Let God put out your fires

Some situations in our lives can feel like real fires. Everything is burning. Our minds are burning with anxiety and fear. Our hearts are burning with pain and our souls feel like they are burning in hell. Problems pile up and before we know it we have a bonfire of trials and suffering. When you feel the burn, it’s hard to find relief and to find the hose that is going to put out the fire. God can put out any fire. He is the fire that dominates all fires. Like an ardent bush He is burning with power and with love. His fire is the most powerful fire that exists and it can’t be put out by any schemes of the enemy. When your life is on fire, let the Holy Spirit control the negative fires and make you burn with faith and hope. There is a flame that will always remain. The flame of the Spirit of God will never be extinguished. It will always be more fervent than the fires of the enemy. You see, God showed up as fire in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. He was a positive fire. The enemy wants us to hate fires now by giving us tough situations that leave us scorched and burned. We get used to being burned and to being hurt and that is not the way it should be. Fires will happen but we shouldn’t let them consume us and destroy us. Today I am inviting you to call upon the Lord and ask Him to put out the fires in your life. Ask Him to step in and intervene. Give Him the fires. Let Him dominate them and control them. The enemy might have some nasty matches but the Lord has fire extinguishers that will paralyze the enemy’s tactics. Don’t be afraid of the fires of life. The Lord will allow you to walk through them and you won’t be burned. Peace is on the way. Relief is on the way. The fire extinguisher is on the way. The Lord has a burning desire to help you and no fires in the world will stop Him when you choose to walk by faith and not by sight.


When I walk my dog in the morning, I walk by a fire station. I admire all the volunteers from the fire department  that work so hard to help the community and to keep us safe. They are not afraid of fires and they go head on into dangerous situations knowing that they will be able to neutralize the fire and deal with those fiery conditions. From what I see they are confident that they can tackle most fires because of their training and the equipment they use. God has all the training that is needed to deal with fires. He wrote the book. He wrote the manual. He designed the training.  No one knows what to do better than He does. His methods for putting out fires never fails. So what are we waiting for? Let’s call on the One who can make the fires stop. I get into situations where the fire is so strong that I can’t even hear myself think. I am so engrossed in the intensity of the fire and I lose my focus. A fiery condition makes us stumble and fall. We land in a hot mess and we can’t get out of it. Those intense fires can be financial holes that the fires of life have made in our lives. A sickness can be a fire. A strong sense of hopelessness can be a fire. The feeling of constantly walking in a desert can be a fire. A dry season can be a fire. No matter what fires we are facing, the Lord can intervene and refresh the situation. The Lord is the best fireman around. He walks right through the fire and He is not intimidated by the flames. The flames are actually scared of Him and they get out of the way. I am starting to be more aware of the presence of the Lord when I go through a fire. He is not leaving my side and He gives me confidence. I can’t put out the fire but God can.


Next time you find yourself in a fire, remember that God is walking before you in the fire and He is making a way for you. He can part the seas and He can part the fires as well. You are not going to get burned as long as you are holding His hand. The glory of God looks like a consuming fire. It is a fire that consumes the fires that are meant to hurt you. The enemy has no chance of winning against the glory of God. Keep that in mind. The fire you are going through right now will be destroyed by the fire of the Lord and you will come out of the ashes beautiful and new. The opposition has sent this fire to burn you and ruin you but the Lord will turn it to your advantage and it will help you grow and make progress on the course of your faith. Don’t let the fire bring you down. Bring the fire down with the hose of the Word of God. The Word of God will shower your fires with peace and freedom. You are not bound to stay in a fiery place. God is going to put out all the fires in your life. Ask Him. Pray to Him. Trust Him. The fires are about to go. You will come out untouched. Stay encouraged! God is in control!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 23:29; Luke 3:16; Hebrews 12:29


