10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 200)

Faith helps you tell people what you know and not what you think. Faith knows God’s truth and it sticks to the truth no matter how you feel.

God’s hope is highly contagious. Spend time with God. Spend time in His Word and you will catch His hope and spread it around. God’s hope is the best  remedy against the symptoms of doubt.

Every good thing comes from the Lord and you need to expect God’s things in your world. Expect His blessings and His love. Expect God when the enemy wants you to expect the worst. God’s best always overcomes the enemy’s worst case scenario.

God’s unconditional love covers all sins and heals all wounds. His love doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t point the finger and it doesn’t judge. It doesn’t create divisions and it doesn’t blame anyone. God’s love blesses and it restores.

Let’s make God’s love the trend that never goes away. Let’s make loving others so trendy that it becomes part of every community in every nation. Let’s make God’s love popular. Let’s make His truth famous.

There are huge blessings that your mind can’t fathom. There are big dreams that your mind can’t think of. There are incredible breakthroughs that your mind can’t dream of. There is an amazing God that can change your mind!

Praise is a song in your heart that sings of God’s goodness. Praise is an action in your life that speaks of God’s kindness. Praise is a thought in your mind that thanks God for His holiness.

Fear not because God is faithful and He will always protect you and bless you. Fear not because God is in you and with you. Fear not because God has already taken care of your situation. Fear not and know that He is God!

Jesus healed the blind and He can heal your narrow vision so that faith is your eyesight and hope is your way of seeing life.

The power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you. The power to save and to change anything is in you. The power of Jesus is in you. Greater is the power in you than the lies of the enemy in this world.

Suggested reading: Psalm 42:11; Isaiah 40:31; 1 John 4:4

Your daily Thanksgiving

When I was praying the other day I was so grateful for the Lord. I was grateful for His love and for who He was. I am grateful for Him every day. Every days is Thanksgiving for me. I can’t start my day without praise and thanksgiving. I don’t need a reason to be thankful. There is so much to be thankful for. The problem is that my mind gets in the way and looks at what I don’t have or IT tries to focus on what others have. It is a very detrimental approach. It is not what the Lord wants us to pay attention to. We all have blessings. If we have Jesus as our Savior, we have reasons to celebrate and we have blessings to be grateful for. Your Thanksgiving is not just on the last Thursday of the month if you leave in the USA. It is every day. Thanksgiving is a daily occurrence in the life of the believer or at least it should be. Have your Thanksgiving session a few times a day. God loves to hear how thankful you are. He wants you to have a praise and thankful attitude and leave your complaints behind. You can sit at the table of the Lord and enjoy His Thanksgiving meal. There are so many things on His table that you can be thankful for. There is enough food for thought for you to focus on. Wisdom from the Lord is available at His table and it is worth all the money in the world and more. Today I encourage you to stay at the table of the Lord and be thankful for Him. Don’t wait for Sunday or for the end of November to be grateful. Your Thanksgiving should be ongoing and it should be a lifestyle.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”* If you wonder what God’s will is for you, look in the Bible and you will find out what His will is. His will for you is to rejoice, pray and give thanks. Rejoice in the Lord. Not just when everything is going well but all the time. You might wonder how you will be able to do that. Ask the Lord for help. When you are down and rejoicing is the last thing on your mind, ask the Holy Spirit to give you His joy. You can rejoice in the middle of the worst times of your life. Not because you are going through a tough season but because the Lord is with you during that season. Rejoice and pray. Pray any time. Pray when life is great. Pray when life is tough. Pray because the Lord talks to you during prayer. Prayer is as much about Him talking to you as it is about you talking to Him. You might find that sometimes prayer is more about God telling you how much He cares and how safe and protected you are. He tells you not to worry and not to fear. Those are great reasons to be thankful for. Give thanks in all circumstances because the Lord is good in all circumstances. His will is that you give thanks. It is a wonderful habit to have. It is what He desires. It is a great way to please God and to remain in His will. Give thanks every single day. Your daily Thanksgiving keeps you in God’s will!

