10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 171)

We have to dip our spirit into the ink of the Word of God and let God write our lives that way. Let God do all the writing through the emergence of our spirits as you are filled with the Word!

God wants you to exalt Him. Put Him above everything. That mountain of troubles that you keep facing, He should be above it. Put Him on top of your lists and put Him above all your wishes. Let Him be your number one wish!

The barriers of prayer keep you in a safe place. They confined you to a place of peace and joy. They enclose you where God wants you and they keep the enemy at bay.

Some of us are professional worriers called to be prayer warriors whose power to pray worry away is waiting for us to take a stand and pray!

May your actions and your words tell people that you know God. May your actions speak loudly about God. May your actions be about love.

Don’t despair and don’t worry. Just trust the Lord and be merry! Don’t panic and don’t fret. Just trust the Lord and you will be all set!

God is still moving. God is still performing miracles. God is still healing. God is still loving. God is still giving. God is still God and no weapon from the enemy can change that.

The blood of Jesus covers your sins and makes you whiter than the snow. Thank God for His blood. Thank God for the purity that is over your life in the name of Jesus!

With God you get freedom power. You get liberty. You get peace. God will set you free every time you fall into the traps of enemy. Just trust God. Praise the God of freedom!

The thought of giving up can be strong. The thought of losing hope can be strong. The thought of not having it all together can be strong. The truth of Jesus is stronger than any negative thought!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1; Matthew 7:7; Hebrews 4:16


The God of miracles

What do you need now? What do you need for your situation to get better? You might need a miracle or at least it might feel like a miracle is what it would take for your circumstances to improve. The good news is that God is in the business of miracles. He is the inventor of miracles and He has a lot of experience with miracles. As a matter of fact, miracles are in His veins. God is a miracle. That is how I see Him. He came into my life and saved me. He is the miracle I had been waiting for so long. I am getting to know Him and I am learning about His miracle-working power. He is more proficient in miracles than anyone you will ever meet. Therefore, you should go to Him. Turn to Him today. Ask for your miracle. Pray to Him. Be a relentless prayer warrior and show Him that you know He is the miracle maker. God is a miracle maker. What seems like a miracle to us is just another normal act to Him. Parting the seas, turning water into wine are just everyday occurrences for Him. We don’t see them happen because we don’t have the faith for it. It sometimes takes corporate faith for major things like that to take place. Get to know the God of miracles. In the Bible you will find many accounts of His miracles and you will be amazed by His power and by what He can do. He can do the impossible. If there is one thing you should retain from this message is that God can do the impossible. Your miracle is not that far away and it is not something God has to come up with after a long period of reflection and planning. God can reverse any situation, restore anything that needs to be fixed and improve any circumstances. There is something great that will happen to you when you rely on God. You don’t have to bring a huge amount of faith to Him. All He needs is your mustard seed of faith and a heart that is open and willing to receive from Him. The God of miracles can take your situation and make it so much better that you will completely forget that you were in distress at one point.

The parting of the Red Sea is one of the miracles in the Bible that has had the most impact on me. It is an act of God that represents what God can do very well. Who could part the seas and make a path for people to walk on if not God? I am sure that with today’s technology men could do something similar but we are talking about an event that took place centuries ago when such a thing was inconceivable. I have been faced with a Red Sea of my own before. A barrier, a huge hurdle, an impossible situation that kept me from reaching a place of peace. I have contemplated that sea and thought many times that there was no way I would be able to go through it or to come out of it in one piece. My heart used to get broken a lot and I would find its many pieces on the threshold of hope with too much discouragement to even think of repair and restoration. However, God has come through for me all the time. He has picked up the pieces and put my heart back together better than it had been before. God is not intimidated by the seas. It doesn’t matter how big and rocky the oceans of your life are. God can part them and neutralize them. With one word He can make them move away from your path and He can make you walk on dry land. Think of the dry land as the path to your miracles. Many are the paths of the Lord so be assured that no sea can stop Him and He will not only make your path clear but He will make sure that it leads to a great miracle.

