When the world says “No”, God says “Yes”

I have found out through the years that when the world says “No”, the Lord says “Yes.” I have been in many situations where things seemed bad and the world was telling me that they will never get better or it would take a miracle for things to change. I have had many rejections from the world. I have seen many closed doors. Some doors looked like they were open from a distance but they were shut in my face when I got closer to them. I have been told that I was a dreamer whose dreams were too far-fetched. I have experienced anxiety that wouldn’t settle for a while. However, I have also been told that nothing was impossible with God. That is what the Lord says. He says that He can do all things and the No of the world becomes a Yes with Him. For every rejection there has been acceptance from the Lord. He has taken me under His wing when I couldn’t fly and when my hope couldn’t take off. He says “Yes” with a smile when the world says “No” with a frown. Jesus came to save the world and to make the impossible possible. He put an end to death and He rose from the dead Himself as the Savior who can rise above anything and everything. Death couldn’t keep Him in the grave. Failure was not part of His vocabulary. It looked like everything was over when He hung on the cross but it was just the beginning. It was the beginning of “Yes, you can have life through Him” and “Yes, you are going to make it.” God says, “Yes, child I can do it. Yes, child you are going to have a breakthrough. Yes, child your time is coming. Yes, child My timing is always perfect.” Today I want to remind you that the Lord is saying Yes. He is saying “Yes, I can help you. Yes, I can heal you. Yes, I can bless you and Yes I am always with you.”


Collect all the No’s you have been given by life. Put them together in a prayer and offer them to the Lord. Cast your burdens on Him. Give Him all the rejections and all the closed doors. Don’t accept them. Don’t take No for an answer when the Lord says “Yes, I am the answer.” Keep on walking. Don’t let the rejections stall you. Don’t let the failures paralyze you. God has what you need and His Yes is more powerful than all the No’s of the world combined. His Yes can raise you from the dead situation you have been facing. Remember that nothing is impossible to the Lord. The lies of the enemy have been tormenting you for too long. This is not the end. Let God have the final say. He is almighty, loving and good all the time. Your current circumstances don’t dictate who God is. Speak up and express your faith over your circumstances. Show your situation that God is reigning over your life and you will get out of this mess thanks to Him. Let your words reflect the Yes from the Lord and weaken the No in your life. Don’t let the No take control of your mind and make you think that there is no way out. Jesus is the way out and He is taking you out of your trouble. Praise Him!!!


Closed doors can be very discouraging. Rejection letters from life can be disheartening. God has a welcome letter for you, friend. He has doors that are part of a new construction that is meant just for you. Those doors will not only be open for you but they will let you inside a house whose structure is solid and permanent. They will reinforce God’s love and demonstrate that nothing is impossible with Him. Something is going to happen that will make you forget all the pain and all the rejection. That first door God opens for you is going to seem unreal but it is all part of God’s reality. Stay in faith. Stay with hope. The No of the world is not stronger than the Yes from Heaven that has been with you the whole time. Tune in to the Yes and embrace it. Tell the Lord you trust and believe Him. Thank Him for His Yes. Praise Him for the Yes and stay in peace. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear when you say Yes to God’s Yes. Do something today that underlines God’s Yes in your life. Share the message of His Yes with someone. Find a creative way to illustrate His Yes in your life. I like to come up with songs for Jesus. Sing, dance, celebrate Jesus because He is saying Yes. Put the No’s behind. Be prepared for the No’s to come and be ready to reject them with your faith. When the world says “No”, God has a Yes for you. Glory to God!!!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Luke 1:37; Hebrews 6:18


God gives the victory

When I pray, I often hear the words “triumph” and “victory” but they are in the context of the cross. The Holy Spirit likes to emphasize what the victory on the cross means. I believe it is a very important message because that victory is still relevant today and I need to completely comprehend that. I used to think that I was triumphant and I produced the victory and that’s what mattered but the victory belongs to the Lord. Jesus did the work through the cross. I am not the one who won over death. I am not the victor here. He is and He makes that victory available to us. We can’t lose sight of what He did and we ought to give Him all the praise and glory for that. I misunderstood a lot of the messages preached about victory. My interpretation of the messages built up my ego. It’s not about me. It’s about Jesus. It’s always about Jesus. We take a big risk when we put more emphasis on the victory than on who won the victory. If we glorify the victory, we can easily attach it to us more than to the Lord. God gives us the victory but He owned it first and the creator of it is much more significant than the creation. Jesus is more paramount than the victory. If you are in Chris,t you do have the victory. You have victory over the world. You overcome the world because He overcame the world. Today I want to underline that our victory is in the Lord and He should get all the credit for what He did. The victory is already here. Our faith gives us access to it.