“As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.”** Stay rooted in the Lord and let your faith be centered around Him. Abound in faith with thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an expression of your faith. It is more than gratitude. It is thanking the Lord for what you don’t see with your natural eyes. Let your faith create new songs of worship and thanksgiving in you. Your faith should be attached to your thanksgiving. You should thank God for what you have and for what you know you have in faith. Thanksgiving is not just based on the natural. It should be based in the supernatural as well. You have a supernatural God who does the impossible. Be thankful for the impossible made possible. Every day start your day with thanksgiving and with praise. You will develop a positive mindset and your day will be off to a great start. Thank God for God. Thank God for Jesus. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Rejoice, pray and thank God for all He does and who He is. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16;34; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18*; Colossians 2:6-7**

God made you

God is a creator. God is an artist. Beauty is His final product. Love is the canvas that He uses to make amazing things. You are one of His creations and He used love to create you and He sees you as a beautiful final product. Now, think about how He looks at you. He looks at you with great joy and with great pleasure. He is glad He made you. He is glad you are alive. He was very pleased with you when He was extremely satisfied with His creation. He knows you are the way you were supposed to be. Why doubt and why deny His art? Why think that you should be different and you are not good enough? It is a normal way of thinking because in this world we have standards that are not God’s standards.

We think like the world and we see ourselves through the eyes of the world. We want to be like others. We compare ourselves. We believe that social media is the social norm. God is above all the selfies and all the body images that are so prevalent in this world. He made you in a way that is unique and He wants you to celebrate the person that you are. You have a personality and qualities that are from the Lord. There is a lot of good in you. There is a lot of love you. There is a lot of the world in you that is hiding the good and the love that come from the Lord. Find yourself in Jesus. Find who you are in the Lord. There is a lot of beauty in you that you might not see or that you are not aware of. Today I am here to tell you that God made you and He loves His creation. He loves you. He didn’t make a mistake when He made you. He sees the wonderful person that you are and He wants you to get on the same page. Learn who you are in Christ. Learn about the beautiful creation that is you!

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”* This verse is part of Psalm 139. David wrote it and he thanked God for making him the way He is. David recognized that he was a masterpiece because of who made Him. He honored God by thanking Him for making Him. Honor God, friend. Thank Him for creating you. Celebrate the Maker for His beautiful art. You are His art. You are His creation. You are His love. He loves you. He adores you. We miss out on so much when we are not in tune with God the creator and we don’t take into consideration that He made us. There are things about ourselves that we won’t like. We can find faults with ourselves easily.

Let’s focus on the Lord in us. That is beautiful. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we can’t reject that part of us. We can ignore it but we shouldn’t. You were made fearfully and wonderfully. Your are wonderful. You are a wonderful work of the Lord. Stop criticizing the work of the Lord. Stop putting down what God made. Stop denying the Lord in you. Start thanking God for what He did. Start seeing the beauty. Start seeing God in you. It is what you should see. It is what you need to see. God is in you and you are a blessing and a blessed one. Someone out there is longing to see the Lord in you and if you don’t like yourself, you will not let that light shine. Your beauty, your light is what someone is looking for.

Praise God because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God took the time to create you. He didn’t make someone that is not worthy of His love. You are a work of art that is loved by God. You deserve His love and you should open yourself to it. His love will carry you. His love will get you through anything. His love will allow you to be all you can be in Him. Pray that you receive revelation about who you are in Christ and embrace the one that God made. You have so much to be grateful for and you have so much to give.

Like I said earlier, you are a blessing. God made you a blessing. You are not a curse and you are not a nuisance. You are a wonderful person that makes other people’s lives better. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t minimize the power of the person that you are. You are a person of God whose love can heal and help others. I am so glad that the Lord made you and I thank Him for you. Stay encouraged and remember that you are a unique person whose personality and traits are a blessing. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 1:27; Psalm 139:14*; Colossians 1:16

Paint your future with faith

The other day when I was praying, the Lord put a very interesting message in my heart. His message was about painting. Now, I can’t draw to save my life and I certainly can’t paint but the message was deeper than I thought. He said “Paint the future that faith is telling  you to paint and not the future that  your mind is saying you will have.” He said “Let the eyes of faith show you what your future will be like.” Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen* according to the Bible. I love this definition of faith and it fits perfectly with the message I received from the Lord. Faith knows. Faith doesn’t doubt that God is in control and it knows that everything will be fine in the name of Jesus. Faith sees a bright future. Faith doesn’t ignore problems and difficulties but it doesn’t worry about any of them. Blind faith only sees Jesus and nothing else. Blind faith sees life through the colors of the love of Jesus. Blind faith is not color blind. It can see all the shades of love, peace, joy and victory. The Lord loves our faith because it gets us closer to Him. Today I am here to invite you to paint a picture of your future with the colors of faith. Paint a picture of your future with the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen. Paint it with the brushes of hope and the brushes of confidence. God gives you the inspiration of faith. Embrace it. Find His inspiration in His Word and start painting things that will blow your mind. Faith sees big. Faith sees the impossible. Faith sees the love of God in action. Faith knows without a shadow of a doubt that God will be with you all the time and that He will never leave you.

