10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 138)

Peace. Jesus has it. Love. Jesus has it. Truth. Jesus has it. Joy. Jesus has it. Freedom. Jesus has it. Hope. Jesus has it. Power. Jesus has it. Healing. Jesus has it. Deliverance. Jesus has it. Everything. Jesus has it. Jesus has everything you need and more!

You will conquer the fear of the world when you give into the peace of the Lord. Let the Lord’s peace enter the core of your belief system. His peace will chase away fear and anxiety. Ask for peace and you will get it in Jesus’ name!

There is only one king and His name is Jesus. Everyone should bow at His name. Every problem, every trial should bow at His name. Don’t be intimidated by how stubborn your tribulations are. Stay in faith and you will see them bow down before the King. No one and nothing is stronger than the Lord.

The fruit of the Spirit is like a necklace you wear around your spiritual neck. Every bead is a powerful fruit. Your necklace is complete. The bead of love is the biggest bead. It always activates the necklace. Wear the necklace of the Lord with pride!

The Lord is the world that your world needs. Let Him become your world. Let Him define your world. Let Him transform your world. Let the Lord be your world!

Evacuate the worry zone. Don’t linger in the fear house. Escape from the stress cabin. Run to the house of the Lord. Dwell in His house. Inhabit the premises of His love. Reside in His presence.

God speaks in a language that defies hate speech. One word from God and darkness dissipates. One verse from God and the enemy flees. One song from God and fear and worry get confused. Speak the language of the Lord and your world will hear love, peace, joy, freedom and salvation!

The enemy’s lies try to bury the truth of the Lord but like a Phoenix coming ouf of the ashes, the truth will emerge. God’s truth is bigger than the enemy’s lies. Stick with the truth and the lies will flee!

Sometimes the best way to describe Jesus is through our lifestyles, our actions and our deeds. Words don’t need to be spoken. Actions need to be spoken. Our lifestyles and our love for others speak louder than words.

There are times when what you want is not what God has planned for you. Let Him decide. Let Him plan your life. God always knows best!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:114; Hebrews 10:24-25; 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 135)


Don’t rent any space to negative thoughts in your mind. Evict them with the power of the Word of God. Don’t let them settle in your thinking space and don’t entertain them. The Word of God has the authority to keep you “negative thought-free!”

Lord, I’ll serve anywhere” is what our spirits should cry out. Wherever He leads us we should follow.

Just because a storm is not going to come to where you live doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray against it. Pray against other people’s storms. Pray for protection. Pray for favor for other people.

“Worry is not from Me” says the Lord. Banish it. Don’t adhere to it. Don’t accept it. Don’t follow it. Don’t be friends with it. Worry is from the enemy. Faith is against the enemy.

Don’t outrun God. Have patience. Slow down. Catch up with God by slowing down your pace. You might be running a race you shouldn’t be running in the first place. Run with God. Walk with God. Slow down with God.

Don’t always talk from experience. Talk from the Lord’s experience. Talk from what He went through on the cross, talk from His resurrection and His salvation. His salvation is your experience today and every day!

Peace is a fruit that grows on trees of serenity in fields of calmness. God is massive producer of peace. Go to Him when you need a harvest of tranquility.

Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Lift up your hands and hail the King. Lift up your hands and sing to God. Lift up your hands and adore the Lord. Lift up your hands on a good day. Lift up your hands on a bad day. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord every day!

In the worst situations, God is still the best. He is the One with all the solutions. He is the One with all the answers. He is the One with all the victories. He is the One with all the freedom. In the worst situations, God is still God. Don’t give up. He is on your side!

