Going back home

With everything that is going on in our lives, it’s easy to step away from God to attend to the affairs of life. We are invited to pray without ceasing and to thank God all the time. This great invitation is not always received. There are days when life keeps us busy and we miss the invitation. We have to take care of x, y and z and we don’t have time for the a, b,c’s of our faith. The basics of our faith take a backseat and when we have time for God again we find it hard to connect with Him again. I have been there. I have ignored the invitation and I have made myself a guest of other venues and sometimes a guest of not the best places. What I am learning is that carving time for God through the busy times is not only possible but it is primordial.

 “Busy” happens to all of us but it shouldn’t prevent us from making God our priority. When we go astray or when we walk away from the daily invitation to communicate with God, there is hope for a comeback. We are never too far gone that we can’t come home. Home will always wait for us. God is our home and He is always waiting with open arms. The enemy will try to make us feel guilty and he will tell us that we have gone too far from God and there is no way home. That is a lie. There is always a way back home to the Lord. Today I want to encourage you to believe and trust that God is still welcoming you and that your busy life is not a make it or break it factor. God is with you when you are busy and when you have time for Him. Take the time to acknowledge Him in all you do!

When you are so busy that you can’t have any “God time”, you might start to feel like God is far. You might think that He has abandoned you or that He is nowhere to be found. The reality is that He has been there the whole time and you can always tap into His love and His goodness. The key here like I said is to acknowledge Him in all we do. It takes only a few words of acknowledgement. Before entering a busy period, we can thank the Lord for always being there for us. We can thank Him for the work He has provided and for taking care of our lives. I love to tell Him that He is the best part of my life and He is with me through thick and thin.

 I am on His mind even when my mind is a thousand miles away from Him. He is by my side even when I decide to sit with other people and entertain other situations. He is my best situation. He is the best part of every day and I whisper that into His heart silently throughout the day. A whisper, a sigh, a short word is all it takes. Repetition is necessary so that my mind is more aware of His never ending presence. I go home every day at the end of the day. I go home to God every day at the end of the day. I do my best to speak to Him during the day and I make sure I spend quality time with Him at the end of the day.

Going back home is a daily habit so going to God is a daily habit as well. I know in my mind and in my spirit that I will always make time for God at some point. This helps me shut up the enemy when he tells me that I don’t give enough time for God and He will punish me for that. God is love. God is the essence of love. Nothing we do can separate us from His love. We need to step away from the guilt and from the negative feelings the enemy wants us to experience. God is always ready to take us back so to speak but we have to remember that life gets busy and God understands that we have to take care of business. I used to feel so depleted when I didn’t have time for God. I used to feel spiritually drained when I didn’t have time to pray. The problem was coming from my mind. The way I perceived the whole thing was wrong. My mind had the wrong approach. 

The truth was that I could always have my going back home moment and God wasn’t mad at me. He gave me the life I had and He rejoiced over me and over my life. What mattered was that I was always going back home. I didn’t choose to go to places that would alienate me even more. Friend, God is always there and we need to see Him as the Father that He is. He is a Father who is always excited when we come home. If you have been away from home for a long time, trust that the way home is paved with peace, love and acceptance. God will always accept you and love you. Go home every day and go home even if you have been away for a long season. God will always welcome you home. May God bless you and protect you and remember He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:7; Jeremiah 24:7; James 4:8


God is on time

A few years ago I wrote a message about how it is not too late. With God it is never too late. God can act at the midnight hour. God can act when we think He is not going to show up. God has the perfect timing. God knows time better than we do. God is never too late. God is always on time, at the right time. I feel like we need to hear this message again today. We live in a society where time is of the essence and we want to get everything right away. We are in the age of instant gratification. Look at what our expectations are now with the iPhone, with streaming a whole season of a show in just a few hours. Times have changed and we have made sure that everything is available more immediately. We see it as progress and as a great achievement. In some cases I believe it is very useful but it can be detrimental to our faith and to our walk with God. We can’t put God in these instant parameters. 