What did my future look like when I started painting it in my mind? I saw a valley. It was the opposite of the valley of the shadow of death. I call it the valley of hope. A bright and amber sun was covering the entire valley and there was absolutely no shadow. I could see everything. Everything was out in the open and everything was beautiful. The valley represented my life with Christ. It is in the light. It is His light and it is my happy place. There were rivers of joy going through that valley. There were bushes with flowers that had colors that only Heaven could hold because to me they were out of this world. I saw peace taking a stroll through the valley. Peace was everywhere and it was in harmony with the fruit of the Spirit. I saw trees with patience and love hanging on every branch. I saw humbleness and selflessness on every path. I saw truth and wisdom all over the area. They were so prominent that they seemed to be in every fiber of every leaf and every plant in that valley. I saw faith talking to the mountains and instructing the people that were happily walking around the valley. Hope was always in every part of the valley and that was a big factor in my future. Hope is what got me places in that valley. The eyes of faith showed me all this beauty and they can do the same thing for you.

My prayer is that you look at your future with the eyes of faith and with the assurance that great things are part of your future and that  they will never stop to turn up in your life. My prayer is that you put away the bad image of your future that the enemy has lodged in my mind. Your future is bright in the name of Jesus. Hold on to the promises of the Lord. He promised to take care of you and that is what you should remember every single day. Will you have bad days when you see your future through the lens of faith and hope? Absolutely. However, with faith you will get through the worst days and you will remain joyful. Peace will be a big region in  your valley and you will receive a lot of encouragement from the Lord. Start painting your future, friend. Let God show you that what is coming is going to be amazing. Let God show you that even though you might be going through a valley of difficulties, there will always be a place of hope and joy that will overcome that valley. Stay in faith. Look at your life with faith. Hang on to the Word of God. Hang on to the love of the Lord. Paint your future with the brushes of hope. God will never leave you nor forsake. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 11:1*; Ephesians 3:16-17; 2 Corinthians 5:7

When it rains, it pours

“When it rains, it pours” they say. This saying usually refers to something bad. When something bad happens, a deluge of bad things follows it. Some people like to say that things happen in threes. This saying refers to three consecutive events that bring misfortune. It is easy to be superstitious when bad luck appears to be following us. I used to think I had bad luck and misfortune was all I could expect. Jesus changed that. Jesus rewrote my story and He replaces the dreadful times of misery with great moments of joy and hope. He deleted the thought pattern that had me captive and He gave me faith and hope of a better day. He took that bad luck and put it away and gave me a new lease on life. With God we don’t have good luck, we have His promises and we have a covenant that assures us that we are blessed. With God when it rains, it pours but it pours blessings and breakthroughs. We need to learn to stay in faith and that is when we see avalanches of miracles and amazing events. God pours blessings into our lives and at times His mercy and grace do the pouring. It is our faith that gives us access to His blessings and we ought to develop faith in His ability to do wonderful things and to bless us. Today I want to encourage you to believe that with God when blessings rain over you they can also pour. One blessing coming into your life will be followed by showers of blessings.

Take that expression of misfortune coming in strong into your life and turn into a positive saying. Don’t expect one blessing. Expect a lifestyle of blessings. There will be rains of sad events. There will be storms and tornadoes but after the rain there is a rainbow and God will paint your life in many colors that will make you forget the darkness that came with the storm. There are blue skies behind the clouds and God is never far. He is the Sun that is always shining and it doesn’t matter how cloudy it gets in your life. His Sun is permanent and it can warm up your life even during the worst winter seasons of your life. God is permanent. His love is permanent. His power is permanent. His Word is permanent. No season and no storm can change God. No season and no storm will ever be bigger than God. God is the constant spring that gives you beautiful weather despite the heat of the enemy and the winds of opposition. The rain might be here today and you might feel like you can’t get anywhere. When it happens, you might as well stay home. Stay home in the house of the Lord. Use that time to praise Him and to get closer to Him. You are His temple. He is not going anywhere. Make the most of that time and get your worship on.

