God will make a way for you

I have seen God intervene in my life on many occasions. He is still active and blessing me in ways that blow my mind. One thing that has become very clear to me in the last 10 years is that God makes a way where there is no way. When all seems impossible, He shows up and transforms my situation. He has an amazing ability to change my circumstances for the better. He is an expert at doing the most extraordinary things. He has a giant heart that beats for all humanity and His love creates miracles in our lives. He parts the seas of difficulty and paves the way for greatness and goodness. God is one of a kind and He deserves our highest praises. Today I want to remind you that God will make a way for you. I want to encourage you to stay in faith and to expect God to do the impossible in your life. He can do it and He will do it. Stay strong. Stay encouraged. You are not waiting in vain. Wait patiently and in faith. Something very amazing will take place in your life when you least expect it. God is making a way for your breakthrough. It’s coming. It’s not impossible!

God will make a way for you. Think about the most incredible thing God has done. He saved humanity through His Son. The ultimate sacrifice happened and opened the door to salvation for anyone who believes. It seemed like something that could never happen but yet He made it possible. God made a way for salvation to enter the world. God made a way for peace to come. God made a way for love to show up. God made a way for joy to be available. God made a way for miracles to be real and not just a fantasy. God made a way for your life to change forever. God made a way for you to have the power to defeat the enemy in your life. God made a way for you to receive the fruit of His Spirit and to grow in the knowledge of His love. God made a way for everything that is pure and noble. God made a way for the impossible to go away. God made a way for you to be more than a conqueror in this life. God made a way for whatever you will ever need.

Today you might be stuck on a road with no way through the hurdles that are right in front of you. Things might be looking impossible. You might have run out of faith and run out of options. Now, God has an unlimited supply of options. If you can’t go straight, He will take you through His detours and make a way in the middle of chaos. He will open a path for you even though there are obstacles on the way. No obstacle is impossible for Him to remove. The way might be blocked but He can unblock anything. He can undo any situation and solve any problems. You are going to make it through the craziness of this world. Life events are not going to be able to stop you because the Lord will go before you and He will make a way for you. Trust that He can part the way and let you walk on a safe and secure land. The enemy has placed land mines on your way but the angels of the Lord are going to disarm them. You have the most powerful Lord in the universe and He has an army of angels that will minister to you when you need help. Keep your faith in the God who makes a way. Something very good is coming your way. Hold on to your faith. Don’t lose hope. God is going to make a way for you to get out of the trials and tribulations that have been blocking your path. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:3; Isaiah 43:19; Romans 8:31


Believe and you shall receive

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Jesus makes a powerful statement in this verse, Mark 11:24. He addresses praying with faith. I used to wonder how I should pray. I used to have a few prayers memorized. They made me feel good but they left me empty at the same time. Those prayers were not a way for me to connect with God. They were meant to fulfill the need to seem holy and godly but they didn’t do much for me. I didn’t even have faith that God heard me. I prayed and the words didn’t go anywhere. I knew there was more to prayer and it took me a while to find out about the power of prayer. Prayers combined with faith equals powerful prayers. I also learned that prayer was a conversation and not a one-way street. Prayer is talking to God and hearing from God and it is also making requests that God hears. That is the point. We have to believe that we are heard. Naturally if we go to someone who can help us and we keep asking him or her for help, the person will get tired of our requests. That person will think that we don’t really believe he or she can help us because we keep asking the same thing over and over again. It is the same with God. If we go to Him and keep asking the same thing, He will not get annoyed with us but He will see that we don’t really believe that He can help us. “If I keep asking, I might get what I need” is often what we believe. We can get so desperate that we repeat our requests until something happens and something changes. That is not the language of faith. Faith doesn’t question God by asking Him to do something a million times. I understand that it is comforting to us to keep asking but it truly is the opposite of faith and like I said, prayer and faith are a powerful combination.

