of what a Christian should look like. I used to think that a Christian had to be meek, reserved, quiet and poor in many ways. Piety seemed to be a good way to attain holiness and I thought that the less we had, the closer we were to God. I also imagined that a Christian should be living in silence most of the time out of fear of saying the wrong things. Now, my vision of a Christian has evolved a bit. A Christian to me is someone who strives to be more like Jesus and who embraces God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Christian relies on the Holy Spirit in order to navigate this Christian life and stay focused on the Lord. The Christian knows that life has its ups and downs but he or she doesn’t let the downs destroy what the ups with the Lord have built. As a matter of fact, the Christian understands that the Lord is with him or her even during the downs and still praises and worships the Lord. The Christian loves the Lord and other people and he or she doesn’t let human common sense interfere with God’s sense of love. God’s sense of love as I like to call it, is unconditional. It forgives, it heals, it helps, it cares and it encourages.


 Do I still think Christians should be quiet and not say much? I believe there is a time dedicated to quiet time with the Lord but Christians ought to let their voices be heard. Our voices are very important. What we say and don’t say matter. We have to make every word count and we have to let the silence speak for ourselves when necessary. God’s love in us leads us to speak and it enables us to be quiet when necessary. Our voices should be heard otherwise the enemy makes the most of our silence and speaks for us using the wrong phrases and the wrong ideas. When does that happen? It happens when we passively listen to his words and let them run through our heads without condemning them and bringing them down with the Word of God. We, Christians, should be fierce with our words when it comes to resisting the enemy. We should roar like lions and use the authority we have in Jesus’ name. We should also love like lambs and spread God’s love around us one person at a time. Today I want to encourage you to be strong like a lion by expressing the authority given in Jesus’ name when needed. Be filled with love and let love guide you in all you do so you can mirror the Lamb and be a messenger of hope.


A lion is a powerful animal who commands authority. He is territorial and he protects what belongs to him. His roar can be heard from far away and it decries his power and authority. It can be very scary to some animals and it can be comforting to his family when danger is near. In the Book of Revelation, the Lion of Judah represents Jesus. Jesus has authority in Heaven and on earth. His authority works everywhere. There is no place in the world or in the universe where the Lord can’t use His authority. As Christians we are entitled to using the name of Jesus and have authority over the enemy. When the enemy comes near our territory, we can use the authority of the Lord. We can roar and scare him away. The Word of God is a loud roar that drives the enemy away when it is spoken with faith and confidence. Learn to speak with authority against the enemy by developing your faith. Develop your roar. Make it a sound of terror for the enemy, for your fears and for your doubts. Roar against the emotions and the feelings that are not helping you. Roar against the worry that the enemy wants you to feel all day long. Let the roar in the name of Jesus be heard. Let it mark your territory so the enemy doesn’t walk all over your domain in victory. Roar like a lion whose authority is never compromised by the mind games of the enemy!


If you have seen a lamb before, you know how precious and innocent it looks. It looks so soft and so loving. It makes you want to cuddle with it. God’s love is precious, pure, soft and it makes you want to cuddle with it. As much as we can be lions in the name of Jesus, we can also be lambs in His name. We can love with authority and love in His name. The world needs both lions and lambs that would stand for love in the name of Jesus. As lions we can chase away the enemy when he attacks people. Our prayers and our faith can make him flee. As lambs we can love anyone and make sure that everyone, we know receives a piece of the love that God gives so freely. God’s love is huge and it can be given to everyone. Be a lion with a heart of a lamb. Be strong and courageous and loving and caring at the same time. Let your voice of love be heard when needed. Share the heart of the Lord with people in a gentle manner. Love without questioning. Care without judging. Help without restricting. Roar like a lion and love like a lamb and you will be a good imitator of the One who loves unconditionally and who died for you and me!

