Your hiding place

God is your hiding place. He is your place of refuge. He is your shelter and your protector. He will always shield you and take care of you when you trust Him. There is no other place to be than to be in the house of the Lord and you and I are there. We might take a trip and leave His shelter but He always welcomes us back and He even keeps an eye on us when we go astray. God will protect you from trouble. It doesn’t mean that there will be no trouble. It means that when trouble comes knocking at your door, the Lord is there to answer the door. This all depends on your faith and you don’t need a lot of it for this to happen. Declare every day that the Lord is your refuge and your shield. When you get up in the morning be sure to make that powerful declaration. The more you do it, the more of a reality it will become to you. Be like David in the Psalms and talk about God’s goodness and His power. Just like David, make God synonymous with refuge and fortress. Don’t look for shelter in the wrong places. God is where true refuge and true shelter exist. Outside of Him there is no real protection. You can find a temporary shelter but when the storms are raging, the shelter will collapse. Join me today in celebrating our God, our refuge. Let’s stand our ground knowing that the King of kings, the Lord of lords is our protector always and forever.

I have gone through seasons when the storms were so bad that I couldn’t seem to find a place to hide and to stay dry. I have gone through periods when I was soaking wet with trials and tribulations. Those times weakened my spirit when I didn’t turn to the Lord. Those times made me stronger when I relied on the Lord. You see, storms will always happen. It is up to us to decide how we are going to react to them and how we are going to face them. I have made up my mind and decided that I would face them with the Lord even when He seems nowhere to be found. I seek His face daily and that has helped a lot. If we look for God only in times of trouble, we will have a harder time finding Him. If we seek Him every day, finding Him will be easy. It has to be part of our daily routines. It should be a reflex, a habit, a bit part of our lives. We should dwell in the house of the Lord. We should be dwelling in our hiding place. Let’s settle there and stay there. Let’s be comfortable with God and get to know Him. Let’s be aware of His goodness and His protection at all times. There are many places we could go but our hiding place should be our permanent address. Let’s forget about Sorrow lane and Sad avenue. Let’s avoid places like Fear street and Doubt road. God, our hiding place, is what our address should be.

What is a hiding place like? It’s a place where you are safe and you are happy. God goes that extra mile and gives us joy on top of the world’s happiness. When we dwell in Him, our joy is exponential. Our hiding place has a lot to offer and joy and peace are two of the benefits of living with God. In His place of refuge, you can grow spiritually. You can learn about love and faith and you can develop into the person you are meant to be. God will nurture you in His hiding place. He will raise you and bring you up in a beautiful way. You will learn how to step out in faith by spending time in His house. You can build up faith muscles and strength in your hiding place. You can stay undercover and enjoy the fruit of the Spirit every day. Know that it is not a place where you will hide from your problem but it is a place where your problems can’t get the best of you. They can taunt you and harass you but the Lord is at the door like I said earlier. He will always put a stop to the harassment and He will always surround you with His power and His kindness. Friend, you have the best hiding place. Live there all the time. Let prayer and praise keep you in your hiding place. Communicate with the Father daily in His house. Put on the garment of praise in His place and focus on Him. He has mansions for you in Heaven and He has a secure place to be right here, right now. Don’t be intimidated by the attacks of the enemy. Remind him that you are in the house of the Lord and he can’t harm you. Enjoy your hiding place. With God, you are always in the right place at the right time which is all the time!

Suggested reading: Psalm 32:7; Psalm 119:114; Colossians 3:3


God is in the house

What would Jesus tell you if He came to your house today? How would you welcome Him? Would you recognize Him? These are questions that I have asked myself a million times. What would Jesus say? I found answers in the Bible. The truth is that I still find answers in the Bible. I discover new truths and new revelations all the time. One thing for sure is that everything I find out brings me back to the central message of the Word of God; the message of love. The more I study the Word, the more I realize that it is all about love. It is a love letter from the Father to us His children. A love letter with Jesus as the main topic, the main inspiration and the main motive. God did it all for love and His Son is the evidence. If Jesus came to my house in person today, He would talk about love and He would show me how much He loves me. What amazes me now that I understand Him a bit better is that He comes to my house every day. He is always here and He is always talking about love and encouraging me. I am not always aware of it but He promised that He would never leave me nor forsake me. This is true for you as well, friend. Jesus is not coming to your house tomorrow or in the distant future. He is in your house. He is with you and He is talking to you today. He is wrapping you up in His arms of love and He is looking at you with so much love in His eyes that you can get lost in His gaze of tenderness.