How should we pray then? We should listen to the words of the Lord and pray with faith. Pray and believe that what we are asking is already there. Pray and trust that the answer is on the way. Pray and thank God that we have been heard. Gratitude should be our attitude when we pray. We shouldn’t wait for the answer to our prayers to come for us to be grateful. God hears our prayers and He also hears our faith and our doubts. We should work on deleting the doubts. We should work on making faith our default setting when we pray. “What if nothing happens?” you might ask. Well, in the name of Jesus something good will take place. We ought to be patient and to stay in faith. A few years ago, the Lord impressed a great message on my heart. When I was praying, He whispered to me that it is easy to have faith when everything is going well. Such a simple message packed with so much truth and wisdom. Faith should be maintained all the time. Faith is very useful when the seas of trouble are rocking our boat. Faith is the anchor we need in the storm. It is not just about thanking God when all is well. Faith is about thanking the Lord even when things are not going the right way. When we pray and we feel like nothing is going to change, faith says that it doesn’t matter how we feel. What matters is God and He said that if we believed when we prayed, we would receive what we need.

Jesus’ words about prayer are extremely encouraging. Let’s follow His directions. When we pray, let’s make our requests known to God and then thank Him for the answer. Every time we get into prayer, we should thank Him for answering our prayers instead of asking Him over and over again. God knows how to handle everything and whatever we ask, He will take care of the best way He knows how. I fell into the trap of thanking God for answering my prayers the way I wanted them to be answered. I can’t tell God how to be God but I can show Him my gratitude for always doing what’s best. Whatever you ask in prayer according to the Lord’s will, you will receive if you ask in faith. Spend time in God’s Word and build up your faith. I want to encourage you today to make your requests to God once and then keep thanking Him. Don’t give up. Keep praying with thanksgiving. This will be a great demonstration of your faith and your prayers will be answered. Take God at His Word. He is faithful. He will answer your prayers. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 21:22; John 15:7; 1 John 5:14-15

How great is God’s love for you!

As I am getting closer to God, there is something that is becoming more and more obvious. I am discovering that God loves us unconditionally and in a very powerful way. I can’t gauge His love for us based on my human experience with love. His love is a giant compared to human love. His love is bigger and deeper than the oceans on this planet. We can’t measure His love and we can’t fully comprehend it but we get many glimpses of it and get comfort from those glimpses. I want to get as close to God as possible and in order to do that, I need to embrace His love for humanity and let it settle in my heart. I used to have so many walls around my heart that prevented me from approaching God and from accepting His love. Those walls were not meant to protect my heart but they were meant to keep me captive and to separate me from the love of God. However, there is nothing that can separate us from God’s love. He will always find a way to tear down the walls of the enemy and to touch our hearts. We have a role to play in that process. We need to open our hearts. The walls can come down but if we guard ourselves and we don’t allow ourselves to be loved, we will not know true love. Sometimes we feel unworthy. Sometimes we just don’t know and understand what being loved feels like and looks like. We have an idea of it portrayed in the media but that is not God’s love. We have the love from our family. It can be extremely strong but it’s not God’s love. There are many cases where there is no love at all and that makes it even harder to welcome God’s love. Today I want to invite you to open yourself even more to God’s love. Know that He adores you and you mean a lot to Him. He wants you to take His hand and let Him show you how much He cares for you.

How deep is God’s love for you? No one can answer that question except for God Himself. He tells us in His Word that He sent His Son for us. His Son died so we could live and live more abundantly. He did what it took to demonstrate the most powerful love in the universe. Your life now, your Christian life now, exists thanks to Jesus. It exists thanks to the Love that wouldn’t let go and that went all the way so there could be a way for you and me to conquer death. The Love that died for us did the impossible. It came back to life and it has never stopped living since. God’s love for you is alive, friend. It is alive and well and it will never leave you nor forsake you. It is an ardent love that can do all things. God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is directed to you. You are the recipient of this amazing love so it is time you acted like the loved one that you are. Don’t let people ruin the love of God for you. Don’t let them describe it the wrong way. It is not human. It is not limited and it is not selective. God chose you and me. God loves you and me. God loves everyone. No exception. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is a lie. We also need to remember that you and I are not loved more because we are Christians. God loves people from all religions, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all walks of life. Every single person you will ever meet is loved by God. There is nothing superior about us just because we believe in Christ. God is no respecter of people and His love is always the same. This also means that there is nothing you and I can do that will ever make God love us less. It doesn’t give us a license to sin but it explains why God will always forgive us. The enemy will whisper to our ears that our sins are keeping us away from God and that we don’t deserve His love.

