10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 103)

God is not always a blessing in disguise. He is a blessing in plain sight. He dresses the part and He shows Himself the way He truly is. The question is, are we recognizing the blessing?

Jesus gets in the way when there is no way. He makes a way and blows you away with His mysterious ways!

Consider God as the highest source for everything. Highest source for life, love, peace, freedom, wisdom, victory, deliverance, truth and joy.

Some people are only in your life for a season and only God knows the reason. Don’t try to figure out the departures and arrivals. God is in charge of everyone’s journey.

Some doors are more like windows. They are shorter and thinner so the opportunities are fewer but they are still there. Ask God to reveal the doors and the windows in your life.

Put one foot forward in faith and keep walking in love. Put the other foot forward in faith and keep running your race. Put one foot forward in faith and let God show you the way. Put the other foot forward and see how God leads you to amazing places one step at a time.

Stress and anxiety are conduits for the enemy to get into our lives. They are open doors for negativity and depression. Open the door to faith and hope and positivity will follow you everywhere.

Peace is what God gives and what we should expect. The absence of peace doesn’t mean the absence of God but God can make peace present even when there is turmoil and chaos.

The Lord gives us notifications about how much He loves us. They are reminders of His goodness and kindness. Let’s be aware of those promptings and embrace His loving nudges.

Your breakthrough will come true. Your blessings will show up. Your answers will come. Your deliverance will manifest. Your Lord will keep His promises. Your current misery is not the end!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Philemon 1:25

God has better for you

We all have dreams and wishes. Some of us see them clearly and know exactly what we want. Some of us are still trying to design our dreams and make a list of our wishes. Some of us have had those dreams and wishes for as long as we can remember and we won’t let go of them. What are our dreams based on? Are our wishes God-centered? Do we wish to have the best in this life because of how the world describes what our lives should be like? God wants us to dream big dreams and those dreams should align with His desires for our lives. We too often go passed God and create dreams that are far out because we think God gave us those dreams when in reality they were born in the realm of our ego and they are not from God. How do we know what’s best for us? What’s best for us is not necessarily what the world says is best. The world presents ideals that lure us but they are not the Lord’s best. In this message today, I want to invite to rethink what’s best for you and to open up to God’s best. What you might consider a dream could be a fantasy that doesn’t even come close to God’s best for you. God will always have better for you and when you get into His mindset, you will understand what’s best.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? If you are a Christian, getting saved is by far the best thing that has happened in your life. Having Jesus as your Savior is the very best thing! You entered salvation and your life was rescued from the claws of eternal death. Having a relationship with your Savior is the best relationship you can have. Now that you are saved and you are an heir to the Kingdom of God, you should expect a “Kingdom lifestyle” here on earth. Your inheritance entitles you to a lot more than you could hope for before you were saved. God’s Kingdom is the absolutely best place to be and we Christians can be in that place today. How? By faith. It’s by faith that we seize the Kingdom. It’s by faith that we reach out for the best. It’s by faith that we dream God’s dreams and see them come to pass. However, we ought to feed our faith the right manna from Heaven and not the junk food of the world in order to develop those big dreams.

The junk food of the world looks appealing, filling and delicious. It imitates God’s food. It is a diluted and processed version of God’s food. It is not sustainable and it won’t help you grow. It won’t keep you spiritually healthy even though it looks like it would. My point is that if you base your faith on what you hear in the world even if it’s not confirmed in the Word, you will have dreams that don’t align with God. For instance, your biggest dream could be to become a millionaire. God says He will provide your needs so becoming a millionaire sounds about right. It’s one of the world’s goals but is it the best that God wants for you? God tells you He has better for you. What is better than being a millionaire you might ask? Being rich in the things of the Lord is way better. Having an intimate relationship with Jesus is better. God is love and He desires for all of us to know and experience His love. His love is always better. It manifests in many ways and that is what the Lord wants us to dream about. His love is bigger than anything we can fathom so His dreams are always bigger. Expect big things based on God’s love. God loves you so much that He wants you to have better than what you want for yourself. Leave it up to Him and let Him show you the best!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; John 10:10; Ephesians 3:20

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 101)

Let God’s love in you be bigger than the hate that is in this world. Let’s God love in you be bigger than the fear the enemy wants to see develop in you.