God is in the house. Jesus is in the house. Jesus is in your house. It is time that we reflected on that truth and that we learned how to embrace it. We can host God. We can give Him a comfortable chair and entertain Him with our thoughts, our needs and our doubts. We can treat Him as a guest who shouldn’t say a word but who should listen to us and hear us out. We can invite Him in for ourselves or we can invite Him to praise Him. I used to welcome God so He could just focus on me and listen to my complaints and to my doubts. I would do all the talking and I would just think that He was here for me and not for any other reason. That’s what I call “entertaining God with our needs.” It is almost like treating Him like a genie. Expecting Him to grant us all our wishes. I was so wrong. I was so blind. I was so lost. Then I was made aware of the tunnel vision approach I had of God. I rejected that approach and I welcome the Lord more. I was glad that God was with me and in my house so that I could exalt Him and I could  learn about His love. He was also the guest who had to become the host.

A few years ago during a time of prayer, it seemed clear that the Holy Spirit who indwells our temple should become the host and not just a guest. We have to give Him the keys so to speak and let Him do some major remodeling in our homes. We should let Him into every room and be receptive to His feedback, to His recommendations and to His suggestions. We all have houses that need to be renovated by the Lord and until we give in and we give Him control, our homes will be places where He will just be a guest, a visitor. I don’t want God to just be a visitor of my life. I want Him to be my life and to guide me, counsel me and speak to me. We ought to develop ears that can hear the Lord. Our ego and our self-righteousness have to be left outside the door. God can only do so much in our lives if we don’t have faith and we don’t trust that He knows better. He is entitled to be the head of the house. He is not our sidekick, He is our chief in command. Don’t worry about having a neat house with everything in order. God is there to help you put everything where it belongs. God is in the house so acknowledge Him all the time. Don’t leave Him at your doorstep when He is already inside. Honor Him. Glorify Him. Listen to His love and trust Him. You are never alone, friend. God is always with you and He always, always loves you. He will never leave you and He will never disappoint you. Trust Him with the keys to your heart. He will make your heart His home and keep you company all the time!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 3:16; Psalm 119:36; Hebrews 13:5

Stay in the house of the Lord

We can admittedly say that there are times when we are not in a good place. We find ourselves in a place where hurt is permanent, sorrow is always around and fear is dominant. I hate being in such a place. I hate being in a place where there is no hope. I used to live in that place until I got saved. After I got saved I left that place many times but I went back and visited way too often. It was very familiar and interestingly comforting. We can find comfort in pain because it is part of our human experience. No one has to be taught pain. It is easy to access and it is easy to find. God doesn’t want us to dwell in a place that is devoid of His love and of His presence. The Lord never intended for us to live in pain. That place where everything is dark and gloomy should not be our main residence. It shouldn’t be a “vacation place” where we can upload negative emotions and feelings. Today I want to encourage you to take a look at where you are. Think about what your spiritual and emotional residence looks like. The house of the Lord is your dwelling place. Stop moving around. Stop renting space in the enemy’s den when you have a home that is filled with love and peace. Don’t sign a lease for a place that will give you headaches. Stay in the house of the Lord. Know what it is like and do your best to remain there.


After I got saved, I became a spiritual nomad. I went around and wandered in spiritual places that were not always stable. I had the house of the Lord as my main domain but I would take trips and go visit places that had no business being part of my life. I often ended up on the street of sadness and on the avenue of discomfort. I wasn’t comfortable with who I was. I was a Christian who wanted to fit into a world that rejected Jesus.The Lord wanted me to be sedentary and to dwell in His house. Being a nomad got me into trouble. I thank the Lord for bailing me out on more than one occasion. What often happens after we get saved is that our spirits long for some stimulation and some thrills. Our spirits know that there is more to this life and if we don’t feed them properly, they will go search for some spiritual excitement or they will settle for a dull life. The enemy loves it when we decide to live in a house that has a sign that says “Spiritual dullness within.” He is not in favor of us getting closer to the Lord by any means and he would rather make us comfortable being lukewarm or dull than see us thrive in the Lord.


