What lies ahead of you

Do you ever wonder what will happen in the future? Do you ever think about tomorrow and get scared? Do you ever predict bad things in your life because of the bad experiences in your past? What lies ahead of us is a mystery but the Lord knows what’s coming. He knows everything there is to know about our future. He is never taken aback by anything. He doesn’t share much about what’s going to take place but there is one thing He shared in His Word about our future. He said that our future is in His hands and we have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. The future might be looking bleak. We might have a bad feeling about what’s coming but that bad feeling doesn’t matter. Any bad feelings and emotions we have when thinking about the future should not be entertained. The Lord is in charge and we can rest assured that He will make things work for our best. When we trust and believe that our lives are in His hands, great things happen. When we rely on the Lord and we don’t lean on our understanding, we open the door to amazing blessings. When we give Him free reign, He reigns in our lives with power and love. Friend, your future is secured and it is in God’s hands. God knows what’s ahead of you and He knows how He is going to get you through anything. Do not worry. God is going to stay with you and assist you every step of the way.

What lies ahead of you could be a series of great days or a string of awful days. On good days and on bad days God is still God. He is by our side no matter what we go through. The bad days ahead are not intimidating God. The bad days ahead can’t strip God off His power. God is going to be almighty and powerful every day of your life, friend. Think about that. Meditate on that truth. There are no days in the future where God is not going to be able to perform a miracle or to bless you. God is going to do exceedingly more than you expect. That is the kind of God He is. He also promised that if we stay in Him, we will go from glory to glory. There are many glorious days ahead of you, friend. Brace yourself for blessings. Don’t think about the bad things that could take place. The Lord wants you to think about whatever is pure and holy. Negative thoughts are not pure and holy and they should be rejected. The Bible tells us that the way we think is extremely important. When we have positive Bible-based thoughts, wonderful things take place in our lives. That positive thinking is a magnet for blessings because it stirs our faith and our faith produces miracles.

What lies ahead of you doesn’t matter. What matters is the One who is with you when these things happen. Like I said, God is always there. We should lift Him up and praise Him all the time. Our praises should be heard when we are having good days and when we are having bad days. Our days don’t dictate what our God can do. Our God dictates how our days will go. It is crucial that we keep praising God and thanking Him every day. Let’s be sure to praise Him today for what lies ahead and let’s be sure to praise Him tomorrow no matter what. God has been to the future and He has seen it all. He has seen your victory. He has seen your blessings. He has seen how you are going to get out of trouble. He has seen how great things are going to turn out. He has seen the pain ahead but He has also seen the joy that will come. What lies ahead might not always be fun but it will change for the best in the name of Jesus. Don’t forget that the Lord goes before you and He is always, always with you. You are going to make it. Tomorrow will bring joy and pain but tomorrow will not empty the day of Jesus’ presence. It is a guarantee. You are going into the future with the best companion. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 23:7; Psalm 12:2; Ephesians 3:20


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