When I started thinking about how miracles are nothing extraordinary for God, it helped my thinking align with God’s. Miracles are amazing events that defy logic and nature. God is an amazing God who defies logic and nature and it is in His nature to create miracles. Trust and believe that the miracle you need today is something that God will do for you very easily. Trust and believe that God loves you very much and He is more than willing to shower you with miracles. Trust and believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and He has never stopped performing miracles. Join the group of believers that know without a doubt that miracles are for us today. Join the group of believers that understand that God is the miracle-worker that the world needs today. The outcome of your current situation doesn’t hinge upon your abilities, your money, your intellect and your luck. It all depends on your Savior and He is the God of miracles. He is the One who is going to solve your problem. He is the One you should put in charge of your situation by faith. It is not over yet. Your miracle can still take place. God is not too late and He is not limited by time and space. He has enough room to create something miraculous in your life and He always has the perfect timing. You are so blessed! You are a child of the God of miracles! Stretch out your hand over your sea of problems and the Lord will drive it away from you and make a way for dry land and there will be a path to your miracle!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:21; Jeremiah 32:27; Mark 10:27

You can count on God

How many people can you count on? How many people can you go to for help and for advice? How many people can you call in the middle of the night and you know for sure that they will pick up the phone? How many people can you rely on all the time? I would think that most of us have a small group of friends and family members we can count on. There are different degrees of reliance and different degrees of help we can get. Not everyone will be there for us and once we discover that, we can get very disappointed. At least that was my experience. We are all humans and we have our limits. However, there is Someone we can always count on and who will never let us down. The Lord is the One who is more faithful than any human beings. He is reliable at all times even in the middle of the night. He doesn’t look at the phone and picks up if He feels like it. God is no respecter of persons and He is there for all of us. He is always willing to help and always willing to take care of us. He is our lamp and our salvation. We don’t have to fear anything and anyone. He is the stronghold of our lives. David declared it and we should repeat it. God is a reliable stronghold and fortress always present in times of trouble and in any season. It doesn’t matter what season you are in today, you can count on God.

A stronghold is hard to destroy and when the Lord is your stronghold, you can rest assured that He can’t be destroyed. His faithfulness is part of who He is and nothing can alter it, remove it and destroy it. He is faithful and that is something we should remember all the time. When things are not going well, God’s faithfulness is still good and reliable. When we go through beautiful seasons, His faithfulness is very beautiful. When we go through tough winters, His faithfulness is very beautiful as well. Your stronghold can’t let you down. Keep that truth in the middle of your heart. Live by it. Live by the fact that you can count on the Lord. It will change the way you look at things, the way you look at life. Life is so much better when we have someone we can always count on and when that someone is the Lord, we have the best companion ever.

When I read in the Bible that we shouldn’t put our trust in mere humans, it made me think of how much I trusted people more than I trusted God. I think that trusting people is a normal reaction but it is a reaction that we ought to change. Not only because people can let us down but also because God knows best and He is the ultimate helper and counselor. It makes more sense to trust in the creator of the universe than to trust in people with limited abilities to help. Should we mistrust people in our lives? I truly don’t think that is the answer. I believe that we should trust God first and He will use people to help us. We should go to the source of all solutions first and let Him take control of the situation.

Trust in the name of the Lord. Trust in the power of His love. Trust that He will always protect you and get you out of trouble. If you are facing a tough season now, keep in mind that you can count on God. You can count on Him to assist you during this season and to get you through it. Help is on the way. The end of your misery is on the way. You can count on things to get better in the name of Jesus. You can count on relief and peace. You can count on Jesus. He is not going to let you down. He has something amazing for you. Don’t lose hope. He can be trusted at every hour of the day and during any time of the year. Great things are going to happen to you. God’s faithfulness is pushing hurdles away and making things right for you. You can count on God! Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 2:22; Psalm 118:8; Jeremiah 32:37

The art of rejection

Rejection is the act of not accepting, believing or considering something. We experience rejection at some point in our lives. Rejection is a negative experience but it can be a very positive experience as well. I call it the art of rejection. When we don’t accept and don’t believe what the enemy is doing in our lives, rejection is a positive experience. I call it an art because it is the application of our creative skill or imagination. We can find ways to reject what the enemy does and the more we do it, the more skilled we become and it ends up being a positive expression of that skill. The skill of rejection is powerful. It comes with faith, hope and perseverance. We can stand our ground and refuse to be subject to what the enemy does in our lives. We can reject his negativity and stay in faith. When we have hope in the Lord, we are skilled believers that know how to reject the enemy. We can reject negative thoughts. We can reject negative situations. We can reject negative words. We can reject fear. We can reject doubt. We can reject discouragement. We can reject the enemy altogether. We can reject everything that stands in our way in the name of Jesus. We can reject anything that comes against the Word of God. We can reject negative reactions to what happens to us. We can reject conformity to the world. Today I want to encourage you to practice the art of rejection and give the devil the boot. Don’t let him take advantage of you and lie about your life. He is a liar and he has no business dictating you how you should conduct yourself and lead your life. Reject his suggestions. Reject his lies. Do it in the name of Jesus!