“I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever*” declared David. What are some characteristics of the house of the Lord? Goodness and love reside there. God’s presence is there. God’s mercy and grace inhabit His house. Peace, joy and all the fruit of the Spirit are on every wall in that house. The windows are sealed with the blood of Jesus. The roof is strong and nothing can destroy it because it is God’s protection. It is home. It is where you belong. You are always welcome in the house of the Lord and you are meant to stay there. Every time you are dragged into a sad house, go back to your house. Lift up praises. Clap your hands. Get into the joy room and celebrate the Lord. In the house of the Lord there is always a celebration. Jesus is magnified. He is all over that house and He reigns. Pray yourself back into the house when you step out. Thank the Lord for His house. Thank Him because everything you need is in His house. You lack nothing. You have more than enough and you can give some of your overflow to others. Life events will attempt to uproot you and take you outside the house of the Lord. Hold on to the Holy Spirit and to the Word of God and you will be able to dwell in the house where Heaven collides with earth. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:6*; Psalm 27:4; 1 Corinthians 3:16

Stay inside the house of the Lord

God is our refuge, our fortress, our stronghold, our place of peace, our place of hope. We can dwell in His house and be safe. We can dwell In His house and be blessed. We can stay in His house and receive all we need. His house is our protection. It is our dwelling place where peace, love, joy, faith and wisdom abound. God’s house is a gift that we have to appreciate, love and embrace. I find myself at peace in His house all the time. When negative thoughts start storming my head, I know that I have stepped outside of the house and it is time for me to come home. When doubt is pulling me into many directions, I know that I must head home and shake off the doubt once I am there. When worry is clinging on to me, I know that I have entered a zone that is shutting me out of the Lord’s house. Worry tends to keep us outside the house of the Lord and to make us think that we need to spend time outside and think, overthink about our lives outside His house. There are no benefits to being in the worry zone. It can feel comfortable but that feeling is deceiving. Nothing good has ever come out of worrying. Worrying makes us come out of the house of peace and that is not a way to live. We should stay in the house of the Lord and enjoy every room He has provided for us.

The other morning during prayer time the Lord showed me a few things about His house. He spoke to my heart about the beauty of His dwelling place. He encouraged me to stay indoors and to take advantage of all His amenities. You see, peace is one of those amenities that grounds us in His house. The peace of the Lord is very central. It inhabits every room and it keeps us close to God. We can’t be close to God and not feel His peace. Sometimes His peace seems less to me and I realize that I am either hanging out on a balcony thinking about the outside or I have left the house altogether. The Spirit of God brings me back in. He tells me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to seek His face until I find peace again, until I find myself in the middle of the living room of serenity. God is peace and His peace is available to all of us when we stay in His dwelling place.

How do you envision God’s place? How do you picture His fortress? To me it is huge. It is beyond beautiful because it was built on love. Love is the cornerstone of His house. The Lord’s dwelling place was built on the foundation of His Son. Jesus is the owner of the house and the creator of His house. He has invited you and me to stay there with Him. His Spirit is the host and His Father is the overseer. Why do we run out of His house then? I think that lack of knowledge might be what gets in the way. We don’t know enough about God our refuge. We might need to spend more time meditating on His Word and learning about our amazing fortress. God’s house is not just a place; it is a lifestyle. We ought to have a lifestyle where God is our life and His love gives us style. What I mean by that is that our lives should totally rely on the Lord and His love should be what fashions our lives, what gives meaning to our lives.

These days we can’t be outside much. We need to isolate and stay indoors. There is no better place to be than to be in the dwelling place of the Lord. When we remain in His habitation we stay where all good things abound. The Lord has so much to offer. We can never be bored with Him. His Spirit, the host, can impart knowledge and wisdom. He is the best counselor around and we can have deep and meaningful counseling sessions with Him. God has set a table before us and it is right there in His house. Eat from His table. Grab a plate of peace. Drink a glass of hope. Devour a cake of joy. Munch on snacks of goodness. Have mustard seeds of faith and delight in God’s kindness. Times are hard but the house the Lord is still the same. Stay indoors. Stay in the house of the Lord. It is your fortress, your refuge and your place of hope!

Suggested reading: 1 Kings 8:13; Psalm 26:8; John 14:2

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 111)

The Holy Spirit will always give you peace to face the day and joy to celebrate Jesus! Trust the Holy Spirit. Thank Jesus for His Spirit!