Prayer puts everything in God’s hands

I can think of many examples of when I wanted to take things into my own hands. I thought I could do it better than God. I didn’t realize that was my mindset at the time but my actions spoke loudly. I even skipped prayer about certain matters thinking that I didn’t need prayer. Little did I know that prayer was the key to everything. I would say that I would pray about something and never said the prayer. I was then led to read the Word of God more and prayer jumped out of the pages. It appeared to be the essence of a relationship with God. Without prayer how can we communicate with God? Prayer is not just a formal means of communication. As matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be formal at all. It just has to be from the heart. It has to exist. It has to be manifested. Prayer is the language that gets us connected to God. God understands all prayers. It doesn’t matter what the actual language is. God knows it all and He hears our prayers even the ones that are not uttered. Prayer can be an internal plea. It can be muffled by the sounds of our tears. It can be hidden by the weight of our fears. It can be squeezed between two heartaches. It can be spoken by the lips of our faith even if our mouth is closed. Prayer has many forms but what all those forms have in common is a desire to communicate with God. God sees the desires of our hearts and that is what matters.


I have spoken before about prayer being a two-way street and not a one-way road. It’s an exchange with God. God can speak during prayer and our approach to prayer should take into consideration its listening aspect. Once I had established a daily prayer routine, I had also started expecting to hear from God. The first time it happened I thought it was my mind but the message was backed up by the Bible and it was clear that God was talking. His words are comforting and reassuring. Prayer is a place where we receive comfort, encouragement and love. When things are rough, I find refuge in prayer because that is where God’s love is apparent. I go to the Rock who cares for me more than anyone. I see prayer as a cocoon where many blessings are birthed and where love is always in the background. If you feel hurt, sad or lonely, make prayer your daily place of comfort. Prayer will give you the soothing touch you need. Keep on praying. Don’t let the pain take away the blessing of prayer. Prayer will always bless you when you give it a chance on a daily basis. “Pray about it” means “Receive God’s love in your situation” as well. It’s not just about getting guidance. It’s also about getting the love and peace that are needed in the situation we are in. For every difficulty, God has a solution and it begins with being aware of how much He loves us and because He does, He will get us out of that trial and tribulation.


Prayer is surrender. It’s taking the time to humble ourselves before the Lord. It is showing our vulnerability and receiving power and strength from the Lord. The surrender aspect of prayer also comes from the fact that when we pray we should accept that God will make a way. When we have a request, we should let God take care of it. We should let God be God and not try to be in control. That was a tough lesson for me to learn. I still struggle with it at times but I am always reminded by the Spirit of God that God always knows best. I am not the architect of my life. God has the blueprint of every situation I will ever encounter and I need to let go and just enjoy watching the master plan unfold. I am not always able to see how God is laying out the structure of the solution but faith reveals the process and I just have to trust it. “Pray before you worry about it” is a reality in my life and I strive to keep it going. When we walk in faith, worrying is never justified. If we pray about a matter, worry doesn’t make sense and we can push it out of our system. Prayer recognizes that our lives are in God’s hands. Friend, your life is in God’s hands. Believe it with your whole heart. Prayer will show you that once you put it all in God’s hands you have nothing to worry about. Pray every single day and you will keep handing your life over to God so He can do what’s best and give you rest!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:6; Philippians 4:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Being an imitator of God

You have probably heard the saying that you are the only Bible that some people will ever read. Yesterday I mentioned how I had been to places where no one knew about God or the image they had of God was erroneous. How do most people find out about God? They hear about Him. They are told who God is. They get notions of God through their upbringing. Someone has given them information about God. This could be good or it could be bad. It depends on how the information was acquired. It depends on human filters. We all have our own  filters. What I decided years ago was to know God for myself. It happened at a time when I couldn’t find a church where I was getting fed. Church happened at home. I loved having church at home and I got into the habit of having church every day. It did influence my way of thinking and my way of seeing God. I had my own Bible studies. Reading the Word of God was reading a sacred text that the Spirit of God helped bring to life. Every page was on fire. Every verse was good meditation material. Every chapter was full of treasures. I sought God’s face and I was determined to know Jesus directly for myself.


