10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 122)

Don’t worry about earthly things. There are treasures from Heaven here on earth for you. Thank God for earthly things but don’t praise them and don’t worship them. Thank God you are here on earth but remember that Heaven is your final destination.

Nothing compares to You Lord my Savior.

Nothing compares to You Lord my treasure.

Nothing is lord over me except for You my Savior.

No gold is worth more than You, Lord my treasure.

Take the time to be patient. Take the time to wait for God. Take the time to enjoy the time. Take the time to know God. Take the time to give back some time. Take the time to love people. Take the time to thank the Lord for this time. It’s one of the things you won’t get back!

With the Lord, hope has a new meaning. It means what was dead is coming back to life. What was lost is found. What was impossible is possible. Keep your hope in the Lord and your world will change forever!

Love should have no conditions and no limitations. Love should have no judgement and no criticism. Love should see no color and no discrimination. Love should have no boundaries and no restrictions. Love should be free and should never be purchased with deeds and good actions. Love should always be founded in Jesus because He is the definition of true love!

Falling happens. The fall can be rough but every time you fall, know that God is tougher than the fall and He will get you back up. Let Him take your hand and help you up. Jesus fell when He died on the cross but He rose again. You will rise. Your resurrection time is coming.

The fruit of the Spirit grows on trees that are anchored in the Lord. The fruit of the Spirit grows in the lives of those who water the tree with the Word. Let the fruit of the Spirit be your main harvest. You will reap peace, love, faith and joy and many other wonderful blessings!

The Lord is always smiling. He is smiling at you and me. When the world is frowning, turn to the One whose smile is always shining. Focus on His love and turn away from the hatred you see in this world. God’s love will teach the world around you how to smile and how to shine a light a hope where there is darkness.

There is a power in saying thank you before your blessing comes. Thank the Lord for all the things you can’t see. Thank Him for being faithful and true. He will never let you down. He will never fail you so thank Him all the time!

Life is a puzzle. Trust that God has all the missing pieces. He even has the ones that don’t seem to fit anywhere. He makes things work for the best and the pieces that He has will always come at the right time and at the right place.

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 29:11; 1 Corinthians 6:14; Ephesians 6:10

It will happen to you

Years ago I wrote about how I used to think that good things could only happen to other people. I used to believe that when it came to blessings, I was skipped. It was as if there was a bucket of goodness that never made it to me. I could see people holding that bucket and enjoying what was inside but that bucket never materialized for me. It was a fantasy. I could spot it from miles away but it remained a distant wish, an unreachable blessing. When I became a follower of Jesus, my mindset started changing but I had so many poor thinking patterns that I couldn’t get myself to trust that the Lord Almighty wanted to bless me. I didn’t see God’s favor in my life. I saw glimpses of it but other people seemed to be a lot more favored. God shook my way of thinking. He demonstrated His love and all I could do was be in awe of Him. He loved me and I began to experience a love that was way bigger than all the love I had received in my life up to that point. His directives were clear. He said in His Word that we should follow Him

and believe Him. He indicated that if we sought His kingdom first, all things would be added into us. It’s the “all things” part that began to resonate with me. My Lord, my Savior had a kingdom that I pursued and every time I failed to follow Him, His mercy and grace were there. When I realized that His love for me was real and that His love for us all was the same, I saw a major shift in my life. You and I deserve God’s love. He is no respecter of people. He adores us and loves to bless us. He showed me first that good things could happen to me and then that they would indeed happen to me. I want to echo His message today and let you know that it can happen to you and it will happen to you. Consider “it” as the blessing or the breakthrough that you have been waiting for. Nothing is impossible to the One who adores you. You are favored and you are highly blessed. Let your head get into that mindset.


