Your daily praise

Every day we have a chance to sing a song of praise to the Lord. Every day we have the opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus and to exalt Him. Every day could be a praise song. Every day we could be that song that puts Jesus over everything. It’s up to us how we are going to use the day and how we are going to behave during the day. Circumstances and situations will toss us around and make us want to quit or to be negative. There will always be something that will try to steal our song. There will always be a reason for us to give up but we should stay strong in the Lord and sing His song no matter what. We should start the day with praise and end the day with praise. We should walk in praise and run in praise before we go to bed with a song of praise on our lips. We are the song of praise. We were meant to praise the Lord and we can do it because it is in our spiritual DNA. We are vessels of worship and what we do, say and think can vibrate with lyrics of praise. Today I invite you to be the best praise song you can be. Praise Jesus all day long with your actions. Praise Jesus with your beautiful words. Praise Jesus by keeping your mind set on Him. 

What kind of a song of praise are you? Are you upbeat? Are you all about Jesus? Are you lamenting anything? Are you filled with joy and hope? There are so many types of praise songs these days. I was once talking to a friend about songs of praise telling her that some songs barely mention Jesus. They sound great and engaging but they engage you in a melancholic feeling of praise that is not total praise. I go for total praise and not for the feelings. Praise is about Jesus. It is about our Savior. It is not about feeling good. It is not about us experiencing emotions that bring us to tears. Total praise or genuine praise can definitely bring us to tears but it is not the goal. The goal is to pay homage to Jesus and to fix our eyes on Him. Praise is a way of looking at life. It is looking at life with Jesus in mind and in our hearts. It is putting on the lenses of faith and looking at the beauty of Jesus. Praise is giving Jesus priority. Praise is putting ourselves behind Jesus and giving Him the first row in our lives. When we play the song, we are behind Jesus. We don’t put ourselves first. We put love first. Our daily praise is a song of hope that cherishes Jesus, that puts others before us and that has love as a default setting. 

Our daily praise is a dedication to Jesus. It is the commitment that we will walk in faith and that we will make Jesus go viral with our attitude, our reactions and our action. We can praise Jesus everywhere we go without uttering a word. Our disposition should be a song of praise. Our intentions should be a song of praise. The way we treat people should be a song of praise. The way we deal with situations should be a song of praise. Everything we do should be about Jesus and through Jesus. That is how we can keep the music going. That is how we can keep the praise flowing. We can stay in the Lord all day long by singing His praises with our behavior and our mindset. I want Jesus to be on my mind as much as possible. I can have Jesus on my mind more as I praise Him more. It is a powerful mindset to have. The mindset of the one who is devoted to Jesus. Friend, check what your daily song of praise sounds like. Make adjustments to it if necessary. Sing it as much as you can through what you do and what you say. Let others hear your song without you having to necessarily say a way. Let praise be in your mouth, in your mind, in your heart and in your attitude. Your daily song of praise is a beautiful refrain that Jesus loves to hear. Sing it away and sing it loud and proud. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 25:1; Psalm 150:6; Revelation 5:13

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