The Bible tells us to resist the enemy and he will flee. This means that resisting him is not impossible and it also means that it is something we should be doing all the time. We let the enemy take too much ground in our lives. He is not entitled to any space in our lives. He has no right to rule over our lives or over any part of our lives. He is an outsider that should remain an outsider. However, he infiltrates himself into our thinking, our actions and our words but it is time we put a stop to his squatting habits. We can take a step back and look at what he has stolen. God can restore anything the enemy has taken from us. I believe it is important to reject the enemy’s lies about our lives being broken forever. He tells us that what we lost is gone forever. He tells us that God can’t fix our lives and He can’t give us what we have lost. All those ideas are lies we should be rejecting until our faith in God’s ability to restore us is stronger. Make it a priority to reject the lies of the enemy on a regular basis. Find a scripture that denies what the enemy says. For instance you can reject the lies by saying that greater is the Lord that is in you than the enemy that lives in this world. Every time the enemy whispers how devastating he is and how damaged you are, remind him that Jesus is much greater and much more powerful than him. Remind him about the cross. Talk about the Lord’s resurrection and the enemy will run. Do it as often as you can. Reject the enemy. Don’t buy into his schemes. You have the Savior on your side and in His name you can reject the foolishness of the devil.

When you submit yourself to the Lord, you instantly reject the enemy. You put yourself under the protection of Almighty God and you trust in His love for you. Submitting to the Lord implies knowing and believing that He has won against the enemy. His victory is still valid today and you can use it to reject the enemy. When negative thoughts come to mind, rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Replace them with words of the Lord. When something bad happens to you, reject any kind of negative reaction. Reject whining, getting discouraged and being negative about the situation. Refrain from saying anything that doesn’t exalt the Lord above your circumstances. God will assist you when you submit to Him and you reject the enemy in the name of Jesus. Like I said before, reject the enemy every day. Let it become an art and you will see how good you get at it. It will become a habit and you will do it mindlessly. The Bible says that we should watch and pray that we may not enter into temptation. Let’s watch what we do and say. Let’s pray we have discernment. Sometimes we are not aware of what we let the enemy do to our lives and we don’t know what to reject. The Holy Spirit is a great helper who gives us the power to be sober-minded and to find out what the enemy is doing to us. My prayer today is that you keep rejecting the enemy and you keep including the Lord in everything you say or do. The art of rejection is a great expression of the authority that belongs to us in the name of Jesus. Keep expressing it!

Suggested reading: Matthew 26:41; James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:8

Take steps of faith

I was walking with a friend the other day and all of a sudden I noticed how fast we were going. We focused on what we were talking about and not so much on the walk itself. Our conversation was the motivation. We had a great conversation that occupied our minds so much that we didn’t realize how far and how much we walked. It made me think about the steps I take every day toward the destination the Lord has for me. When I am focused on Him and my thoughts are centered around Him, I made progress and I go far. I don’t spend too much time thinking about how I will get to my destination. I think about the One who gets me there and it is amazing how far I get. The Lord wants us to move forward and to make progress in life. We are on a spiritual path and every step we take matters. That is why we have to watch our steps and be careful how we walk. The best way to walk is with the Lord. We can walk forward with Him by our side and when we follow His steps we can never go wrong. Today I want to encourage you to take a few steps forward with the Lord. Trust His lead. Trust His guidance. Walk with Him. Take steps of faith. Don’t hold back. Don’t waver. Don’t hesitate. Walk and keep walking. Walk with confidence and walk in peace. The Lord will get you where you need to go. Take the steps of faith that will put you on the right track.

Faith can be intimidating because it believes before seeing and we are so programmed to believe after seeing. It makes more sense to us that what we see if what we trust. Faith doesn’t make sense and yet it is more reliable and more powerful than our natural senses. It is a spiritual sense if you will that surpasses the natural. I think of it as my supernatural power and I love how we can grow in it and learn more about it. A lot of it has come through experience for me. I find myself in situations where I have to rely on faith and the thougher the situation, the more faith I need. I have been through times when I had to mature in faith overnight. At least that is how it felt. I had to take steps of faith. Going backwards was not an option. It was either faith or fail. Faith pushed me forward and it spoke gently telling me that the only way was up. Faith understands that we can go from glory to glory and we can make strides. Faith is about advancement and not regression. There are great steps of faith that you can take in every area of your life. Steps that will distance you from fear. As you know, faith is the opposite of fear so when you take a step of faith, you take a step away from fear. Don’t you want to walk away from fear? If you do, start taking steps of faith on a daily basis.