It can happen to you. Anything is possible to the one who believes. Anything is possible to our God. He can do all things and He can do them anytime. His timing is perfect and His willingness to bless us is constant. You are probably waiting for something good to happen in your life. You are probably in need of a breakthrough in an area of your life. God has that breakthrough for you. There is a miracle and a blessing coming your way. That blessing can happen. No forces in the universe can stop the Lord from blessing you. Your mind can get in the way and that is what you need to work on. Your good deeds and your kindness won’t buy you a ticket to your next blessing. They are wonderful actions but your faith will get you to your next blessing. Maintain a culture of hope within yourself. Keep a door open to hope and let your mind be a field where possibilities are being developed as you water them with the Word of God. You can be blessed. You can be delivered. You can be promoted. You can be healed. You can make it. You can keep going. You can be a living testimony. You can have what your heart desires in agreement with God’s will. Great things can take place in your life. A life of abundance of Jesus can be your life. Peace can happen. Joy can happen.  Love can happen. Patience can happen. Faith can happen. It can all happen to you, friend. Hold on to our wonderful Lord. When doubt cripples your mind, tell yourself that the blessings of the Lord are about to overtake you. Overcome doubt with the hope of a new day. God is about to do for you what you thought was only reserved for others.


It will happen to you. The blessing is on its way and today you can expect it. You can embrace it and you can rejoice in the present having the confidence that something great is definitely coming. You are in a place where amazing things can take place. Why? Because you are in a place where the Lord is always with you. His Spirit is in you and His promises are part of your life. Whatever He said He would do in His Word is a promise that belongs to you. You are entitled to blessings and victories. Yes, friend there are victories labeled with your name on them and they are being shipped as we speak. Those victories will happen to you. It is just a matter of God’s perfect timing. Don’t worry about how and when. Just remember that He has the how and the when. The answers to your prayers are a done deal. God knows how to fix everything in your life. I need to say this again; God knows how to fix everything in your life. Whatever needs to be mended will be mended. Whatever needs you have today will be met. Go from “it can happen to you” to “it will happen to you.” Anything and everything good can happen with God and you, dear child of God, are going to be the recipient of so many good things that the blessings in your life will speak for themselves. You will see the hand of God in your life clearly. There will be no doubt. Keep believing. Stay strong in your faith and keep in mind that it will happen to you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14: Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26

How we can stay in the present

I have great expectations and I always look forward to what the Lord is going to do in my life. Sometimes those expectations take over and I spend more time in the future than I do in the present. I received a message the other day about the importance of staying in the present. It was an old message that I needed to hear again. “Staying in the present” sounds like an old adage that has been lost lately. With all the things that are going on in this world we don’t want to stay in the present. We want to fast forward and get to the better part of our next chapter. We want God to end the current paragraph and move on to the next page as soon as possible. Now, the next passage might be a continuation of our current story and the story might last a little longer than we would like it to last. The Lord’s message when it comes to dealing with our present condition is to stay in the present. We shouldn’t rush to the next big thing. We shouldn’t desire to be anywhere else but here. You might say that being here and now is like having a nightmare we can’t wake up from. Staying in the present means enjoying life now and not waiting for (a better) life to happen. It’s staying focused on Jesus today and seeing Him in this moment. Today I want to encourage you to be present and to explore what today has to offer. Today was created by the Lord and He said that you and I can rejoice today and enjoy the day. What can you do to stay in the present?


Faith is believing in things that we haven’t seen yet. It is being confident that God will make a way and that there is nothing to worry about. Faith gives peace because it gives us the assurance that God is in control no matter what. Exercising our faith allows us to stay in the present. Faith says “God is in charge so my future is taken care of and I can enjoy His peace now.” Faith removes worry from the present since it (faith) knows that the future is bright and nothing is impossible to God. Faith looks at the now and sees potential, miracles and breakthroughs. Faith loves the present because it understands that anything can happen now. Faith sees opportunities where doubt sees disabilities. By disabilities I mean limitations and disadvantages. Doubt says that we have limited space to move around but faith sees the vast space of possibilities where we can thrive now. Now is the time to have those “wow moments” and those moments happen when we look at the Lord and stay fixed on Him. The Lord is more than amazing and He is incredible and if we spend today seeking His face and celebrating Him, we will rejoice in the present and see what faith wants us to see.