No stress, no worries. Jesus comes on time and He helps all the time. His timing is perfect and His help is on point.

Don’t just look at what you want to see. Look at everything the Lord wants you to see. Look with the eyes of faith and you will God’s hand everywhere you look.

Darkness roams in bright daylight. Test all spirits. Not every light is from God but God’s light always pierced all shades of darkness even the lightest shades!

With God you have nothing to worry about. He will always give you a reason to believe and the peace and wisdom to rejoice in everything.

If your church is divided because of who rules your world, refocus on who the ruler of your life is. Be sure that Jesus is the ruler and not anyone or anything else.

God has a plan. God is the plan. Let God unfold in your life. Let Him be the reason for every season of your life. Let God prosper you. God won’t harm you but He is your hope and your future.

Our minds try to “Google translate” God and we end up missing the meaning of what He is saying. Let’s interpret God with the help of the Holy Spirit who speaks God’s language fluently!

There is a price to pay when we want to stay in faith despite some events of our lives. This price is praise; it costs less than we think and its reward is priceless!

The Lord goes before you wherever you go so you should travel with the assurance that He is your insurance no matter where you are.

Suggested reading: Psalm 67:7; Numbers 6:24-25; James 1:17

How ready are you to receive from God?

I have been traveling for the holidays. When I am not at home, I find it a bit harder to pray at times. It has become a lot easier in the past six years but I am very sensitive to the spiritual atmosphere around me. I remember trying to pray when I was in Barcelona a few years ago and it was a struggle. Thank God it wasn’t anything the Lord couldn’t help me with. He helped me break through. I strongly believe that our environment can help our prayers or can deter them. What we have to do is keep “pushing through” and the flow of prayers will come. I flow with the Spirit when I pray. It starts with praise and thanksgiving. That combination sets the ground for praying with the Spirit. He comes in and takes over and all I have to do is yield and let Him lead the way. The other night, I was in bed praying here and I found that it was very easy to pray. Everything just went so smoothly. The Lord showed me that the family member I was staying with had a very fertile soil for the things of the Lord. He has a good base that allows the Lord to come in and bless him. He prays daily and he has the faith of a child. He believes that what the Lord says is the utmost truth. I meditated on the “fertile soil” concept and I received some insights. The question I came up with is how fertile is our soil? The soil here represents our foundation, our base, our level of faith, our engagement with the Lord and our “preparation ground” as I like to call it. When our soil is fertile and expectant, God can shower us with His rain and blessings grow all over the place.

The spiritual soil we all have is our level of faith. Faith is everything because without it we would not believe in God. Now, we all have a soil that we have to maintain. We all have a measure of faith that we need to cultivate. We can actively work on it or we can be lazy and not do anything to it. Being lazy and having a non-active faith is obviously not the best solution. We ought to be laborers of faith that spend time working on our piece of land. We have control over how much faith we are adding every day, how much fertilizer we are using. The Word of God is the best source of fertilizer. If the Word stays on our shelves, it won’t do any good. No harvest has ever come out of a land that is never taken care of. It is true that the rain comes and does something to it. That is what we can compare to God’s grace. His grace is given to us without us doing anything. Yes, God does bring the rain and we see miracles come out of the soil but He also expects us to do the growing and the cultivating by studying His Word. I want my land to be so fertile that there are crops all over the place and others can come and taste the fruit of the land. Our faith is for us and for others. We can stand in faith for others until they start growing their own crops. Use the fertilizer of the Word of God daily.

Praying like I said earlier was a joy that night. It has been ever since but that night is when I got the revelation as to why it was so great. When we pray every day, when we pray without ceasing, we make our soil very fertile. Praying without ceasing can seem impossible but it means praying often and keeping a prayer attitude. Our prayer attitude is sustained when we say and do things that don’t contradict out prayers. It’s when we say and do things that line up with faith. Our words outside of our prayer time are very important. We need to watch what we say. Are we doubting God when we talk or are we supporting our belief that God will answer our prayer? A faith that is rooted in “God can do all things” is a strong faith. When your soil is constantly sprinkled with words of affirmation and words of faith, it becomes fertile and it is ready to receive from God. Keep sprinkling faith all over your foundation. Pile up faith on top of faith. Let your declarations be strong and assertive and let them speak of how great your Lord is. The more fertile your soil, the more sustained blessings you will see. Jesus said that He couldn’t perform miracles where no one believed. Don’t let your soil be a place where He can’t perform miracles. Be sure your land shouts out His praise and you will see great miracles take place in His holy name!

