Miracle money

I need to share a testimony about something that happened this week. This has been a summer of bills and a summer of stretching myself. I had an unexpected $900 bill for repairs on my AC unit. I also had a few other expenses that took me by surprise. I was a bit down about my finances but the Lord has provided. One thing I am learning is that He is faithful and when He says He will provide for us, He truly does. He is showing me that I have nothing to worry about and I should never doubt His power to provide. It has been a true walk of faith. I got to the point where I felt like I had to count every penny to make sure I had enough money to cover all my bills. I started the summer wondering how I was going to be able to afford everything and the Lord kept telling me during my prayer time that I should not fear. He kept reminding me that I am His and He is taking care of me. It is not easy to believe that when the bills are piling up and your bank account is dwindling. However, faith is a beautiful thing and when we stay strong in faith, God does the impossible. God still performs miracles today and I am getting lessons on that truth. The Lord has put a song in my heart. A song that exalts Him and that deals with my confidence in His ability to provide for me. It is a song of hope and a song of thanksgiving. I sing it when money is present and I sing it when money is scarce. The goal is to never change my tune and to keep singing about His faithfulness.

The Bible says, “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”* I take this verse to heart and I declare it over my life. He blesses us, friend, abundantly so that we have all we need. I needed my bills to be paid. I needed money for my everyday needs. He takes care of our needs so we can do His work, so we can do good work for Him. This has been a strong message in my heart for over a year. It’s the message about focusing on God and seeking His kingdom first and everything else will be added unto us. A few days ago during prayer time, I received that message again. It was very encouraging. There was nothing about not worrying. It was all about focusing on Jesus and trusting that He is my provider. I loved that message and I carried it with me all day long. After work I picked up the mail. I saw there was a letter from my mortgage company. I thought “Oh what is it now?” Something in me told me to open the letter because it was important. I wanted to wait until the weekend to open it. To my surprise the letter contained a check. It was a check for over $1500. The letter said that the mortgage company had made a mistake when I refinanced over 2 years ago. Over 2 years ago! I couldn’t believe it. I cried. My reaction was to cry with gratitude and thanksgiving. I just couldn’t believe it.

That miracle money like I like to call it was a wink from Heaven. The Lord was winking and smiling at me. He had orchestrated the whole thing and He was blessing me with something I really needed. I was flabbergasted. God is the God of surprises. I had not seen it coming. All I was declaring was that He was going to provide and I tried my best to embrace that truth. It was a miracle. For me it was a great miracle. I thanked Him most of the evening. I was so touched by His amazing gesture. God does things like that to remind us that He is in control and we have nothing to fear. What should we do with those miracles? They can serve us as reminders and they should be shared so that others can be encouraged. His message still remained that my focus should be on Him and not on His provisions. Money will come when you trust the Lord. Miracle money will show up in your mailbox when you trust the Lord. I hope you were encouraged by this testimony. Don’t lose hope. God is the God of miracles and He will not let you down. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 13:5; 2 Corinthians 9:8*; 2 Peter 1:3


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