10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 154)

Trust God. He knows what He is doing. Trust God. He knows what you need. Trust God. He always has the perfect timing. Trust God. He will get you through this!

When you lean on God, you lean on love, peace, joy, wisdom, mercy and grace. You lean on freedom, healing and deliverance. You lean on hope, endless possibilities and miracles. Lean on God and you will lean on the power of love manifested!

There is something to be said for private praise. Moments between you and the Lord and no one else. In those moments, intimacy is built, faith is developed and hope is extended.

Things in Heaven are constantly the same. The joy, the peace, the celebration never cease. It is non stop praise and Jesus is at the center. He is the generator. The generator that can’t be turned off!

Let your words of faith be louder than the screams of fear in your head. Let your words of praise be louder than the whining that is tempting you. Let your words of love be louder than the hatred that is rampant in the world.

In the middle of the worst storm the Lord remains your best ally. In the middle of chaos the Lord still gives peace. In the middle of a crisis, the Lord still comes to your rescue.

The Lord took care of everything you will ever need on the cross. Go back to the cross and be reminded that His huge sacrifice bought your freedom and your redemption forever!

Close your eyes and go to bed at night. Jesus is wide awake and He is watching over you. Don’t worry. The Lord has you in the palm of His hand. Sleep easy!

God’s love for you will never end. You are loved and you are blessed. Remember His love every day especially on the days when the world seems to hate you and you feel like you are out of luck. God’s love for you will never change!

Talk to God about what’s going on in your life. He knows it all but He wants to hear that you rely on Him. Make Him your number confidant and you will see that He will also share secrets with you.

Suggested reading: 2 Chronicles 7:14; Mark 11:24; 2 Corinthians 1:3

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 153)

Don’t let your mind get chaotic. Don’t let it be overwhelmed with negativity but overwhelm it with the Word of God. Let His Word rule your thoughts and peace will be in you at all times.

Go back to the basics of the Lord. Dig deeper into who Jesus is. Find your Savior again. Be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit again. Go back to the resurrection. Go back to the cross and see that Jesus is not there anymore. He is alive and well!

When you walk hand in hand with the Lord, you avoid the puddles, the mud and the potholes. You see they are on your path but the Lord holds your hand and keeps you from tripping and falling. Walk with the Word in hand. Walk with love in your hand. Walk with the Lord and you will never fall with the world.

The Lord sets a table before you. Let your appetite be big and eat what He has for you. Crave His spiritual blessings. Starve your fleshy desires. Feed your faith and your hope. Sit at the table and enjoy the feast of the Lord. Don’t settle for the leftovers of the world.

God did it before and He will do it again. Don’t get discouraged. Your breakthrough is coming. Things are going to get much better. God will do it again!

When you stay open to God and to His ways, a new awareness of His love can take over your life. Stay open, stay willing, stay humble, stay encouraged in Jesus’ name!

Before you try to walk on water, learn how to swim among the sharks. Learn how to ride the waves of temptation and how to stay afloat in the seas of confusion and chaos. Make Jesus your buoy!

May your life be a song of worship to the Lord. May people read the lyrics and see Jesus written all over your life!

May 2021 be the year of worship. Continue to make Jesus famous in your heart and around you. Let Him go viral so others can catch the fire of His Spirit. Jesus first in 2021!

Gratitude gives you an amazing attitude. You appreciate what people take for granted and you see God where people see what they want to see. Help others change their attitude by expressing your gratitude every day!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 60:1; Hebrews 1:3; Philippians 2:9-11

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 152)

When you think Jesus first, you set yourself up for success. You prepare yourself to be a blessing and to be blessed. Let Jesus always come first no matter who you deal with and no matter what you are faced with.

There is hope for you and His name is Jesus. There is hope for you and His love never fails. There is hope for you and His salvation is here today. There is hope for you and He will never go away. Jesus will always be the hope of the world!

Gather your thoughts around Jesus. Get them all in one place where they can listen to Jesus and they will change their minds about changing you. Let Jesus be the One who influences your mind and He will change you on the inside out.

Don’t rely on men to give you a breakthrough. Rely on Jesus to break through the worst situations. He will always come through for you!