God loves you more than you will ever know. God loves you and He will always bless you. God loves you and He always will. God loves you when no one else does. God loves you and He will always protect you. God loves you and His love for you will never go away. Remember every day that God loves you and your circumstances can never change His love for you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:16

God has room for you

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong in a church? Have you ever thought you would not be welcome in a church or into a group of believers? Have you ever thought that God wouldn’t take you in? Have you ever seen yourself as not worthy or not good enough? I am here to tell you today that you are always welcome in God’s house. You belong there. You have a seat at His table. You are family and you are loved. God has always loved you. He loved you way before you were born. He loved you so much that He sent His only Son as a sacrifice so you could have life through Him. God will never cease to love you and He will always care about you. You are in His thoughts and you have a huge spot in His heart. He values you and He adores you. No one should tell you that God loves you less because of what you have done. No one has the right to give you a report on what God loves about you and what He doesn’t. Let God speak for Himself about you. Let Him tell you and show you His unconditional love. You can read about it in His Word and you can comprehend it with your heart. If you don’t know what to meditate on, meditate on God’s love for you. Build up your capacity to receive His love and to get a glimpse of its magnitude. God is the only One who will always love you no matter how much you mess up and no matter how much you reject Him. His kingdom is not too narrow and not too tight. God has room for you. Today I want to encourage you to focus on the One whose arms are wide open for you.


One of the most popular Psalms, Psalm 23, talks about how God sets a table for us. Think about what is involved in that process. He doesn’t set a table out of obligation. We are part of His family. He is our Father and in His house there is a table with lots of love, peace and joy all the time. He prepares the table. He puts things into motion in our lives. He puts things into place. He has utensils on the table, plates and glasses. Each item was selectively chosen for you. Each item on the table is for your use and it is intended to help you get to the blessings that are on the table. He put everything there on purpose for you because He loves you. He did it all intentionally. Our God is intentional. You are not a mistake and you are not an intruder at His table. Some people will never know how God is waiting for them and how He has a welcome table for them. You are more than welcome, my friend. There is a seat at the table with your name on it. It is reserved and it stays there. You have a permanent place at the table of the Lord. If anyone tells you that God is not happy with you, remind them that you are part of His family and He has a reserved seat for you. The enemy will be the first one to try and convince you that God doesn’t want you. All he wants is to separate you from God’s love. He is the king of division and separation. Jesus is the king of reconciliation and re-union. Jesus reconciled you with God and covered your sins. Don’t let guilt and shame keep you from enjoying God’s presence. Don’t let your mind trick you into believing that God doesn’t want anything to do with you. It is a lie. God can’t wait to spend every second of every minute of every day with you!


People criticized Jesus for receiving sinners and for eating with them. Now, think about who would be considered a sinner nowadays. The truth is that we brand people as being sinners when their sins seem obvious to us. We measure the size of their sins and classify them accordingly. Who are we to judge? Who are we to say that someone sins more than we do just because their overt sin is different from ours. Jesus would sit with every single person that is on the earth today. He would not classify people. He would not put them in boxes and only open the boxes of those with “minor sins.” He would not love some people more than others. He would not welcome those who are rich, popular and those who look good more than the homeless and the less privileged ones. He sees everyone through the blood that He shed for humanity. Anyone who has blood flowing in their veins is the same in His eyes. The color of people’s skins doesn’t matter to the Creator. He made us all different and He loves the diversity He created. There is plenty of room in His arms for the whole universe to be comfortably embraced. If you are dealing with rejection from men today, deal with Jesus directly. See what He has to say about you and don’t let people undermine His love for you. Jesus prepared a place for you, no matter who you are. Get to know Him better. Remove the interferences. Jesus accepts you to the glory of God. Let’s love one another and spread the love that comes from the Father by speaking kindness, by demonstrating God’s goodness and by taking care of one another. Let’s show the world that God has room for everyone. Let’s sit together at His table and rejoice over His greatness, His mercy and His grace. You are always welcome with God. Don’t you forget that!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:5; John 14:3; Romans 15:7

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 132)

Let God light your world with His Word. His Word is a lamp into your feet. It will show you the way to peace even when you are walking in the valley of the shadow of death.

