Everything you need

Everything you need is in the Lord. Everything you will ever need is in the Lord. In Him you can find peace, hope, joy, love, success, truth, wisdom, freedom and blessings for every single day. God has it all and He wants to give it all to you. Your salvation is in Jesus and with it comes the best life you can have. It is one thing to be saved and it is another thing to live in the fullness of your salvation. God has an array of amazing experiences and amazing events that He wants you to enjoy. Life in Jesus is life lived with Love. He is love and He has a lot of love for you.

 Every day you should be experiencing His love. Every day you should be recognizing His love. His love is truly all you need. Everything you need is in God’s love. Do you embrace His love or do you find yourself not worthy of it? If you want to have a fulfilled life, acknowledge God in all your ways, walk in the power of His love and accept His mightily love. Trust that you are worthy of His love all the time. You will walk in peace and you will walk in victory. You will realize that you have everything you need and more. You have Jesus. You have everything!

I can think of a whole list of things I need on a daily basis. A lot of the items on that list are more wants than needs. What do I really need? What do I really want? Some of the needs are basic needs that are necessary. However, I have been on a journey of discovery. I have been discovering what I truly need. I used to think that my primordial needs were material and physical. God is helping me rethink my needs and He is remodeling my thinking. Jesus is what I need first and foremost. He is always there but I need to get to the point where He is my number one priority. I need to see Him as my unique source for life and as my number one resource. He is my fountain of life and it is that awareness that matters greatly. 

Jesus is my number one need. I am learning to share His mind and to be more like Him. I am learning to tap into the fruit of His Spirit and to let Him dominate my life. A “Jesus domination” is what I need. It sounds funny but it describes the best thing that could happen to me and to all of us. He deserves to dominate my mind, my actions and my words. I need to be possessed by His Spirit and to be led by His love. I need to fully embrace His love and to stay in the peace of His presence. I have Jesus. I have all I need. Jesus is everything to me and that should be an everyday reality. 

When we lack something we can panic and we can try to fill the gap any way we can. People turn to pills, to drugs, to different venues to make up for what’s missing. When we don’t feel love, we look for it in all the wrong places at times. We crave human love. It is a natural need but we don’t look for the love that covers all loves. God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe and beyond. God’s love is everything and when we agree that His love is available for us, we are on the right track. Once I started thanking God for His love a long time ago, my life changed.

 My life changed because I declared a truth that my spirit had been longing to hear. We have God’s love. We are all set. We have God’s love. We are extremely blessed. The Lord said that we should seek His kingdom and everything else will be added unto us. This means that when we pursue His love, when we walk in His steps and we remain in Him, we have everything we need. The material needs will be met. The physical needs will be met. The spiritual needs will be met. The emotional needs will be met. When our heart is running after God’s heart, we have the right attitude and it will produce some great fruit in our lives. Friend, you have everything you will ever need in Jesus. Praise Him. Remain in Him. Hold on to Him. May God bless you and protect and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 4:19; Hebrews 4:16; 1 Peter 3:15


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