10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 243)

Out of nowhere God will take you everywhere. He can do anything, anytime, anywhere. Keep trusting Him!

If God could part the seas, He certainly can part the problems that are in front of you. He is going to move them to the side so you can walk on solid ground of blessings. Stay in faith!

A miracle is coming. Stay in faith a little longer. Your faith is paving the way for something great. The Lord has not forgotten you!

Jesus is the provider of all providers! All you need is in Him and through Him. He gives you more than enough and He doesn’t spare anything. Trust Him!

God is telling you today that there is hope and you are going to make it. Don’t get discouraged because the Lord goes before you and He always makes a way for you. Stay strong!

Dive into faith and keep swimming. Jesus will keep you afloat and His Word will lead you to the safest shore. Keep going!

There is hope above the cloud that is sitting on top of you. Remember that greater is the Lord that is in you. He is the silver lining and He is the Sun behind the clouds. Stay encouraged!

God’s grace is for you, friend. It is following you and it will bless you even when you don’t feel like you deserve God’s best. Embrace His grace and accept His love!

You are an overcomer in Jesus’ name. You are not a giver-upper so keep going. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. You are a winner and you have the victory. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading : Exodus 34:6; Ezra 3:11; Mark 10:18


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