Suggested reading: Matthew 21:22; Hebrews 11:1; 1 John 5:5

Your “day one” starts today

I was browsing the internet the other day and I saw a saying that goes “One day or day one? You decide.” I found that approach very interesting and I meditated on it for some time. I don’t think I came across it by accident. God uses all kinds of messages to reach us and to teach us. I was getting a lesson and I was willing to go with it and learn as much as I could. It is good to have hope and to believe that one day we will get what we need or what we want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for that one day. What matters in my opinion, is how we wait for that one day. What are we doing while we are in the hallway of expectations waiting for the door of blessings to open? Are we putting everything on hold until our breakthrough or are we living it up, rejoicing and staying full of hope?

I have to admit that I used to put everything on hold while my miracle was on its way. I used to hope for the best with half of my heart and expect the worst with the other half. “One day” sounded good but in actuality it often seemed impossible. God’s version of “One day” is different from ours. For Him “One day” means that it will definitely happen and it will happen in His timing. “One day” for a lot of us means “One day maybe but most likely never.” Friend, side with God and trust in His version of “One day.” That one day will come. It is already in the pipeline and God has the best timing for it. Until “one day”, enjoy every day. Until “one day”, learn to see the beauty in every day.

My message today is to encourage you to turn your “one day” into your “day one.” Let today be the start of new expectations and new revelations. We all need a breakthrough, a blessing or a miracle and we can decide to start embracing joy and peace today as we wait for the day when the breakthrough comes. Day one of our new way of waiting and expecting can start today. We can make up our minds and declare  that a new beginning is here. What can your day one look like? It can look like the best new initiative in a long time. It can be the start of embracing life and especially embracing the Lord today.

The miracle will come, the breakthrough will take place, the blessing will show up but another major truth is that the biggest miracle of all is here today. Jesus, the Savior of the world, is with you here and now. Today can be day one of adopting a new attitude that always focuses on seeing Jesus and on fixing our eyes on Him at all times. A life lived with the consciousness of the Lord every day is a great life. The miracle maker, the breakthrough creator and the blessing giver is here today, day one! A new beginning is a great beginning when it causes us to praise the Lord more than ever!

Your “one day” is happening today, friend. Let your “day one” be a day of celebration. Leave all your worries behind. Take them, name them and give them to the Lord. Ask Him to carry them and deal with them for you. He will. He did on the cross and you can expect it to become a reality every time you cast your cares on Him. Refuse to worry but instead accept to worship. Day one is the start of a new way of thinking, of speaking and of acting. It’s the first day of praise over pessimism. It’s an injection of optimism into your day. It’s the desire to see the glass as half full and not as half empty. It’s the strong decision to lift up Jesus and bring down doubts.

Day one of a big change is a beautiful new start. No more waiting in fear. No more waiting with doubt on your mind. No more hoping halfheartedly. Your needs will be met. Your blessing is on the way. Praise God for it before you see it. Praise the Lord for it every day. You can decide how you are going to react to what happens to you. React with praise. React with patience. React with faith. React with Jesus. Your “one day” starts today!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:7; Proverbs 14:29; Colossians 3:12

A call to walk in love despite conflicts

If you follow some Christian groups or leaders on social media, you must have read about some of the clashes that have been taking place among them lately. They don’t seem to agree and get along. If you are from this political party or from that party, it creates friction. You can’t follow this person because you might be deemed as a traitor. According to some leaders, God is only found in one political party and if you belong to a different party, you are living in sin. It is crazy how politics have grown roots in Christianity and vice versa. I never thought Jesus was going to take a stand and criticize all that are not in His party. Why did that never cross my mind? Well because Jesus doesn’t act like that. He stood with the ones people rejected in society. He bent people’s views of life. He loved the unlovable ones and He welcomed the ones people despised. Would Jesus be the same way nowadays?