Friend, you deserve God’s love all the time. There are no special times when it is more acceptable for God to love you. His love for you has no conditions and no clauses. There is no fine print that says that His love is not guaranteed. It is always present and it is always vibrant. Rejoice in the Lord because you are loved. If you can’t find a reason to thank the Lord, thank Him for loving you. Thank Him for being with you all the time and for what He did for you on the cross. Celebrate Jesus. Celebrate the Love that will never let you down. Sing of His great love. Laugh and be merry because you are loved. Get filled with the joy that comes from His love. Next time you are facing difficulties, take some time and rejoice over the love of God. Take some time and shake off the pain and the misery by focusing on the Love that can’t die. How big is God’s love for you? You might never find out but know that it will always be bigger than the biggest love you can imagine. Nothing can separate you from God’s love. Nothing! Stay encouraged and enjoy the love that is coming to you from the One who died for you!

Suggested reading: John 10:28-30; Romans 5:8; Romans 8:38-39

The power of God’s love in us

 One of the things that attracted me to God the most was that God was love. He created love. He personifies love. He is the essence of love. You can’t separate God from love and yet we do that all the time. I have seen it in Christian circles. People speaking in the name of God’s love but really speaking in the name of their definition of love. Their definition of love is influenced by their own judgement and there are filters in place that modify God’s love and change it into a human version of love. God is pure love and that is why I was so interested in Him. Not because I lacked love. I have a very loving family so I did receive plenty of love growing up but it’s when I looked outside of that circle of love that I felt the pain. I felt the pain of the ones who are not loved. I saw their tears and I felt their fears. God is love and what we all need is God, the true God of love. 

It is sad to hear that people have been hurt by the Church. People have been hurt by what they were told about themselves in the name of God. We put too many words in God’s mouth. Words that He would never utter but that sound good to us. “This is what love is all about” we say. “God doesn’t like these kinds of people” we proclaim. We play God way too often and we forget to consult Him. There is a lot of power in God’s love. God’s love can change anyone and anything. If you need an example of its power, think about how He gave His only Son to save the world. Whoever believes in Him can have eternal life. That is the power of God’s love. His love gave and we received the blessing that defeated death. You and I have the love of God in us. You and I have the power of God’s love in us. Let’s hand it to others. Let’s give God’s love a voice, a hand, a body. We are the body of Christ and we need that daily reminder. We are the body of love and we need that daily reminder.

Do you ever think about how much love it took to save your life and the lives of others? That love that hung on the cross is the most powerful love there is and there will ever be. That powerful love is still here today. It looked like it had died but after three days it came back to life and changed the world forever. That love has the power to resurrect all the parts of your life that are dead. It can change you forever and it can bring back hope forever. You are extremely blessed because the Lord is in you. You are extremely blessed because His love is in you. I think knowing that He is in us and with us is not the hardest part. The hardest part is allowing His love to dominate us and to move us. Maintaining the awareness of His love can be challenging. 

Under pressure from the enemy we have a harder time walking in love. Events, circumstances and people defy God’s love in us all the time. The enemy hates God and he hates love. He hates everything and he surely hates it when you and I access this love and share it. He will even try to convince us that love should be received and not given. He promotes selfishness and makes sure that we keep the power of love to ourselves. He does it by pushing us to focus on ourselves and to have as much gain as we can for ourselves. Love gives. God gave His Son. His love in us can only be activated by giving. Who should we give that love to?