Jesus is not human. He is from a totally different ballgame. He is a game changer. He is not one of the players. He is not the one who plays games with your mind. Jesus will put an end to the mind games of the enemy.

Don’t just celebrate Jesus on Christmas Day. Celebrate Him every day. His death and resurrection are giving you a new life every day!

Jesus came to save the world. Jesus came to save you. Jesus came to change you. Jesus came to resurrect you. Jesus came to love you. Jesus came for you.

Today is going to be an amazing day because Jesus is going to be with you. He will bless you and help you today. Enjoy the day because the Lord made it. Rejoice over Him. He has great things in store for you today!

In the name of Jesus you will not be a victim of your circumstances anymore. In the name of Jesus anything is possible. Call on the name of Jesus. Praise the name of Jesus. Count on the name of Jesus!

Talk to the world about Jesus. Talk to your world about Jesus. Talk to yourself about Jesus. Talk to your circumstances about Jesus. Talk to the enemy about Jesus. Talk to your fears about. Talk about Jesus and your faith will rise!

Suggested reading: John 14:6; Acts 4:11-12; 1 Timothy 2:5

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 149)

Be vulnerable with God. Be at His mercy. Let Him hold you in the palm of His hand. Surrender. Be the clay and let Him to be the potter. Let God be God in your life!

Believe in the impossible every day by declaring that God can do the impossible in your life every single day! What you say matters. Say what God has to say about your situations all the time.

Never pass an opportunity to praise the Lord. Every excuse is a good excuse to exalt Jesus above everything. Do it often. Do it whenever! Do it when it hurts. Do it when you are joyful. Do it when it’s confusing. Do it when you have clarity. Do it all the time!

God’s plan for you is so good that no one can duplicate it or imitate it. Stick with His plan. Trust that He has the best plan. Embrace His plan for your life. It is detailed and well-prepared.

God opens a world of possibilities that clashes with your world of difficulties. Let Him change your world and bring great things out of nothing.

Wisdom from above destroys the misconceptions and misunderstandings of this world. God’s wisdom clarifies and polishes the ideas that need to be purified and made brand new. Out with the old patterns of thinking and in with the new ways of God’s thinking.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Join the worship of the angels and let the melodies of Heaven be louder than the noise of the world. Fill your heart with praise and give a voice to the worship within. Lift up the name of Jesus. Lift His name above all names!

The Lord makes rivers in the desert. He will make peace in the middle of the storm. He will make joy in the middle of sorrow. He will make miracles in the middle of the impossible. He will make healing in the middle of sickness. He will make you whole in the middle of your brokenness.

There is hope beyond the clouds. Don’t look at the sky and see darkness. Look at the sky and see what’s above the storm. Faith will show you the sun and the beautiful weather that is coming. Rejoice over the sunshine even when it’s raining.

There is power and authority in the name of Jesus. Face the day with the name of power. Face the adversity with the name of authority. Face life with Jesus and you will see His power and His authority over everything in this world.

Suggested reading: Matthew 28:18; Ephesians 1:21; Philippians 2:9

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 148)

We need our daily bread from Heaven. We need to hear from God every day. We can’t have one hot meal a week and expect our spiritual bodies to grow. Let’s stay hungry for the Word and let’s maintain an appetite for the Lord.

Don’t substitute God’s plans for “something better.” God has the final plans that are way better than the plots of the enemy and the creations of your mind. God doesn’t have a plan B!

Pure joy comes from God. He gives raw concentrated joy from Heaven that no earthly happiness can beat. Embrace His outpouring from Heaven. Trust that His joy can be your strength and trust that He has a supernatural way of blessing you even when sadness is all around you.

There is always good news coming from God. His good news will stay the same. Jesus is still the same. Jesus still saves, blesses and heals. Take His good news and let it crush the bad news you get. God’s news is always the best!

Don’t sell yourself short. Jesus paid the price for you and you are priceless in His eyes. You were worth dying for and He still loves you the way He did on the cross.

Don’t buy into the negative movies the enemy projects on the screen of your mind. Let God direct the movie of your life! He has one scenario, one plot and one outcome. Through Him you always win in the end!