God brings His own rain after the storms of the enemy. His rain is soothing and refreshing. It is rejuvenating and restorative. His rain will make green grass grow where the enemy had put weeds of chaos. His rain makes things all new again. His rain is a blessing that keeps going. His rain will replace all that had been stolen. His rain is life. His rain is hope. His rain is a new start. His rain is a breakthrough. It is breaking through the hurt and pain and it alleviates your soul. Thank God for His rain of blessings. Thank God for giving you peace again and joy that surpasses all understanding. Expect showers of bliss and serenity. Expect your life to be filled with the power of God and with great peace. God knows how to make it rain and it is the best thing you will experience. You will see Him smile through the events that He will cause to happen in your life. You will sleep soundly. You will walk with confidence. You will experience blessings that you didn’t know existed. When it rains, it pours and God is going to take care of the next season of your life and make it an extraordinary one. Don’t let the storms fool you. God is working on your behalf and powerful things are coming your way. Stay encouraged and stay strong. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Numbers 6:24-26Ephesians 3:20; James 1:17-18

The blessing will be bigger than the battle

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”* This powerful verse in Romans chapter 8 has been an anchor of my faith for some time now. Lately the Lord has been reminding me that with Him the blessings are bigger than our suffering. What is to come is so good and so excellent that it can’t compare to the hard times we are going through at the moment. Today I want to use that message and encourage you. I want to let you know that your blessings are going to be so amazing that they won’t compare with your current pain and your current circumstances. God has something very powerful for you and it will come in time. Trust Him and you will see His glory. Trust Him and you will see what Jesus does for you. He is going to do something that will leave you in awe and that will touch your body, mind, soul and spirit. It is going to feel like time was suspended and you were in a parallel universe. That is how grandiose it is going to be. God can do all things and He specializes in the impossible. You might be going through the toughest time of your life today and I am very sorry to hear that. However, I am also hearing that you have a God who is faithful and nothing is too big for Him.

There are blessings in the pipeline with a delivery date on them. You don’t have to know when they are coming. All you have to know is that they will come. You see, faith knows. Faith knows that God will bless you and that He is true to His Word. Faith doesn’t always have a timestamp to put on what’s to come but it believes that there was a stamp put on your blessing and it is in the heavenly mail. The mailman of the Lord is on his way and the blessing will be dropped most likely when you least expect it. Expect good things. Expect God things like I enjoy saying. The devil has many things for you to make you stumble but the God things are better and they will restore your life. The enemy will always be after you but Jesus will always be with you. He goes before you and He makes a way for beautiful things to happen. God has blessings for you. Don’t let your current suffering erase the visions that your faith is trying to show you. Focus on Jesus. The blessings will come and the suffering will end.

The blessing will always be bigger than the battle. We all have battles and they can be excruciating. God has fought all our battles. We should stand in faith until the victory is a reality in our world. It is already real but we need to let it come to pass in the natural with hope in Jesus and confidence that He has already won. The battle that is taking place in your life right now is no fun and no one can argue against that. It can keep you up at night and it can deprive you of strength and appetite. You have a God of restoration. What He is going to give you is going to be a thousand times better than the battle. Those feelings of fear and defeat are going to be replaced by hope, joy, peace and victory. Something very good is coming your way. Rejoice today. Get into thanking mode. Let faith guide you and stare at the victory and the freedom that is available to you in the Lord. Stay encouraged, dear friend. Things are not easy now but they are going to get a lot better and God will have the final say. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:18*; 2 Corinthians 4:17-18; 1 Peter 4:13

Bless the Lord at all times

Bless the Lord at all times. Keep praising Him. Lift up His name. Exalt Him above everything. Today Sunday is a good day to praise the Lord. Tomorrow Monday will be a great day to praise the Lord. Tuesday will be a great day to praise the Lord. Every single day of the year is a great day to praise the Lord. When you have that mindset and you know in your heart that every day is the day the Lord has made and you rejoice and are glad in it, nothing can defeat you. God is in His praises. Every time you praise Him you invite Him into your life, into your situation, into your problem, into your happy moment. Every day is the perfect day to praise the Lord but you won’t feel like praising Him every day. You see, you have to deal with your flesh. Your spirit wants to praise Jesus all the time but your body, your emotions and your feelings would rather dwell on what is going wrong and give up. Praise is the power that defies all negativity. Praise is of the spirit and it is the enemy of complaint and whining. Your flesh will do what it can to bring you down into the pit of self-pity but if you stand strong, your spirit will take you to new altitudes of praise. Choose to praise the Lord despite how you feel and despite what is happening in your life.

