Leap with God

“He makes Lebanon leap like a calf, Sirion like a young wild ox.”* I was led to this verse in Psalm 29 yesterday when I was in prayer time. I looked it up and I meditated on it. This Psalm was written by David. David talks about the wonders of God and about all the incredible things God can do. He emphasizes the power that is found in the voice of the Lord. The voice of the Lord is over the waters. It is powerful. It strikes and it shakes deserts. What is the connection between Lebanon’s leap and the voice of the Lord? The voice of the Lord is heard and miracles happen. When we hear the voice of the Lord we can take a leap of faith. It is the voice of the Lord in combination with our faith that makes us leap. His voice, His promises and our faith create miracles. Today I want to encourage you to listen to the voice of the Lord, trust His voice and take a leap of faith. Jump into the unknown. Jump into the places where faith will guide you. Jump and trust the Lord.

Can you imagine the nation of Lebanon leaping like a calf? I certainly can’t but if the Lord can make a nation leap, He can certainly make us leap. A leap is a jump forward. It is an ascension. It is more than steps forward. It is like flying for a short distance. A leap is a positive move and it takes us to a higher level even if it is not too high. I have taken leaps of faith that looked scary from a distance but faith removed the fear and I jumped. Some leaps will not feel comfortable and they will not look like a good idea but faith is not based on feelings, emotions and comfort. As a matter of fact, I was telling a friend yesterday that we are rarely  called to do what is easy, fun and comfortable. Faith will often tell us to do what feels uncomfortable, unnatural and inimaginable. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.** Faith and hope work hand in hand. When we have to take that leap, hope is the propelling factor. Hope is what allows us to go above the ground of doubt and to be suspended in the air of the impossible even for just a few seconds. A leap of faith might be short but it can be followed by days or weeks of blessings. Let’s leap with God as we pay attention to His voice.

Why does the voice of God matter when we take a leap of faith? Our faith has to be grounded in something solid, pure, holy and powerful. The voice of the Lord is solid, pure, holy and powerful. Therefore, we can’t go wrong when we base our faith on God’s voice. In order to do that we obviously need to go to God and listen to what He has to say. Spending time in the Word of God is crucial because His voice is loud in His Word. We find His promises in His Word and we can stand on each and every one of them. As we stand on the promises of God, we can look beyond our circumstances and our comfort zone and prepare for the leap. Each word combined with hope will push us in the right direction, in the direction of faith. There are many words in the Bible that you and I can use to take that leap of faith. I pray that you find the words that will take you to a higher level of hope and that will lead you to greater blessings. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 29:6*; Hebrews 11:1**; 2 Corinthians 5:7


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