God did not call us to be imitators of the world but imitators of the Lord. It is when we follow other people that we can get into trouble. We have amazing role models in the church. I think it is important to listen to their preaching and their sermons. We get fed beautifully that way but when we start putting these people on a pedestal, we are in for a bad surprise. No one should take the place of Jesus in our lives. He should always be the example and the source of our inspiration. We are the only Bible that some people will ever read so we ought to give them the Jesus version of the Bible and not the superstar preacher version. It’s the preacher’s message we should meditate on and not his or her lifestyle we should focus on. We can get great tips for living from them but they are not God. I remember hearing a woman in church who said that if only she could get to the pastor, her life would change completely. She had her hopes in a man who was a great preacher but she expected too much from him. She saw him as a savior of sorts. This happens a lot. We lift up people in places of spiritual authority and give them titles that only belong to God.


I am not blaming that woman. I used to be that way. I totally understand it. There was an amazing Christian singer that I loved. His music touched my soul. His lyrics were melody to my heart and his worship style took me to a high place of adoration. Then I saw the man on social media and was introduced to his human side. The spiritual part was gone. He was somebody just like anyone else and if I had let myself go down a bad rabbit hole, I would have found myself judging him for being “so human.” It turned me off and I started seeing his music differently until the Lord showed me that Jesus should be the center and that this man was a vessel for Him. He pointed out that I should listen to the man’s message and not glorify the messenger. Listen to the message, don’t adore the messenger.


What is your message to the world every day? What kind of Bible are you to the world? Have you thought about that? The best messages are the ones that come from God. Be the vessel that is receiving directly from God. God can use many sources to get revelation to you. Praise Him for the resources but don’t worship the messengers unless it is the Holy Spirit. Give people credit for how they impact you and help you. Thank God for those people and bless them but never put them above the Lord. See Jesus as the model. See Jesus as the One you should be imitating. Learn about Him in His Word and partner up with His Spirit. You will be the Bible so many people long to read. Your life can be a great message. God can use you to touch lives. Be the Book of Love that people haven’t read yet. Be the source of peace that the Lord made you to be. Be the Bible people need to read. Follow the Lord and people will follow Him through you.

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 11:1; Ephesians 5:1-2; 1 Peter 2:21



He is still the God of miracles

I believe in miracles. I believe God can do the impossible. I believe Jesus is still performing miracles today. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe the Bible is the Word of God and it is alive. I believe God hasn’t changed. I believe the presence of God can be manifested and the Lord can touch our lives in powerful ways. I believe the theories and concepts in the Bible are amazing but their application is even more wonderful. I don’t believe in staying at the threshold of the Word of God. I believe in entering the Word of God and living it out. It is where we should reside. Not in the theory part but in the living part. The Lord speaks through His Word and what He is saying is real and it is for today. Miracles are for today. Healing is for today. Blessings are for today. God’s promises are for today. I expect what God has for me. I expect miracles and I expect love. His love transforms me and it makes every day a good day. Today is the day the Lord is going to bless us. His miracles can take place any time today. Today the God of the impossible is going to make things possible. Believe in the Lord of the impossible today. Believe in the love that is possible today. The opposition is going to try to derail you today but stay on the train of the Lord. Let Him take you to “miracle destination.” Let Him bless the day and make things come to pass.


Jesus couldn’t perform miracles where there was no faith. I know we could see more miracles today if we had more faith in the Lord’s ability to perform miracles. Faith comes from hearing. We don’t hear enough about the miracle working power of the Lord. I have been to places where the Lord is not welcome. People don’t believe Him. No one prays. God is seen as a myth. Those places are spiritually dry. They don’t have any faith substance and they don’t have any presence of God so to speak. The spiritual atmosphere in those places is conducive to anything but God’s presence. It is charged with negativity and sometimes charged with a strong presence of the enemy. Those arid places need to hear about God. They need to be watered by the Gospel of Jesus. It is a need that can be met with people like you and me. We can give the Lord an opening in those areas where everyone is closed to the truth. Our words and our actions in those places can create a fertile soil that is ready to receive miracles and to experience the love of the Lord.