The Lord goes before you. He paved the way for you so that trouble won’t trouble you. Pain won’t pain you. Hurt won’t hurt you. Harm won’t harm you. Obstacles won’t hinder you. The Lord goes before you. You have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about!

Don’t let your timeline get in the way of God’s timing. He has the perfect timeframes and He knows what time it is. Trust Him. Everything will happen at the best time!

Pride alienates us from God. When we humble ourselves, we get closer to the heart of the Father. Let’s separate from pride so we can unite with Christ!

Look for love in all the right places. Look for love in Jesus, in His Word, in His promises, in His Spirit, in your relationship with Him, and in everything He does for you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:10; Galatians 2:20; 1 John 4:7-8

Let God sing the lyrics of the song of your life

What does the soundtrack of your life sound like? Have you thought about it? If your life were a song, what song would it be? What would be the lyrics? Music has always had a strong impact on my life and I used to let it direct my moods and my emotions. I would play certain songs intentionally so I would feel a particular way. I would also let music amplify the way I felt at times. When I was down, you could be sure that I didn’t play happy music but I would waltz around with sad music in the background. That sad background noise never helped. It damaged my spirit more than I knew and it created a “comfortable space” that was hurting me. Have you ever found refuge in a wounded place? Have you ever felt better when you allowed yourself to be down abs vulnerable? It is not God’s best for us. His songs are not depressing and His lyrics are always positive.

God doesn’t intend for us to sing sad songs or negative songs. A song could have a beautiful melody and be a negative song at the same time. Think about the lyrics. Think about how the song makes you feel. Our soul can be easily swayed by music and words. Words can harm and words can heal. Words can lift up our spirits and words can bring us down. Words give life and words give death. It’s important that we choose words of life. The Bible contains the most amazing words of life and hope. Jesus has words for each one of us. His words heal, help, build up, lift us up, bless us and express His love for us. Today I want to encourage you to go with the words of the Lord. Know that He sings over you and choose His lyrics over the lyrics of condemnation, fear, sorrow, destruction, worry and death.

Any words that promote negativity should be avoided. I am not saying that we shouldn’t listen to music at all. I am focusing on the words that we hear in the world and in our minds. We can’t shut off the world and we can’t control the words that run through our heads most of the time. What we can do is reject them. There is some tug of war going on in our heads. The negative is pulling on one side and the positive is pulling on the other side. What we accept and adopt is crucial. We can side with the positive and let go of the negative. The key is to fill our minds with the positive words of the Lord. That is why it is primordial to study the Word of God and stay fixed on Him. The Holy Spirit will always assist us when we decide to follow God’s Word.

Read the Word of God as the love letter that it is meant to be. Read it as the love song that was written for you. The Lord sings over you and He covers you with lyrics from Heaven. His songs are extremely uplifting and encouraging. He sings about how He will never leave you nor forsake you. He sings about His love for you and how His Son died for you. God is in love with you and He desires the very best for you. Buy into His lyrics. Make them your own. Sing His songs over your life. Speak His Word over your life. Resist the enemy and he will flee. Resist the negativity and it will flee. Do it with the songs of the Lord in His Word. You will see that the Holy Spirit will give you new melodies that will make every day a beautiful song to God’s glory! Let God sing the lyrics of the song of your life!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; John 13:25; James 4:7

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 147)

God’s got you in the palm of His hand. His helping hands are busy working for you. Learn to recognize what His helping hands look like.

God will take you through the fire, through the storms, through the winter, through the pain. He will get you through your worst seasons. Don’t try to settle in the rain when He has the sun waiting for you. Stay strong through the fog. Sunny days are coming your way!

Gratitude is the key to (spiritual) success. Turn the key to success every single day. “Thank You , Lord” gets the engine started. Thanksgiving keeps it going. Praise keeps you running.

If it’s stealing your joy, it has to go. If it’s stealing your joy, it has to be dealt with. If it’s stealing your joy, give it to the Lord. If it’s stealing your joy, it has to be arrested. If it’s stealing your joy, God will put it in jail and justice will prevail!

