Some possible obstructions to our prayers

I vacuumed my house the other day. It looked like the vacuum cleaner was working well but then I noticed that some crumbs and some particles were not being picked up. I took the vacuum apart to see what was going on. There was an obstruction somewhere. It took me a while to find it but once I did and I took out what was blocking the way, the vacuum did its job. It made me think of how sometimes in our spiritual lives there is an obstruction. We pray and pray. Our prayers sound fine to us but when we pay close attention, the dust, the problem is not getting picked up. There is an obstruction somewhere that we need to locate. There is something getting in the way of our prayers. There are particles that are left on the floor of our intentions and those particles are leaving our spiritual ground dirty. They need to be dealt with if we want to have a clean floor to lean on and see our prayers answered. Now, I am not saying that this is always the case. Sometimes we don’t see answers to our prayers because it is not God’s timing. Sometimes we pray outside of God’s will. Sometimes the answer is there but it is not obvious to us. When the issue is an obstruction that keeps us from getting a clear path to our answer, there needs to be some time spent scanning our lives to find out what the obstruction is. Holding a grudge, not forgiving someone, jealousy or gossiping are spiritual obstructions that should be brought up to our attention. This is not a popular message but it is an important message. When we are not walking in love in some areas, there is a hurdle in our prayer life. Jesus encouraged us to forgive when we pray. He put unforgiveness right there with prayer. There is a link between the two. Today I am inviting you to find any possible obstruction in your prayer life. I know I must take a deep look in the mirror at times and find the particles that are blemishing my spiritual complexion.

Unforgiveness is one of the main hindrances in our prayer lives. It is the unwillingness or the inability to forgive someone. When you can’t let go of what someone did to you that was wrong, you are making holes in your prayer life. You are allowing negative feelings to pierce your prayer life. You are stepping outside of love in a part of your life and that creates some spiritual disturbance. It creates traffic on the way to some blessings and some answers to your prayers. Again, I am not saying it is always the case. God’s mercy and grace are amazing gifts to us but living in a realm outside of love is living outside of God’s will. Can you think of someone you have not forgiven? If you do, this is what I suggest you do. Ask God to forgive you for not forgiving. Forgive the person. Ask the Spirit of God to help you detach yourself from unforgiveness and pray for the person. Pray that God would bless him or her. Let love be the power that removes the obstruction by praying for the person. Keep at it. Make it a daily prayer. Pray for the person to be blessed. Pray for the person to have a connection with God or to develop a stronger connection with God. Pray for the person to receive peace and joy. Thank God for that person. Forgive, pray, and praise God. That powerful trio will help you release ill feelings, bitterness, and anything else that is negatively impacting your heart.

Jealousy and gossiping are other elements that hinder our prayer lives. Jealousy is wishing we had what someone else has. It is coveting the wrong things. It is also being dissatisfied with what we have. It is basically telling God that what we have is not good enough and we should be given what others have. It is being ungrateful toward God. “God, I don’t like my life. Give me what So and So has” is not a prayer that will be heard. Jealousy is poison. It hurts us more than it hurts the one we are jealous of. It is another way of stepping out of love. Gossiping often comes out of jealousy but it can also pop up on its own. When we talk about people behind their backs, we set ourselves up. We walk on a line that doesn’t lead to love. Our words have power. Gossiping has the power to alienate us from God’s heart. God doesn’t like backbiting and slandering. They are not His language. They are not love-centered. They are obstructions to our prayers. If you know that you have feelings and negative thoughts toward someone, take the high road and take it to God. Be the bigger person and let God of anything that is denting your prayer life. It will change you and it will bless you. Keep praying for others. Put them first when you pray and your prayers will be strong.

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Suggested reading: Mark 11:25; Ephesians 4:29; James 1:26


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 115)

For some of us this is the biggest trial of our lives. However, this big trial doesn’t change the big Advocate we have. The Holy Spirit is still coaching us through life, comforting us and pointing us to Jesus. Trials don’t change the Lord. The Lord can change anything including this trial!

Misplaced faith is believing that God can do what He says in the Bible for others or to others but not for us. Blind faith is believing that God can do absolutely anything in our lives and we trust Him without ever questioning Him.