Understanding that the Lord’s victory over death is still relevant today is very good for our faith. Faith comes from what we hear and what we hear comes from the Word of God. The Word of God clearly states that Jesus won over death. He won over 2000 years ago but what He did back then is still present today. Our faith needs to get ahold of that truth and grow in it. Basing our faith on the truth that Jesus conquered death is a strong foundation. Why? Because death is the termination of life and Jesus terminated what stops us from having life. It is a lot simpler than it sounds. Death silences life and all that is in it. Jesus came to give life a voice. He came to be the spokesperson for Heaven. He was the voice that echoed Heaven and that made sure that life was spoken for. Death was conquered. What seemed to be impossible took place. Who would have imagined that death could be stopped when it was known for stopping everything? No one imagined that our biggest enemy could be taken down but that is what Jesus did when He died and rose from the dead. That victory will always be true and it will live on forever. Jesus has the victory and He is giving it to you today. Now, think of all the negative agents that come with death. Think of all the negative events that fall under the umbrella of death. All the bad circumstances and all the tough situations you will ever encounter are in the death category because they bring death to joy, peace, love and faith. Jesus conquered them all. Those difficult circumstances were not too hard for the Lord. He destroyed them. Embrace that truth. Have faith in Jesus “the death destroyer” and receive His victory by faith.


If you were to sit face to face with Jesus today and talk to Him about your problems, He would tell you that He conquered them and He would not want you to worry. You might ask Him why you are still going through a tough time. He would tell you that those things are bound to happen but be of good cheer because He has conquered the world. The victory bought on the cross belongs to you. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Listen to His words of encouragement. His words have not changed. He is still talking about victory, triumph, freedom and peace. Don’t get discouraged. The victory will come. It will happen. Stay encouraged. Remember that it is all coming from the Lord. You don’t have to win that victory. You have to win the fight of faith and keep believing. Jesus won’t let you down. He will give you the victory. It’s on its way. Continue to praise the Lord. Look at your problems in the eyes and tell them that the Lord overcame them and it’s only a question of time until you see the victory. Celebrate today the One who gives you the victory. He cannot be defeated!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 20:4; Ephesians 6:10; 1 John 5:4

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 116)

The Lord says “See Me for yourself and not through the eyes of the blind.” Don’t let other people’s limited vision dictate how you see God.

Jesus died so you could live like you were in Heaven now. Accept His redeeming life and live His life in you today.

What you are sowing in love every day is landing on fertile soil and you will see plants and flowers grow in due time. Keep it up! God is blessing you!

God has ways to get you through the worst mazes and the worst dilemmas. He will make a way and bring you out better and stronger!

We will sing together again. We will praise together again. We will pray together again. We will spend time together again. We rise up together again. We are winning this together again. We are rejoicing together again. God is with us always and stay with us whether we are alone or together.

You and God” is how you grow. You and God is how you glow. Let it be just you and God and you will always know. You will know that there is no one like the One who makes you glow through His love and through His flow.

You are God’s most beautiful story so remember who is narrating your life. Jesus is speaking every part of your life into existence. Trust the author and love His Book!

Jesus loves with no reservation. You don’t have to call and try to get a spot in His house. You are always welcome. You are always invited. You don’t need a reservation to be loved by Him!

God’s unfailing love is a shield. It’s a safety net that will catch you when you fall and get you back up. God will never fail you! Praise Him!!!

God has what you need and there is a timestamp on it. When it’s time, it will happen and nothing will be able to stop it from taking place. The time will come. Jesus is faithful!

Suggested reading: 2 Thessalonians 3:3; 2 Timothy 2:13; 1 John 1:9

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 115)

For some of us this is the biggest trial of our lives. However, this big trial doesn’t change the big Advocate we have. The Holy Spirit is still coaching us through life, comforting us and pointing us to Jesus. Trials don’t change the Lord. The Lord can change anything including this trial!