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:29; John 1:29; Revelation 5;5-7

If you are having one of those days

Yesterday was one of those days when everything could have gone wrong. Some things did go wrong but I give God all the glory because He shifted things and steered them in the right direction. His Spirit worked on my mind telling me not to let my circumstances get the most of me. He gently and lovingly told me that He was bigger than my trials and stronger than my fears. Sometimes we don’t realize how many fears we have until they creep up to the surface. Sometimes we need to face the music and realize that what we have been listening to is not a melody but a piece of melancholy. A tune that brings doom and not a song that brings joy. It’s those thoughts that we bury under a mask of happiness that need to be unearthed and dealt with. I dealt with them yesterday. I faced the fears, I renounced the tears and I welcomed the Lord. There are many times in our lives when we have to keep welcoming the Lord. Why? We kick Him out when anxiety and worry dominate us.


When that happens, God loses His main seat and He is out in the back corner where no one can see Him. We quarantine Him when sorrow is all we know. It’s during those times of heaviness that we should resort to His lightness. When stress came yesterday, God spoke. He spoke and He showed Himself strong and I found peace in the middle of chaos. He always stands tall and strong. Nothing derails Him and nothing bothers Him. Death doesn’t scare Him. He scared death on the cross and gave life a new life that will never expire. Friend, your daily fears and anxiety are terrified by the Lord but if you don’t let Him take over, they will run you over. If you are having one of those days, keep in mind that the One who created the day can fix anything, improve anything and bless anything. You are blessed. You are highly favored. Your mind might not know that. Your heart might not adhere to that but the truth knows that. Stay with the truth and believe that today is the day the Lord has made and you will rejoice and be glad in it!

Our day can only get as good as we see it. We have a lot to say about how our day goes. Our words direct our day. Our disposition, our reaction and our attitude have a lot to do with how our day shapes up. It can be in the shape of a whining and fading plant that is only watered by pessimism and complaints. It can also be in the shape of a growing tree watered by the joy and the peace of the Lord. I want my day to be a blessed tree every day. A beautiful tree whose beauty comes from the Lord. I am tired of ugly days that look like dead leaves that are devoid of life and joy. My day is only as good as the way the Lord makes it and He makes every day a good day. You and I need to find the good in every day. We need to have eyes that see and ears that hear what the Lord is doing for us during the day. When my day was starting to be crusty, I decided to remove the crust of misery and reveal the layer of blessings underneath. The blessings are many but our eyes are too small to see them at times. Squinting won’t help. Opening our eyes wide will make a difference and the Holy Spirit is the best eye opener. Have you asked Him to open your eyes today?

If you are having one of those days, remember that you are not alone. You are not alone facing today. The Lord is there going through the day with you and He knows how to get you out of the traps of the enemy and the mental webs of the adversity. You are going to make it today in an amazing way. Stop what you are doing and rejoice. Stop the fears with a declaration of victory. The victory is guaranteed with Jesus. You are going to overcome every obstacle and every hurdle. Your path is being made smooth by the Lord who can do all things. If you are having one of those days, remember that you have the One who can change the day in less than a second. Turn to God today. Turn to Him for peace and relief. He is going to improve your day and fix your situation. Don’t worry. Things are going to get better. With the Lord you can only go up and the hill is already ahead of you. Start climbing with the power of hope. Start your ascent with the push of your faith. Your day is in good hands. Trust the hands that will bless your day. If you are having one of those days, remember that God always has the final say!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Philemon 1:25

God will cook for you when you let go and let God

The first time I heard “Let go and let God” I thought it was a very clever statement. How often do we need to let go and let God be in control? It happens all the time. We think that we can make it on our own and we will call God if we really can’t get out of trouble. God becomes our bailing officer when He should be our counselor in the first place. We too often lean into our own understanding because that is what we are taught at a young age. Life is the survival of the fittest and we must fend for ourselves. At least that is what we learn and what we know. With God there is so much more to know. He wants us to know that He has the key to every door, the answer to every question and the remedy for every ailment. He offers advice and He gives peace that nothing can beat. He is out of this world and yet He created this world. It baffles my mind that the creator of the universe cares so much about us that He comes down to our level and brings us up to His. He has all it takes to make the perfect recipe for success and yet we choose to make our own dish most of the time. He sets a table before us but we decide to get take-out and eat food that doesn’t feed our souls and our spirits. God’s homemade food is better than the dishes catered by the world. It’s important that we stay home in the house of the Lord and enjoy what He has for us. We need to let go of the apron and let God do the cooking. His Spirit is a master chef who uses only the best ingredients in the land of blessings. There is milk and honey flowing in His kitchen and manna from Heaven everywhere. He has the perfect concoctions that will alleviate our spiritual hunger. Today I am inviting you to enjoy a spiritual meal at the table of the Lord. I am extending His invitation to receive the best food your heart and spirit can get. I am cordially encouraging you to sit down, relax and know that He is God!