When we live in the here and now, we take the time to walk at God’s pace. God is everywhere. He is in the past, in the present and in the future and what we have now is the present so we might as well spend time discovering what God is up to now. He is always active and He is always doing great things. It’s good to look forward to what He will do but we shouldn’t forget what He is doing now. God is blessing you and me now. God has a plan for our lives that involves the present. Do you know what God is doing for you now? If you have no idea, slow down and walk at His speed. Pray that you can see Him now. Ask Him to open your heart to His present blessings. God loves you today. God blesses you today. He is doing things for your life that require your attention. He is speaking into your life and He wants you to hear the songs He is singing over your life. Being in His presence is a major blessing and it is happening now. Worship Him now. Praise Him now. Pray to Him now. Listen to Him now. Remember that God gives so we can give to others. Staying in the present is receiving from God now and giving what we get to others.


You can stay in the present by blessing someone else today. God’s love that has been poured into your heart shouldn’t be limited to you. Open the gates of blessings and start giving people peace, love and joy. Be a servant of the Lord today and be a servant of others today. God wants to use you at this moment. Pick up cues. Look for signs of what He would like for you to do. Be present by being a servant. Let today be a day of giving and loving. Give part of today away. Be the present that someone is looking for today. Serve with a humble heart. Serve without thinking about the future. Look for ways to help and ways to share the Lord today. There is so much you and I can do today. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow to touch the lives of people around us. Staying in the present means taking action now. May your actions be a reflection of God’s love for the world today. Let your words be used by the Lord today. Stay in the present. Cherish what the Lord is doing at this very moment. Look for the Lord in the present. He will be with you in the future. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Rejoice over today!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:18-19; Matthew 6:34; Ephesians 5:15-16

What happens when you are filled with God’s Word?

Yesterday I woke up hearing “The battle is still going on but Jesus won the war.” I heard it deep down inside over and over again. I also heard “Jesus is more than enough and His grace is sufficient.” Out of the abundance of the heart comes revelation. If our hearts are filled with doubt and doctrines of the world, those negative things will speak to us first thing in the morning. If we fill our hearts with God’s hope and His Word, God will speak to us first thing in the morning. I used to be a huge fan of music. I listened to different types of music including Christian music but it wasn’t the main genre I gravitated toward. What spoke to me first thing in the morning were lyrics of songs that depressed me or that gave me a false sense of peace. I knew those words too well and they made up the frame of my thinking to the point where I could barely get out of that negative structure. I knew about Jesus’ victory but defeat is all my heart could see. I couldn’t understand why I was so down and why things always went astray even though I believed in the Lord. 


My problem was that I believed in the world more. My cup was full but it was mostly filled with the wrong water. I was thirsty for spirituality but I kept drinking the negativity. I could say that my cup was overflowing with the wrong content. God should be our number one. That is how it works. That is how we win the battles. That is how we can thrive as believers. That is how we are intended to be. Today I want to encourage you to fill up your cup with the Lord. Let Him fill you up to the brim. Let Him give you what you need. Replace the world with the Lord. Your heart will speak to you  and say exactly what you need to hear at the right time. Let God be the overflow in your life. Cut off the junk that is making you drown on the inside.


I get so encouraged when I hear uplifting messages from the Spirit of God out of nowhere. Those messages seem to hit home even more first thing in the morning because they set the tone for the day. I listen to them and I repeat them to myself through the day. When Jesus says that His grace is sufficient for us, He means it. He means that we have nothing to be afraid of, we have nothing to fear because He is more than enough for us. Our problems could seem to be a lot but Jesus is much more than those problems. Let’s not be intimidated by how big our trials are. Jesus already judged and assessed the situation and He says “I can handle this more than easily. I’ve got it. Nothing is too hard for Me.” Those are words that touch your heart and pierce your soul. You feel comforted, protected and strong when you hear them. You need to hear them and you can get to that point of hearing them all the time when you put the right words in front of you. Put the words of the Lord in front of you as much as you can. Read His Word. Pray His Word. Sing His Word. You need to get filled up and you need to stay full of Him. Ask the Lord to saturate you with His presence. Ignite the process by giving Him first place.