Love and miracles go hand in hand. It is because the Father loves us that we can see miracles. He cares and He wants great things to happen to us here on earth. When a miracle takes place, Heaven collides with earth. It is an encounter that leaves us in awe. The Lord loves to bless His people with the impact of His Kingdom. Miracles are not meant to be part of a distant future or part of when we go home to be with the Lord. They are for here and now. Heaven can visit us now. You are entitled to God’s miracles. Start meditating on that truth. Let your heart and your mind hear the truth about miracles. Let your faith be amplified. Study the Word of God and find the treasures that reveal miracles. You and I could use a miracle today. Let’s thank the Lord that He is the God of miracles. Let’s praise the Lord of the impossible. Let’s expect His power to be manifested in our lives. Let’s dig deeper into the depth of our faith. We will find the foundation that is needed for miracles to be part of our daily reality. There is water in our lives that is waiting to be changed into wine. There is a sea that needs to be parted. There is blindness that needs to be healed. There are storms that need to be spoken to. There are dead areas that need to be resurrected. God is still the God of miracles. Your miracle is on its way. Celebrate the Lord while you are waiting. Take a stand of faith and let the Lord do the impossible.

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 10:21; John 2:11; Acts 3:16

Be a revolving door for God

I have met a lot of people who are mightily used by God. I have met people who serve God in a humble but yet powerful way. I have met people who have a heart for the world and for God. People who would do anything to exalt the Lord and to show love to anyone. Those people are great inspirations. They demonstrate what it is like to be a revolving door for God. God can go through them at any time to bless people, to heal them, to help them,to  love them and to counsel them. I have seen lives transformed by the power of God because of revolving doors that never put a door stop to what God was trying to do. God can use any of us in ways we could never imagine. He is looking for people who would surrender to His will and who are willing to be love givers and world shakers. You and I can be revolving doors for God’s glory. During this time of pandemic the world needs the doors that will lead people to places where they can be loved and they can be comforted. Doors to the impossible. Doors to change. Doors to hope. Doors to peace. You are a revolving door as long as you give God access to your heart, to your mind, to your body and soul. When God touches our hearts, the rest of who we are will help put God’s will in motion. I find my heart to be full of love at times. It can feel like a giant ocean that needs to be released and fall on the shores of the broken-hearted and the lonely. If I just rely on my heart to get the job done, the desire to help and serve will not go far. Everything comes from the heart with the Lord and then it reaches other parts of our being. God can use hearts that will dictate people’s minds and bodies. We have to put everything that the Lord pours into our hearts into action. This is the concept of being doers of the Word and not just listeners of the Word. Today I want to encourage you to be the revolving door that Jesus can use so your world can be changed and His love can reign.


One of my prayers as a young Christian was “Lord, use me as You please.” I didn’t know what it truly meant. To me it meant “Use me as I see fit and not as You will.” I think we all have an idea of how God should use us. We want to be like other people who have impacted the world for Christ. We find inspirations and we want to be just like them. What I learned later on was that God calls us to follow Christ and not to follow other people. Role models are great and they are needed but we all have our own path and our own gifts and calling. When we ask the Lord to use us as He pleases, it is important to be open to what He wants to do with our lives.It’s not always going to be a bed of roses. We have to come out of our comfort zone a lot when we serve the Lord. It’s His will over ours. I am not saying that we should all try to be missionaries on the other side of the planet. Whatever the Lord wants us to do, He will let us know if we are willing to listen and it’s up to us to follow His lead or not. His will is for us to be the body that will bring transformation around us and that will promote love. As a revolving door for the Lord, we can be entry ways for love. Love comes from Him, goes through us and enters the world. There are some many amazing things that can go through us and enter the world. Praying about what to do and what to let through is a good place to start.


A revolving door lets people in from different sides. As vessels for the Lord, we ought to let what He gives us out and take in from the world. What should we take in from the world? All the hurt and pain. All the sadness and sorrow should be coming in. It shouldn’t come in to stay but it should come in and stir empathy in us. I am not advocating carrying the weight of the world. I am saying that as a revolving door, we should be empathic and absorb the hurt and pain by giving them all to Jesus. We should be catalysts who see the hurt and pray about it. We should be intercessors. It is hard to intercede for someone if we can’t be compassionate or have empathy toward that person. See the pain, pray about it and give love and peace. We are doors that give peace and hope to the world. Today I invite you to be that door. Indulge in giving love. Be a beacon of hope for people. Stay in peace and give peace. People all around you need you. Be a revolving door for God and love will enter in the world like never before!