You are going to walk far with the Lord. You are going to walk away from your past and walk away from fear and doubt. Don’t look back. Look ahead. Know that your steps are God directed and they are taking you somewhere great. So take steps of faith. Walk and go to where your mind doesn’t think you can go but your heart knows you can get there easily with God. The steps you take in faith are never in vain. They will always produce great results. They might feel like you are walking in the dark and you are lost but with faith you don’t need to know how you are going to get to your destination.You just need to trust that your steps are the right steps. Faith knows without a doubt that the walk with God is safe and secure. Go for a walk with the Lord every day. Focus on Him more than on anything else and you will see that you are going far and you are making progress. Enjoy the walk!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 11:6; James 2:14-26

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 164)

God is with you all the time. God is with you now so enjoy the moment. Enjoy the present. Enjoy God now. Don’t wait for a special miracle. Your life with God is a miracle. Enjoy your life with God now!

Surrender to God. Turn yourself in. Turn in your doubts. Turn in your fears. Turn in your insecurities. Turn in everything that is in the way. Give it to the Lord in prayer. Yield to His Spirit. Let God have His way in your life.

We tend to look at God but focus more on what’s in the background. God says “Look at Me and see only Me.” He is what matters. 20/20 vision on God and the rest should be blurry.

Good things are coming. “God things” are coming. With God, good things are always on the way. Be patient. Stay strong. The best is yet to come!

Don’t worry about anything. God will always take care of everything. He is taking care of you now and He will continue tomorrow. There is nothing to fear. God has you under His wings and you are highly protected!

Believe that God can and He will. Believe that He can’t and your future will be limited.

You might not be out of the woods yet but the Lord is with you everywhere you go including the valley and the woods. When things get dark, the Lord’s light is still bright. Don’t be scared. You are protected!

Great is God’s love for you. It has no limits, no boundaries and no conditions. God loves you more than you will ever know and He will protect you more than you will ever see. His love for you is unconditional and unstoppable!

God can break any chains. Addiction, oppression and strongholds can be broken in the name of Jesus. Keep your hope in Him. Listen to the Chain Breaker!

Don’t let yourself be defined by the standards of the world. Let yourself be defined by the standards of the Word. The Word of God in you can shape you and make you the person you are destined to be!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Matthew 19:26; Hebrews 6:18

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 160)

God’s plan is not always convenient. It’s not always easy. It’s not always simple but it’s God’s plan. Trust Him. Trust His logic and His process.

You don’t just need help. You need hope. Jesus has it all. He is it all. He is hope and help. He will get you through it.

God’s love is all over you. You are the incarnation of His love. What you speak and what you do has the footprint of love. Keep spreading God’s love and keep walking in the love that changes everything!

Follow God wherever He goes. It’s not about God following you wherever you go and adapting to what you want to do. It’s about you being led by God and adapting to what He wants you to do.

Beware of the distractions that take you away from God. They seem insignificant at first until they turn into bridges of separation.

Banish conditional trust. Let your trust in God be consistent no matter what your circumstances are. Condition your conditions with faith!

There is a pathway to peace, joy and love and His name is Jesus. He will always take you to the most peaceful places and the most joyful destinations!

The reward of continued faith is a life of victory and love. Faith without love doesn’t work. Walk in faith and walk in love and you will walk in triumph all the time.

Pursue the dreams God has given you. Bring them to life with the power of faith and with the hope of the Lord in you. Don’t give up on your God-given dreams!

God loves you more than the whole world combined. His love is deeper than the Atlantic, wider than Mount Everest, bigger than all the continents and stronger than any human love that exists.

Suggested reading: Psalm 136:26; Isaiah 54:10; 1 John 4:9-11

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 159)

Make God your priority and not your exception. Put Him at the front of the line. Think of Him first. Count on Him first. Pray to Him first. Thank Him first.

Without Jesus you can feel artificial and generic. With Jesus you know you are unique and special. God made you exceptional so understand that you are not superficial.

God is rebuilding you piece by piece by giving you peace and more peace. Let God put together the pieces of your life that needed His peace to make your life the piece of art that it was meant to be!

Better days are on their way. Better feelings and better emotions are coming. God is about to you take off of that roller coaster of emotions and put you on a boat of peace. Stay encouraged!