What is some of the best food you will ever have? Food that keeps you healthy and that satisfies you. Food that gives you energy and that nourishes your body by providing all the nutrients it needs. God has an array of foods that can do the same thing for our hearts and spirits. His food gives all the blessings we need to grow spiritually and to develop a big heart. What do you find on God’s table? There is wisdom, knowledge, advice, parables, encouragement and peace among many other things. However, the ingredient you will find in every dish and in every drink is His love. His love is all over His table. His love is available in abundance. If we looked for the love first and recognized that it was in everything God has to offer, we would solve a lot of the problems that arise inside and outside the church. There are too many conflicts and too much animosity among a people that should be lifting up the Savior instead of lowering Him to a human level where judgement and camouflaged hate reign. It’s easy to miss the main ingredient in a dish when our palate is not used to it or when it has not been trained to recognize it. We ought to develop that love palate so we can taste the goodness of God and have a heart for sharing it with the world. Whatever the Lord gives us on His table is meant to be shared. Love is in every meal God makes and everyone deserves to enjoy this precious ingredient. When we let go of our ego, we let God be our hero and His love is what we take on the go so other people get a chance to know our hero!

God’s food is unlimited and it is more satisfying than any other food in the world. The richness of the wisdom found in His food is unparalleled. His wisdom like every food is coated with love and love makes everything better. The world has some close imitations of God’s food but the wisdom of the world can give you indigestion. It can only take you so far. God’s wisdom takes you places you never knew existed. His Word goes deep inside the cellars of knowledge that encompass treasures that open minds and impact hearts over and over again. One word from God can keep us full for days. One phrase from God can keep us satisfied for weeks. One book from God can keep us full for life. One dish from God and peace will stay in our hearts removing all butterflies and nervousness. One drink from God and rivers of blessings will flow every day. One piece of God’s bread and our union and communion with Him will be real every day. I invite you to take your daily bread by spending time with God regularly. Fellowship with Him at His table. Let Him feed your faith and banish your doubts. Let Him give you portions of joy that will have you dancing for His glory day in and day out. Sit with God. Spend time with God. God sets a table before you and makes the best food your soul and spirit will ever get. Let go and let God cook for you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:5; Proverbs 3:5-6; James 1:5

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God will find you

I remember the time when church was my only source of spirituality. There was the occasional prayer when I had a need but for me God was in the confines of the church and that is where I needed to go to find Him. Did I pursue Him during the rest of the week? No, I didn’t. I lived my life and He had His own thing going and I didn’t want our worlds to collide. Once a week was enough. I can’t believe I lived like that. That is what religion did to me. It pushed me away from God. It kept Him between four walls and it gave me no desire to spend time within His place. I didn’t understand that His Spirit could dwell in me. I did not know much about the Holy Spirit. I was very lost but I thought I was very found. I was lost in the ways of the world. The world mattered so much to me. God was just an accessory I put on when I had a need. God is not a piece of clothing we can wear as a shield when we feel like it and then we take it off when we feel safe.


God’s love is not a conditional offering that we should give into occasionally. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was real. His death and resurrection were real. The power of the cross is still real. The power of the blood is still real. The Lord’s love is still real. What happened to me after years of contentment without the Lord still baffles my mind. I was very lost and very out of touch with God’s reality but He kept in touch. God never left my side. He never hated me and He never gave up on me. He left the ninety-nine to find me and bring me back. Today I want to remind you that you are never too far gone. You are never too lost. God will find you and He will leave the ninety-nine for you!