Decide today and tomorrow that you will praise the Lord. Make it a habit. Get used to it. Make it a lifestyle. Find things to say to praise the Lord. Find things to do to praise the Lord and do it even when it hurts and even when it doesn’t feel right. Praise often doesn’t feel right. It feels like you are betraying your mind because your mind tells you that you should be lying down and you should be miserable. Praise says “God is good all the time. In Him I can stand and I can make it.” Your flesh will try to block praise. Go past your flesh. Sometimes when praising is hard, I play some good and uplifting worship and praise music. My spirit enjoys it and my whole being catches up eventually and I have a praise party. Celebrating the Lord is what we were meant to do. We get confused because of our carnal desires that oppose praise but the truth is that we are praise machines that are great powerhouses of worship. Let’s remember who we are in Christ and let’s praise Him more than we complain to Him.

Where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom. When we praise, the Spirit of the Lord is present and in all His glory. He loves our praises. He rejoices with us. He joins us in our praise and He magnifies Jesus. His power to save and to set us free is in full swing when we praise Jesus. Expect freedom. Expect liberty when you praise the Lord. Expect a breakthrough. Expect a blessing. Expect a miracle. Expect positive changes. Expect things to turn around. Expect Jesus to get all the glory. Expect Heaven to sing and praise with you. Let your praise be loud and your fear will go silent. Praise Jesus at all times. He will bless you at all times. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel any difference. God is not in your feelings. He is in your praise and He will make you feel better and stronger. Stick to praise and keep doing it. It is going to be your best practice and the reflex and reaction you will have to life’s worst moments. Bless the Lord at all times. Stay encouraged. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:35; Psalm 63:4; 1 Timothy 2:8

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 199)

The world needs the love of God that you have in you. Be the light that people around you are craving. Be the peace that your world is lacking. Be the joy that can give people strength. Be the first responder that God made you to be!

Today you are not alone. Today you don’t have to fend for yourself. Today you are not fighting battles without an army to back you up. God is your army. God is your ally. You are protected and you are blessed. He will not forsake you and He will not leave. Today you are going to win all battles in the name of Jesus. Stay encouraged!

The power of God doesn’t change. God can do miracles. God can open the seas. God can calm the storms. God can heal. God can transform. God can do all things. Let your faith get you there!

God’s love is available every day. It is there for you Monday through Sunday. 24/7. God never takes a break from loving you. Receive His love and embrace His faithfulness!

Sit at the table of the Lord. Sit where peace is. Sit where the truth is. Sit with the love is. Sit where the joy is. Sit where the Word is. Sit where the Spirit of the Lord. Sit where there is freedom. Sit with God. You are always welcome at His table!

The peace that God gives is not of this world. It will calm the storms within even when the enemy is blasting lies into your mind. Rely on God for peace that surpasses all understanding. Nothing will derail you!

Replace worry with worship. Worship the Lord and sing His praises. Darkness will diminish and the light of the Lord will grow. Worship your way out of fear and worry. Praise the Lord!

Speak against the storms in the name of Jesus. Speak louder than the raging winds. Speak louder than the fear. Speak louder than your worries. Speak louder than the lies of the enemy. Speak louder than the impossibilities. Speak louder than the doubts. Speak in the name of Jesus and expect a breakthrough!

Let Jesus be your answer to everything. Let Jesus be your declaration in everything. Let Jesus be your thought about everything. Let Jesus be your action in everything. Let Jesus be your reaction to everything. Let Jesus be your everything!

Doubt questions God and argues with His promises. Reject doubt. Reject the argument. Side with God. Side with the truth. Know the truth so well that doubt doesn’t have power on you. Spend time in the Word of God and the questioning will diminish.

Suggested reading: Mark 10:27; Hebrews 12:2; 1 John 4:15

Keep standing

When you stand on the Lord, you stand on solid ground. Jesus is the best foundation. He is the Rock of Ages. He is the cornerstone of life with God. He is the author of your faith. Jesus is the reason why you are going to make it and the reason why you are saved. He is the only One you can stand on and He allows you to be steady in your walk. Keep standing on the Lord. Keep standing on the truth. Keep standing on the One who died for you. Keep standing on the base of your salvation. Keep standing on love. Keep standing on peace. Keep standing on joy. Keep standing on God’s promises no matter what. The enemy doesn’t like to see believers standing on the truth. He hates it. He hates the relationship we have with the Lord. What he thinks doesn’t matter. There is nothing he can do to destroy what Jesus already did so let’s have faith in the perfect sacrifice that gave us eternal life. Let’s remember that bad things do happen but Jesus happened as well and He took care of them. “Your bad things” are not permanent. “Your bad things’ ‘ have no power over the Lord. Exert the power of the Lord on your bad things by continuing to stand. Keep standing, friend. You will see amazing results!