Misplaced faith is believing that God can do what He says in the Bible for others or to others but not for us. Blind faith is believing that God can do absolutely anything in our lives and we trust Him without ever questioning Him.

Jesus is always vibrant with love. Just one look and everything else vanishes. His love is a flame that never goes out. Let His vibrant love burning in your life. Embrace Him. Adore Him!

God will carry you and take you to a place where everything you see seems new. Everything you feel seems light and everything you think is about Him!

Our job is not to judge people but to love them the best we can. When we judge others it is more a reflection of our character than an denouncement/exhibition of their flaws.

They say the devil is in the details and I say the Lord knows the details of our lives. Let Him handle the details and let the devil be the liar whose details you don’t trust.

The Lord is a Rock that can’t be moved but yet is He moved by your tears. Turn to the Rock who would move heaven and earth for you!

God holds your life. Keep smiling in faith. With Him there is nothing to worry about! Let Him hold every part of your life.

Prayers are needed every day. There are unspoken prayers that never leave the hearts of men and never reach God’s ears. These prayers need voices today that will bring answers tomorrow. Give a voice to your heart today.

The road with God is not always roses and flowers. Sometimes the path is thorns and bushes but Jesus will remove the thorn from your side and get you out of the bushes. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 31:3; Galatians 2:20; 1 John 3:1

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 114)

Give people some encouragement every day and it will go a long way. Give people some peace every day and it will change their day. Give people some love every day and it will bless their day. Give people Jesus every day and He will pave the way!

The Lord can take all this negativity and darkness and turn it into “ground” for bigger miracles. Things that no one has seen before. The enemy will amplify the darkness but Jesus is going to overthrow it as we stay in faith and pray.

Stand up for those who can’t stand. Stand up for those who keep bending. Stand up for those who keep folding. Stand up for those who keep falling. Stand up in the name of Jesus and help those in need of strength by keeping the stand of faith.

When you are all over the place, go to the one place where your heart can be comforted, your mind can be fed and your soul can be healed. Go to the Word of God. It is a place of healing, love and peace.

Let God take care of everything. He will show you what you can do and He will help you with what you can’t do. God can do it all and He will help you through it all.

The end of your misery starts with the end of your disconnection from God. Get that connection going again and the sorrow will go away again.

If we stopped worshiping the Lord, rocks would start singing. Let’s sing and let’s make sure that our songs are strong like the rocks that adore the Rock of your salvation.

When life tells you you have a hundred problems, tell life that you have Jesus. You have one Savior, one God, one Lord. He can deal with your hundred problems in one powerful way; His way!

God keeps on preparing new mercies to put on the table before. Expect new blessings and new beginnings every day. What’s coming to you is bigger than what happened to you yesterday.

Speak from the bottom of your heart. Speak from the heart of God. Speak from the platform of love. Speak encouragement and speak blessings into people’s lives. Speak the language of God. Speak the language of love!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:22-23; Psalm 30:1-2; 2 Corinthians 8:8-9

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 113)

Your song to God sounds like noise to some people. It sounds good to other people but to Jesus it sounds heavenly.

The world is sick and getting sicker every day. Pray for a global blood transfusion. Pray for the blood of Jesus to be the blood transfusion that circulates throughout all nations. Pray for the world to receive Jesus in those times of pain and suffering.

Put worry on mute with the Word of God. Let God’s voice be louder than your fears.

When you have blind faith, you can see everything that God can see and even though you see what the world sees, your eyes stay on Jesus!

The prayers of the believers are being heard and the Lord is moving through the nations pouring peace into His people and raising an army of messengers of hope. Keep praying for the world!

It is all handled and you are still in the palm of the Lord’s hand so you have nothing to worry about. God will continue to handle the matters of your life. Keep trusting Him!

The Holy Spirit has been singing about Jesus through the voices of many people who are devoted to the Lord and who let Him to speak through their adoration!

Don’t let the hands of fear stifle your praise. Let your praise silence all fears!

Hope is still around. It is still feeding the faith of those who are relentlessly trusting the Lord. Adhere to hope. Be strong and find courage. Hope is never in vain.

Carry the Word of God in your heart. Carry the light of the Lord in your heart. Carry the power of peace in your mind. Carry the love that never fails. Carry Jesus wherever you go!