Fall in love with Jesus and everything will fall into place. Stay in love with the world and everything will be out of place. Love the world with Jesus’ love and everything will be in the right place.

God’s love is a blanket that wraps us up in peace. Lean on His love and you will be in peace.

God’s love is contagious and it can be passed around the world. This love contamination starts with you and me! Keep spreading the love!

Jesus’ love pierces the power of the enemy so that peace and joy can come out of the wounds of pain and suffering!

Faith puts us where we ought to be. Faith gives us access to the blessings of the Lord. Faith sets the record straight even when the enemy tries to erase the powerful Word of the Lord in us.

Fear has no power over you. It has been lying to you and taking you on the wrong path. Today you can get back on track and let the Lord remove all fear as you pray for peace. He is generous and He will give you an abundance of His peace that surpasses all understanding.

You can break a hundred times and the Lord will fix you a hundred and one times. God is preparing you for something amazing. Praise Him even when you are broken! He is mending you and blessing you!

Let the Lord refine you and define you. Let His fire burn your life so it is a sweet melody that echoes His love and goodness. Let God refine you and define you. Let His fire make you a model of love and purity to His glory. Let God refine you and define you so that your life is a testimony to His glory!

Load up on God. Load up on His goodness. Load up on His promises. Don’t let them leave your sight. Stay close to them and meditate on them. Load up on God’s love. It never leaves and it never fails!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1; 1 John 4:8

Don’t worry about anything

One of the messages I get the most during prayer time is “Don’t worry about anything.” Then the Holy Spirit gives me a list of what I shouldn’t worry about and He tells me not to worry about anything that would happen that day when I am praying in the morning. It is a very strong impression on the inside that catches my attention and that lets me know it is an important message. I have seen time and time again how accurate that message was. It doesn’t always mean that something bad is coming but it reminds me to always trust in God and not let worry become my god. When worry is so strong in us that we can’t see God, worry takes the place of our Lord. We give it a pedestal that it doesn’t deserve. We give it the attention that it doesn’t deserve. We make it more important than faith. We actually show faith in worry so to speak.

Worry becomes our modus operanti, our mode of operating or working. It becomes our approach to life, the way we process life and it is the system of beliefs and thoughts that we resort to. God and our faith in Him should be our approach to life. Faith should be our modus operanti. Worry takes God out of the picture and puts us in the middle of the frame because we believe we have to do it all on our own but we are limited. When God says “Don’t worry”, He is saying “Don’t rely on your own strength but rely on Me.” He is saying “Take yourself out of the frame and let Me be the bigger picture.” Worry depletes us of hope and fills us up with doubt. Today I want to pass on God’s daily message and tell you “Don’t worry about anything because the Lord is with you in everything.”

There is so much we can worry about. If we let worry dictate our lives, we can start worrying about the tiniest things. Sometimes we don’t worry about the big things but we worry about the smallest things and because they are very small, we think that worry doesn’t have a grip on us. Worry is worry. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. It is bad. Period. It is always the enemy of faith and therefore it is the enemy of God. Worry is one of those enemies we have to fight and the best way we can fight it is with God. If you look at how often you worry and what you worry about, you can gauge how much help you need with worry. The truth is we all need a big dose of hope and faith every day to either push worry away or to keep it at bay. We need to build up our faith in the Lord because it is the biggest shield against worry.

What about when we are sick or a loved one is sick? When we have no money? When we are going through a very difficult time? Is it ok to worry then so God would have pity on us? God is merciful and His grace is amazing so oftentimes He will intervene. However, He wants us to never worry. It doesn’t matter what we are going through, we shouldn’t give in to worry. When life hits you hard, banish worry. Push it away. Stand strong against it. Refuse it and rebuke it. Declare that it is not a part of you and it is not the truth. Don’t accept the lie that says it is ok for you to worry. Worry is the enemy of faith like I said earlier. Having faith is giving God something to work with. Faith pleases God. Faith activates the hand of God. Worry removes His hand from our situation. Today you can stay in faith by holding on to the hope that is in Christ. There is always hope in Him. It’s up to us to hold on to it. Don’t worry, don’t fear. The King of kings is on your side!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:34; John 14:27; Philippians 4:6-7

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 103)

God is not always a blessing in disguise. He is a blessing in plain sight. He dresses the part and He shows Himself the way He truly is. The question is, are we recognizing the blessing?