We can’t accelerate God. We can’t push Him to do what we want Him to do when we want it. The instant God idea we have in our mind is not accurate. Can God perform instant miracles? Absolutely! However, that is not His default. He wants us to seek His face and to wait on Him. His encouragement has not changed. His principles have not changed. Just because it is 2022 doesn’t mean that God is now telling us to expect Him to do things instantly. He is not following today’s trends. He is the trend that never changes. He is the trend we should follow. He defines the time. He doesn’t succumb to time. Our time frames are not His time table. He has His own plans. He has His own agenda. He has His own perfect timing. It’s time we reevaluated our expectations and we sought God. We ought to wait patiently and trust that God is always on time even when it seems He is late. He’s never late.

When I talked about God not being late, I mentioned the time when Lazarus had passed away and His family told Jesus that it was too late. Jesus didn’t see it that way. Even though Lazarus had been dead for a few days, the Lord said it wasn’t too late. You see, to God nothing is impossible. God has no limitations and time is certainly not one one them. Jesus resurrected Lazarus and it was very easy for Him. He showed that “too late” was not in His vocabulary and it still isn’t. We need to think of our Savior as the One who is never late. This should be a priority when it comes to renewing our mind. We ought to work on changing the way we perceive the Lord’s timing.

 We need to replace our schedule with His and trust that He is always on time. He is not delayed by traffic. He is not delayed by an inability to set us free and to help us. No, God can help us and He will when it is the right time. He is not going to let us down. He is going to provide for us and to bless us. We just have to hold on to His promises and stay in faith. God is on time and He is going to do great things for you and for me on time. Thank Him for His perfect timing. Use that phrase when you pray. Use that phrase when the enemy says that it is too late. There is always a plan and there is always a set time. If your breakthrough is not here yet and you have been trusting the Lord, it is not time yet. Time will come. Your set time is on the way. God is preparing something beautiful and timely for you!

God is always on time and He waits for us to be ready. Sometimes nothing is happening because we are not prepared for what’s to come. We are not in the right place to receive our blessing or our miracle. We think we are but we have more waiting and maturing to do. God is a God of waiting and of patience. A lot of great things take place when we wait. The process of waiting and staying in faith is extremely important. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and cultivating the fruit is a powerful habit. We can harvest so many blessings when we cultivate the fruit of the Spirit. God is Spirit and He loves it when we grow spiritually and we draw closer to Him. When we are patient and we believe that God will intervene on time, we get closer to God. We become more like Him.


We are imitators of the Lord and that is a precious thing. Let’s learn to have “God is on time” as our reaction to life events. Let’s be patient believers who wait in faith knowing that the time will come for our answer and for our blessings. Let’s seek God’s will first. Let’s do a deep dive into His heart and into His will. He is always on time so it is never too late. We have no reason to fear and to panic. God has every situation under control. He is an amazing God whose timing is impeccable.  Praise God for His timing! May God bless you and protect you and remember He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1; Proverbs 16:9; 2 Peter 3:8-9

God’s restoration

God is the God of restoration. He restores, He fixes, He repairs, He mends and He replaces. He can mend your heart. He can fix your life. He can restore what the enemy has stolen. When I got saved, restoration took place in my life. I wasn’t aware of how much the enemy had taken from me. I didn’t realize it until I saw what I could get from the Lord, until I understood that life was not what the enemy had said it was. I had been living a lie. I had been dealt some difficult cards and Jesus took them away and gave me a brand new set. His cards were much better. His cards were cards of love, hope, peace and joy. I never knew that life could be that amazing. 

I had very little experience with unconditional love. God put that in my life. God put layers upon layers of a new structure that built a house of hope. His house became my dwelling place. He removed the shed I had been living in so to speak and gave me His mansion of salvation. He fixed my life and gave me hope. He fixed my life and taught me about faith. He fixed my life and gave me reasons to be joyful and to be at peace. God is the God of restoration and He never stops fixing what the enemy destroys, spoils and kills. You see, with God there is unlimited hope so every time the enemy says your circumstances are dead, know that restoration and revival are available.

Jesus, through His death, His burial and His resurrection personified the greatest restoration of them all. He fixed life as it was. He brought eternal life into the world. He conquered death and put an end to it. As a believer, you are entitled to this major restoration. As a believer, you have resurrection power in your life. Learn about it. Study it in the Bible. Meditate on that truth. Repair the old mindsets that you had. Renew your mind through the Word of God. That process takes time and the first stage of it should be the renewal of our thinking of our lives and salvation. Salvation through Christ is for here and now. It is not for later when we get to be with the Lord.

