Remain in the powerhouses of the Lord

God’s words are the powerhouses that all of us should inhabit. We should be inside those words and they should live in us. I see them as powerhouses where we can find refuge and where we can stay. The Lord said, “If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”* We can remain in the Lord when we remain in His words. When what He says in His Word is what we live by. Words are extremely important. The words we trust, the words we speak, the words we listen to, the words we live by. There is power in all words. Power to give life and power to give death. Some words take us on the path of life and some words bring us down the path of death. There are positive words and negative words. 

The words of the Lord are beyond positive. They breathe life into us and they bless us. They are powerhouses because they host all the power we need to make it in this life. They are strongholds of love, hope, peace, joy, mercy and grace. If we abide by those words and we remain in the Lord, when we pray we can ask whatever we want (in line with His will) and it will happen. The powerhouses make things come to pass in our lives. The words of the Lord create and change things. The words of the Lord have the power to ignite blessings and to turn on the switch of positive changes and breakthroughs. Let’s pay attention to the words we stand by and we believe. Let’s stay in the powerhouses of the words of the Lord. Words matter a great deal. 

I learned about the power of words early in my Christian walk. I am still learning about their power and one thing I understand is that what I say produces good outcomes or bad outcomes in my ice. What I listen to builds up my faith and tears down my faith. Music has always been a big part of my life. I used to listen to songs that stayed in my mind and in my spirit for days. The lyrics of the songs were strongholds in my life. They make me feel a certain way. They gave me sensations and feelings that were not always positive. I had a very melancholic spirit. I had a lot of sadness in me due to my life circumstances and it was enhanced by the songs I allowed into my life. The words of the song were my daily companion and I wasn’t in good company.

 When I became more serious about the Lord, my playlist completely changed. I ditch what is deemed secular music and I only listen to Christian music. I am not saying that is what you should do. That’s what works well for me. The songs of praise and worship have filled up my spirit and they have helped me stay strong in the Lord. Those great lyrics are powerhouses. They are about Jesus. They are about my Savior. They are about love, hope and peace. They quote the Scriptures. They quote the truth. I listen to that music a lot. It has done wonders for me and it has enabled me to stay in the powerhouses of the Lord. Powerful words are constantly feeding my spirit. Hope is more present in my life because I am more “present in the Lord.”

The Lord’s words remain in me. Now, that doesn’t mean that the enemy doesn’t have access to my word bank. He still spews lies and negative words and I still have to watch what I hear and what I say. The goal is to remain in the Lord by using His words. Listening to them, digesting them, embracing them Is primordial but so is using them. I don’t speak using lyrics of the songs I listen to. Sometimes I do but for the most part I keep my words positive by speaking the words the Lord gives me. I get inspiration from the Holy Spirit. That comes from meditation and prayer. I speak the words of life the Lord wants me to speak. I am working on doing it more often. When things are not going well, my words dictate how things are going to go. If I keep my words positive and in line with the words of the Lord, things improve. My attitude improves, my mood improves and my hope improves.

 I want to stay in the powerhouses of the Lord and speak the truth about my life. I am not defeated. I am not lost. I am found in the Lord and I am more than a conqueror through the Lord who is my strength. When I pray and I ask for something, I have the confidence that God listens and that He will give me what I need because I remain in His powerhouses, in His words. Friend, watch what you listen to and watch what you say. Keep speaking the words of the Lord over your life. Keep staying in the powerhouses of the Lord by abiding by His words. There is power in what you say. Keep saying the truth and keep speaking life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:21; Matthew 12:37; John 15:7*


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