Jesus gets in the way when there is no way. He makes a way and blows you away with His mysterious ways!

Consider God as the highest source for everything. Highest source for life, love, peace, freedom, wisdom, victory, deliverance, truth and joy.

Some people are only in your life for a season and only God knows the reason. Don’t try to figure out the departures and arrivals. God is in charge of everyone’s journey.

Some doors are more like windows. They are shorter and thinner so the opportunities are fewer but they are still there. Ask God to reveal the doors and the windows in your life.

Put one foot forward in faith and keep walking in love. Put the other foot forward in faith and keep running your race. Put one foot forward in faith and let God show you the way. Put the other foot forward and see how God leads you to amazing places one step at a time.

Stress and anxiety are conduits for the enemy to get into our lives. They are open doors for negativity and depression. Open the door to faith and hope and positivity will follow you everywhere.

Peace is what God gives and what we should expect. The absence of peace doesn’t mean the absence of God but God can make peace present even when there is turmoil and chaos.

The Lord gives us notifications about how much He loves us. They are reminders of His goodness and kindness. Let’s be aware of those promptings and embrace His loving nudges.

Your breakthrough will come true. Your blessings will show up. Your answers will come. Your deliverance will manifest. Your Lord will keep His promises. Your current misery is not the end!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Philemon 1:25

God is a refiner

To refine is to remove impurities or unwanted elements from a substance. It also means to improve by making small changes or making something more subtle and accurate. God is the ultimate refiner. He purifies, He changes and He removes impurities like no other. Our lives can’t be the same when we let the Refiner do His job. How willing are you to let the Refiner do something new and pure in your life? Are you willing to give Him your life so He can refine it? It’s not a sacrifice. It’s an honor and a privilege. Coming to the realization that the Lord can refine our lives is a blessing. Preparing ourselves to being refined and changed by Him is priceless.

The fire of the Holy Spirit can refine us and burn all things that weigh us down and that we don’t need. I present my life to the Lord on the altar of His love and I ask for refinement and change but I need to let go first and let God be in control. We can’t hold on to our lives with both hands and hope the Lord will take them away from us by force. He is gentle. He is caring and loving and He won’t remove what we love dearly. It’s a lesson I am learning and my goal is to get to a point where God can purify my heart without my ego or my insecurities getting in the way. Today I want to invite you to give all of you to the Lord and let Him refine you. Burn for Him and only for Him with a heart that is surrendered.

The process of refinement and purification is not always an easy process. Like I mentioned before there is a need for letting go and being open to the fire of the Lord. Burning is a powerful action that results in transformation. In the natural when we burn something it comes out looking differently. There is a transfiguration that happens. When God burns us, He changes us for the best. The process leads to beauty. He burns the ugliness and leaves us looking beautiful. We come out of the ashes and we rise up thanks to a touch of His love. God will take the worst parts of our lives and refine them. He can take our shortcomings and our worst traits and refine them. His burning process leaves a mark on our soul and spirit.

The mark of the Lord shows through the light that comes forth when we have been refined. The process will not always be easy but it is always worth it. David asked the Lord to purify his heart and renew his spirit. His prayer wasn’t in vain. God has the power to purify any heart and renew any spirit. You and I are examples of how God renews spirits. We got saved and with salvation came the transformation of our spirits. That was just the beginning. Now we have to press on and allow the Lord to purify us continually.

I am not sure we are always aware of what needs to be purified in our lives. The Holy Spirit can convice us and show us what needs to be put through the holy fire of the Lord. The Lord’s Spirit can open our eyes to all the areas that need to be refined. Besides, God the refiner is excellent at changing parts of our lives that are not in line with His will. I am not just talking about sin and the purification of what we do. I am referring to fine tuning the situations in our lives. Problems and trials can also go through the refining process. If there is something in your life that is not going well or that is not where it should be, call on the Lord, the Refiner.

The Lord will make things right. He will tune your life so it is in harmony and goodness will follow you. He will burn the tribulations and put them through His fire until you have the victory. God the refiner can do that and He will do it if you put your life in His hands. Don’t hesitate to give it all to Him. Give Him the good things and the bad things. He will do what He does best and make everything be in line with His will for you life. Let God the refiner refine your circumstances and bring you peace and joy again! He is going to improve you and make changes that will transform your life.

