Keep showing up for God

When I was in deep prayer a few days ago, I heard deep down in my spirit, “Keep showing up. It is important that you show up.” I loved those encouraging words and I proceeded to meditate on them. To show up means to be revealed clearly but it also means to be present. It means to turn up and to be ourselves. That is what the Lord meant. He was telling me to keep being present and to turn up as myself. He was saying that it was important that I show up as the best version of myself. The best version of myself that I know so far. I believe we are always evolving with the Lord and it is good to know where we stand and where we are on the path of our evolution in Christ. I took a few moments to review in my mind how I best show up. 

I took a few minutes to think about what showing up looked like in my everyday life. When I let the Lord be my Lord and my Savior. When I yield to the Holy Spirit. When the words of the Lord are my worlds. When I take a bite of the fruit of the Spirit and I let them shine through me as I am digesting them, I show up. I show up when I am more like Christ than I am like myself. I show up when I let love guide me and I walk in love. I show up when I pray, praise, worship and give thanks. I show up when my spirit is stronger than my flesh. I show up when I keep my eyes on Jesus. I show up when I place others before myself. I show up when the meditation of my heart is all about Jesus. I show up when I am quick to repent and slow to let my ego direct me.

How do you show up for God? How do you let the best version of yourself turn up and glorify the Lord? I am inviting you to answer these questions today and to make it a habit to show up. Showing up for God is putting the flesh to rest and elevating the Spirit of God. When I am tired, I have to make an extra effort to show up. When I am tired, it is easy for the old me to take over and make a mess of things. When I am hungry, I have a hard time showing up for the Lord at times. When I haven’t been in the Word, I can’t always show up as the best version of myself. When I haven’t prayed and I haven’t fed my spirit, showing up for the Lord is difficult. I know what to do to show up and I have to keep doing it no matter what my flesh says and no matter what the world wants me to do. 

Showing up for God implies tuning out the world a lot and being attentive to the Lord’s voice. It means turning off that show sometimes and spending time in prayer. It means waking up a little earlier and spending time in communion with God. We have many weapons so to speak that help us show up for God and we have to use them. That beautiful Bible sitting on the nightstand will do no good unless we open it and we read it. The thought of praying later will do no good until the prayer is actually said. We can show up for God all day and I am glad the Lord assists us with that.

I am becoming more and more sensitive to showing up for God when I am interacting with others. I watch my words. I think about my body language and I am careful not to act in a way that doesn’t give God the glory. We can show up in our day-to-today life by being a vessel of God’s love. We can be patient with others. We can take the time to listen to them and to help them. We can pray for others. We can listen to what the Holy Spirit tells us to do for others and act on it. Showing up for God doesn’t have to be preaching to others with words they are not familiar with. It can be speaking the language of love that will impact their lives and that will touch their hearts. We have the love of Christ in us and we ought to spread it around and to give it freely. That is one of the best ways we can show up for God. His love is so powerful and we are agents of love that can distribute that power free of charge. 

Friend, keep showing up for God even when it doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t seem easy. Easy is not always what we should be after. We should be after the Lord’s heart and sometimes we have to work harder to get the job of love and hope done. Stay in the Lord. Stay prayed up. Raise your hands in an act of praise and show up for the Lord with much love. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 2:3-8; 2 Corinthians 3;18; 1 Peter 2:21


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