Everyone deserves love. According to God, every single person that walks the earth deserves love. God’s love is very powerful because it doesn’t judge and it doesn’t discriminate. God wants everyone to get to know Him. He is love and He should be known for being love. We can pass it along. We can pass God along. We can give the power to change lives to anyone. Think about concrete ways you can share God’s love. A word, a sentence, a text is sometimes all it takes. Love wants to give peace, joy and freedom. Look at the people you know and don’t know and see how God’s powerful love can impact their lives. A few words of encouragement can be a manifestation of God’s love. A helping hand, a prayer, time spent with others, words of advice can all be voices of God’s love.

There are many things that can be expressions of God’s love. Pray today and ask the Lord to show you how you can express Him to the world. He will guide you and direct you. His love in you can touch lives, mend broken hearts, heal tortured souls and strengthen those who have been weakened. Think about God. Think about love. Meditate on His love and He will open doors of opportunity for you to spread His love. The power of God’s love in you is real. Use it to God’s glory. Spread love, spread God!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 10:12; John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

The blessing that can bless everyone

They say “Count your blessings” but sometimes it is hard to see what blessings are in our lives. Here is a blessing you can always count on; your relationship with God. It is one of the biggest blessings you will ever have. It is a major blessing for you and for people in your life. It can also be a blessing for every person you run into on any given day. It is up to you to see it as a blessing and to cherish it. Cherish it and let it grow. It will bless you day and night and change the lives of the people who need God around you. First you need to focus on what your relationship with God should look like. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to define the relationship and to help you maintain it and prosper it. The Lord said He would prosper you in all you do and I strongly believe that prospering your relationship with Him is on the top of the list. He can prosper you financially but He is more interested in the spiritual aspects of your life because He is Spirit. Encourage yourself to make your relationship with the Lord your top priority. You will understand how big a blessing it is and what it can do for you. It can make you more like Jesus and guide you through the maze of life. This great blessing from God will also keep going. It won’t stop. You can never know God fully but you can keep on walking with Him and learning about Him. Not only will you be blessed by His presence but you will bless others with His presence. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Never underestimate what the Lord in you means to the world. It is part of your mission on earth to share His love and to let Him express Himself through the blessing.

The blessing, as I like to call it because it is the most important one in my book, is phenomenal. It is outlined in the Book of Life and it comes alive in your life when you don’t take it for granted. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, you accept the blessing. You accept a relationship with Him that should stay on 24/7. However, you can switch it off by minimizing it or by ignoring it. I have to admit that I had turned off the blessing for many years. I was a Christian on paper but in reality I lived my life just like anybody else who didn’t know Jesus. I had my “holy moments” but they were not enough to get me close to God. I was basically acquainted with Him but He wasn’t as important in my life as He should have been. I didn’t comprehend the blessing. I had been introduced to it but I quickly put it away and went my merry way without Jesus. He has to be at the center. He has to be recognized as the author of the blessing and the power behind this amazing gift. Jesus is a gift. His relationship with us is a gift and every day we should open it and give it to others. Jesus is there for us but He is also very much present in our lives so He can touch other people’s lives. We can’t be selfish and keep the blessing all to ourselves. Let’s bless someone every day. Let’s pass on the gift and make someone’s day.

When you are close to the Lord and you stay “plugged in”, sharing the blessing is second nature. It is not something you have to think about. You do it naturally. You carry the torch of His love all the time and you look for people whose light is out. You take the torch and ignite their flame again. Some people have never had a light in their lives. They have never known peace, joy or love. God has all those great things for them and sometimes He relies on you to relay those blessings to others. You see, the blessing you have has many branches in the form of small or big blessings. Reach out to others and give them a twig or a branch. The Holy Spirit will show you what you should be distributing around you. Remember that it is all coming from God and give Him the glory for all the good you are doing in this world. You are doing it all in His name and through Him. Humble yourself and share the blessing. Give love, give peace, give joy, give the gift of time, pray with others, pray for others, intercede and stay strong in faith for others. The blessing in your life will never die but it will bring life to barren spirits and peace to troubled souls. Your relationship with Jesus is the blessing that can bless everyone. Make that relationship strong. God is using you to bring peace, deliverance and freedom into this world. Keep doing what you are doing in the name of the Lord!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Numbers 6:24-26; Romans 12:14