Suggested reading: John 12:26; Galatians 5:13; 1 Peter 2:16

The power of magnifying God

I have seasonal allergies and I am also allergic to dust mites. This means that I keep my house as clean as possible and since I am staying home all the time, I have to be even more diligent when it comes to cleaning and to keeping the environment allergen-free. It can be a struggle. I was looking up symptoms the other day online. I was trying to understand some of the physical reactions I have had. I have never had such strong symptoms but I also have never had to be home for such a long time. I went online every day for a while trying to find solutions so I could avoid the drowsiness that comes with allergy meds. My mind was fixed on the symptoms and the problem until I got into prayer and I was led to focus on the solution. We tend to spend most of our time learning about the problem when we should be learning about the solution or the cure. When problems arise, our minds can go into problem-solving mode but that mode is often crippled by fear, anxiety and despair. We magnify the problem. Researching about the symptoms and the issues attached to my allergies didn’t help. It stressed me out. Have you ever been sick or injured and looked up the sickness or the injury online? Have you ever looked up side effects for medications? Have you looked at the worst-case scenario for a situation you were in? You can go from having a cold to thinking you have cancer. You can go from feeling sad to having a broken heart. You can go from having money issues to seeing yourself going bankrupt. God always wants to put an end to that way of thinking. He is not in favor of overthinking and overindulging in misery, in what ifs and in worst case scenarios. He is the best case scenario and that is what we should focus on.

Focusing on the problem and thinking about it all the time will fester in our minds and create greater problems that don’t even exist. The more we think about them, the more real they become to us. Today I want to encourage to focus on the solution, focus on the answer, focus on the Lord. There is a need to magnify God when things are going wrong. We should always magnify Him but when we are going through trials, we need an even bigger magnifying glass. A magnifying glass is a lens with a handle, that enlarges an image. When symptoms are driving us crazy and trials are keeping us up at night, we ought to grab that magnifying glass and enlarge the Lord. God is big enough as He is. He is bigger than anything and anyone so He doesn’t need to be enlarged per say but our minds shrink Him when the going gets tough. A lot of our problems lie in our minds. A lot of the issues we face, we face in our heads. Our minds are an arena where players and fighters come in freely and wrestle constantly. Those fighters should be kicked out. They should be diminished and abolished. We can achieve the abolishment of negative thoughts through the amplification of the Lord.

The magnifying glass I am talking about is especially important. The handle we use to hold that glass matters. The Word of God is that handle. It allows us to hold the lens, our vision and perception, and to glorify the Lord. The lens is how we see the world. It is the filter for our minds. Watching the world through the lens of fear and worry will only magnify the negative. It’s that lens that produces huge images of defeat, of failure and of destruction. I used to be an expert at using that negative lens. I used to be particularly good at projecting movies with very bad endings in my mind. I think that is why I was drawn to sad movies and dramas that spoke to my fears. I changed the filter. I changed the lens. The Holy Spirit helped me. He directed me and pointed me to the Word of God constantly until it became a habit. God will assist us in trading destructive habits for uplifting habits.

Holding the right lens and magnifying the Lord must become a habit. It takes practice and dedication.  There is comfort in what we are used to so we need to go past that comfort level and get into a new comfort zone where God is magnified. The lens of the Word of God is effective when used all the time. God is bigger than my symptoms. That is for sure. God is bigger than my difficulties. That is for sure. God is bigger than the negative chatter in my mind. That is for sure. I keep grabbing that magnifying glass and it does wonders for my mind and for my spirit. Praise is another handle for my magnifying glass. It has proven to be one of the most powerful filters in my life. It makes Jesus look like a giant compared to my bad circumstances. It shows me how God truly is. He is still mighty and loving. He can still do the impossible. He can heal. He can perform miracles. Praise opens my eyes to the reality of God and closes my eyes to the negativity of the world. Magnify Jesus today and every day. Your life will never be the same when you resort to the power of magnifying the Lord!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Ephesians 1:19; Ephesians 6:10