The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus has changed. As far as I know  He is still the incarnation of love and I truly believe with all my being that He will never ever change. The problem is that we all have ways we perceive Jesus and we present Him according to how we see Him. We project the Jesus we have in our minds more than we present the One we have in our hearts. Our minds have taken over our belief system and it has injected principles, ideas and opinions that are our own and not the Lord’s. How can we feed the homeless with one hand and starve the ones who are looking for love by depriving them with the other hand? We pour money into charities and we empty our hearts of love with other actions. Every time we reject and segregate people, we take love out of our hearts and replace it with judgement and man-made opinions. 

If people can’t find love in the Church, where are they going to find it? Clashes and conflicts don’t look good on the face of the Church. It gives the Church a frown instead of a smile. I know of people who are turned off by the Church because they find it to be too rigid and too judgmental. There is a distorted image of Jesus that is being broadcasted in the world and it hurts the body of God more than it helps it. I don’t think it is wrong to be involved in politics. I find it difficult when our political views strip our messages off love. I think this goes for anything in life. If what we do and what we believe in take love out of the equation, there has to be some type of readjustment or recalibration. The question is what are we standing for? Who are we mirroring? Is our message tarnished or is it filled with God’s love? It is when our back is against the wall that our true colors come out. My prayer is that our true colors are always the colors of God’s love no matter what party we belong to or what job we have. Our main job is to love God and love others. If we compromise our job by changing its description, we are susceptible to do a poor job. In the natural, if our job is to review applications for instance but instead we file them without reading them, we can’t be considered good workers. Love can’t be filed away and replaced by actions that we regard as being more important even though they don’t reflect love.

Where do we go from here? How can we help fix this situation? I have stayed away from social media these past few days so I don’t have to read the anger and the hate that is publicly displayed. However, I can’t be silent. I am not saying that I need to denounce specific groups and leaders. I am saying that I feel the need to call for truce and call for peace. I strongly believe that we can be part of the solution if we mirror Jesus for everyone. If we continue to walk in love and be great models, we will touch people. We can be Jesus to everyone even to those who are established in the Church and who are very influential. We can be the influence that influences the influencers. I know a few people who live by example and who inspire me and encourage me to be more like Jesus all the time. I have learned that even though we can have great role models, Jesus is the ultimate model and He should be followed despite what people say. When we follow the Lord against all odds, we can’t go wrong. When we look to Him for inspiration, for direction and for aspiration, we are always heading in the right direction. Conflicts and disagreements are bound to happen even in the Christian world but Jesus’ imitators can help make things better. Let’s stand for love and for the Lord. Let’s be the Church that acts in love all the time. No more how popular or unpopular it is!

Suggested reading: John 13:34; Ephesians 5:2; 2 John 1:6

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 99)

God knows what to do and how to do it. He doesn’t need guidance from us. He doesn’t need advice from us. When we let God be God, things happen that are up to His control.

With God you are in the spotlight but remember He is the spotlight. You are shining g because of Him. The spotlight should get all the credit for the light you are spreading. Let the Spirit get the glory for the light that brings meaning to your life.

Your day might feel different every day but Jesus in you is the same day after day. Greater is the Lord who is in you than the enemy who is in this world.

Pursue the Lord more than you pursue the world. Run after Him. Find Him. Follow Him and stay behind. Don’t go ahead of Him. Stay in your lane right behind Him!

Jesus has a plan and a purpose. You can wait for Jesus your whole life and hope He will show you your life mission when your mission has been in front of you the entire time. Your plan and purpose are here now! Plan on embracing the Lord’s plan and purpose.

God will propel you to a higher level. You are not staying where you are now. Patiently wait for the jump. When it is time, you will go higher than the dreams you had yesterday. Stay in the present and you will see that your future is on a different level.

Prayer and faith are the keys that open doors that you can’t open on your own. Turn the key every day with prayer. Get in the door with faith. Stay inside the door with faith. Let others come in through prayer and faith. Enjoy the house of the Lord with faith!

There is nothing you can’t do with the Lord. Gather your biggest dreams and remind them that there is nothing impossible with the Lord. Your dreams will stay close to you and the God of the impossible will make them come true!

Let God be the head of your social media. Be social with God every day using the media of His Word, the media of praise and the media of thanksgiving!

The enemy wants you to lose your mind and lose control but the Lord wants you to lose yourself and find yourself in Him. Die to self and live through Him!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 27:4; John 15:13