Your life will never be the same

God thinks you are amazing. He sees you as a wonderful and precious person. He adores you. He loves you and He would do anything for you. As a matter of fact He did. He sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross so that you would be saved and have eternal life. That eternal life that was bought for you is fully operational today. Your salvation is on. The cross and the resurrection flipped the switch of salvation and nothing can turn it off now. Since you have accepted the Lord as your Savior, things have been up and down. Some days are good and some are bad. Your salvation doesn’t guarantee that you will never have trials but it guarantees that you have Jesus. Let Him be the source of your salvation. You are not saved because of your good deeds but you are saved because of Him. He is the orchestrator of your salvation and thanks to Him everything is in motion.

In this awesome life, the bad doesn’t derail you. This means that even when you are having a bad day, you are still having a better day than when you didn’t have the Lord. He has an array of blessings that are at your disposal. If you step into His sphere of love and care and embrace His salvation, your life will never be the same again. Jesus has a life for you that is full of His glory and His mercy. Adopt the life of salvation. Live it out. Live in His salvation. Be actively saved so to speak. How do you do that? By surrendering to His will, by giving up on yourself and taking on His salvation and by trusting Him with blind faith. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Let His salvation be the decor in the temple of your life. Let your spirit be inhabited by His salvation. Salvation is for today and it is best understood by the heart. When they say “Give your heart” to the Lord, they mean  that your heart should be filled with Him. Trust me, when Jesus is truly your number one, your life is not the same. Step into the Lord’s salvation, close the door behind you and stay there. Your life will never be the same.

I love how Jesus sent us His Spirit so we could have a captain that helps us navigate through this new life. We too often omit to include the Holy Spirit in what we do. We unconsciously sabotage our salvation because a life lived without the Spirit of God is a life that is not reaching the potential of His salvation. The Holy Spirit should be at the center of our lives. We invited Him into our lives. He came into our temples. If we ignore Him every day, He won’t feel welcome. The Holy Spirit is a Person and He should be invited every day. Better yet, He should be expected to stay. I believe that once He is invited into our house, we ought to turn the keys over to Him. He has the right to become the head of our home and to rule our space. He is the best counselor, the best coach and the best guide. As the head of our home, He can transform us from the inside out and usher us into a life where Jesus is celebrated and where the fruit of the Spirit is always growing.

That transformation is out of this world. That is the kind of life we are expected to have. Salvation is that life. A life where King Jesus is king, not just in words but in truth and in spirit. There has to be a heart connection, a love connection, a spirit connection. The Holy Spirit can show us how to live out our salvation so surrendering to Him is very important. What does that look like? It looks like the best life ever. A life where Jesus is on a pedestal is as good as it gets. Glorify Him. Magnify Him. Exalt Him. He will influence your life in a powerful way. You will experience the beauty and the majesty of the King on a new level.

Your life will never be the same. The Holy Spirit gives us assurance and confidence. He helps us develop boldness in the Lord and He gives us the ability to walk in power in the life of salvation. Give Him your undivided attention and He will open your spiritual eyes to lessons that will teach you how to live according to Jesus. You will be taught how to love more and how to be more like Jesus. Love is a huge part of salvation. It is the essence of salvation and when you partner with the Holy Spirit, His love is poured into your heart and you can’t help but love. You will start looking at people in a pure and holy way.

Get excited. You will understand that the Lord loves absolutely everyone and He doesn’t discriminate. You look in the eyes of the people you can’t stand and you will hear how much Jesus loves them. Your life will never be the same. The Spirit of God will give you the power to face any trial and tribulation. You will be equipped to deal with the unpredictable snares of the enemy. The Holy Spirit will change your attitude and your perspective. You will think that the world has changed when in reality the new life in new is giving you new eyes and new strength. My prayer is that you get to live out your salvation and that the Holy Spirit is comfortably sitting in your temple and that your spirit is dripping with His fruit daily. Let Jesus be the center and your life will never be the same!

