Jesus has the answer

The other morning when I was praying, I kept hearing deep down inside “Jesus has the answer.” That statement invaded my heart and kept knocking on the door of my mind. It felt like it was coming from the depth of my spirit and making its way up to my thoughts. It was a whisper from the Holy Spirit that needed to marinate in me until my mind caught it and embraced it. It sounds like a simple declaration of the Spirit but it is packed with power. Jesus has the answer! How many times do we look for answers anywhere we can? We even go to the Word of God and find answers that are not necessarily answers from God. It is possible to look at passages of the Word of God and interpret them as the Word of man. Our own ideas, thoughts and filters can make us miss the mark. When we approach God with our intellect and our own reasoning, we won’t find God in His Word. We will find man’s answers to a problem that God has already solved. Diving into the Word of God with an expecting heart, with a desire to hear from God is crucial. If we leave our ego at the door, it we let go and let God, we will hear from Him. The Word of God has the answers we need if we acknowledge that Jesus is the answer. Jesus was talked about in the Bible way before He came to earth and way after He departed to go to Heaven. The main theme, the main message of the Word of God is that Jesus has the answer, Jesus is the answer. He is the filter through which we should be dealing with life. He is the filter that gets us to our breakthrough, our answers, and our victory.

If you are looking for answers today. If you are struggling and you don’t know what to do. If you are giving up and you need to get up again, remember that Jesus has the answer. Jesus is the answer to whatever is troubling you today. Jesus has the Word that will set your free today. Jesus has the love that will give you rest today. Jesus has a breakthrough that the enemy can’t stop today. Jesus has the answer to every single question you will ever have. Don’t look past Jesus. Don’t look beyond Jesus. Don’t look for answers in the caves of your understanding. Jesus has His own understanding that lies in the light of His glory and not in the darkness of human reasoning. Get into the light of His knowledge. Get into the light of His wisdom. Find refuge in Him. Make yourself comfortable in His presence. Rely on the Lord. Follow the Lord. Don’t follow your feelings and your emotions regarding your situation. God cannot be found in feelings and emotions. He is in the realm of faith and love. Your answers are closer than you think and they are owned by the One who came to change life forever.

Jesus has the answer and to get to the answer we ought to get under His umbrella of love.
You might be going through a storm today and Jesus has the cover and the protection you need. He loves you more than anyone. He loves you so much that He protects you and He blesses you. Remind your heart that God loves you. Remember His love. That is where you need to go first in order to reach the answer. God is not mad at you. God has not forsaken you. He is welcoming you with open arms all the time. Trust in His love. The answer is in His love. He so loved you that He gave His only Son so you wouldn’t perish. This is key. Jesus won’t let you perish. He died on the cross so you would make it today. That is the answer. His answer is that you won’t perish. His answer is that you are going to go through this storm with Him and you are going to reach the shore of peace and victory. Trade your frustration, your fear and your confusion for His answer. Jesus has the answer you have been waiting for. Look to Him. Look at the answer to your headache in His redeeming and protective medicine which is His love. Don’t try to figure it all out on your own. Jesus is the answer and He has figured it all out for you. Trust Him. He will not let you down! He is the way, the truth and the life.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 53:5; John 14:6; Hebrew 4:16