Don’t hesitate to ask God for help. He will send you angels in disguise and He will send you instructions and solutions through the Holy Spirit.

God’s love leaves an indelible spot on your heart. You can try to erase it but it will never go away. Don’t try to be spotless when it comes to God’s love.

God’s open doors are waiting for you to step inside houses of miracles. Step in with faith and make yourself comfortable in the places the Lord has prepared for you!

Focus on the wonders of Jesus. He is a wonderful Lord who will never let you wonder if He is going to love you because His love is always a wonder that never changes!

The Lord is a lighthouse. You can always see Him in the storm. Keep looking at Him. He will guide you through the rockiest storms and He will get you ashore safely. He is the lighthouse that lights the world!

Don’t let the voices of the opposition oppose the Word of God in you. Quiet the voices by being loud. Be loud with hope. Be loud with the Lord’s promises. Be loud in your faith.

God has an update for you regarding your current circumstances and it’s all good news. His update is about the blessings that are coming. They are going to change your tough situation. Read about the update in His Word. It’s all there!

Don’t give up! Better days are coming. Stay in faith. Stay with God. You have been walking in the desert but you are about to find the promised land. It’s closer than you think. Keep walking. You are heading in the right direction!

Love without boundaries. Love without judging. Love without fear. Love without doubt. Love without restrictions. Love without conditions. Love without reservation. Love without manipulation. Love with God’s love. Love your neighbor as yourself!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Matthew 22:39; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Spread the word

Jesus is alive. Does that statement, truth, revelation, reality ever hit you hard? Do you find yourself just in awe of the Lord and how He is still alive today? It hits me hard mostly in the morning when I wake up and I am amazed that my Lord is alive and well. The One who came to earth and died on the cross is still alive today. He is present. He is alive and well and He has not changed. Let that sink in. The Jesus of the Bible is still the Jesus of the Bible. He is still Love. He is still a miracle maker and He is still changing hearts, healing the sick and above all He is still the bridge. Jesus is the bridge between us and the Father. He is the bridge between us and salvation. He is still preaching through His Spirit today and He is still saying “Come to Me you all who are weary.” He is still declaring that He is the truth, the way and the life. His Word remains intact. His promises are still relevant today and His love is still the most powerful force in the universe. People need to know that Jesus is still alive. I am inviting you today to spread the word. Let your words, your actions and your thoughts proclaim that Jesus is alive. You don’t have to stand on a soapbox. Stand on the Rock, walk in love, stay in faith and spread the word. He is alive!


Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you want to get a clearer picture of who Jesus is today, go to your Bible and explore the truth about Jesus. By spending time in the Word, you are allowing yourself to be touched by the truth. You are giving yourself the background that you need so you can see Him in the forefront. Jesus the Son of God deserves to be in the forefront of what you do, what you say and what you think. He should be in the front seat of your thinking, on the stage of your acting and at the beginning of your every sentence so to speak. You can’t get to know anyone unless you truly spend time with them. Communication is key. Communion is crucial. A relationship is important. If I want to promote something or someone, I better know what I am talking about well. Spreading the word and saying that Jesus is alive requires intimacy with Him. People will question you. People will doubt you but your intimate connection with the Lord will guide you and will strengthen you. The Spirit of the Lord will give you the words to say. He will dictate the messages and He will spell out exactly what people need to hear. He is a gentleman and He knows how to go about everything. Sometimes spreading the word means exemplifying love. Your actions speak louder than a sermon that falls on deaf ears when people can’t connect with it. You can spread the word by spreading love. Your actions will mention Jesus and your kind gestures will echo His love.