Jesus is always vibrant with love. Just one look and everything else vanishes. His love is a flame that never goes out. Let His vibrant love burning in your life. Embrace Him. Adore Him!

God will carry you and take you to a place where everything you see seems new. Everything you feel seems light and everything you think is about Him!

Our job is not to judge people but to love them the best we can. When we judge others it is more a reflection of our character than an denouncement/exhibition of their flaws.

They say the devil is in the details and I say the Lord knows the details of our lives. Let Him handle the details and let the devil be the liar whose details you don’t trust.

The Lord is a Rock that can’t be moved but yet is He moved by your tears. Turn to the Rock who would move heaven and earth for you!

God holds your life. Keep smiling in faith. With Him there is nothing to worry about! Let Him hold every part of your life.

Prayers are needed every day. There are unspoken prayers that never leave the hearts of men and never reach God’s ears. These prayers need voices today that will bring answers tomorrow. Give a voice to your heart today.

The road with God is not always roses and flowers. Sometimes the path is thorns and bushes but Jesus will remove the thorn from your side and get you out of the bushes. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 31:3; Galatians 2:20; 1 John 3:1

The restoration of God’s restoration

The mindset that many people have adopted these days is that things can’t get better and that a lot that has been broken can’t be fixed. There is a strong feeling that we can’t get out of the hole that this pandemic has dug in our lives. Hope has left the building and doubt is a permanent resident in many homes. All we can think about is how bad the situation is getting and there seems to be no end to the chaos. “How will this get fixed?” many are wondering. What will it take to get back to a normal life? Is there a way to go back to normal or are we heading toward a new normal that is dismal and discouraging? There is a way. There is hope. There is a truth that will make things right. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the One who can and who will fix this. He knows the way to do it, He holds the truth that will set people free and He has the life that changes everything. What we all need is to restore our faith and our hope in God’s power of restoration. God is still the same. He is the God of miracles and the God of restoration. He will give us what we need and He will fix everything that is broken. Not just some things but everything when we believe. Today I want to encourage you to go back to where your faith once was or to reach the place where your faith sees restoration and reparation.

The word “reparation” usually refers to the making of amends for a wrong one has done by paying money or by helping someone to whom a wrong was done. God is in the business of reparations. When Jesus died and rose again, the biggest reparation was paid to the world. He made amends for the wrong the enemy did to the world and for the wrong sin did to humanity. He made things right with God and He helped every human being that will ever believe in Him. He fixed the biggest problem the world would ever face and His reparation is still true today. Whatever you are facing today can be fixed. It was fixed on the cross and now your faith can make it come to pass. Go back to the cross today. Go back to what Jesus did for you. Spend time in the Word, study it and meditate on it. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. Like many people nowadays what you hear is gloom and doom and your faith has been damaged by the terrible reports. Scary things are happening in the world but they don’t change the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. He came to set the captives free. He came to set you free. This is not the end. Jesus will put an end to this. Build your faith back up. Go up the hill of hope. Get out of the valley of desolation. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

God will restore what was taken from you and give you beauty for ashes, hope for every doubt that has been sown in your heart and peace for every storm of worry that is thundering in your mind. “Restoration” is a powerful process. God will restore your life to where it was before and more. You see, with the Lord there is always an increase. You go from glory to glory. This means that His restoration is better than the world’s restoration. When something is restored in the world, it goes back to the way it was before. With the Lord, the restoration goes to a higher level. Life is restored according to His standards and not according to the world’s standards. I remember that after I spent a time in the wilderness even though I had been saved, God’s encounter or re-encounter took me to another level. He gave me peace that I had never known before. He opened my heart to worshiping Him more than ever and He put a zeal in me that I didn’t know existed. God is going to bless you in ways you never knew were possible. Stay in faith. Get into the habit of declaring that God is restoring your life. Keep on praying and keep on praising. Your Sunday morning is coming. It won’t be Friday night forever. Stay encouraged. God’s restoration is about to impact your life. Praise Him!