God knows what’s coming next

With this new global situation, a lot of schools are closed and learning is happening online. I post my lessons every day for my students. It is a new way of teaching that comes with its own set of challenges. Checking the work and then planning for the next day has been part of the challenge. I sometimes must wait and see how the kids understood the lesson before I can develop one for the next day. The question that comes to my mind often is “what’s the next step?” or “what’s the next part of the plan?”  I have also asked myself what the next step was in my life. I have wondered what was coming next. I have wondered where I needed to go next and what steps to take to get there. The truth is that God knows all our steps.


The Lord knows where we came from, where we are now and where we are going. The next steps are not anything we should worry about. God has all the steps of His plan. We are not supposed to figure everything out on our own. Who knows when this pandemic will end? Who knows what our towns and cities will be like when it is over? Who knows what the next part of God’s plan is? God knows. God knows it all and He is not worried one bit about it. The Lord knew this pandemic was coming and He did not make any changes to His Word and to His promises. He didn’t attach a spiritual addendum to the end of His Book stating that He is not in control anymore. Your next steps are clear to God and He will lead you through each one of them.

When I present myself vulnerable to the Lord and I tell Him I don’t know where I am going next, He always shows me the way. His Word is a lamp into our paths. When we are unsure of the future or unsure of where to go next, it looks like we are in the dark and we see no light. We can’t see the next few steps. We can’t see the path we are supposed to follow. We can’t walk and we can’t move. Uncertainty and fear have a way of paralyzing us and keeping us in one spot. Spiritual and emotional paralyses are real and they give way to physical paralysis.


God is a moving God. He has always been moving. When He created the world, His Spirit was in constant movement. God is still moving today and He can take us on a moving journey where we are going places that our minds can’t fathom but our hearts can accept in faith. When I turn to God for my next steps, He sets everything in motion. He likes it when I humble myself and I go to Him for help. It is what is needed for Him to get me where I should to be. Now, He leads me in various ways but the number one place where I am made aware of the next steps is in prayer.

Praying about our future can sound cliché but it is always relevant.
Our prayer about what’s coming next should be a prayer of surrender. It is crucial to put ourselves in God’s hands instead of asking Him to do as we say. I used to tell God what He had to do next in my life. I used to have a list of all the events that should take place in my life and God had to figure out the best way to make these things happen. In other words, I used to play God as if I knew better. I never got anywhere other than the land of frustration and doubt. When we pray and we ask God to do it our way and the answer doesn’t come, doubt settles in. The enemy wants us to ask God to do it our way because he knows it will result in doubt and suffering. God knows best. When we look for direction from Him, we need to let Him lead the way. You can say, “Lord, I don’t know what’s coming next but I know You have it all planned out. I trust in Your plan and I ask you to show me the way. You are in control and I am honored to be led by Your Spirit.”


Give God free range. Let Him take your foot of faith and put it in front of your other foot for you. Let Him be the leader of the lane of your future. Stay in that lane in faith. God will not only take care of every step; He will make sure that you are protected and well surrounded as you move forward. His angels are deployed when we pray in faith. They will lift you so you don’t get hurt on the way. God has a plan. Your future is in His hands. Don’t worry about tomorrow. God knew about your tomorrow way before your yesterday. Stay in peace. Stay in praise. God knows all the next steps and they are taking you to a good, good place!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 30:21; Isaiah 58:11; John 14:26

Face the day with love

When I was praying yesterday morning, I received an exceptionally beautiful message. If I let the Holy Spirit take over my prayers, I get to a place where I am still and I just listen. I don’t say a word, I just wait for His Word. It is so important for me not to rush my prayers because I can miss out on hearing from God. Sometimes He speaks as I am speaking. It looks like there is a movie running in the background and I hear it through the words I am saying. It is quite interesting. Yesterday’s message was about love. He said “Face everything with love today. Face the day with love. Let love be your defense mechanism and let love be your reflex today.”  The message was threefold. He said “Approach everything that happens today with love. Show love to everyone today and remember that you are here because of My love so don’t worry about anything today.” I had to stop praying so I could write that message down. We can handle life with anger, with bitterness, with hatred, with fear, with hopelessness, with frustration but the Lord says, “Handle life with love.” I forget the power of love at times and I needed that reminder.