Spread the word to your mind. You need to renew your thinking and get to a place where your thoughts are impregnated with the truth that Jesus is alive. It’s a process. It’s a rewarding process. It’s very much necessary because your mind is where battles are raging and the Lord should be the One fighting your mental and emotional battles as well. It takes some work on your part but the Spirit will assist you. Let Him into your mental space. Put the wallpaper of the Word of God in that space. Let your prayer and praise occupy your mental chamber. Let the Word be the word on your lips and on your mind. Meditate on the reality that Jesus is alive. See what it means in your life. See what it does to your life. Treat Jesus as the Lord that He is in your life today. Think about the impact He has on today. Today is the day the Lord has made and He is alive. He is by your side. He goes with you everywhere so everywhere you go you can spread the truth. Encourage people. Let them know that the Savior of the world loves them more than anyone else. People long to hear and see freedom and salvation. Spread the word and let them know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Spread the word and talk about the One who carries the burden of the world. Jesus is alive today and you and I can spread the word today!

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:28-30; John 14:6; Romans 12:2

Go with the flow from Heaven

I like the expression “to go with the flow.” It means to be relaxed and accept a situation rather than to alter or try to control it. I like that the expression encourages us to relax. The part about accepting the situation works for me as long as it is accompanied by the belief that God is in control of the situation. A few days ago, I was trying to find out what I needed to do in a particular situation. My mind was going in different directions and I couldn’t come up with a rational solution. Sometimes we need to put the rational on pause and rely on the supernatural. Relying on our God of the supernatural is actually always the best course of action. I did what I do when I need help. I went into my prayer closet and sought the Lord’s face. What I was told during that prayer session was to “go with the flow.” Go with the flow of the Holy Spirit. Go with the flow from Heaven. I loved that encouragement. There is a flow from Heaven. We can go with the flow of the world or with the flow from Heaven. What is the flow from Heaven? It is a way of saying “Go with what the Lord says” or “Go with the reality of the kingdom of God over the reality of the world.” We have a choice to make. We can go with the flow and accept the situation as is or we can go with the Lord’s flow and accept His version of our situation. His version is always backed up by hope. He has the power to change anything. That is the flow from Heaven as well. If you are faced with a choice today, go with the flow from Heaven.


A flow is an action or fact of moving along in a steady continuous stream. There are actions that move in a good direction and some that move in a bad direction. There are ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions that do the same thing. When we are angry and we act with anger, we flow in a bad direction. When a bad situation arises, we can go with anger or we can go with peace. We can flow with hope or we can flow with worry. We can flow with faith or we can flow with doubt. When your mind tells you to go with the flow, be sure you check which flow you are going with. Don’t be passive and just accept the bad circumstances. Don’t be afraid of what is happening and decide to just let it happen. Take a stand and go with the flow from Heaven. That is the flow of the Holy Spirit that can get you to a much better place. When you flow with the Holy Spirit, you allow His fruit to dominate you. You let Him invade you with His traits. This is how you can win many battles. Faith will be at the forefront and love will be the power behind everything you do. Flowing with the Holy Spirit implies flowing with peace, patience, joy, long-suffering, self-control, faith and love. Those are all great representations of who He is and they come from Heaven where God is sovereign and His peace and love abound. Could it be that God is telling you today, “Go with the flow. Go with My flow”?


When I decided to go with the flow from Heaven, my situation changed. Why? When we flow with the Holy Spirit there is a change in us. The change starts on the inside and we see everything differently on the outside. Peace is what came first. I said a prayer and peace became vibrant. It was tangible. It was unbelievable. It was supernatural. I love the peace from God that surpasses all understanding. I strongly believe that God gives us that amazing peace from time to time to remind us of how supernatural and almighty He is. We can’t flow with the Spirit of God and not receive peace. Peace helps us be more in control of our emotions. When we go with the flow of the world, we have a defeatist attitude if the flow is bad and we just go with it. The Spirit of God doesn’t give up. He never gives up. He doesn’t know how to lose and how to fail. When you go with the flow from Heaven, you flow in the direction of victory. You flow in the direction of the impossible being possible. Get on that wavelength. Get on the Lord’s flow. Go with what He says in His Word. Let His Word lead the flow. Let His Word be the direction you are taking. Today I recommend that you flow with the Spirit of God. React to what happens today with the flow of the Spirit. Go in the direction of Heaven. Invite the Lord to help control your emotions and feelings. Don’t subscribe to any negativity but be a fervent pursuer of the positivity that comes with the fruit of the Spirit. Go with the flow from Heaven and you will stay away from defeat and discouragement.