Suggested reading: Amos 9:14; Isaiah 61:7; 1 Peter 5:10

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 114)

Give people some encouragement every day and it will go a long way. Give people some peace every day and it will change their day. Give people some love every day and it will bless their day. Give people Jesus every day and He will pave the way!

The Lord can take all this negativity and darkness and turn it into “ground” for bigger miracles. Things that no one has seen before. The enemy will amplify the darkness but Jesus is going to overthrow it as we stay in faith and pray.

Stand up for those who can’t stand. Stand up for those who keep bending. Stand up for those who keep folding. Stand up for those who keep falling. Stand up in the name of Jesus and help those in need of strength by keeping the stand of faith.

When you are all over the place, go to the one place where your heart can be comforted, your mind can be fed and your soul can be healed. Go to the Word of God. It is a place of healing, love and peace.

Let God take care of everything. He will show you what you can do and He will help you with what you can’t do. God can do it all and He will help you through it all.

The end of your misery starts with the end of your disconnection from God. Get that connection going again and the sorrow will go away again.

If we stopped worshiping the Lord, rocks would start singing. Let’s sing and let’s make sure that our songs are strong like the rocks that adore the Rock of your salvation.

When life tells you you have a hundred problems, tell life that you have Jesus. You have one Savior, one God, one Lord. He can deal with your hundred problems in one powerful way; His way!

God keeps on preparing new mercies to put on the table before. Expect new blessings and new beginnings every day. What’s coming to you is bigger than what happened to you yesterday.

Speak from the bottom of your heart. Speak from the heart of God. Speak from the platform of love. Speak encouragement and speak blessings into people’s lives. Speak the language of God. Speak the language of love!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:22-23; Psalm 30:1-2; 2 Corinthians 8:8-9

Your covenant with God is still the same today

A covenant is an agreement. It usually refers to the agreement we have with God. It is almost like a contract. It has terms and conditions and it seals a certain deal. Our covenant with God was sealed by the blood of Jesus. His blood was shed for us as the seal on the envelope of a new life. An envelope that contains all the terms and conditions of this amazing agreement. Where can you find a list of those terms? They are listed in the Bible and it is important that we study them so we know what’s in our covenant with God. One of the promises in the covenant is that God goes before us and that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. His love and His righteousness are with us all the time. There is the promise of an eternal inheritance in this covenant. Jesus was the mediator. He was the go-between. He served as the bridge between us and eternal life. How often do we walk back from “the Bridge” and forget about the covenant? During these hard times we can easily forget that God is still with us, that Jesus paid the price for our salvation and that God’s love will see us through anything. It is time we went back to the conditions of our salvation. It is time we studied this great covenant again. It might be that we need our faith in it to be stirred up and to be revived. The only thing that is alive and well in many people these days is fear and confusion. God’s promises put an end to them. God’s love removes them. Our covenant with God has a clause that specifies that we should not be moved by the atrocities of the world but we should be strengthened by the promise of the eternal inheritance. As heirs of the Lord we are entitled to have peace in times of trouble and to have joy instead of sorrow. Let’s go back to the covenant today and build ourselves up. It might be just what most of us need right now. Let’s remind our hearts that nothing has changed in the covenant.


A covenant being an agreement implies that both parties have a role to play. Our role is to obey God and to have faith in Him. When we obey and we follow Him, He holds His end of the bargain so to speak. It is much more than a bargain. It is a divine promise to protect us and to bless us. It is wonderful to see that when we abide in Him, we can grow in Him and we can become more like Him. To me that is one of the best aspects of His covenant. It allows us to be more like Jesus. Another one of its conditions is that when we follow Him, great things follow us. When we stick with Him, goodness sticks to us. When we hold on to Him, His kindness holds us close. God is faithful and He keeps His Word. Another beautiful aspect of the conditions of the covenant is that even when we don’t uphold our end, God is faithful and He helps us. His grace and mercy are such powerful terms that no one can beat. We don’t deserve Him. We don’t deserve His love and His assistance and yet He steps in when we have crossed the line. When we walk away from Him on the Bridge that gave us all, He comes and gets us back. He leaves the 99 and comes to our rescue. I have experienced it many times but I have learned not to rely on grace. I want my covenant to be an agreement where both parties are actively loving each other and caring as much as possible. Obedience is caring for God.