Suggested reading: Psalm 75:1; Daniel 2:20; Ephesians 1:6

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 112)

Pray the funk away and let praise be the fragrance that keeps that funk away! Don’t let the negative feelings steal your joy!

During trying times and regular times the enemy will try to destroy you. He doesn’t take a break and he doesn’t care what time it is. However, God’s love is relentless. It is strong in all seasons. Rely on God’s love in good times and bad times.

When you stay joyful in the Lord that’s when you take advantage of His DNA in you. He is a joyful God. Express the joy of the Lord in you and you will express the Lord for everyone to see.

God will listen to you even when you don’t know what to say. Your unspoken prayers manifested through your tears are heard loud and clear.

You don’t depend on the world’s economy. You belong to the Kingdom of God. In His Kingdom there is no shortage of anything. God provides all the time, in good times and bad times. Be Kingdom-minded and not “world-limited.”

Let God prove you wrong. Let Him show your doubts and fears that they are unfounded. Let God prove Himself right in the middle of your darkest hour. God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

God’s goodness is running after you so let it catch you. Let it grab your mind. Let it touch your heart, let it make you walk with peace and confidence and run with zeal and joy.

Today you are going to make it. Today the blessings of the Lord are still going to accompany you wherever you are. Stay in faith. God is not going to let you down but He is going to lift you up as you lift up His name!

In times like these our lives’ purpose gets highlighted. It’s up to us to recognize the signs and get on board with our purpose.

There is a plan for protection and blessings that the Lord has for each one of us. It is served on a platter of love and it is consumed with the utensils of faith, hope and peace.

Suggested reading: Psalm 39:7; Romans 15:13; 1 Timothy 6:17

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 111)

The Holy Spirit will always give you peace to face the day and joy to celebrate Jesus! Trust the Holy Spirit. Thank Jesus for His Spirit!

Fall in love with Jesus and everything will fall into place. Stay in love with the world and everything will be out of place. Love the world with Jesus’ love and everything will be in the right place.

God’s love is a blanket that wraps us up in peace. Lean on His love and you will be in peace.

God’s love is contagious and it can be passed around the world. This love contamination starts with you and me! Keep spreading the love!

Jesus’ love pierces the power of the enemy so that peace and joy can come out of the wounds of pain and suffering!

Faith puts us where we ought to be. Faith gives us access to the blessings of the Lord. Faith sets the record straight even when the enemy tries to erase the powerful Word of the Lord in us.

Fear has no power over you. It has been lying to you and taking you on the wrong path. Today you can get back on track and let the Lord remove all fear as you pray for peace. He is generous and He will give you an abundance of His peace that surpasses all understanding.

You can break a hundred times and the Lord will fix you a hundred and one times. God is preparing you for something amazing. Praise Him even when you are broken! He is mending you and blessing you!

Let the Lord refine you and define you. Let His fire burn your life so it is a sweet melody that echoes His love and goodness. Let God refine you and define you. Let His fire make you a model of love and purity to His glory. Let God refine you and define you so that your life is a testimony to His glory!

Load up on God. Load up on His goodness. Load up on His promises. Don’t let them leave your sight. Stay close to them and meditate on them. Load up on God’s love. It never leaves and it never fails!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1; 1 John 4:8

God will cook for you when you let go and let God

The first time I heard “Let go and let God” I thought it was a very clever statement. How often do we need to let go and let God be in control? It happens all the time. We think that we can make it on our own and we will call God if we really can’t get out of trouble. God becomes our bailing officer when He should be our counselor in the first place. We too often lean into our own understanding because that is what we are taught at a young age. Life is the survival of the fittest and we must fend for ourselves. At least that is what we learn and what we know. With God there is so much more to know. He wants us to know that He has the key to every door, the answer to every question and the remedy for every ailment. He offers advice and He gives peace that nothing can beat. He is out of this world and yet He created this world. It baffles my mind that the creator of the universe cares so much about us that He comes down to our level and brings us up to His. He has all it takes to make the perfect recipe for success and yet we choose to make our own dish most of the time. He sets a table before us but we decide to get take-out and eat food that doesn’t feed our souls and our spirits. God’s homemade food is better than the dishes catered by the world. It’s important that we stay home in the house of the Lord and enjoy what He has for us. We need to let go of the apron and let God do the cooking. His Spirit is a master chef who uses only the best ingredients in the land of blessings. There is milk and honey flowing in His kitchen and manna from Heaven everywhere. He has the perfect concoctions that will alleviate our spiritual hunger. Today I am inviting you to enjoy a spiritual meal at the table of the Lord. I am extending His invitation to receive the best food your heart and spirit can get. I am cordially encouraging you to sit down, relax and know that He is God!

