When the praises stop

I woke up with a singing heart the other day. My heart was singing “thank You” to the Lord. It was a beautiful song. It was a song of adoration. I know that I am supposed to keep the song going all day. I know that I was meant to worship and adore the Lord all day. I know that my praise is the song of my testimony. I need to worship more. I need to change the refrain of my life when my mind is overwhelmed and the praises stop playing. When the worship stops playing, God is still good. When the praises stop playing, God is still God. When the worship stops playing, I am still blessed. When the praises stop playing, God is still on the throne. What do you do when the praises stop playing? What do you do when all you hear is music of defeat and pain? When your soul is wounded and it has no place for worship, what do you do? 

I want to be a 24/7 praise music box. I want the praises to ooze out of my pores and to keep going no matter what. We are instruments of praise, dear friend. We are singers of adoration and the singing is done through the way we live, the way we think and the way we speak. At least that is how it should be. Today I want to encourage you to keep praising and keep singing with your lives. I want to encourage you to pick up the music when it stops. Keep going. Turn up the volume of your praises. Switch on the vocals of worship and don’t let the music die. When the praise stops, you can still sing. You can still raise your hands and lift up the Lord. When the praise stops, you still have the ability to praise. When the praises stop, you have a way to turn it back on.

We all have seasons when praising is hard. We all have moments when worship is not what we want to do. We all have times when we can’t hear the praise in our hearts and when we don’t feel like worshiping the Lord. Life has ways of turning off the music. Life events can shut down the praise and worship and play a sad melody that has nothing to do with the Lord. It is in those moments that we have to double up our strength and do the opposite of what our flesh and our mind tell us to do. Like I said earlier, we are instruments of praise. Praising the Lord is our number one function. Without praising Him we don’t function well spiritually. Without praising Him, we don’t get into His presence properly. 

Without praising Him, we are not fulfilled. Our heart longs to praise Him whether we realize it or not. Praise is spiritual oxygen that gives life to all our spiritual organs including the heart of faith. Praise is an expression of faith and hope. Praise is singing hope into our lives and celebrating the One who gives us life. Praise is what the devil hates and he will do whatever he can to kill our praise and worship. He will do whatever he can to destroy the way our lives sing praises to the Lord. He pushes the button of the CD of our lives and stops the music. I am sure you know how he does it because you have experienced it and you could be experiencing it now. You can push the CD back in and play your praise again.

When the praises stop playing, you have to identify the source of the interruption. Check and see if you are plugged in correctly. Check the power source. Check the cord. Have you disconnected from the Lord? Are your circumstances forcing you to stop the music? Have you spent too much time focusing on the world? Are habits getting in the way? Did you think you could worship the Lord in a way that had nothing to do with Him? We come up with our own praises sometimes and we are not obsessed with the praising part than we are with the One who should be praised. Praising can be an idol when we forget that Jesus should be at the center. We forget that when we are more concerned with our good deeds and actions but we leave Jesus out of the equation. He is the power source. His Spirit is the electric we need to play the praise songs. When the music plays, we ought to ask the director of the orchestra for help.

The Holy Spirit orchestrates our lives and He is the One who assists us with the praising and the worshiping. He always points us in the direction of the Lord. When the praises stop playing, praying should take place. Pray to the Lord. Repent if you need to. Surrender to Him. Put yourself at the mercy of His Spirit and tell Him you can’t do it without Him. When the praises stop playing, remember that Heaven is singing praises all the time and you can join in anytime. There are always ways to praise the Lord with your life. If you can’t praise Him the way you used to, find new ways. Ask Him to show you how to praise Him. Friend, He will help you. He will support you and the music will come back on. Use Him as your headphones and He will reveal amazing songs you can sing with your life. Don’t give up on praising the Lord. You need to do it and you have the best assistant to do it. As a believer, praise is always in your heart. Unearth it. Bring it to the surface with prayer and thanksgiving. Keep praising the Lord! May God bless you and protect you and remember He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 104:33; Psalm 113:3; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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