You have a magnet for blessings in you

The Spirit of the Lord dwells in you. God is in you. His presence is in you. It’s up to you to focus on it and let it flourish in your life or you can ignore it, live your own life and miss out on the greatest adventure ever. Life is an adventure and when we decide to be with God, we know that the adventure will end well. We anticipate that there will be ups and downs but the Lord stays with us through thick and thin and He blesses us along the way. Greater is the One who is in us than the one who is in this world. What does the One in us look like? What is He like? Throughout the Bible you see that He is love and that He blesses people. You have a God who has an abundance of blessings living in you. He is the One who makes things possible. I call Him my blessing magnet. He gets good things for me. Not because of who I am but because of who He is. I have a powerful magnet in me and He makes my life so much better!


A magnet is a piece of iron or a material that exhibits the properties of magnetism. It attracts other materials. God is not made of iron but He is more resistant and more solid than anything and anyone. He possesses the properties of magnetism and attracts goodness to Him because He is goodness. He doesn’t bring bad luck. He doesn’t bring luck at all. He provides blessings. God is the biggest blessing there is and He spreads His love. God creates blessings. As the creator of blessings, He has the authority to bring blessings into our lives. He said that if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can ask anything and it shall be done. Isn’t that a blessing? Now, what does that imply? We know the Holy Spirit dwells in us so why do we have to remain in Him? It’s because like I said earlier, we can deny the Spirit in us. We need to remain in the Lord which means that we need to acknowledge Him, follow Him, talk to Him, pray to Him, exalt Him and cherish Him. He can’t be a once-a-week fascination and a six day-a-week desolation. We can’t praise Him on Sunday and abandon Him the rest of the week. Remaining in the Lord is crucial.


When we follow the Lord and we make Him our priority, we allow His Spirit to express Himself in us. We connect with Him. We become intimate with Him and we stay plugged in. Our words also play a big role in the magnet process. If we keep the Word of God in us and we use it, we will attract the promises of the Lord. They will be manifested in our lives. Our words are powerful. What we say can build us up or bring us down. We should use our words to build up the Lord in us. We should make sure that our words are in sync with His Word and that they honor Him. This is the power of faith in action. When we trust God and His Word is the foundation of our faith, amazing things happen. God meets our needs according to His riches in glory. We all have spiritual needs and God can meet them. We all have material needs and God can meet them. We all have emotional needs and God can meet them. Whatever we need, when we remain in the Lord, we can get it as long as it agrees with His will.


The Spirit of God encourages us to bless others. We are heirs of the Lord and part of His inheritance is His goodness and His kindness. We are blessed so we can bless others. Let’s be sure that people are exposed to the magnet for blessings in us. Let’s share the Lord with others. Let’s speak about His love for everyone and let’s talk about the peace that is at the center of His message to the world. When we give to others, we are blessed. We don’t give so we can be blessed. We give because love enables us to give. It’s not an obligation. It’s an honor to be able to give to others the way the Lord gives. The Lord will bless you and keep you. He will protect you and always love you. Give the gift of eternal love to people in your world by spreading the Word of God. Preach through your demonstration of love. Share without expecting anything in return. Thank the Lord for all the blessings He is bringing into your life and be generous to others. You have a magnet for blessings in you. Reveal Him to the world!

Suggested reading: Luke 6:38-40; John 15:7; 1 John 4:4;


A boost for the week

Many of us need a boost at the start of a new week. I get my boosts from the Holy Spirit. I don’t have to say a special prayer. My prayers are like a thread that keeps on going and what I have to do is read the thread and get the words that the Lord wants me to hear and use to get me through the day or through tough situations. The thread has words for every day and it has whispers from the Holy Spirit, verses from the Word of God and songs from my heart to the Lord’s. What would I do without the Holy Spirit? Where would I be? I remember where I used to be and I wouldn’t want to go back for anything in the world. I know where I am headed and I have put the belt of patience around my spiritual waist so I can get there step by step because after all the Lord is directing my steps. He has control of it all. The boost from the Holy Spirit today is about the start of a new day. Today is not like yesterday and it is just in the shadow of what tomorrow is going to be like. On this new day, at the start of this new week, the Lord is whispering hope and giving encouragement to whoever is willing to listen. He has the week planned out and His plan doesn’t look like what the worries and fears are designing in our minds. The bumps on the road this week might slow us down but after the problems show up like mountains, remember that you will come down from that bump and the Lord will keep on driving with you. He will drive you to a better tomorrow. Don’t worry about today and don’t fear tomorrow. Know that the Lord is with you every single day and He is going to make all things new.