God sings all over you. Melodies from Heaven are all around you. Music on the harp is invading your space. Let God sing His beautiful songs over your life. He will take care of the soundtrack of your life and He will write the lyrics of your beautiful song.

Sometimes life is a steep hill and you need to be pulled up. The Lord is always giving you His hand ready to help you up. Don’t get discouraged by the hills of life. God will always get you to the top.

God is smiling at you. Smile back. Smile when the world wants you to frown. Smile despite the sadness. Smile despite the pain. Smile with the Lord and everything will be alright!

God sees you the way He made you. God sees you through the love that created you. God sees you through the lens of mercy and grace. God sees you. Start seeing yourself through the power of the Word of God. His Word displays the vision He has of you.

Find new words of worship. Find your own words of worship. Exalt the Lord with words from your heart. Find words from your soul. Words that lift up the King with emotions from the depth of your heart.

Be ready to receive from the Lord. Expect more. Expect an avalanche of blessings. Be on the lookout for His mercy. Be prepared for His goodness to dump a river of joy and peace into your life. Be ready to receive from Jesus!

Suggested reading: Numbers 6:24-26; Psalm 20:4; Philemon 1:25

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 146)

Don’t worry about anything but trust God in everything. Give God your worries about anything. Have faith in God for everything.

If you’ve been told that you belong to the end of the line, know that Jesus put you first. He died for you and He wants you to see how much you mean to Him. With Him you always come first. Put Him at the head of your line every day!

Put all your eggs in one basket. Put all your eggs in the basket of the Lord. Trust Him with everything. Trust Him with your life. Trust Him with all your heart. His basket is bountiful. You will never lack anything!

Trust that everything is going to be ok. Not because of who you are but because of who the Lord is. He makes things right. He changes everything. He’s going to change your circumstances and He’s going to change you through that process.

Revelation from Heaven is in the Word of God. The Word of God and the Spirit of God make it known to us. Do not dissociate God’s Word from His Spirit. His Word is His Spirit. Listen to both. They speak in unison.

There is a healing process that starts when you accept the Lord. He heals you from your old self if you let Him. He heals your soul and gives you strength and hope. Embrace His healing arms.

God will get in the way of what the enemy put in your way. He will step over the obstacles and bring you along. He will remove the hurdles and let you jump through hoops. God gets in the way and makes a better way!

Those we don’t want to pray for deserve our prayers even more. The Holy Spirit will put them on our hearts and we ought to leave them there and lift them up in prayer.

Get to know Jesus in real time. He is present. He is here. He is not locked in a distant time in the past. He is not virtual. He is alive. He is His Word. Spend time reading Him and getting to know Him.

Do things that make your spirit soar. Do things that make your spirit happy. Pray. Praise. Worship. Be thankful. Walk in love. Embrace God’s peace. Tap into God’s joy. Be patient. Stay in love with Jesus.

Suggested reading: John 4:24; Galatians 5:16; Galatians 5:22

Catching the fire of the Holy Spirit

Just like many people these days, I take my temperature daily. I check and see if it goes up. Thank God it hasn’t. It made me think about how I check my temperature but I don’t always check the Lord’s temperature. He doesn’t get a fever but He is always hot with joy and excitement. His Spirit is on fire all the time. When things are good and when things are bad, the Spirit of God is always doing well. There is a fire of hope, of love, of joy that is associated with the Lord. My goal is to catch His fire more often. I want to have the same temperature and enthusiasm for Him and for the life He has given me. I don’t want to be lukewarm in my faith or cold. It does happen. When things get tough, the temperature of our faith goes down. We become cold and unreceptive to the things of the Lord. Cold faith gets us nowhere other than places where there is doubt, fear and negativity.

When we are lukewarm in our faith, we are hot and cold, then hot and col and it keeps going. It is almost worst than being cold because we get a glimpse of the Lord and then we fall. That fall is brutal. It can happen to anyone and anyone can work on their spiritual temperature. How do we do that? The Holy Spirit should be our thermostat. He should be the dial we turn to increase the temperature. We should stay close to Him and acknowledge Him in all we do. Reliance is key. Devotion is crucial and surrender is primordial. Today I want to encourage you to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit and to stay warm in His embrace. Keep your spirit high by keeping the lines of communication with Him wide open.