God brought back Jesus from the dead through the blood that was sacrificed. Jesus is the first One to have come back to life under this new covenant. As believers we have gone from being spiritually dead to being alive in Him. The resurrection process is phenomenal. Now, it doesn’t stop there. God will revive anything you ask Him to resurrect in your life when you pray according to His will. What can you pray about these days that needs to be brought back to life? Start with what’s on the inside. Ask for God to bring back peace, joy, stability, hope and strength. You need that inner balance to be able to enjoy this life to the fullest. When you are stable and strong on the inside, you can approach every situation with more peace and more confidence. God has an amazing covenant with you but until you are centered you might not be able to accept His promises, to embrace them or even to believe them. We too often want things around us to change when God is saying that He needs to do a work inside of us first so we can face what’s outside of us. I encourage you to read more about your covenant with the Lord. It will dissipate your fears and it will make you smile again. Your amazing covenant with God is still the same today. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:8; Psalm 103:17-18; Hebrews 9:15

Put it all in God’s hands

A new month has just begun and with it comes the hope of a better season for the world. People are wishing for the best for April. There is a glimmer of hope and many of us are praying for a new page to be turned. Who knows what this month is going to bring? Only God knows. What should we do then? The best thing to do is to put it all in God’s hands. We can’t predict the future but we can let God take care of it. We can trust Him with the month of April. We can refuse to worry about it and not to let fear dictate our thoughts by casting our cares upon the Lord. I have decided that I am going to put every day in God’s hands. I have been doing that for a while but I find it critical for me to do it more aggressively now if you will. I am going to spend time in prayer putting the day in God’s hands. When I pray in the morning, I will not only give up on controlling the day with worry and empty expectations but I will also thank God for what He is going to do during the day. Empty expectations are expectations that are based on feelings, emotions, rumors, what the world says and not based on God’s expectations for us. God has some expectations for all of us. He expects to give us the best that life has to offer. He expects to give us the abundant life that Jesus bought for us. A life full of the riches of His Spirit. It is a life led by the Spirit and a life that embraces the Holy Spirit. What could be more abundant than that? People will say that Jesus came to give us an abundant life filled with material goods. God is Spirit and He is more concerned with our spirits and our hearts than our physical possessions. It doesn’t mean that He won’t provide for us. He does and He will. When you put your trust in the Lord, your cup overflows. There is not only abundance of peace and joy but there is also abundance of all goods things according to His will. Today I am inviting you to put everything in God’s hands. Expect His blessings and expect His love. Expect to get to know the Spirit of Jesus better. Expect this new month to be a month where knowing Jesus like you never have before is going to be a goal and a way of life.


When I take my worries and fear and I put them in a bundle that I give to Jesus, peace has room to come in. I am convinced that the Lord’s peace is always around waiting for an access point. It is there in the Spirit of God who is in us but it can’t always surface or get in when there are blocks caused by anxiety and fear. When we react to life with fear, we suppress peace. When we react to life with worry, peace has a red light and it can’t proceed. You will say that it is easy to proclaim, ‘Do not fear” and the reality of it can be complicated. It is not easy when we try to do it all alone and when we don’t believe that it is what we are supposed to be doing. God would not ask us not to fear if it were impossible for us. One thing that has worked for me is to say it out loud. I say “I do not have a spirit of fear. I am not going to fear. The Lord tells me not to fear so He is going to help me and bless me. Fear doesn’t belong here.” Reject fear. Kick it out. Give it the boot. Be harsh with it. Get it out of your mind and of your heart. Stir yourself up. Give it all to God. See yourself handing the bundle of fear to the Lord. Meditate on what it looks like for you in your life. Visit all the areas where fear is prevalent and ditch the daily passport that takes you to those places. Fear has no place in you and you don’t have to visit it all the time. Put it all in God’s hands.