I love reading about how God is in control in the Bible. It is a powerful truth. I studied it and meditated on it because I was going through a time when everything was out of control. I tried to control some difficult situations and it backfired on me. The Lord tells us not to fear because we are His. That is something! You and I belong to Him. He is in charge of us and He will take care of us. He is in the details of every day of our lives and when we have faith in His ability to be in control of our lives, we don’t have to worry about anything. This week God is still going to be in control. He is still going to call you His and He is still going to show you how much He loves you. He will deliver you from all fears. He will make all things right by being your advocate and your protector. Life can be so unfair but the Lord is there to reverse the injustice and to back you up in the court of life’s trials. I learned at a young age that not everyone is going to treat you fairly and life is part of that cluster of bullies that try to make things difficult for you. However, the Lord has an army of angels ready to go to war for us in the heavenlies and He has a protective hand that is always there to cover us and bless us. Receive the blessings of the Lord this week. Open your mind to His kindness and let your heart be impressed with His unfailing love. This new week is going to be full of His love. It’s going to be overflowing. Expect it. Embrace it. Enjoy it!


The Holy Spirit encourages us to hang on to God and to be completely Jesus-centered. This means that we rely on Him as our Savior and we imitate Him. One of the biggest encouragements from the Lord this week is to pray for the world. “Pray for others” is what He is saying at the start of this week. There is so much negativity going on and chaos is on the corner of every street waiting to grab passers-by by the neck and squeezing their heads until confusion is a permanent fixture in their minds. Adding prayers for others to my week is a great boost because it allows me to get closer to God. It gives me a purpose that is in line with His Word and it makes my heart jump. A boost from the Lord brings hope and not only hope for ourselves but hope for others. To make this week complete, give the hope that people are waiting for. Hand out Jesus to people in your life. Give a blessing to the hurting ones. Give a smile to the sad ones. Give a hug to the desperate ones. Give a piece of God’s love to the ones no one loves. Give a word of encouragement to the ones who have no more courage. Let the Lord use you to boost someone’s morale and He will give you the most satisfying boost for this week. Hang on to the Lord all week. This week is going to be phenomenal!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4; Psalm 94:19; Romans 8:28

Your Help and Deliverer

I was reading the book of Psalms the other day and I enjoyed the recurring theme of the Lord being our help and our deliverer. When we need help, our best bet is to call upon the Lord. It is a great habit to have and it is wonderful when we see Him as our source of help. What does it mean that He is our help? He is the One we can rely on to get assistance. He makes it easier for us to do anything by offering us His services and His resources. God is offering His help all the time. We can accept it. We can ignore it or we can delay it. The point is that God is the ultimate helper and in Him we can always get to the resources we need to make things work or to make things happen. Do you need help today? Is there an area in your life where you need assistance? There is some good news for you.


The Lord can help you. He is offering you His services and His resources. Present your needs to Him and let Him take care of your situation. He knows the how, the what, the when and the where. He comprehends how it will all work out. It is for you to learn to trust that His resources will give you what we need. You don’t know who He is going to send or how He is going to help but be assured that He is going to do something. God’s got you in the palm of His hand and He is always willing to lend you a helping hand! He is also a deliverer. To deliver someone is to set them free. It’s to remove the bondage and the yoke that were keeping them captive. Jesus said He had come to set the captives free. Whatever you are going through now is keeping you captive but Jesus came to deliver you. Today I want to encourage you to embrace the Helper and Deliverer. He will assist you and He will set you free!


I love the concepts of helpline numbers. There are many phone numbers you can dial if you are in need of assistance for different reasons. When you are going through a crisis or when you need to talk to someone, there is a hotline that can be helpful. We have a helpline that connects us to the Lord. Our prayers are a helpline, our cries from the heart are a helpline, our tears are also helpline. The Lord picks up the phone and counsels us through His Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives the best advice and He listens to us. When you are in need of help, dial the Holy Spirit hotline. Don’t make it complicated. Just talk to the Lord. Open up your heart and spill what’s on your mind. God knows it all but He loves when we confide in Him and we trust Him. He will help you. There is no doubt. He won’t hang up on you and He won’t disconnect the line. All He wants is for you to dial from the heart. The rest is taken care of. His line won’t be busy!