Suggested reading: John 14:26; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 6:19

Let God sing the lyrics of the song of your life

What does the soundtrack of your life sound like? Have you thought about it? If your life were a song, what song would it be? What would be the lyrics? Music has always had a strong impact on my life and I used to let it direct my moods and my emotions. I would play certain songs intentionally so I would feel a particular way. I would also let music amplify the way I felt at times. When I was down, you could be sure that I didn’t play happy music but I would waltz around with sad music in the background. That sad background noise never helped. It damaged my spirit more than I knew and it created a “comfortable space” that was hurting me. Have you ever found refuge in a wounded place? Have you ever felt better when you allowed yourself to be down abs vulnerable? It is not God’s best for us. His songs are not depressing and His lyrics are always positive.

God doesn’t intend for us to sing sad songs or negative songs. A song could have a beautiful melody and be a negative song at the same time. Think about the lyrics. Think about how the song makes you feel. Our soul can be easily swayed by music and words. Words can harm and words can heal. Words can lift up our spirits and words can bring us down. Words give life and words give death. It’s important that we choose words of life. The Bible contains the most amazing words of life and hope. Jesus has words for each one of us. His words heal, help, build up, lift us up, bless us and express His love for us. Today I want to encourage you to go with the words of the Lord. Know that He sings over you and choose His lyrics over the lyrics of condemnation, fear, sorrow, destruction, worry and death.

Any words that promote negativity should be avoided. I am not saying that we shouldn’t listen to music at all. I am focusing on the words that we hear in the world and in our minds. We can’t shut off the world and we can’t control the words that run through our heads most of the time. What we can do is reject them. There is some tug of war going on in our heads. The negative is pulling on one side and the positive is pulling on the other side. What we accept and adopt is crucial. We can side with the positive and let go of the negative. The key is to fill our minds with the positive words of the Lord. That is why it is primordial to study the Word of God and stay fixed on Him. The Holy Spirit will always assist us when we decide to follow God’s Word.

Read the Word of God as the love letter that it is meant to be. Read it as the love song that was written for you. The Lord sings over you and He covers you with lyrics from Heaven. His songs are extremely uplifting and encouraging. He sings about how He will never leave you nor forsake you. He sings about His love for you and how His Son died for you. God is in love with you and He desires the very best for you. Buy into His lyrics. Make them your own. Sing His songs over your life. Speak His Word over your life. Resist the enemy and he will flee. Resist the negativity and it will flee. Do it with the songs of the Lord in His Word. You will see that the Holy Spirit will give you new melodies that will make every day a beautiful song to God’s glory! Let God sing the lyrics of the song of your life!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; John 13:25; James 4:7

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance

I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across the verse that says, “Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” It is at the beginning of the book of Jude. This book is about the ungodly people but the verse I just mentioned precedes the description of those people. It is like a greeting, a nice wish for all. It is always uplifting when someone addresses us by wishing great things for us. When was the last time you wished mercy, peace and love to someone? I have to say that it is not a common wish for me but I see that I should wish those wonderful things more often. Today I am going to talk about mercy, peace and love and how we can receive them in abundance. I am using the verse from the book of Jude as a prayer these days. It is a prayer for everyone I know and a prayer for the world. The world needs to know that God is merciful. The world needs peace, without a doubt, and the world needs love. Mercy, peace and love are missing all over the world. Mercy is not common knowledge. God’s mercy exists and it is not going away but many people are not familiar with it and they live lives where perdition is all they know and hope is completely gone. Peace nowadays is much more precious than gold and love has been stabbed in the heart by the acts of hatred and violent words of discrimination and rejection. As Christ followers we can help establish faith in God’s mercy, restore faith and brandish the power of love wherever we go. 

