God will change you

God will change you. Give Him a chance and He will change you. He will change the desires of your heart and He will change the structure of your mind. He will renew your mind and help you build a character that can face anything in life. He wants you to be strong in your faith and to be strong against fear. He is not leaving you to your own demise hoping that you will figure it out on your own. He is there to make the changes in you and all He asks is that you follow Him, you listen to Him and that you trust Him wholeheartedly. I have found that God has many opportunities to change me, to mold me and to make me into the person He wants me to be.

 I believe there is a design, a blueprint of how God made me and I can fit into that print when I let go of my ego and I give God the green light to make the changes in me. When I got saved, something changed on the inside. I gained a new life and a new spirit but my mind remained the same. At first I thought that my mind became this metal of hope that nothing could bend. That was quickly erased when I faced my first problems after being saved. I realized that my mind was still subject to worry and fear and overthinking was still very present. God has been teaching me how to embrace His new life and His mind.


Today I am here to tell you that God can change you for the better and He will when you yield to His Spirit. His love is so big that it will bless you and transform you so you will become a person of faith that is afraid of nothing. That is one of our goals in life or at least I think it should be. Becoming a fearless person of faith and trusting the Lord in all circumstances. I have wanted my circumstances to change so many times but God had a different plan. He wanted to change my thinking, change my perspective and change the way I reacted to what was happening to me. 

God is much more interested in our hearts and in our minds. He would love for us to share His mind and see the world through His eyes. Imagine looking at life with a fresh perspective and with eyes of faith that don’t let in any fear. That can happen. God can do that for you. The change comes when we renounce ourselves and we embrace God’s transformation plan. It takes dedication and trust on our part. Spending time in prayer is a very powerful habit. It doesn’t only take care of our requests and needs; it changes us on the inside. There is impartation taking place when we pray. The more you pray and the more you change.

Why does prayer have such a strong effect on us? Prayer is communion with the Lord. It is acknowledging His presence, His authority and His love. We can’t be in His presence without being changed. When we pray and have worship and praise time, we change. I am the first one to testify to that. There is tremendous power in communion with Jesus through prayer, praise and worship. The thing is that we have to be consistent and to dedicate time to communion every day. We have to get to the point where we get a lot of the Lord in us and the world can’t drown us with its fear, its negative circumstances and its problems. The more Jesus we get in us, the less fear we will have. 

The more communion time we have and the less we will think like the world. Add Bible study to your communion time and your mind will get renewed in no time. Take the steps to being changed by the Lord. Do your part and He will surely do His. Change will come. His sweet and loving power will touch you on the inside and it will infiltrate your mind. Let His words become your words. Let His faith wrap you around and strengthen you. God will change you and you will see a difference. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:2;  2 Corinthians 5:17; Philippians 1:6

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