It’s hard to think that God can be joyful and at peace all the time when we are going through difficult seasons. The truth is that He doesn’t change. He is constantly in high spirits. I know that when I am down I can’t picture Him being so vibrant with joy but He is. I found that praying so that my spiritual eyes would be open helps a lot. I believe it is important to pray every day and ask for our spirits to be open to the Lord and for His understanding to become ours. When we do, God shows us a more accurate picture of who He is. We get exposed to His love, His joy, His peace and His majesty. God is a joyful God and He wants you and me to be joyful. God is a peaceful God and He wants you and me to be at peace all the time. His Spirit is on fire and we can catch that fire by spending time with Him, time in prayer and praise.

Catching the fire of the Holy Spirit is something that changed my life. It first occurred when I decided to have daily praise and worship sessions. I would isolate myself and sing, praise and dance. Before I knew it, I was catching the fire. I was filled with joy and hope. The hope that came out of those sessions was out of this world. I would see life from a different angle, from God’s angle and when you do, nothing seems impossible. Nowadays those fire sessions still lift up my spirits and make my temperature rise. I love the Lord, I love His Spirit and I love catching His zeal and His love. You can’t spend time in the presence of the Lord and not catch what He has for you. Have those fire catching sessions on a regular basis. Let the Spirit guide you. Praise and worship Him with all your heart. You will come out of those prayer times changed, blessed, encouraged, motivated and stirred up for the Lord. Stay high in the Spirit! Catch His fire and your cold season will disappear.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Nehemiah 8:10; John 14:27

Getting help from Heaven

The more I pray and the more I get direction and guidance. It is just amazing how much the Spirit of God talks and how caring He is. When we acknowledge Him in all we do, He assists us in all we do. We have a Helper like no other. We have the help of the Holy Spirit available to us 24/7. We ought to develop an ear for the things of the Spirit. Spending time in close communication with God is how we can get used to hearing His voice and understanding what He is telling us. One thing that is made clear to me is that God is always on my side and He wants what’s best for me. I can be stubborn and try to follow my own understanding but His will and His guidance are always best. I have been working on listening to the Holy Spirit for everything in my life. He is always willing to help and my days are filled with pockets where I recognize that He is a helper more and more. He gets into those pockets and guide me when I let Him. Friend, God will assist you and help you in every area of your life. Thank God you have a helper. Thank God you are not alone!

When someone helps you, you see hope. You see possibilities and you feel comforted. The Spirit of God does that. He brings comfort and security. He shows us that there is a world of possibilities that we can enter through faith. God helps us when we allow Him and He builds doors and opens them so we can go right into His sphere of blessings. What God can do for us is way bigger than anything we can imagine. What we need to do is be open and embrace His willingness to bless us. We limit what happens to us when we limit how much we believe or how much we give to the Lord. By giving I mean how much we surrender to God. I love turning things over to God. When I get into a predicament, I put the whole situation in God’s hands before I let worry and panic get the most of me. It’s not always the case but it is becoming easier and easier. Crying for help has become more natural. The Helper loves to assist and His soothing voice is there to alleviate the pain and the anxiety. No matter how big the trial is, God can help and assist.

What do you need help with today? What are you dealing with today? The Holy Spirit has answers and solutions for you today. He knows that nothing is impossible to God and He can’t be intimidated. Pray. Pray for help. Pray and let go of the issues. Give it to God and accept the assistance. The Holy Spirit will first reassure you and He will hug you. Have you ever received a hug from the Lord? I trust that He hugs us in different ways but His words of encouragement always feel like a strong spiritual hug to me. They lift up my spirits and they put me at peace. All is not lost. With the Lord you will get the help you need. Help from Heaven is here. When you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, He gives you inside information that allows you to navigate through the toughest situations. He makes a way. He sends angels to minister to you. He does whatever it takes to take care of you. There is much more help for you than you imagine. Ask and you shall receive. Ask and He will explain. Ask and the help will materialize. Ask and you will be comforted. Ask and you will see a new way. Ask and God will take care of everything. Help from Heaven is on the way. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 121:2; Matthew 7:7; John 14:13-14