Suggested reading: John 7:37-39; Romans 12:21; Galatians 5:22


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 131)

Get out of the realm of worry. Don’t dwell in the kingdom of doubt. Remove yourself from the stronghold of fear with the power of the Word of God. Use the Word to break those chains. Use the Word to move from confusion to clarity.


The Lord takes your rotten fruit and turns it into citrus of joy. Let His zest spice up your life with gladness. May your fruit be a source of spiritual vitamins for others and health to your mind and soul.


The pursuit of true happiness is the pursuit of God. Happiness not found in riches and gold. It is in the joy of knowing Jesus, of embracing His Spirit and loving His Father.


God has put an ocean of possibilities in front of you. Don’t be scared of the waves and don’t be afraid of the depth of the ocean. Sometimes God changes the troubled waters into blessings. They can be diving boards for deep and wide breakthroughs.


The smile of the Lord is in the shape of love. It brightens your life with hope and it fills your heart with joy. Smile back at the Lord. Accept His love and His embrace and you will be smiling with peace.


The truth will come and set you free from the fears and the bondages. You are not going to be in the hands of the lies of the enemy for long. Follow the Lord and freedom will follow you wherever you go!


The captions of your life story are found in the Word of God. God has subtitles for each part of your life. Trust that He can script your life and detach yourself from the lies of the enemy.


Sleep in peace. God is on your side and He is staying up watching over you and preparing new blessings and new mercies for you. Know that when you wake up, He will be right there with you serving you a platter of new beginnings and new hopes.


Before you accepted the Lord everything was black and white. There were no colors and no light. Now with Jesus the rainbow of blessings is permanent. Let the Lord’s colors illustrate every day of your life.


It’s time to get up and keep going. Don’t stay down. Pray for the Lord to get you up. You are going to make it. God will give you the power to make it. Keep walking. You are not going to fail!

Suggested reading: 2 Chronicles 6:14; Psalm 36:7; 1 John 4:7-8

Don’t give up and keep walking

Have you ever felt paralyzed because of your circumstances? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t move an emotional or spiritual muscle because of the terrible things that were going on in your life? You might be experiencing emotional, physical or spiritual paralysis right now. I have been there many times. I have felt a weight that was so heavy that I couldn’t even think. It seemed like my world had stopped and I couldn’t do anything to make it spin again. Thoughts of loss, failure and defeat were spinning in my head faster than I could handle it. The last time it happened, I spent some time in prayer so I could get some answers and some relief. I know that having peace in the middle of a war is the most important step to victory because with peace of mind, we can stay focused on God and we can see Him. When confusion, stress and anxiety are dominating our thoughts and emotions, it is almost impossible to see God. I prayed for peace. I sang praises to get back into peace mode and it happened. Once the peace was there, I was open to hearing from God and the first thing I heard was that it was all going to be alright. The Holy Spirit said that I should keep moving. He told me to keep walking and to take some steps of faith. The enemy was making me stay put and he wanted me to believe that I couldn’t go anywhere. That is always a lie. With the Lord on our side we can always walk. He directs our steps. If you are feeling like you can’t move today and you don’t know how to proceed, take a step of faith. Pray for peace to invade you in the name of Jesus. Get to a place where the storm is raging but your heart is racing for God. Your circumstances today are not going to last. You are not meant to sit on the bench on the sidelines and see life pass you by. You are meant to walk with the Lord and run with faith. Keep walking. Keep moving. The Lord will show you the steps and He will guide you to victory.