Suggested reading: Psalm 51:10; 1 John 1:7; 2 Corinthians 7:1

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 101)

Let God’s love in you be bigger than the hate that is in this world. Let’s God love in you be bigger than the fear the enemy wants to see develop in you.

No stress, no worries. Jesus comes on time and He helps all the time. His timing is perfect and His help is on point.

Don’t just look at what you want to see. Look at everything the Lord wants you to see. Look with the eyes of faith and you will God’s hand everywhere you look.

Darkness roams in bright daylight. Test all spirits. Not every light is from God but God’s light always pierced all shades of darkness even the lightest shades!

With God you have nothing to worry about. He will always give you a reason to believe and the peace and wisdom to rejoice in everything.

If your church is divided because of who rules your world, refocus on who the ruler of your life is. Be sure that Jesus is the ruler and not anyone or anything else.

God has a plan. God is the plan. Let God unfold in your life. Let Him be the reason for every season of your life. Let God prosper you. God won’t harm you but He is your hope and your future.

Our minds try to “Google translate” God and we end up missing the meaning of what He is saying. Let’s interpret God with the help of the Holy Spirit who speaks God’s language fluently!

There is a price to pay when we want to stay in faith despite some events of our lives. This price is praise; it costs less than we think and its reward is priceless!

The Lord goes before you wherever you go so you should travel with the assurance that He is your insurance no matter where you are.

Suggested reading: Psalm 67:7; Numbers 6:24-25; James 1:17

Dream big in 2020

A new year is about to start and with a new year come new resolutions for many of us. Exercising more, eating healthy and being more productive are popular promises we make to ourselves. How well we keep those promises is up for debate but at least we have good intentions. I say dream big at the start of the year. Have big dreams and keep track of them. Base those dreams on God’s promises. Don’t limit yourself. Write a list of big things you want to see happen in 2020. Look at what God can do in your life. Let Him be your resolution maker. Be bold with your dreams. Let them stretch your faith. A new year and a new you in Christ is reasonable according to the Lord. Great things will take place for you this year when you put your trust in God for amazing things. Signs and wonders are what you can expect. Whatever you think God will do, He will do. Jesus spoke about miracles that He will perform through us when we believe. Think of 2020 as the year when you are used by God to perform those miracles. Think of 2020 as the year when you see things you have never seen before. Make promises to the Lord. Tell Him that you are going to work on bold faith and you are going to say bold prayers this year. Stir yourself up and rely on God to get you through this new year. Hold on to your big dreams. Keep an eye on them and revive them through the year.

What big dreams am I talking about? I am talking about dreams that are so big that they seem impossible. Dreams that defy your understanding. Dreams that seem unreal. Dreams that are God-size dreams and not human-size dreams. Dreams that excite you and motivate you. Dreams that take faith and boldness. Dreams that you never dared to have before. Pray about them. Ask the Holy Spirit to assist you and He will show you what those dreams should be. Don’t make a list based on what the world dreams about. Make a list that reflects what the Lord planned for your life. His plans are big. They are from a different realm. They are not confined by human reasoning. They are designed by His understanding and they are manufactured in His heart. God has a heart that is so enormous that no one can fathom its size. Your dreams were birth in His love and His love is limitless and invincible. Dream big with your heart and not with your mind. God is in your heart. Your dreams are going to be divine!

Once you have written down your big dreams, keep on eye on them as often as possible all year long. Pray about them once and then thank the Lord for them every day. Celebrate the Lord because His goodness endures forever and He will make your dreams come true. Thank Him for giving you big dreams. Exalt Him and praise Him because He never fails. Keep your dreams between you and Him and share them with the world as a testimony when they come to pass. Some will take place this year and some will come later but stay in faith. God is faithful and He keeps His word. He would never give you dreams that won’t materialize. This is going to be a great exercise of your faith and it’s going to give you many reasons to praise the Lord in advance. Stay close to the truth all year. Stay close to faith. Stay away from doubt-inducing people and ideas. Keep your faith strong by spending time in the Word and in prayer. Keep your eyes on Jesus in 2020 and let Him make your dreams come true. Dream big in 2020!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:18; Hebrews 13:20-21