I believe it’s possible to go to church every Sunday and not know God. It’s possible to be in a Bible study and not know God. It’s possible to pray to God every day and not know God. I have been to some of those places and they are empty lands where no joy, no peace and no love exist. I hated being in those arid places because nothing bloomed and I couldn’t see the end of the tunnel. The monotony of church was underwhelming. I just went through the motions and I pretended I had it all together but nothing was happening. There was a void on the inside and I didn’t know how to fill it. Church didn’t cut it so I turned to the world to get my fill. The world had some fun plans for me but they were not part of God’s plan.


I went through a long wilderness. I stood as far from God as I could stand but He never left my side. I couldn’t see Him but He had His eyes on me the whole time. You see, God doesn’t give up on us. He knows us better than we know ourselves and He can see the big picture, the frame, the photo and the negatives. The negatives in my life were many. I lived in a constant flow of negativity and I didn’t know there was a way out. I had not been introduced to the Lord properly but He introduced Himself to me and that changed everything in me.

There are various degrees of being disconnected from God. We can be on the opposite side of the spectrum or we can be a few steps away. No matter how far or how close we are, as long as we are disconnected, we can’t function properly in this amazing Christian life. God will reignite the light and He will bring us back because that is who He is. A simple cry from the heart on our part will take us far, so far that we can land in His arms again. The truth is that the Lord is closer than we think but we are the ones who put distance between Him and us. Trials and tribulations can also drive us away from God. Problems have a way of digging ditches where we fall and we can’t seem to get out anymore. God will leave the ninety-nine and find us wherever we are. All it takes is His grace and mercy or like I said a faint cry from the heart.


God sees our hearts and He replies to our tears. He reads our minds and He satisfies our hearts. When you long for a deeper connection, you open the door to much more than you could imagine. The Lord will take care of you. He will show you His love and He will show you how much you mean to Him. You are worth leaving the ninety-nine. Don’t despair because you feel disconnected. God is connected to you and He is taking you back where you belong. God will find you. Let yourself be found. You are not lost!

Suggested reading: Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 15:3-7; Hebrews 13:5

Meetings with God

This week is probably the busiest week of the school year so far for me. I have at least two meetings a day on top of my daily work. I am starting a few new projects including a trip to Europe with students. The amount of energy that is going into all this preparation is huge. I have to be on top of my game and I have to stay focused and organized. I have to be able to shift my attention and be in the present for each meeting and for each initiative. It is a lot easier for me to handle all the work and to give my whole without compromising. It is so different from a few years ago. What has changed? I have daily meetings with the Lord. I have focused conversations with Him. I hear from Him every single day. I share with Him every single day. I spend time with Him every single day. I devote time and attention to Him every single day and it impacts the rest of my day every day. Today I want to reiterate an old message. I want to encourage you to have daily meetings with God. It will change your life for the best. It will color your life in a way that transcends the most beautiful rainbows of peace and joy you have ever experienced. Jesus spent time with the Father. If He needed that alone time with God, we also definitely need it.

A meeting is an assembly of people. It is often a group of people who belong to the same society or committee and who get together for discussion or entertainment. You and I belong to the same group as the Lord’s. We are part of His family. We are in His club so to speak. We are in His circle and we need the time to discuss with Him and to be entertained by Him. I find that the Lord is highly entertaining. The more I get to know Him, the more I see that side of Him. He entertains with messages, visions, inspiration, peace, joy and humor. He is a funny God. I laugh often in my time with Him. I sometimes laugh when I should be crying. I laugh at His jokes and I laugh because of His presence. I don’t have a reason to laugh. He just makes me laugh. It sounds odd at first but once you get used to it you don’t expect any less. My meetings with God are not somber and they are not formal. God is not into rituals when it comes to talking to Him. We can come as we are. We can open our hearts to Him and He will accept us as we are. I think we complicate things when we try to find a special formula for prayer. God sees our hearts and He knows what we need and want way before we have meetings with Him. We come with an agenda and He received us with His arms wide open with an amazing plan in hand.