 I had to work on that in my head and change my expectations. God’s salvation is a gift that starts now and with it comes an array of great blessings. I had to fix my thinking and the Holy Spirit helped me with that. Friend, you are highly blessed and highly favored and you have a Savior who saved your life forever. Forever is here and it is sweeter than honey. Enjoy the taste of salvation today and fully embrace it. Ask the Holy Spirit to fix your thinking and you will have an exhilarating life. A life where you know where you stand with God today and where you are headed and trust the restoration power of God.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for how He has fixed my life. He keeps on doing it. Salvation was the beautiful start of it all but every day I have things that need to be fixed or restored. The enemy is always after our peace and our joy. Bad circumstances can steal the fruit of the Spirit at any given time but we have a wonderful Savior who can always restore the fruit. We have a Lord who knows how to mend anything and who is always willing to recharge our lives with His goodness and to lead us back to peace and joy. When money was tight, peace and joy didn’t seem to be part of my daily experience. I thank God for encouraging me during those times and for giving me glimpses of hope. It is those glimpses that got me through the hard times and every time I held on to them, hope came back. I confessed that God was my provider and that I lacked nothing. My mind didn’t always get it but my spirit was on the Lord’s wavelength and faith got stronger and stronger. 

I am glad to say that the Lord restored my finances and He is not done yet. I am expecting replenishment and much more. I am expecting the Lord to keep reigning in every area of my life. I am being rebuilt on the inside and it is showing on the outside. Confidence and boldness are being restored. God is doing a great work in me and I know He will do the same for you. Whatever you are facing today, trust in the God of restoration. Whatever has been stolen from you will be restored and you will get even more. Your house might have been torn down but know that the Lord will rebuild it with additions and with amazing renovations. God can restore anything. God can fix anything. God can rebuild anything. Stay in faith and praise the God of restoration. May God bless you and protect you and remember He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Amos 9:14; Isaiah 40:31; Acts 3:21

What is God building in your life?

Before He started His ministry on earth, Jesus was a carpenter. A carpenter is someone who repairs or makes wooden structures and objects. I love that carpenters make and repair. This concept exemplifies what the Lord does. Jesus is the carpenter of my life. He fixed my life and He made it what it is now. He gave me eternal life. That is what He does. He didn’t just do it for me. He did it for anyone who believes in Him. When He died on the cross, people thought it was the end. It was just the beginning of the structure He was building. He was making something that would last forever and that no one could undo. Jesus built eternal life. He repaired our lives and fixed them with salvation. He redeemed us of our sins and  built a bridge between the Father and us. That bridge of salvation is a structure that we can count on. It is indestructible. Jesus undid death and replaced it with His resurrection. Now, His resurrection power is the permanent structure that lives in us. If you have Jesus, His power lives in you. It is building you up and it is fixing you and making things new. God is at work in your life. If we remain in Him and His words remain in us, He will build something amazing in our lives. What is God building in your life today? He is repairing your life and making a life that is blessed by His presence.

What the Lord is building in you is a powerful structure that relies on His Son. The Lord wants to builds reliance in us. What He is building in our lives requires work on our part and faith. The Lord would never force anything into our lives. We have to agree and we have to believe. We can’t be passive and expect Him to do something good inside of us. That powerful structure of dependence on Jesus can be put together when we take a step of faith and we trust that God is at work in our lives. The process started when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and it continues every single day. Our salvation and our lives with Christ are an ongoing journey. We can help the Carpenter repair our lives by having total faith in Him and by letting Him be the part of us that He should be. We could choose to privilege the world and its ways or we can choose Jesus and let Him develop His mind in us. We can share the mind of Christ as we renew our thinking with His Word and we are in contact with His Spirit. Let’s always choose Jesus. Let’s always choose Jesus over the world. Let’s get to know Him better thanks to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is in us and with us and that relationship can be amazing. The Lord gives us the wood we need and it is up to us to finish the work by leaning on the Spirit and adoring the Lord. Adoration and worship are crucial here. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and in His temple there should be rejoicing and celebration. We are a place of worship that should be active all the time. It is sad when we don’t answer the call and we deprive our temple of praising the Lord. When we do that, we are like a church where the lights are never turned on, Jesus is forgotten and there is no fruit and no progress. God can build a tree of hope inside of us when we keep our hopes in Jesus and we actively engage with Him. The structure of peace and joy the Lord desires for us to have is attainable. It can be made when we spend time in the Word of God, we pray every day, we walk in love, we stay in faith and we exalt the Lord. God is building a wonderful structure of faith, love and hope in you, friend. Give Him permission to place the beam of joy, the joist of love and the structure of faith inside of you. As you rely on God, He will fix what needs to be fixed in your life and He will create a new you. God can build anything and He built you for a time like this so stay in faith and keep on going. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 15:7; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 1 John 5:14