Today I want to encourage you to use the threefold message of love. Stay in love, show love and trust in His love. Whatever you do today, do it in the name of love. Approach every task with love. How? Thank God for what you have. Thank God that you get to do things and not that you have to do things. Let love be how you deal with every event of your life. This means that you should strive not to get frustrated and not to get angry about things. Speak love. Speak about what you do with love. Say it to yourself. Be thankful for the virtual meetings you have. Be thankful for the kitchen you get to clean. Be thankful for the time you get to spend indoors. Tell the Lord how much you love your life. That is what it comes down to. You might be saying that you have little to be thankful for. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you have that you can’t see. Pray more. Communicate with Him more and your heart will be touched by His love and you will love again. Love the sun. Love the rain. Love the walks. Love the couch. Love the food you have. Love the water you drink. Speak about your life with love. Don’t criticize and don’t complain. Approach today’s events with love. If something bad happens, say “Thank God the Lord is going to fix this. Thank God love is going to mend this.” You are going to see a big change in your life when you approach every moment with love.


Showing love to others is a fundamental truth of the Christian life. God has given us love for others. We often need to stir up that love and be open to let it take over. Showing love to others, to God and to ourselves is how we can stay in love in addition to reacting to life with love. It is crucial that we revert to love every time we slip and move away from love. Praying for others is the key to walking in love. It is hard to be mean to someone we are praying for. We should have a prayer list that includes our family and friends and that includes those who wrong us. The more you pray for someone you don’t like, the more love you will develop for him or her. The Holy Spirit will scrape off the dirt on your heart that is keeping you from loving. Show love. Be quick to forgive. Be quick to give. Be quick to pray. Be quick to walk in love. Walk away from gossip, bitterness and resentment. Walk back to the arms of the Lord and learn to love yourself as well. You are dear to the Lord and He does not want you to despise the beautiful person that He created. His love for you is unconditional and it will protect you.


Being grateful for our lives, loving others, God and ourselves are powerful ways to react with love every day. Remembering that God is love and that His love is what got us here is the third part of the love trio. Since God loves us so much, we don’t have to live in fear. He loves us so He will take care of us. When things go wrong, we ought to take refuge in God’s love. We can tell our circumstances that we are loved by the creator of the universe and therefore we are taken care of. Your thoughts will tell you that things are going to get worse and that you won’t make it. The love of the Lord in your heart will softly say that you are protected, you are loved and God’s favor on you will get you through anything. Let God’s love in your heart be louder than the doubts in your mind. His love was declared on the cross and no powers of the enemy can defeat it. Love oversees your life. The enemy is not. Slap him with God’s love for you and he will run away. Resist him by standing under the protection of God’s love and he will flee. Face the day with love and your day will see the face of love in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13; James 4:7; 1 Peter 1:22

Get yourself pumped up

One of the best pieces of advice that one of my very spiritual friends gave me was to pump myself up in the morning. She said that it was important to get a strong cup of hope and joy first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Many of us rely on a hot drink in the morning to wake us up and to give us energy. Physical energy helps us get through the day but spiritual energy is also very crucial. We need to guard our hearts, our spirits, our emotions so we can enjoy the day. The Bible proclaims that this is the day the Lord has made and that we will rejoice and be glad in it. Sometimes it is easy to be glad and to rejoice but most days we have to jumpstart the gladness and hit our spirits with some joy. The way we start our day will set the tone for the rest of the day. If we wake up grumpy and we don’t deal with the feeling, we will have a miserable day. Let’s start the day with Jesus. Let’s start the day with what He has to offer us before the world serves us a cup of negativity. Let’s not drink the Kool-Aid and adhere to the world’s misery. God has joy, peace, gladness, and blessings galore for us to enjoy. During these hard times it is even more necessary for us to start our days filled with the Spirit of the Lord. How do we get filled and how to way stay filled? These are two questions I will answer today.