What is some of the best food you will ever have? Food that keeps you healthy and that satisfies you. Food that gives you energy and that nourishes your body by providing all the nutrients it needs. God has an array of foods that can do the same thing for our hearts and spirits. His food gives all the blessings we need to grow spiritually and to develop a big heart. What do you find on God’s table? There is wisdom, knowledge, advice, parables, encouragement and peace among many other things. However, the ingredient you will find in every dish and in every drink is His love. His love is all over His table. His love is available in abundance. If we looked for the love first and recognized that it was in everything God has to offer, we would solve a lot of the problems that arise inside and outside the church. There are too many conflicts and too much animosity among a people that should be lifting up the Savior instead of lowering Him to a human level where judgement and camouflaged hate reign. It’s easy to miss the main ingredient in a dish when our palate is not used to it or when it has not been trained to recognize it. We ought to develop that love palate so we can taste the goodness of God and have a heart for sharing it with the world. Whatever the Lord gives us on His table is meant to be shared. Love is in every meal God makes and everyone deserves to enjoy this precious ingredient. When we let go of our ego, we let God be our hero and His love is what we take on the go so other people get a chance to know our hero!

God’s food is unlimited and it is more satisfying than any other food in the world. The richness of the wisdom found in His food is unparalleled. His wisdom like every food is coated with love and love makes everything better. The world has some close imitations of God’s food but the wisdom of the world can give you indigestion. It can only take you so far. God’s wisdom takes you places you never knew existed. His Word goes deep inside the cellars of knowledge that encompass treasures that open minds and impact hearts over and over again. One word from God can keep us full for days. One phrase from God can keep us satisfied for weeks. One book from God can keep us full for life. One dish from God and peace will stay in our hearts removing all butterflies and nervousness. One drink from God and rivers of blessings will flow every day. One piece of God’s bread and our union and communion with Him will be real every day. I invite you to take your daily bread by spending time with God regularly. Fellowship with Him at His table. Let Him feed your faith and banish your doubts. Let Him give you portions of joy that will have you dancing for His glory day in and day out. Sit with God. Spend time with God. God sets a table before you and makes the best food your soul and spirit will ever get. Let go and let God cook for you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:5; Proverbs 3:5-6; James 1:5

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10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 108)

Devotion, dedication and adoration are friends with prayer. Let your prayer life be a devotion to God, a dedication to His love and an adoration of the Lord. Devote time to prayer every day. Pray with love, pray for others first. Adore the Lord and praise Him when you pray!

Jesus’ love circulates through your heart, passes through the veins of your spirit and spreads throughout your body manifesting kindness and compassion. Don’t let hate and bitterness block your spiritual arteries.

The Lord is breaking the back of what’s been holding you back so give it all to Him. Trust Him with your life. Let Him reshape it and make it right.

With God there is only one way. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He leads the way and He blesses your way!

The voice of God is louder than all the voices of the world but we need to train our ears to hear it. We need to get quiet before God and He will get louder before the world.

Jesus died on the cross for us. His sacrifice brought freedom and should be remembered daily. Thank the Lord for the sacrifice that caused your freedom. Remember the eternal impact it has on your life every day.

There is a celebration that can’t be stopped. There is a prayer that can’t be derailed. There is a shout of praise that can’t be confined. There is a love that can’t fail. There is a hope that tramples fear. Celebrate, pray, praise, love and hope in the name of Jesus!

When you lay at the feet of the Lord, you end up at the head of table. There is a table in front of you that the Lord has prepared for you. Humble yourself and the Lord will elevate you.

Nothing can stop what God has planned for you. Delays can’t stop His plans, setbacks can’t stop His plans and trials can’t stop His plans. Keep your eyes on God’s Word and you keep your eyes on God’s plans for your life.

The Lord gives peace that surpasses all understanding. Understand that His peace won’t always make sense. Do not lean on your interpretation of His peace but rely on His version of a peace that calms everything.

Suggested reading: Job 22:21-22; Luke 1:78-79; Matthew 5:9