Walking in peace is so much more crucial than I used to think it was. I used to want to get to the answer and to freedom. Freedom does come from having peace and I learned that eventually. When you have peace, you can overcome all challenges. God’s peace challenges all negativity and all attacks from the enemy. It says “I am not going to be troubled because the Lord is with me. I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.” Peace speaks and it speaks of the greatness of God and of His mercy and grace. It doesn’t make sense to our human minds. It surpasses all understanding because it is rooted in the Lord and the Lord is above and beyond anything and everything. God knows no fear. God is always at peace. Nothing can trouble Him or disturb Him and when He imparts His incredible peace, we start acting like Him. We start sharing His mind and we start walking again. Peace gives us a push forward because it can’t be stopped. God’s peace is constant and it doesn’t change. It can’t be bothered by any event and by anyone. I like to call peace my “marching order.” A marching order is an authoritative order that tells us to march, to move forward. Peace gives me that order. It tells me that I can keep marching because with God there is nothing to be afraid of and nothing is impossible to Him. Choose peace as your marching order and you will see that you can keep walking even when your circumstances are debilitating.


When I was praying to find a way to start moving again, I could picture the Lord giving me His hand and pulling me up. I have seen that a few times. It comforted my spirit and it overwhelmed my heart. God is doing the same thing right now. As you stand before Him, seeking Him face, He is giving you His hand and pulling you up. The Lord is walking with us. He is right there and He never leaves. If we want to keep moving and keep walking, we ought to go back to the truth that God has not left us. It is important that we spend time finding Him again. He is near but we become farsighted when problems hit. We jump to conclusions and see how our future is going to be impacted by our current situation when the Lord desires for us to stay in the present and see Him in the present. Your problems are like troubled waters and the Lord is showing you how to walk on water. Keep your eyes on Him. Don’t focus on the waves. Focus on the One who makes you calm and who can calm any storm. Follow His lead. Keep walking. He says to walk in love and walk in faith. When your life tries to stall you, take a step forward by walking in love. Show love. Express God’s love. That is the best way to walk in all circumstances. Put one foot of love in front of the other one and leave footprints of peace and serenity in someone’s life. Walk and don’t get weary. Don’t walk for the accolades. Walk to spread God and to make a path for others to follow. Show the world that it is safe to proceed because Jesus made a way. Walk in faith. It might be intimidating to step forward but do it knowing that God is faithful and He won’t let you fall. Keep walking, friend. Don’t get discouraged. What’s in front of you is better than what you are leaving behind. God will make a way! Don’t give up. Keep walking!

Suggested reading: Micah 6:8; 2 Corinthians 5:7; Colossians 2:6

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 130)

There is a way out of our problems. It’s the way into the Word of God. Get inside the Word and you will find your way out of what’s being destroying you.

Don’t make Jesus the minister or the president of your life. Make Him the King of your life. Let Him reign supreme over your life.

When you feel cornered by the enemy, remember that God is in your corner. He will make a way out where there seems to be no way.

Don’t form opinions that are not supported by love. Undo the judgment and the criticism and let God’s love show you how He sees people.

Jesus is the bread of life. He has a slice of peace, hope, love and joy for you every day. Indulge and have the bread of life daily. Wisdom and peace will accompany every day!

How much Jesus are you giving to the world? How much of the world are you giving to Jesus? Jesus in you can change the world around you. The world in you can undermine Jesus in you.

Don’t give God your leftovers. Give Him your first fruit. Give Him your time and attention. Make Him your priority. Let the world be left over and God be first in all you do!

A mustard seed goes a long way. It gives flavor and aroma to your life. Sprinkle the mustard seed of faith on everything that you do. Sprinkle it on your thoughts and your emotions and you will see the power of faith over fear.

Be thankful for nothing. Be thankful for everything. Be thankful for anything. Be thankful for the Lord. Be thankful for His love. Be thankful for His mercy. Be thankful for His grace. Be thankful that He made you the way you are. Be thankful for Jesus!