When discouragement comes, we have two choices; we can give in to it or we can fight it. I suggest fighting it every time. Fight it with the weapon of praise and fight it with the word of your testimony. Let that word be a word of how great your God is. Don’t let the negativity get to you by making you say all the wrong things about your situation. You see, misery loves company and when you start having self-pity parties, you end up with a host of negative agents that keep you in a negative cycle. When negativity comes at you, fight back with positivity. It may sound simple but it does wonders. There is positivity in you. The Lord is in you and He is the most positive One there is. Dig deep inside of you and extract the Lord’s positivity. The more you do it, the more it will become a reflex. Those positive reflexes can save you every time. They are habits that we ought to develop. Watch what you watch! Watch what you listen to. Watch what you allow in you. There is so much junk in the world that wants to form a pile of garbage in you that will turn you into a dumpster of sadness and defeat. The enemy will dump his worst lines into your spirit and prevent you from rising up when you fall. Don’t feed your spirit junk. Give yourself manna from Heaven. Feed your spirit the good Word of God.


I like to thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. I thank Him every single day. Isn’t it just amazing that His Spirit dwells in us? I emphasize it and it is so real to me. It guides me and it steers my thinking in the right direction. It points me toward the ocean of hope and I ride the waves of peace every chance I get. I still have to fight the good fight of faith every day but I have an Insider who gives me all the information I need when I need it. The Holy Spirit is the Insider who knows it all and who can give us all. I rely on Him and He speaks. He reveals. He gives. He counsels. He encourages. He shows up. He shows off. He shuts down the enemy. My prayer is that you and I continue to get filled with the knowledge that the Lord is more than enough. His love is the most powerful force in the universe. We have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Let’s stay filled up with the wisdom of God. Let’s stay encouraged and let’s stay strong in the Lord.

Suggested reading: John 8:32; John 16:13; Ephesians 5:18

You are so blessed!

I often talk about the lies of the enemy and how the more we hear them, the more we believe them. They end up becoming our reality. They form a world that is not founded on God’s promises and that is where we live for a while. Those lies need to be denounced. The enemy needs to be called out for what he is trying to do. This web of lies needs to be removed from our minds. The spider on that web can look way bigger than it is and can keep us in a state of fear for a while. The Lord is bigger than the spider that is intimidating you today. Jesus won against the enemy on the cross. That is the reality that you and I should be enjoying every day. Yet we live defeated lives because we are captives of the thief and the killer who should have no control over our lives. Today I invite you to claim your life back. Call out the enemy and call on the Lord. You are blessed. You are highly blessed and favored. Learn how to live that out. Learn how to dissociate from the lies. Step on that spider with the footprint of the Lord. Walk in faith. Walk over the lies. Walk over the web of lies. God has many blessings for you that will drive the enemy crazy. You can reach that level of blessings when you are in sync with the Lord and His Word. The lies stop now. It’s time you proclaimed God’s reality for your life. You are so blessed! Thank the Lord for that!


Imagine you were able to walk 5 miles without stopping but something had been telling you that you couldn’t walk past the front door of your house. Imagine you had the power to walk and go forward but your mind had convinced you that only other people have the power to walk so you better stay home and not move. That is what happens too often with the enemy. He tells us that we can’t go anywhere and his negative thoughts paralyze us. We stay in one place afraid of making a move. We stay in a place of pain and sadness thinking that peace and joy are not for us to enjoy. We miss out on blessings because we believe that those blessings are not for us and could never happen to us. The Lord said that we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. The truth of the Lord is there and it can’t be changed. His truth indicates that you and I are blessed. He calls us blessed. We are blessed indeed but the power of negative thinking prevents us from accessing that truth. When the enemy screams his lies, we ought to sing praises to the One who blesses us. Let’s replace the lies with God’s truth. Let’s speak up against the lies and walk in the truth. Your blessings are here, friend. You are so blessed that the opposition will do whatever it takes to derail you and to demoralize you. When you are in that defeated state, good things can’t come to you. You don’t have faith in the blessings.


