I choose God

When I pray early in the morning I am more open to God. I am more sensitive to the voice of the Spirit and my spirit is willing to communicate with God and to spend time in His loving presence. However, there are times when the attacks of the enemy on my mind are virulent early in the morning and I have to deal with them. I have to stand my ground and fight the battle of faith and the battle of remaining in prayer. Sometimes my flesh gets in the way and tries to pull me away from God. The other day, I was having one of those mornings when the mental assaults were strong. My first reaction was to speak up and give a voice to the Lord in me. Friend, when we speak in the name of Jesus and we don’t let the enemy get a foothold in our minds, we win those mental battles. The Lord gave me exactly the words I needed to speak. He whispered to my spirit that I had to choose Him and I had to say it out loud. I said “I choose God.”  I said that I chose God that day and God was my strength, my refuge, my rock and my solution. I chose God and I let the enemy and my flesh know. I spoke God and lifted Him up. I spoke against the way I was feeling and how I was thinking. We all have a choice and that choice can be made first thing in the morning. As a matter of fact the choice lies with us all day long and I suggest that we choose God verbally in all situations.

Today I am inviting you to choose God early in the morning and to keep choosing Him all day long. There will always be distractions and thoughts that will try to steal our choice but we can stand with God and win the daily battles. Choosing God means refusing to succumb to fear and to doubt. Choosing God means that we agree with His Word and we are on His side. Choosing God means it doesn’t matter what the world says about us, what matters is how God made us and what He says about us. Choosing God means that complaining is not an option but praising Him is our default setting. Choosing God means that we know without a doubt that greater is the One who lives in us than the devil that lives in this world. Let’s choose God when it feels great and when it feels bad. Let’s choose God when He seems active in our lives and when He seems far far away. Let’s choose God when it is convenient and when it is not comfortable. Let’s choose God and let’s declare that we do so that the negative chatter takes a seat back and leaves. I choose God. Are you ready to choose Him as well?

When I say that I choose God, hope shows up. When I constantly say that I choose God, faith rises. I say it and I stick to my confession. There is a lot of power in what we say. Power to destabilize the negative thoughts and power to amplify the joy and the peace that live in us through the Holy Spirit. I often see my positive declarations in the name of Jesus as activation of the Holy Spirit in me. It is not that the Spirit actually needs to be activated but my connection with Him needs to be jump started or fueled and that happens when I say that I choose God. Use those simple and yet powerful words. Declare “I choose God” and see what happens to your spiritual life. You will get a spiritual boost and you will gain more confidence in your relationship with the Lord. Say it and meditate on it. When the battles of the mind are bad, be sure that the confession of your mouth is good. Keep at it. Keep choosing God. Keep choosing hope. Keep choosing love. Keep choosing Jesus. That great choice will put the enemy in a state of madness and he will run away as you keep choosing God. We have choices all the time and it is easy to lean on our flesh and on negativity but we can overcome them with the words of our testimony. “I choose God ” is a testimony to our faith and to our salvation. It is a declaration of trust and of victory. We choose the Savior. We choose the One who conquered death. We choose the best. Choose God all day long, friend. He is worth it and He will get you through anything. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 30:19; Romans 10:9; Revelation 3:20

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