There is nothing that your God can’t do. Let Him show you how impossible is not in His vocabulary. Let Him give you His way of speaking that will impact your way of thinking. The impossible will become natural when you rely on the Lord who is supernatural!

God is telling you today not to fear. He is telling you that your worst worries are not grounded in the truth. He is telling you that He is the truth, the way and the life. Follow Him. Don’t adhere to the lies attached to the fear. Embrace the truth and the peace that come with Jesus.

When you remain in the Lord, nothing can shake you. The earth under you will move but you will not be shaken and you will not be troubled. Your heart will be filled with peace because the Lord is the King of peace and in Him there is no noise and no confusion.

God gives and He will always give you the best. Don’t expect any less. Keep hoping when His best is not here yet. Don’t lose hope. God always delivers and He always keeps His promises.

The love you experience with God has no human counterpart. It doesn’t exist in this world. It is out of this world and yet God makes it available for you in this world. You deserve His love today. Praise Him for His love and for His goodness!

Trust that God hears your prayers. Change your thinking and believe that God listens to you and that He will answer your prayers in His timely fashion. Your prayers are never in vain.

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:17-18; Isaiah 65:24; John 4:6

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 158)

Jesus shouldn’t be your “just in case” resort. He should be the case. He should always be the reason. He should always be your first resort because He can plead your case and make you win for the best reasons.

Sometimes you have to walk back to peace. You have to take the necessary steps to go back to God’s serenity. Retrace your steps with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will remind you how to go back to the place where His love is dominant and His joy is your strength.

God can help you. He is more than qualified to help you. He has the ability and the power to do it. He has the right heart and the right mind to help. He helps intentionally and wholeheartedly. He loves you. He will never let you down!

Learn to rejoice in the Lord when nothing is happening. Learn to rejoice in the Lord when there is no reason to rejoice. Learn to rejoice in the Lord just because He is God!

Stay calm and know that God is still God. Today He is holding you the way He held you yesterday and the way He will hold you tomorrow. Tap into His peace and you will be able to face anything today and any day!

You can only stand on holy ground if you stand on Jesus. Standing on other deities is like standing on sinking sand. Find your stability in Jesus and will even walk on water.

The one who walks around with God’s peace in his mind, Jesus’ love in his heart and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom by his side will never fail.

You are the vessel that the Lord can fill so you can help people navigate through the oceans of misery and pain. You can be the anchor that people need. Let God fill you up!

There is a lot more coming your way from Heaven than the hell you have been going through. Your visit in the land of the opposition was temporary. Heaven is your final destination. Jesus will get you there with many previews here on earth.

Love will get you out of trouble again. Love will win again. Love will show up again. Love will reign again. Don’t give up. Jesus’ love never fails!

Suggested reading: Psalm 39:7; Job 5:15-16; Mark 9:23

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 155)

Be a giver. Be a giver of love. A giver of peace. A giver of hope. A giver of joy. A giver of faith. A giver of forgiveness. A giver of strength. A giver of encouragement. A giver of wisdom. A giver of light. A giver of truth. Be a giver of Jesus!

Start your day with peace. Start your day with prayer. Peace can squeeze fear out of your throughout the day if you start the day with prayer and thank the Lord in advance for the peace He has given you to face anything that will happen that day.

No one and nothing can stop God from loving you. Not even your wildest thoughts. Not even the opposition. God will love you forever and that is how it is going to be!

Fill your heart with hope. Fill your heart with encouragement. Fill your heart with the Word of God. Fill your heart with motivation. Fill your heart with Jesus. Fill your heart with praise. Fill your heart with faith.

A change is coming to you. Changes will always happen in your life. Trust that God is going to bring a positive change in your life. With Him you go from glory to glory. Stay hopeful!

You are not being patient in vain. God has not forgotten about you. What you have been waiting for is coming. Hang on a little longer. With God it’s always worth the wait!

Worry is the number one killer of the Christian faith. Banish it in your life. Don’t let it grow and don’t let it develop. Don’t give it an audience and don’t give it power.

Let Jesus in you be bigger than fear. Let Jesus in you be stronger than the negative thoughts. Let Jesus in you be Jesus despite the enemy in this world.

Hope is a safe place to be. Stay where hope is. Build your house there. Grow roots in the place of hope and nothing will be able to derail you.

God’s love will wreck your low self-esteem and show you your true value and worth. It will put the mirror of truth in front of you and reveal the beauty within. Let God’s love open your eyes to His reality.

Suggested reading: Psalm 22:1; Psalm 32:8; 1 Peter 5:6-7