The Lord has everything in place in order to put your life back into place. Place your faith in His hands and your life will never be out of place.

Suggested reading: John 7:38; John 20:29; 2 Timothy 4:7

God is good all the time

“God is good all the time” has been a powerful phrase used in Christian circles for a while now. It sounds good. It is reassuring but when you sit down and think about it, it is more than that. It is not just a popular phrase. It is a declaration to live by. If we live our lives with the awareness that God is good all the time, we have a way of handling anything life throws at us in a drastic way. If God is good all the time then He is good today, He will be good tomorrow and He was good yesterday. If God is good all the time, He is good no matter what happens to me and no matter how I feel. If God is good all the time, it doesn’t matter what I think or what I believe that is contradictory to God. He is still good. If God is good all the time, my problems, my pain and my fears can’t change God. If God is good all the time, the devil can be as bad as he wants, he won’t remove God’s goodness from Him.


 Well the truth is that God is indeed good all the time and that truth will set you free, friend. Apply it to your life. Apply it to what happens to you. Apply it to your thoughts. Apply it as much as you can. By applying it, I mean that you should hold it against events and things in your life. Anything that elevates itself above the Lord should come to submission to His great name and to His goodness. Anything that is negative should be squashed with the truth that God is good all the time and He will see you through all the time. Today I want to encourage you to declare that God is good all the time and to see what that means for your life.


When something bad happens, we tend to wonder how God could let such a terrible thing take place. I have heard people say that if God existed or if He were good then bad things shouldn’t happen. The Bible explains that the devil is the king of this world and therefore there is negativity everywhere. He has access to everything and everyone and he can make life a living hell. Some people experience very traumatic events while others seem to have quite a good life. Now, if someone doesn’t know Jesus as his or her personal Savior, it doesn’t matter how bad or good their life is. They could be a millionaire or they could be the most popular person on the planet, as long as Jesus is not their Lord and Savior, their life is that living hell I was talking about. When we accept Jesus into our lives, that hell goes away and His goodness is manifested in our lives first through salvation. However, being saved does not mean that we will never suffer or we will never have problems.


 Sometimes because we are saved and we are winning souls for the Lord, our lives are made more complicated. The enemy will always try to stop God’s work but that shouldn’t stop us from spreading God’s love and goodness. God will be good no matter how bad the enemy is. That revelation shed some major light in my life. If the enemy messes up with my life and hurts me, it doesn’t diminish God’s goodness. When the going gets tough, our awareness of God’s goodness can help us get through the hard times. Why? When we recognize that God is always good, we praise Him all the time. We honor Him. We exalt Him and we respect Him. These are all actions that bring deliverance because they bring the Spirit of the Lord into the scene and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Remember how good God is today. Write it on the walls of your heart and say it out loud. You will stir up your faith and confuse the enemy.


The Lord is a stronghold on the days of trouble. Your bad days can seem to be extremely bad but the Lord’s goodness is a stronghold. It can’t be altered and it can’t be deleted. It is a force to reckon with. It is indestructible and invincible. Next time you are having a bad day, call on the goodness of God. Say how much bigger and stronger the goodness of God is. Stand your ground. God’s goodness is holding you and blessing you. You are protected. You have a refuge. God’s goodness is your refuge. It is a place of peace and a palace of hope. I love calling it a palace because it underlines the majesty of the Lord. His hope is housed in a palace that is magnificent. God’s goodness is beautiful! On the walls of the palace of hope are paintings of God’s goodness. You are in the paintings. You are there with a smile and with peace on your face. God is so good that He sent His Son so you can be that smiling person in the painting. Know that things are going to get better. Turn to Jesus. He is going to get you out of that mess. You are going to smile again and you are going to be at peace again. God is good all the time. Let His goodness show you how much He loves you. Stay in faith. The best is yet to come!

Suggested reading: Nahum 1:7; Mark 10:18; Romans 8:28