I once read a definition of mercy that resonated with me. The definition states that mercy is a love that responds to human need in an unexpected or unmerited way. God’s mercy is His love for us that covers our sins. It is forgiveness. We don’t deserve it and yet the Lord makes it available to us. Jesus demonstrated mercy by healing the sick, by loving everyone and by dying on the cross for all of us. His mercy, His powerful love for us, is still here and it is still part of what we can expect when we are in a relationship with Him. There is mercy for you and me today. God has it and He bestows it upon us. His mercy is a free gift that changes our lives. I want to be more aware of His mercy. I want to praise Him and thank Him every day for His mercy. I have mentioned a few times how the enemy uses sin and guilt to separate us from God. God’s mercy brings us close to God. It bridges the gap between Him and us by going over our sins and pushing them down so we can walk freely toward the Father. It is not the walk of shame but the walk of forgiveness as the Father waits for us with open arms. Talk about the Lord’s mercy. Make it known. Spread its truth. Teach it to the people in your life. God’s love has the power to connect you to God no matter what you did in the past. Embrace His mercy and may it be abundant in your life.

Imagine receiving God’s love in abundance. It is possible. It takes an act of faith and acceptance. Sometimes accepting love is hard but when we get to know the Lord, we get to understand that He is love and accepting Him is agreeing with His love and mercy and letting them rule our lives. We are ruled by all sorts of doctrines and ideas that are not filled with love. We don’t get an abundance of God’s love because of those ideologies that “want us to be good before God can be good to us.” We don’t have to be kind and good for God to love us. We don’t have to do anything. He loves us unconditionally and nothing can ever change that. With His love comes peace. He has a peace that surpasses all understanding. When I get into praise and worship mode, I experience that peace. I do know that it is not temporary and that it lives forever. God’s peace is an ocean of serenity that is waiting for people to get on the boat of faith and sail across His tranquility. Invite His peace into your life by trusting that it exists. Ask the Lord for peace. He will give it to you in abundance. Shift your thinking about peace. God is the source of it and not your circumstances or your feelings. Peace is beyond your emotions. It is a fruit of the Spirit and a gift from God. Receive it today in abundance. Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance as you lift up the name of Jesus every day and you hold on to His promises.

Suggested reading: Psalm 86:5; Hebrews 4:16; Jude 2

The power of love in the middle of a crisis

I was recently talking to a young man who has had a lot of trauma in his life. He has been to very dark places and he has lost his way many times. He fortunately has made a full recovery and thanks to his support system he can lead a better life. He mentioned that in the middle of his crisis, love emerged as his saving grace. It is love that made it possible for him to continue to live and to have hope. Love planted itself in the middle of the darkness he was going through. Like a rose with no thorns, love grew among the weeds and gave him a new life. Love was the color that the darkness couldn’t control. Love was the rose that the bad plants couldn’t hide and the strength that his heart needed. It is the people who showed him love that kept him afloat and that got him to shore. He had been drowning with no faith in the possibility of seeing dry land again. Love didn’t give up on him. Love said “Back off devil” and took control of the situation. Love had pity on him. Love had a different plan for him. I loved how at such a young age he was able to see the power of love and understand it. His story made me think of how love saved my life. Love came and saw the mess that I was in and decided to delete the plans of the enemy and give me a fresh start. Love took me by the hand. Love took me out of my misery. It is the love of the Lord that made things possible. His love changed my life. His love ruined the plans of the enemy. His love gave meaning to my life. His love transformed me. Before then, my life was a constant crisis but love made its way through the panic and came to my rescue. God’s love can get into the middle of any crisis, sound the alarm and get help from Heaven. Today I want to remind you that God’s love is going to make a way. It is going to break the things that are breaking you, destroy what’s destroying you and remove what’s been erasing you. The power of love is going to change your situation for the better.

I always want to believe in the power of love but when I see how much hatred and evil is in the world, I second guess love. There is no doubt that love is more powerful than anything but if we focus on the bad, it will appear to be overwhelming and it will always magnify all the problems in our lives. I understand that things can get pretty bad sometimes. It is a given and it is inevitable but God’s love has something to say about all our situations. It says that God can reverse anything. Love declares and proclaims that the One who died and came back to life holds the keys to an unconditional love that can change all conditions. Love can do the impossible. It can rise from the dead and bring life where there is no hope. I learned that having hope in God’s love is having hope in the biggest and strongest power in the universe. Love can achieve more than we think when we give it a chance. Love will rise up and put down the fiery darts of the enemy. Love can give birth to beautiful moments that will turn into gorgeous memories. Love can multiple and go from one person to the next. I am calling for a multiplication of love in this world. It’s time we passed the love of the Lord around. It is time we became laborers of love whose goal is to make “Jesus famous” by spreading His love.