The goal is to move on from the lies. Getting in agreement with God is a great solution. Make a contract with God by focusing on your covenant with Him. State the terms of the contract by speaking God’s promises and blessings over your life. You have to be diligent and you have to be relentless. Go over the contract in your mind over and over again. Have those promises close by and read them out loud as often as you can. Keep them in your heart. Recite them. Sing them. Do whatever works best for you but do something. This requires some work on your part and it will always pay off. When a lie pops into your head, say that you are highly favored and blessed. When financial fear shows up, declare that the Lord is your provider and that you will lack nothing. It may look differently but don’t look at the world’s appearance, look at God’s assurance. He assures you that He is for you and He is blessing you. You are extremely blessed and when you speak blessings over your life, you experience them on a different level. Your words have the power to bring good things to pass. Stay positive. Stay anchored in the Word of God. Keep your eyes open to God’s truth. Silence the lies and amplify the volume of the Lord’s truth. You are so blessed that blessings are overtaking people around you. It’s the reality that you can have in Jesus’ name. Claim it. Embrace it and live it!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Numbers 6:24-26; 2 Corinthians 9:8

The beautiful voice of God

What does God sound like? I have never heard His audible voice but I hear Him every day. How? In His Word. I look for places where I can hear Him all the time and His Word is the number one place where I can hear the beautiful voice of God. He speaks through every word, through every scripture. I don’t read His Word as a novel. I read it with intention, with devotion, with an open heart and with the Holy Spirit. I read to hear. I don’t read it to interpret it according to my human experience. I read it so it transforms my human experience. God’s voice declares life. It changes life. God speaks and miracles happen. God speaks and creates. God speaks and love is loud and clear. God speaks and comfort and encouragement are made available. God speaks and the opposition flees. God speaks and fear is silenced. God speaks and joy is manifested. God speaks and trouble “gets into trouble.” God speaks and the sea is parted. God speaks and revelation pierces your soul. God has a voice that can’t be denied. Open the Word of God and read it with a meditative heart and a mind that’s open to hear His heart. God’s gentle voice will speak volumes into your life so you can in turn be the spokesperson for love, faith, hope, redemption, mercy and grace in Jesus’ name.


When you study the Scriptures and meditate on them, they stay with you. They pop up throughout the day. They show up when you need them the most. They get into your heart and make themselves comfortable there. Those verses are the voice of God and they get activated in you by the Holy Spirit. He reminds you of the Word and gives you fresh insights and challenging yet encouraging revelation. The key is to spend time in the Word and to prayerfully seek the voice of God. It is ok to ask for revelation and to ask the Lord for an open ear so you can hear Him. I ask Him to open the eyes of my heart. To be able to see His revelation I have to have open ears because I can see what I hear better. I need an audio file along the video files He downloads into my heart. Seeing is hearing. When you tell someone “I hear you” you are saying that you see what they are saying. God has a lot to say and we can see what He is saying when we are willing and open to hearing from the heart. The ears of our heart give us access to some of the most profound secrets in the Word of God.


God has a subtle and beautiful voice. His voice echoes His Word and it always comes with love, reassurance, encouragement and life. God’s voice brings life. It never points toward death. It never speaks of failures. It never discourages and it never speaks of defeat. The Lord conquered death and all its negative agents so He will never magnify the negative. If you hear a subtle voice that tells you to give up or that says that things will never get better, know that you are not hearing God. It is amazing to know that we can hear God’s voice. He says in His Word that we can. We are His sheep and His sheep hear His voice which means this is something we should expect as followers of Christ. Today be assured that you can hear God’s voice. Look for it in His Word. He is louder than you think. Open your Bible and expect great things!