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 143)

Let God’s Word live rent free in your mind. Let it permeate your spirit and dominate your heart. Give it a home in your spirit and it will make you a powerhouse of faith.

Talk about what the Lord has done any chance you get. Don’t worry about your praise report. Don’t worry that it’s not as big as your neighbors’. Report what the Lord has done. That is all that matters. Give God the glory!

Every time you think you can do it on on your own and you take control of the situation, you stand in the way. You stand in the way of what is the best way. You stand in God’s way!

Don’t engage in conversations with fear. It will try to convince you and say that all is lost. Tell fear to be quiet by having conversations with God and by telling your mind that your faith is bigger than your fear.

Jesus is the portal to Heaven. He is the way, the truth and the life. Go through Him in everything you do. Rely on Him in everything that happens. Trust His love and know that it is true. Jesus is the way when there seems to be no way!

Take the pulse of your faith. Monitor it and adjust it. Use the Word of God to regulate your faith. Let God give you the rhythm of your faith. He knows how to change the beat of your hope.

Rebuke bitterness. It will give you a bitter spiritual taste. It will spoil your spiritual appetite and it will leave you hungry for more negativity. Find the soothing manna from Heaven. Jesus has set a table before you where bitterness doesn’t exist. Eat at His table. Refuse to join the negative meals the enemy is serving you.

The anchor to your soul will keep you grounded and will keep you stable even in the midst of the wildest oceans. Jesus is that anchor!

The peace that comes from the Lord can shutter the stress that comes from the world. Adhere to His peace by thanking Him and by declaring that it is in you.

Hope is God’s reply to our distress. Let’s take His reply and apply it to every question we have in our lives. His hope will answer everything!

Suggested reading: Colossians 1:27; 1 Peter 1:13; 1 Peter 5:10

How to follow Go throughout the day

I want to follow God anywhere and everywhere. I want to be dedicated and walk with Him hand in hand all day. It sounds ideal and it is feasible. Do I do it every day? I do what I can. Some days are easier than others but knowing how amazing and how good the Lord is, it is hard for me to stay away from Him for long or to disconnect from Him. When the world becomes overwhelming and I am more influenced or impacted by the world, I know that something is wrong. People talk about balance. In this case I don’t believe in balance. I believe the scale should tilt in God’s direction. The scale should indicate that we are more of God than the world. We are vessels and we can be filled with God or with the world. We are filled with both. The question is, what is dominant in our lives? We are vessels that sail on the sea of the world and we hit icebergs and obstacles that give us holes and the sea of the world starts drowning us on the inside. We can’t stay afloat because the weight of the world is too much. However, we can stay in the Lord and we can be filled with more of Him when we make a conscious effort to stay in Him. Today I want to talk about staying filled with God, remaining in Him and following Him all day.