I want to plant love in the darkest gardens. I want to go around and sow seeds of love in arid soils that need the fertilizing power of love. All it really takes is to let my heart be invaded by God’s love. When we give our hearts to the Lord, love is all we want to distribute. It is the reason for everything and it believes in the impossible. Love is gentle and it is firm at the same time. It is gentle like the Holy Spirit and it is firm like the lion of Judah. It protects and it shields. It encourages and it motivates. It brings light to the darkest times. Today if you are in the middle of a crisis, plant love in the center of your emergency. God is love. He is the One you should be putting in the middle of your situation. How? Pray to Him. Involve Him. Acknowledge Him in all your ways. Thank Him for His love that always makes a way. In the middle of your darkness there is a powerful light and it is the love of God. Your crisis will shrivel under the power of love. Trust God. His love is going to change the tune of your sad song. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-5; Colossians 3:14; 1 John 4:16

God’s love will make a way

Time after time God has proven to be faithful. He has shown me that He always intervenes and His plan is much better than mine. I can’t think of a time when the Lord hasn’t demonstrated His love for me. I might not have seen it when it happened but looking back I have a clear picture of His love and goodness in my life. He is the King of love and that is how I should be referring to Him first and foremost. He is the King of miracles, signs and wonders but His love is what started it all. When I zero in on how much He loves humanity, I can’t help but have hope and see a bright future. Yes, there is a pandemic. Yes, the economy around the world is affected. Yes, people are suffering but I say “No” to losing hope. I say “No” to a gloomy future and I say “No” to discouragement. Our God is too good and too faithful. He is going to pave the way for breakthroughs and deliverance. Let’s stand on His love. Let’s use His love as our cornerstone and believe that His house will never collapse. We are in His house today no matter how dismal things look in our neighborhood. I say “God’s love is going to make a way.” God’s love has made a way. God’s love is standing in the way of what’s getting in the way of our happiness. His love is like no other. God’s love will do the impossible.

I have enjoyed studying and meditating on God’s love. I read about it in the Bible and I read about it in the pages of my life. His mercy and grace are so enormous that they can’t fit in a single book. We need collections of books to try to contain what His love does. I know I am missing out on His acts of love in my life from time to time. I realize that He has His hands in many areas of my life and I need to open my eyes more. You and I are here today because God’s love made a way. You might not be exactly where you wish you were but you are exactly where you should be. God gave His Son so you could stand tall today and enjoy the day. Is that a reality in your life? It is in mine when I keep it in mind. There is a shift in my thinking that needs to happen when problems arise. The problems are not the problem. My stand toward the problem is the problem when my mind sinks to low levels of discouragement. God’s love is still present and it not only visits me every day. It is here to stay. Get ahold of the truth that God’s love will always make a way in your life.Use that truth as the flashlight that illuminates your path when darkness seems to prevail and you can’t see where you are going.

Where you are going is a great destination and God’s love has been there and it is leading the way. His love is a guide, a lamp, a resource, a GPS, a judge in your favor and a solution to all your problems. God’s love never fails and if you are at a point where all seems to have stopped working, go back to God’s love. Build your faith up in His love. Read the Scriptures. Work with the Holy Spirit. Pray and don’t give up. God’s love is as real today as it was on the cross of Calvary. The love that died for you and that came back to life cannot be defeated. You have love on your side. Not just any love but God’s love. His love is opening doors and windows of opportunities for you. You are blessed. You are highly favored. You are highly loved by a God who can do anything. Keep your head up. Look straight ahead. There is a clear path for you with blessings strewn all over it and God’s love is the red carpet that is paving the way. You are loved more than you know by a God who is more powerful than you will ever comprehend. Have faith in His love. Trust that He is taking care of you. God’s love will make a way. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:10; John 3:16; 1 John 4:9-11