Jesus set people free from their bondage. He cast out demons and He healed the sick. He can deliver anyone and He can fix any situation. My prayer is that the church will trust that the same Jesus is alive today and that He is not a watered down version of who He truly is. We don’t see the level of deliverance that is described in the Bible because we don’t hear about it and we don’t know about it enough. It takes boldness and radical and blind faith to follow in the footsteps of the Deliverer and perform miracles in His name. One thing that seems to be more attainable is to believe that God can set us free from our circumstances. He is on our side and He can deliver us from the most complex situations. Our faith can heal all situations and the Master Healer is still active and well today. Pray for deliverance. It is biblical and it is acceptable. Your current nightmare will be removed from the bank of your dreams as the Deliverer intervenes and sets you free. The Lord can do it. Believe that. Nothing you are going through is too hard for Him to destroy. The Lord Jesus is your help and your deliverer. Stay in prayer. Help is on the way! Keep dialing!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:40; Psalm 121:2; John 14:26

Do you know your place of worship?

Many religions have a place of worship. It’s a building or a consecrated space where people gather to perform acts of devotion, adoration or study of their religion. You have probably heard that we Christians are the Church. Our Church is not necessarily a building, it’s the people. It’s up to us to decide what kind of Church we are going to be. Are we going to be a people who gets together to honor God? Are we going to be a God-fearing Church? Are we going to be a Church that puts love of God and of people first? Are we going to be a whining Church? Are we going to be a Church of faith or a Church of fear? We define the Church because we are the Church. As a Church, one of our most important practices should be to worship the Lord. We should be a place of worship or we should have a place of worship in us. How often do you visit your place of worship?


Being the Church, do you let worship be a big part of who you are? I am inviting you today to visit your place of worship on a regular basis. Be that place of worship that people like to go to knowing that in you they can find the voice of adoration, the voice of peace, and the voice of joy that the world is longing for. You are the Church and you are the song that glorifies Jesus over the enemy. You are the song that doesn’t give up and that keeps on singing of the mercy of God even when things are going wrong. You are that song that chooses faith over fear and that keeps on going even when the going is tough. Be that place of worship that knows that God will always make a way. Be that place of worship that studies the Word and that meditates on it. Be that place of worship that promotes love over hate and that talks about God’s goodness all the time.

A place of worship is a safe haven where God is the number one focus. Why do I call it safe? It is often known for being a space where God is. God’s presence is in the place of worship. God is in the Church. He is in us. The Holy Spirit came to dwell in us. He has a place in our hearts and He plays a major role in how we connect with the Lord. As the Church, we need to be cognizant of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Being a place of worship implies being a place that hosts the Holy Spirit. As hosts of His presence, we ought to quickly transition to becoming guests of His presence. As guests, we let Him have His way. We let Him be in control. He is a gentleman with a heart of gold bigger than the universe so He will certainly take care of us and be the most amazing host there is. When God’s Spirit is the head of your place of worship, miracles take place. Transformation takes place. We die to self and we allow Him to come alive inside of us. His fruit starts to grow and our fears and doubts start to go. The Holy Spirit will show you how to pray, how to praise and worship and how to love. We can’t be the Church with a house of worship that doesn’t know what love is. Love is not our own definition of who deserves to be loved. Love is Jesus and He loves unconditionally.