When a new day starts, God smiles and tells you that He has new beginnings for you and new riches. You might not hear Him because you might be paying more attention to the news. The good news you should be more interested in is the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. Jesus came to set the captives free and to bring a new day where hope abounds, joy rules and peace is permanent. Nothing that will happen this month can change that and you will see that it is true when you stay committed to your faith and you keep putting everything in God’s hands. His hands are huge. Wouldn’t you agree? They can hold anything and everything. Big things could take place this month. Things that are not positive but the God with giant hands can handle all of them. Put your hands together, pray, thank the Lord, release the issues and the worries and see what God does for you and what He does in you. Put everything in God’s hands this month and every month after that. God will bring you to a place of peace and victory!

Suggested reading: Psalm 73:23; Isaiah 41:13; Luke 4:18

Turning darkness into light (Raising Heaven there the enemy is raising hell)

I was in prayer yesterday taking communion and worshiping the Lord. Taking communion is a powerful act of faith that shows we accept what the Lord did for us. It highlights the power of the cross and the power of the blood of Jesus. It focuses on the body of Christ and on what Jesus did for our sins, transgressions, iniquities but also for our sicknesses. Sicknesses being physical, emotional or spiritual. As I was pushing through in prayer and interceding, I received a revelation that gave me a lot of hope. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart and said that all this negativity and darkness in the world is a soil. It is a ground. God can use that soil and that ground and turn it into something positive. He can step on the soil of the enemy and removes the weeds and unearth the trees and put His solid ground on top of it. It requires prayer, unity in the Church, people who will stand in the gap, people who will continue to praise and worship and whose faith is not deterred by what’s happening. There is no doubt that the enemy is trying to intimidate the body of Christ and to weaken faith around the world. He has created a movement through this pandemic and he has taken over in places such as our hearts and our minds. The Lord is encouraging us all to give our hearts and minds back to Him. To let Him enter again and do His wonderful work in us. We can’t succumb to this worldwide movement of darkness. It can be frightening and what we hear is unsettling but we ought to let God settle the matter. Let Him be the judge of how we should be reacting to all this. His plan is always to turn darkness into light, to turn our mourning into dancing and give us beauty for ashes.

Today I want to echo the Lord’s message of hope, victory and deliverance that is in His Word. This darkness will not prevail and God’s love will shine where the darkness is blinding people’s hearts and covering people’s minds with doubt and fear. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that the Lord can’t do when we stand in faith. We need to stand together and give people the crutches they need to walk in faith and not walk by sight. The images projected by this negativity are strong but no one is stronger than the Lord. God is the real deal. He is the real thing. He has conquered death and He has conquered the cross. This pandemic is among the things He conquered in His resurrection. It wasn’t omitted. It was not exempted. God knew this would come and He knows of other movements of darkness that will shake the earth but He is still in control and He will stomp over this darkness as we pray and exalt Him. Let’s exalt Him above this global blanket of fear and sickness. It is people like you and me that can walk over this disaster with our feet of hope anchored in the Lord. Our faith is activating the hand of the Lord. He is not deaf to our prayers. Let’s continue and persist. God has the final victory.

Darkness can turn into light by just a flip of a switch. It takes no time. What is necessary at times is a lot of light when the darkness is deep. We won’t make this go away overnight but it will be dissipated as we don’t give up and we raise heaven wherever the enemy is raising hell. We can unite in spirit and agree that God will make a way and that His way is always the best way. This darkness will die and the light of the Lord will shine and live all over the earth. We have a job to do and our job is to guard our faith, keep the praises going, stay on our knees and distribute God’s love, peace and joy around us. Healing will come. Deliverance will come. Our faith for the nations will take us there. Join me in prayer. Join me in faith. God is going to turn this darkness into light and the world is going to see better days no matter how dark it gets in the weeks to come. God will still prevail. Let’s flip on the switch one prayer at a time, one praise at a time with one heart for Jesus and for the world!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 61; 1 Corinthians 15: 55-57; 1 John 4:4


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 111)

The Holy Spirit will always give you peace to face the day and joy to celebrate Jesus! Trust the Holy Spirit. Thank Jesus for His Spirit!

Fall in love with Jesus and everything will fall into place. Stay in love with the world and everything will be out of place. Love the world with Jesus’ love and everything will be in the right place.