I love how Jesus declared “Remain in Me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in Me.”* His encouragement is very powerful. He is not telling us to do something impossible. We can remain in Him. The key is to find all the strategies and techniques that allow us to stay in Him. As soon as we leave our prayer time in the morning, the world is ready to assail us and to take over our attention. I wish I could stay in my prayer closet all day but it is not physically possible. What I can do is stay in prayer throughout the day by doing a series of things that keep me in prayer. I first had to remind myself for a while that the Lord heard the prayers of the heart and I didn’t have to say anything out loud for me to be heard. I have inner prayers throughout the day. What is the connection between prayer and following God? The obvious answer is that Jesus prayed when He was on earth and He says we should pray. We should pray without ceasing. When we are in prayer, we are very aware of God’s presence. Prayer is communicating with God and it means that He talks to us as well. It’s a two-way street.  When we pray throughout the day, we get messages, bits of information and comforting words. I have found that my inner prayers give me inner strength and they calm me down when I need it. They alert me to what the Lord wants me to do and I can follow His directions when I am tuned in. To be tuned in, it is important to have frequent prayer sessions. Find the best way you can have those recurring inner prayers and you will see how much easier it is to follow God.

Following God implies letting Him lead the way. We can’t follow someone who is behind us. We need to put ourselves in the position of the follower and trust that God knows where He is taking us and that He is a perfect leader. I have to admit that sometimes I get ahead of God and I act as if He should be following me. I fall flat on my face and realize that I can’t be in control. I am a follower and He is the head. We, Christians are part of the body but we can’t keep acting like the head. We have a role to play and when we wait for directions faithfully and act on them, we fulfill our part. I have noticed that what we see, what we hear, what we say and what we feel can interfere with our following the Lord. We can’t help most of those things but we can prevent them or we can react to them with God’s help. I try to see the Word as much as I can. I try to avoid any tv shows or tv programs that can hinder my faith or that can stall my walk with the Lord. I also make sure I read things that are connecting me to God. I would say we need to choose what we hear and see carefully and that includes music. Some songs are derailments and hurdles that prevent us from following God because they get to our core and churn emotions and feelings that dissociate us from God. Choose the music you listen to wisely and make that a strategy that helps you follow the Lord.

Another powerful strategy is to contradict the world all day long. Whatever is negative and bad, can be very counterproductive to your walk with God. When you hear pessimism and negative ideas and thoughts, contradict them and challenge them with God’s Word. For every negative word, say two or three positive words. For every ounce of doubt, add a pound of faith and hope. Refuse to agree with all the negativity. Be the voice of positivity. Be a voice for the Lord. Be the voice of hope you are designed to be. The Lord is the vine and we are the branches. Let’s be the strong branches that can uphold the hope of the Lord wherever we go and walk in love every day. That is the best way to follow God!

Suggested reading: *John 15:4-5; Galatians 2:20; 1 John 2:6

God is a refiner

To refine is to remove impurities or unwanted elements from a substance. It also means to improve by making small changes or making something more subtle and accurate. God is the ultimate refiner. He purifies, He changes and He removes impurities like no other. Our lives can’t be the same when we let the Refiner do His job. How willing are you to let the Refiner do something new and pure in your life? Are you willing to give Him your life so He can refine it? It’s not a sacrifice. It’s an honor and a privilege. Coming to the realization that the Lord can refine our lives is a blessing. Preparing ourselves to being refined and changed by Him is priceless.

The fire of the Holy Spirit can refine us and burn all things that weigh us down and that we don’t need. I present my life to the Lord on the altar of His love and I ask for refinement and change but I need to let go first and let God be in control. We can’t hold on to our lives with both hands and hope the Lord will take them away from us by force. He is gentle. He is caring and loving and He won’t remove what we love dearly. It’s a lesson I am learning and my goal is to get to a point where God can purify my heart without my ego or my insecurities getting in the way. Today I want to invite you to give all of you to the Lord and let Him refine you. Burn for Him and only for Him with a heart that is surrendered.

The process of refinement and purification is not always an easy process. Like I mentioned before there is a need for letting go and being open to the fire of the Lord. Burning is a powerful action that results in transformation. In the natural when we burn something it comes out looking differently. There is a transfiguration that happens. When God burns us, He changes us for the best. The process leads to beauty. He burns the ugliness and leaves us looking beautiful. We come out of the ashes and we rise up thanks to a touch of His love. God will take the worst parts of our lives and refine them. He can take our shortcomings and our worst traits and refine them. His burning process leaves a mark on our soul and spirit.