Psalm 93:5 says “Your statutes, Lord, stand firm.” We can be firm and keep standing because our Savior is firm and He is who is all the time. He is God and He is Lord everywhere and every time. His power is constant. His love is constant. His strong foundation is constant. His truth is constant. His grace is constant. His mercy is constant. Friend, you are standing on a God who never changes and who can always do great things. He is your Rock forever. Stand because you have Him. Stand because He is with you. Stand because you are backed up by the greatest power in the universe. Stand because you are justified by your faith. Stand because Jesus stood for you before you did and He is still standing. He is still almighty. He is still unparalleled. He is still God and He still has tremendous blessings for you. Keep standing even when it is difficult. Find your strength in the Rock that no one can break and that no one can defeat.

Stand firm, friend. It is worth it. Your faith is worth it. Your hope is worth it. Jesus makes it all worth it. Keep standing. You have what it takes to make it. You have what it takes to keep walking and to keep thriving. Remember that greater is the One who lives in you than the one who is in this world. Jesus in you can weather any storm. You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to rely on yourself to be able to stand. Jesus will prop you up when you are slouching. He will keep you standing when you feel like you have no energy. He will be your crutch. He will be your help. He is your defender and your protector. You can stand. In His name you can stand. When you are discouraged, the Lord is looking at you and encouraging you to stand thanks to Him. Take Him at His word. Keep the faith and keep going. You are going to make it. The Lord is your best ally and He is supporting you. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:89-91; 1 Corinthians 16:13; Galatians 5:1

God does a good work in us

There are a lot of things I can do now that I couldn’t do before. There are things I would have never dreamed of being able to do before but now they are second nature. God has changed me and He keeps changing me as I lean on Him and I rely on Him. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and it is showing me the way. It is molding me, sharpening me and teaching me. God and His Word have revolutionized my life in ways that are just out of this world. Looking back I can see the hand of God in my life and I am experiencing the fruit of this labor of love. I worked at becoming who I am now but the deeper truth is that the Lord is doing a good work in me. He is the change in me. He is the shift in my thinking. He is the alteration in my heart that gives me hope. My heart used to be filled with fear until He altered it and He became the anchor of my heart. I can’t believe all that the Lord has done and all that He is doing but as I get to know Him better, it all makes sense. God works in us when we let Him in and the work is amazing. He gives us the ability to be more like Him and to grow beautifully. Today I want to encourage you to give God control of the areas of your life that you have been holding on to. The change and the growth come when we let go and we let God do what He does best.

Many people are trying to improve their lives by focusing on self-improvement and they search high and low for places where they can find the power to change. They want to change for the better and they are ready to try anything. I have always been interested in self-improvement and I have missed the mark many times. My problem was that I was trying to be someone the Lord didn’t want me to be. I was trying hard to be more like the world and to fit into the world’s expectations. There was a lot of inner work going on and it put distance between me and God but it got me closer to that “worldly ideal” that didn’t help me. I felt empty and I didn’t enjoy myself. I had known God for some time and I discovered that I didn’t need more of the world in me; I needed more of Jesus in me. I turned to the Word of God. A friend had suggested that I went back to the basics of my faith and it started with the Word of God. As the world became a bigger part of my life, so did the Lord. His presence in me made a difference. He became the difference. He was the light that others could see. I didn’t do it so people could see me glowing. I did it so that people could see Him shining.

God does a good work in us when His Word is in our hearts. When we allow His Word to influence our thinking, something pretty miraculous happens. The seed of the Word of truth is planted in our minds and our faith gets stronger. The work of the Word of God in us is a work that is ongoing and that we shouldn’t ignore. The Word of God will never do anything in our lives if we leave our Bible on a shelf and we never open it. The Spirit of God can bring back verses to our minds and remind us of what matters but there is a need for continued fellowship with the Word. It has to be part of our family. It shouldn’t be an acquaintance. You will notice that His work is taking place. It is the Lord that is at work in you like the Bible says. His Spirit will open your eyes to what He is preparing in your heart and to how He is restructuring you and blessing you in powerful ways. Believe that He is doing something. Be confident that He who began a good work in your will carry it on to completion. He is not letting you grow alone. He is by your side and helping you along. Marvel at the work of the Lord in you. Enjoy His attention to detail and His love for every part of your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 1:6; Philippians 2:13; Ephesians 2:10