One of the people I had a meeting with was 15 minutes early because he said there was no traffic. It made me think of how there is traffic at times when we meet with the Lord and we need to avoid all that traffic. The traffic is usually in our minds. It is all the thoughts and distractions that are trying to keep us from having some good quality time with the Lord. I have to stop the traffic when there is too much of it by spending time in praise and worship. It helps me refocus and let go of the bad circulation that tries to get in the way. I also declare out loud that I am the son of God and I am grateful for being part of His family. I say anything positive that comes to mind and I bring down all the negative chatter so I can have a clearer mind and I can fix my eyes on Jesus. The more you meet with the Lord in your prayer closet or in your heart, the less room you will have for unnecessary thoughts and distractions. Let God lead your meetings. Let His Spirit read His agenda for you as you quietly listen and adore Him. Have meetings with God all the time and you will have a blessed life all the time!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; John 15:1-5; James 4:8

God wants you close to Him

God never ceases to amaze me. I don’t understand everything about Him but I know a few things that have impacted the way I see Him. I didn’t know He was all about love for a long time. Those who taught me in church about Him were very good at loving with their words but their actions went in the opposite direction. Love speaks and love acts. The same goes for God. He speaks and He acts and those two things together were not what I knew about God. I was under the impression that God only spoke to certain people and only acted on behalf of certain people. I learned that a lot of us were not worthy of God’s love so I never looked for it. That kind of teaching is very damaging spiritually and it can take people years to recover from the scars it leaves. When I got saved, it all changed. It did not change overnight but the process of living out my salvation started. God never stop to amaze me. He speaks and He acts and I love that He does that for anyone who is willing to get to know Him. He is no respecter of persons and He will never exclude anyone. If you were ever told that you had to earn God’s love or that God remains silent or that He doesn’t listen, I am here to tell you that those are lies. God is alive and well. He is in love with you. He wants you to hear what He has to say and He is always listening to you.

Walls have been built between God and us. The enemy has diligently worked on making sure those walls keep us from knowing God. His evil scheme has even infiltrated some churches and some doctrines have divided people who were always meant to become friends of God but who end up being alienated. I was one of those victims and I was blind to the truth. I knew of God but I didn’t know God. I knew what other people said about Him but I had no idea I could get to know Him for myself. Those walls of separation need to come down. We need to hunger for God and let Him know how serious we are bout being intimate with Him. There should be no buffer and no interference. We can have direct access to God. He is closer than our skin like the song says. He is right there waiting for us to speak and talk to Him. If you believe that there is no way you can communicate with God, take a step toward opening the lines of communication. Get in your prayer closet, your prayer room, or open your heart to God and pray. All you need to do is acknowledge His existence. Start talking to Him on a regular basis. Have private time with Him. Don’t let a day go by without talking to Him. If you do that, you will see the walls fall apart. The more you communicate with Him, the more real He will become. Talk and listen. Give Him time to reply to your questions, to guide you and to give you love through His words. God is love and He tells us how much He loves us if we have the right ears to hear.


The Word of God is a great entry way into the world of the Lord. You can read the Bible in so many different ways but let me suggest reading it from the Lord’s perspective. We can’t fully know His perspective but we know that He operates in love and through love. Love should be the filter we use to read the Bible. Embracing that God is all about love is embracing His true nature and His essence. If you want to have a close relationship with Him, accept His love. Pray that He opens your eyes to His love. There is a bright light shining from the Lord and it is His love. There are no dark spots, no shady areas in the Lord and anything that you learn about Him that depicts some type of anger or darkness is not the real God. I feel like every week I am discovering another aspect and another angle of God’s love and it is huge. It is bigger than I once imagined and I want to get the full picture, at least to the extent that I can. God never ceases to amaze me and the magnitude of His love is astounding. We don’t deserve it but yet we can have it. God wants you close to Him. Very close!


Suggested reading: Exodus 24:1-2; Psalm 145:18; James 4:8