The mark of the Lord shows through the light that comes forth when we have been refined. The process will not always be easy but it is always worth it. David asked the Lord to purify his heart and renew his spirit. His prayer wasn’t in vain. God has the power to purify any heart and renew any spirit. You and I are examples of how God renews spirits. We got saved and with salvation came the transformation of our spirits. That was just the beginning. Now we have to press on and allow the Lord to purify us continually.

I am not sure we are always aware of what needs to be purified in our lives. The Holy Spirit can convice us and show us what needs to be put through the holy fire of the Lord. The Lord’s Spirit can open our eyes to all the areas that need to be refined. Besides, God the refiner is excellent at changing parts of our lives that are not in line with His will. I am not just talking about sin and the purification of what we do. I am referring to fine tuning the situations in our lives. Problems and trials can also go through the refining process. If there is something in your life that is not going well or that is not where it should be, call on the Lord, the Refiner.

The Lord will make things right. He will tune your life so it is in harmony and goodness will follow you. He will burn the tribulations and put them through His fire until you have the victory. God the refiner can do that and He will do it if you put your life in His hands. Don’t hesitate to give it all to Him. Give Him the good things and the bad things. He will do what He does best and make everything be in line with His will for you life. Let God the refiner refine your circumstances and bring you peace and joy again! He is going to improve you and make changes that will transform your life.

Suggested reading: Psalm 51:10; 1 John 1:7; 2 Corinthians 7:1

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 101)

Let God’s love in you be bigger than the hate that is in this world. Let’s God love in you be bigger than the fear the enemy wants to see develop in you.

No stress, no worries. Jesus comes on time and He helps all the time. His timing is perfect and His help is on point.

Don’t just look at what you want to see. Look at everything the Lord wants you to see. Look with the eyes of faith and you will God’s hand everywhere you look.

Darkness roams in bright daylight. Test all spirits. Not every light is from God but God’s light always pierced all shades of darkness even the lightest shades!

With God you have nothing to worry about. He will always give you a reason to believe and the peace and wisdom to rejoice in everything.

If your church is divided because of who rules your world, refocus on who the ruler of your life is. Be sure that Jesus is the ruler and not anyone or anything else.

God has a plan. God is the plan. Let God unfold in your life. Let Him be the reason for every season of your life. Let God prosper you. God won’t harm you but He is your hope and your future.

Our minds try to “Google translate” God and we end up missing the meaning of what He is saying. Let’s interpret God with the help of the Holy Spirit who speaks God’s language fluently!

There is a price to pay when we want to stay in faith despite some events of our lives. This price is praise; it costs less than we think and its reward is priceless!

The Lord goes before you wherever you go so you should travel with the assurance that He is your insurance no matter where you are.

Suggested reading: Psalm 67:7; Numbers 6:24-25; James 1:17

The power of not taking God for granted

I made a resolution for 2020. It has been brewing in my spirit for a few days now and I have finally set it free and now I can express it and talk about it. My main resolution for the new year is to not take God for granted. It may sound like something most of us don’t do and at first glimpse it sounds like not a valid resolution but it is. I have been scanning my life, my habits, my lifestyle and my thought patterns for a few days. It appears that even though I am grateful to God most of the time, there is still room for growth. Not taking God for granted means acknowledging Him in all my ways. In my thoughts, in my habits and in my lifestyle.

Are my habits a reflection of my awareness of God? I can think of many examples when I put God on silent and go on with my life. The pauses are not long but they are there. God doesn’t take a break from us so I can’t afford to take a break from Him. I get so engulfed in my life at times that God is a tiny wave in the ocean of the busyness of life. He shouldn’t be a small curling body of water; He should be the motion that commands which way the ocean should go. When our ocean is steered by the affairs of life and we have no control, we need to bring God back to the forefront. The One who can walk on water should be walking all over our lives, leading us, guiding us and being the center of our universe.

Not taking God for granted implies taking Him seriously all the time and letting Him come first. He is God. He is on a throne and we should keep Him on the throne. There is nothing and no one more important than the Lord. No one and nothing deserves the pedestal we give them. As this new year is starting, I am consciously removing all the things and people I have put on a throne. They are not as many as they used to be but some of them are still sharing the spotlight with the Lord. There is something majorly wrong with that picture and I am working on reframing it and making it the picture perfect it is supposed to be.

