Keep expecting great things

Keep expecting from God. Keep expecting great things. Keep expecting the impossible. Keep expecting the incredible. Expand your faith. Expand your expectation bucket. Let God fill it up with great things that are out of this world. You are believing and trusting a God who is out of this world and who created the world. He can do much more than the eye can see. He is beyond your wildest imagination and He is a creator of huge dreams. Keep dreaming. Keep hoping in the Lord. Let Him take your small expectations and turn them into dreams that defy the imagination. God has plans for you and His plans are bigger than your agenda for your life. The enemy has his own agenda but don’t let his plans scare you. God is with you and His promises never fail. Keep expecting breakthroughs and wonders. The God of great wonders has many extraordinary things in store for you. Stay in His store where all is possible. Shop around with faith and take hold of your beautiful destiny.

Keep expecting miracles. Miracles didn’t die after Jesus ascended to Heaven. Jesus is with you every day. He is the God who never leaves. He is the God of miracles who never leaves. I wrote about this before. Jesus was not able to perform many miracles in His home town because not many people believed. Today Jesus can perform great miracles in your life. Believe that He can. Trust that His miracles are following you because Jesus is always with you. Stir up your faith and seek God’s face. His face is radiant and smiling with love and joy. His face is reassuring and His face is shining upon you. His miracles radiate in His love. He can do the impossible and when you keep seeking His face, His ability to do the impossible becomes a reality for you. Meditate on what God can do and He will show you that He can do more than the human mind can fathom. Share His mind. Share the mind of Christ by spending time in His Word and by praying. You will hear the impossible when you pray and God will make it possible for you. A lot of it has to do with your level of faith. God can increase your faith. Work with His Spirit. Surrender your thinking and He will renew your mind. Expect mind-blowing experiences with God. Great things can happen anytime with Him. He is with you all the time and His wonderful working power is available all the time.

Expect blessings be expected solutions. Life can be very hard. The enemy doesn’t take a break from assailing us in whichever way he can. However, we can be blessed in the middle of a bad break. Jesus also doesn’t stop from blessing us. Bad things happening doesn’t mean that we can’t be blessed. The Lord is an expert at blessing us despite our bad circumstances. Ask Him for a breakthrough. Ask Him for a blessing. Ask Him for a solution to your problem. Ask Him for an answer and expect big. Expect a big breakthrough. Expect a big blessing. Things can be very bad right now but with your faith expecting the best, everything will turn around. Don’t worry and don’t give up. Expect the opposite of what the negative thoughts are telling you. The God of miracles is working in your life and He adores you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 10:21; Luke 18:27; Acts 3:16


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