God’s voice is beautiful because it is always filled with love and intense peace. His voice makes the noise of confusion and fear stop. His voice is a force to reckon with. It speaks the truth and it speaks freedom. If you are feeling oppressed or heavy today, look for God’s voice. His voice will soothe your soul and heal your wounds. His voice will be the melody you need to stay in peace and to feel joy again. His voice is indescribable and yet it is tangible because it touches you to the core. His voice is the song that never stops. He sings over you and He rejoices over you. His voice is a river of blessings that drown your misfortune and your misery. Jump into the river with both ears first. Listen to the voice of love, the voice of reason, the voice of liberation. The beautiful voice of the Lord might be muffled by the sounds of the world but if you take the time to dig, you will find the beauty under the ashes and you will be highly blessed. God is always talking so keep listening and become His voice to the world around you!

Suggested reading: John 6:63; John 8:47; John 10:27

Stretching your faith

This year we have had many opportunities to stretch our faith. I like to call bad times and trials opportunities to walk in faith. It is during those times that we find out what our faith is made of and how far we need to go on the faith walk. There are times when we can walk a few feet and other times when we have to walk miles. The faith walk can be strenuous and it can be hard but it is always worth it. If we endure and stay in faith we will not only see miracles happen but we will also develop faith muscles that will help us carry bigger loads in the future. When the enemy tries to pile up heavier negative circumstances on us, we will have the muscles it takes to deal with the heaviness and give it all to God in faith. Faith is about trusting God no matter what. It is about looking at the impossible and not being fazed by it. I like to say that faith lives in the realm of the impossible made possible. Faith looks at circumstances and says “Thank You Lord because you have already handle it all.” Today I am inviting you to embrace the faith opportunities and to see them as times or seasons when you can stretch your faith.


You and I dwell in the shelter of the most High. God is our refuge and our fortress. We are well-guarded and we are well-protected. If we guard and protect our hearts, we will be able to trust that God is indeed our refuge and our fortress. When we let our hearts be troubled, we remove a layer of protection that keeps us anchored in the Lord. If we let our circumstances twist God’s reality in our hearts, we are losing the good fight of faith. The good news is that we may lose battles but we can also get back on the horse of faith and keep on going. There is no doubt in God’s mind that He can save us from any danger. There is no doubt in God’s mind that He can help us, bless us and turn our situations around. Doubt comes to our minds and that is what we need to fight with faith. Bad things are bound to happen. We can’t escape from them so it is advisable that we become resilient in faith and that we stretch our faith so we can deal with the next ball of trouble life will throw at us. Our mustard seed of faith has to grow at some point but not necessarily as much as we can think. Jesus said that a seed was enough to move a mountain. The key is to have faith in our faith at times. Having faith that we have enough faith. Bad times and bad circumstances help us get a better idea about the extent of our faith. Let’s welcome the trials of life and see them as stepping stones for greater things. They are meant to break us but they can build us up and strengthen our faith.


When something bad happens to me, my first thought is now,”How is God going to get me out of this?” I used to wonder how I would get myself out of my problems. You see, God is my refuge and He is the One who takes care of my problems. What I need to do is stay in faith. When a challenge arises, my faith is ready to take on that challenge. The goal is for me to stay focused on Jesus and to feed Jesus to my mind otherwise I can feed all kinds of crazy thoughts to my head. The good fight of faith is a fight where we are consistent and we don’t waver. We stay strong and we hold on to hope. If hope seems lost, the fight leads us back to hope. Stretching our faith implies resisting the temptation to give up. I talk to myself a lot. I use words from the Bible, encouraging words from the Holy Spirit. I say them out loud and they help me stay on track. The Spirit of God is the best coach when it comes to stretching our faith so I give Him a voice by repeating what He has said. I persevere and I look forward to when my solutions come but I also stay encouraged in the moment. I praise the Lord when the going gets tough. Friend, keep praising the Lord even when you are hurting. Stay with the praise. Keep being thankful. You will stretch your faith and you will grow spiritually. Don’t give up. Your Refuge is going to get you through this!


Suggested reading: 1 Timothy 6:12; 2 Timothy 4:7: Ephesians 6:10-18