God deserves to occupy the whole picture and everything else should be in the background. He is the alpha and the omega and the finisher of our faith. Without Him we wouldn’t be here. Without Him I wouldn’t be where I am now. He doesn’t take me for granted. He makes me a priority. I want Him to be my number one. Not just in words but in action and in truth as well. I’m going to look at everything I have and be thankful for all of it because I have a lot thanks to the Lord. I am not going to waste anything, any food, any time, any words and any money. My goal is to be a good steward of what the Lord gives me and use it for His glory.

When we take someone or something for granted, we assume that they will always be there and we don’t need to focus on them now. They will be there so we can attend to them later when we have time. I live in the tri-state area and many people I know take some of the most amazing monuments around for granted thinking that they don’t have to go visit them since they will always be there. I know a lot of people who have never been to the Statue of Liberty but it’s on their bucket list. The Statue is less than two hours away. I don’t want to make God wait until I have time to attend to Him.

I do pray a few times a day but I can acknowledge God more in all I do in between prayers. That is what I am talking about. Paying attention to the Lord more than ever. I also want to remind myself of His past goodness and how present it is. I have experienced a lot of amazing things in my life and I want to resuscitate them more often. Not to live in the past but to remind myself of how big my God is. I don’t want to rejoice when good things happen and then just move on to the next best thing forgetting about what happened. God is the best. He deserves my best attention. My resolution is to give Him my full attention. I hope it resonates with you. Happy new year! Let it be the year of the awareness of God in our lives.

Suggested reading: John 16:13; Romans 12:9; 1 John 3:18

Don’t worry about God

When you worry and wonder how you are going to get through a certain situation, you are really worrying about God. You are wondering if and how He is going to come through. You are doubting that He is God enough to help you. It sounds a bit harsh but it is true. I have been there many times. When I have needed money, I have found myself planning in my head how the money would come. I think of this source and that source and I imagine how it should all happen. It is good to save and budget. This is not what I am referring to. I am talking about visualizing how my needs will be met. The problem with my approach is that I look at material things as the source. If I need money, I will obviously think of money but I shouldn’t focus on the money that much. I should instead focus on my provider. Whatever the issue is, the victory comes from the Lord. He is the One fighting all our battles. The victory is sweet but the Lord is sweeter. In all circumstances He should be the center of our attention and we should regard Him as more than able.

It’s easy to perceive God as powerful and almighty when everything is going well. We can praise and worship Him all day. All is good. God is good. When good things happen, we thank God for them. They certainly come from Him. When life is good we see God as a good God and a strong and invincible God. We don’t worry about His ability to bless us and to love us. We have an image of a loving God who can’t fail. There is nothing to worry about. Now, when things get tough and we run into problems and tribulations come from all sides, we panic. It’s a normal reaction since we are human. However, if we stay in that state of panic and fear, we are truly doubting God. We unconsciously or consciously don’t see the powerful God we are familiar with in good times. We stay up at night and worry about how things are going to work out. It’s not our job to worry. Our job is to agree with the Lord when He says He will provide our needs and bless us at all times. I once heard deep down on the inside “Don’t worry about Me.” I was praying and God was shaking me up showing me that I was worrying about His power. God doesn’t change when things get bad. He doesn’t lose His ways. He doesn’t run around trying to figure out how to help us. He is not broken. He doesn’t need to be fixed. He fixes all situations.

Worry about God needs to be replaced by confidence in God. It’s easier to have confidence in someone when we know them well. Building a strong relationship with the Lord is extremely helpful. I suggest studying the Word of God as often as possible. Prayer should be a habit. It should be a daily habit that is second nature. We should be so into prayer that we couldn’t spend a day or even half a day without it. I am in Europe for the holidays and there are days when I have not been able to pray as much as I usually do and I realize how valuable and important prayer is. I know you might feel like you have heard it all before. I have as well but it is a reminder that can save you next time you hit rock bottom. Remember that the Rock at the bottom will get up back on top. Jesus is the Rock that can never be broken and that can never be defeated. Develop your vision of Him being invincible because that’s how He is. Don’t worry about Him. He can handle your life. There is nothing He can’t do. Stay encouraged and stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Mark 5:36; Mark 11:22-24; John 7:38