A place of worship is also a safe haven because it is a structure where you can feel welcomed and loved. As we worship the Lord, we embrace all that He is. We embrace His character, His grace, His mercy, His death, His resurrection and His sovereignty. God is the ruler of our hearts and when He dominates us, His love becomes our natural reflex. We react with love, we act with love, we speak with love and we think through love. We are the Church and we are the representatives of the Lord of love. Let’s visit that part of our place of worship every day. Let’s dwell in that place so the world sees that there is peace and comfort in the Church. God’s love in us should be a magnet for the lost, a refuge for the broken-hearted, a hospital for the sick and a space for everyone to congregate. As the Church, our words should echo God’s kindness and reflect His majesty. How often do we sing sad songs of complaints and discouragement? When we do, we misrepresent the Lord. We go from being a place of worship to becoming a place of worry. Worry should have no room in the Church. Let’s decide to ban it from entering our doors. Let’s not allow fear to sit on the pews of our lives. Let’s put a “No entry” sign in front of our place of worship so that doubt gets the message every time it tries to come in. You and I are the Church. We can remain in worship mode if we choose to. Let’s choose to be the Church of the One who gives life. Let’s live in the place of worship of Jesus. Let’s be united under one roof; the roof of the Spirit of God wherever we go. We are God’s Church!

Suggested reading: Matthew 16:18; Hebrews 10:24-25; Colossians 3:16

Let God be the biggest One in the room

I am a teacher and the classroom is my world. I see many things in terms of a classroom. I see the world as a classroom. It is a place where life grows, where we learn, where we make mistakes, where we are encouraged, where we are happy, we are scared, we laugh, we cry, we do life together. The classroom is my playground and it’s my battlefield. I feel very comfortable in it and I can do what I need to do to help students move forward and gain knowledge. It is a battlefield where I have to fight against certain behaviors, ideas, situations. Not against people but against principalities that are at play every day. When I am in front of 25 students, I am in front of 25 different lives. They may appear to be the same but they have their own sets of struggles, joys, challenges, triumphs and trials. With 25 lives come 25 sets of complications. We are a complicated species and when I think I start to understand what man is all about, something comes up that throws my theories out the window. I do love the classroom and I do love to teach and learn. I will also be a student in life.

The other day I was praying and I saw a classroom with many kids being disruptive and unruly. It was complete chaos. It was a very bad situation. Thank God things don’t get that out of hand in real life but I guess it feels that way at times. The Lord was showing me life as a classroom and His Spirit said deep down inside “Let God be the biggest One in the room.” It was a lesson on letting God being our focus even when things are chaotic and out of control. When we can’t control what’s going on, we can control how we react to the situation. The best reaction is to keep our eyes on Jesus. Letting Him take up most of the space in the room of life is key. How do you react when your life is falling apart and negative thoughts are screaming like little kids in the classroom of life? What do you do to get peace again in the middle of a chaotic situation? Do you walk out the door and ignore the noise in the classroom? We can’t walk out on life and give up. With the Lord on our side this should not be an option. Let’s always focus on Jesus. Let’s make Him the biggest One in the room and we will get a better perspective. We will also acquire the strength to get through anything.

That vision of God in the classroom was very powerful and very comforting.
Things were flying in the room, pens, pencils, chairs and tables. It was a horrible scene, especially for a teacher but God was there. The Lord was there standing as peaceful as can be. I saw Him the way I always see Him. I saw His presence. I saw His smile. I saw his peace. His peace pierced me and I was glued to it. God is always calm. In every situation He has peace and He can give us peace in every circumstance. The classroom was a battleground with so much going on in it yet He was at peace. When life is a battlefield and things are flying all over the place, we ought to pray and seek the Lord’s face. We should get into our quiet place and wait until His peace invades our space and it becomes bigger than our problems and our thoughts. I have a ritual that I follow when my life is chaotic. I withdraw from the world and I enter the Lord’s world. Praise gives me an entry way into the Kingdom. Praise removes all the negative thoughts that have been preventing me from getting in the “God zone.” Once I am there I pray and focus on Him until I hear from Him.


Seeking God’s face is a beautiful practice that should truly become a habit. I find that when I am tired, it is harder for me to “find Him.” He is always there but sometimes my mind goes everywhere but where the Lord is. When I can’t find the peace, when I can’t find His touch, I look around. My classroom has posters with some encouraging phrases on them. When I look around for peace during the trials of life, I look at the spiritual posters in the classroom of my life. I look at the Scriptures and I read them repeatedly. I meditate on them. It is a great way to get grounded and to find peace again. It also allows me to see God has the biggest One in the room. Life can be challenging but the Lord will also challenge our challenges with His love when we trust Him. Let’s make Him the biggest One in the classroom of our lives and we will always triumph!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:13; Psalm 19:14; Colossians 3:1