Every morning I start my day with the Lord. I give Him the first hour of my day and I let Him be my focus. I wake myself up by pumping myself up. I pump up the joy, I pump up the excitement. The Lord is with me all the time so I better be excited about it. You see, we are in this world all the time and we have many reasons to be depressed and to be miserable because the world is not going away. With this pandemic, every day is the perfect day to live in fear and in misery according to the enemy. That is what he wants. He wants us to see no hope, no future, and no solution. He bombards us with negative thoughts as soon as our eyes are open in the morning or he keeps us awake all night with those thoughts. What we must tell him is “No, I am not buying it.” Let’s take a stand against the lies and let’s flow with the goodness of God.


Every morning I declare the goodness of God. I brag on Him. I exalt Him. I glorify Him. I praise Him. I adore Him. I let Him be big and mighty because that is how He truly is. I serve myself “a big dose of God almighty.” I pump myself up by saying that great things are going to happen to me. I say that major breakthroughs are going to take place in Jesus’ name. I thank the Lord for all the amazing things that are going to follow me throughout the day. I thank God for His love. I thank Him for His freedom. I thank Him for the people in my life. Sometimes I jump out of bed and do jumping jacks while praising Him. It works so well for me. It energizes me and it gives me something great to look forward it. It conditions my mind. I believe this is key; conditioning your mind with God and His awesomeness makes a huge difference. I tell my mind what to expect and what to focus on.


Find what works best for you in the morning. Find the ritual that will pump you up in the Lord. Find the songs that do it for you. Find the verses, the words, the thoughts that get you going and that bring joy. We get filled with the Spirit when we have joy, gratitude and when we are submitted to the Lord. The Spirit is in us but He will fill us up when we submit to Him. We need to empty ourselves of what is keeping us from being close to God and let His Spirit pour His love into us. Joy is a sign that we are filled with the Spirit. Jesus is a joyful Lord. His Spirit is very joyful. With joy comes gratitude. The Spirit is a grateful Spirit that always extols Jesus. Submission is how we stay filled with the Spirit. When we let Him be in charge, we stay pumped up and we continue to be excited. Let your first words in the morning be words of praise. Rejoice first thing in the morning and keep an attitude of gratitude. Let God be first in all you do and He will give you joy in all you do!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Philippians 4:4:13; James 1:2-3

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 116)

The Lord says “See Me for yourself and not through the eyes of the blind.” Don’t let other people’s limited vision dictate how you see God.

Jesus died so you could live like you were in Heaven now. Accept His redeeming life and live His life in you today.

What you are sowing in love every day is landing on fertile soil and you will see plants and flowers grow in due time. Keep it up! God is blessing you!

God has ways to get you through the worst mazes and the worst dilemmas. He will make a way and bring you out better and stronger!

We will sing together again. We will praise together again. We will pray together again. We will spend time together again. We rise up together again. We are winning this together again. We are rejoicing together again. God is with us always and stay with us whether we are alone or together.

You and God” is how you grow. You and God is how you glow. Let it be just you and God and you will always know. You will know that there is no one like the One who makes you glow through His love and through His flow.

You are God’s most beautiful story so remember who is narrating your life. Jesus is speaking every part of your life into existence. Trust the author and love His Book!

Jesus loves with no reservation. You don’t have to call and try to get a spot in His house. You are always welcome. You are always invited. You don’t need a reservation to be loved by Him!

God’s unfailing love is a shield. It’s a safety net that will catch you when you fall and get you back up. God will never fail you! Praise Him!!!

God has what you need and there is a timestamp on it. When it’s time, it will happen and nothing will be able to stop it from taking place. The time will come. Jesus is faithful!

Suggested reading: 2 Thessalonians 3:3; 2 Timothy 2:13; 1 John 1:9