God’s love is a blanket that wraps us up in peace. Lean on His love and you will be in peace.

God’s love is contagious and it can be passed around the world. This love contamination starts with you and me! Keep spreading the love!

Jesus’ love pierces the power of the enemy so that peace and joy can come out of the wounds of pain and suffering!

Faith puts us where we ought to be. Faith gives us access to the blessings of the Lord. Faith sets the record straight even when the enemy tries to erase the powerful Word of the Lord in us.

Fear has no power over you. It has been lying to you and taking you on the wrong path. Today you can get back on track and let the Lord remove all fear as you pray for peace. He is generous and He will give you an abundance of His peace that surpasses all understanding.

You can break a hundred times and the Lord will fix you a hundred and one times. God is preparing you for something amazing. Praise Him even when you are broken! He is mending you and blessing you!

Let the Lord refine you and define you. Let His fire burn your life so it is a sweet melody that echoes His love and goodness. Let God refine you and define you. Let His fire make you a model of love and purity to His glory. Let God refine you and define you so that your life is a testimony to His glory!

Load up on God. Load up on His goodness. Load up on His promises. Don’t let them leave your sight. Stay close to them and meditate on them. Load up on God’s love. It never leaves and it never fails!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1; 1 John 4:8

Laying at the Lord’s feet

For the past few days, I have been getting the message that I should lay at the Lord’s feet. I keep hearing deep inside my spirit “Lay at My feet. Lay everything at My feet.” This profound encouragement to be in reverence before God has been piercing my heart and touching my soul. I have complied and let myself be in adoration in front of Him. I have been getting this strong desire to just put everything in front of the Lord and let Him take it all. I have presented my life to Him and everything that is part of it. It is as if I were scanning my life and taking pieces of it that I offer to the Lord every day. Something new comes up every day and I give it to the Lord in prayer. This has made me realize how much I hold on to too many things and how much I wasn’t willing to let go. God wants us to surrender to Him in all we do. Giving Him total control is showing Him we have faith and we trust Him. He wants to be our source of peace and comfort. He wants to be the only One we trust completely for safety. We too often rely on our finances or possessions and use them as a safety net. Would you be willing to take a leap of faith with no visible materialistic safety net to catch you? Are you willing to have the Lord as your only safety net? He will catch you every time you fall. He will cover you with His protection so you can jump as high as possible. Today I want to encourage you to lay your life at the Lord’s feet. As you lay at His feet and humble yourself, He will show you His face.


Humbling myself before the Lord is a lesson I learned later in life. It is more than a lesson. It is a way of life that dictates our lives for the best when we do if often. The more we humble ourselves before Him, the more He has control. Pride can get in the way. It can be a subtle obstacle that is hard to see. I saw it clearly. I saw it for a while but I ignored it for a long time. I used to think I knew better and I could handle everything. God was my Lord but He was my second resort. He was my plan B and you know when you have God as your plan B, your plan A is not a solid plan. It is a plan based on your human abilities but this life requires more than our human talents. We face all types of adversity that are way bigger than what we can deal with. We need the Lord to make it in this life and when we don’t accept that reality, we must face the music and dance around peace without ever completely knowing it. We do a dance with steps that keep distancing us from the One true King. I didn’t want to live that life. I got tired of carrying everything and having to fend for myself. God showed me that it was time I let go and I never went back. I let go and I started the process of getting closer to Him and laying at His feet.


I have this powerful visual during prayer time of laying at the Lord’s feet. It is such an amazing place to be because that is where our hearts can encounter His. At His feet is where you find yourself face to face with your vulnerability and where you are exposed to His beauty. When you lay at His feet, your ego takes a backseat and His majesty is prevalent. I had a breathtaking experience back in October of last year when I felt the Lord’s presence so powerfully that all I could do was cry for over an hour. I was lying on the floor with my face down. I had rarely felt such a great love in a room like that in the privacy of my own home. God’s glory was everywhere and my heart was enthralled. I remember saying “If only people knew” over and over again. I lay at His feet and I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. I felt so not worthy. I felt it in my heart and I saw love in a raw version that seemed so rare. I go back to the glory in prayer often now and it happens when I humble myself and I let the Lord be Lord and do what He wants and tell me what He wants. He should always come first. He should always be in control. When we are at His feet, we can’t help but adore Him and thank Him for being God. My prayer is that you lay at His feet every day and that you give up every piece that keeps you away from Him. It is a life-long process that is very much worth it. Lay at the feet of the Lord and He will show you His face!

Suggested reading:  Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 10:39; John 10:17

Stay on the rooftops of victory

Nothing can separate you from God’s love. It’s the truth. Not just because I am saying it but because the Lord declared it in His Word and He never goes back on His Word. He promised that nothing and no one will ever separate you from His love. No event, no situation, no predicament can separate from God’s love. You might be knocked out now. You might be run down and not able to stand up but you will get up again. God’s love will make sure of it. Your current loss is not God’s final say. He has something to say about your situation and what He is saying is that your circumstances can’t get in the way of His love. He has you in the palm of His hand and He is going to restore you. You are going to be back on top as if you had never been at the bottom. God has a comeback for you that will make you forget what knocked you in the back. That blow from the enemy might have given you bruises and a few broken bones but the God of resurrection is going to give you life more abundantly and He is going to fix your bones and heal your wounds.


The powers of darkness can’t separate you from God’s love. They can make you believe that God has left you but it is all a lie. God’s love is invincible. God’s love will prevail. No matter where you are in life, God’s love is with you. His love is with you in the valley and it is with you on the rooftops of victory. Those rooftops that allow you to see everything from God’s perspective are always there. You are always welcome there. Don’t let doubt drag you down to the valleys. Don’t let your problems bring you down into the depths of despair. Stay on the rooftops of victory where God’s love is present, visible, tangible and dominant. You deserve to know love. You deserve to know God’s love. Stay on the rooftops of victory. The joy that is up there is out of this world and the peace that lives there surpasses all understanding. God’s love is always present but you and I need to be up where it is vibrating highly. We need to be on the higher level where there is no fear. There is no fear in perfect love so stay safe in the arms
of faith enjoying God’s embrace. Shout victory from the rooftops of God’s love!

Have you ever sat on a rooftop? Some of them are scary and they are not meant to be places where you should hang out. Other rooftops are dedicated spots for people to spend time and enjoy the view. God’s rooftops are the perfect locations for a time well-spent in great company. His rooftop is the place where you can go and be alone with Him. Once you are there it’s all about Jesus and all about His mind and His perspective. My rooftop of victory is my prayer room. It’s the highest room in my house and it is a great place for me to be isolated from the world. I love being up there because I can seek God’s face and the world fades away. We all need a place where we can hear from God and where we can disconnect from the world. My rooftop is a threshold for the Lord’s voice to enter and for me to celebrate Him and focus on Him. A rooftop is up there for a reason. It mimics closeness to God. At least that is how I perceive it. You might say that you don’t need to be up high to communicate with God. That is totally true but it’s a symbolic place and sometimes symbols help us see things better. It also allows me shut down the world and open up to the Lord. It is a mental thing that works for me. I love hanging out on my “rooftop” with the Lord. I am reminded of His goodness and I get a refill of His love.

Sometimes it is hard to climb up to the top and have some alone time with God. When we are tired, we can’t go up. When we are down, we don’t want to go up. The Bible says that even heights and depths can’t separate us from God’s love. God is so merciful and so good that He comes down to our level when needed. He brings down the rooftop so to speak. He gives us a hand and brings us back up. He lifts us up when we lift up His name. If you feel like you can’t get to the rooftop, let God meet you where you are. Invite Him when you are down in the valley. Sing His praises. Stir yourself up. Give your faith a boost by crying out to Him. He will get you to a higher level in no time. God is always on the top but it doesn’t mean He can’t find you down in the valley. He would leave the 99 to find you so don’t despair. He is taking you back to the top. His love is going to make it happen. Have faith that you can get back on the rooftops of victory. The victory is always yours in Jesus’ name. Celebrate Him on your way back to the top. Nothing can separate you from His love!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:6; Jeremiah 1:19; Romans 8:31-39