Those open doors

“God can open doors that no man can shut.”* You might have heard that scripture before and wondered if it was meant for you.  Sometimes it sounds like it is a truth that is only relevant to others. Today I am here to tell you that God can open doors for you. He can open doors that no man can shut. He will do that for you. It is not just for a select few. You are part of the lot of those who can expect open doors. Your Holy and mighty Lord will open doors that you believed would bever open. He will cause doors to show up in your life and to open as you are watching in amazement. It is time we went back to believing that we serve the God of the impossible, the God of miracles. The God who parted the seas has no problem opening doors and ushering you into a great situation. Great things are going to line up for you. Things are going to work out. Favor is coming to your door. Blessings are going to follow you and they will shake your circumstances and leave you with much more peace and joy than you could imagine. Those doors you have heard about are meant for you, friend. They are going to open and they are going to lead you to a new path of blessings.

The doors God opens are amazing. Think about the biggest blessings you can imagine and know that God’s open doors are even wider than the blessings in your mind. Renew your mind and reprogram your thinking so you start expecting blessed doors that no one can shut. A door is an entrance into an area and God has great areas of blessings for you, His dear child. You are going to enter territories of blessings, places where miracles after miracles take place. All this is possible when your mind is in line with God’s truth and you have faith in the supernatural and wonder-working hand of the Lord. The Lord is looking for people after His heart who are willing to share His mind and to walk in His steps. Yes, friend God is taking you to the right doors and He is leading your steps. Step in His steps and keep walking. How do you step in God’s steps? By walking by faith. Step by step you will get to those wonderful doors that are meant just for you. Your custom-sized blessings are waiting for you. Believe in those doors and above all believe in the One who opens the doors to peace, love, hope and joy.

I love the idea of the territories of the Lord that are behind His doors. At times we get a peek at what’s behind the door and the Lord wants us to cross the threshold and to go beyond the door with our faith. Once again I need to tell you that the doors of blessings are not just for other people. You are entitled to great blessings and great breakthroughs. You are entitled to many open doors and many places of Heavenly gifts. Blessings are gifts from Heaven that visit the earth and touch our lives. I invite those blessings into my life because I trust that Jesus is the maker of all good things and He wants to bless me abundantly. There are gifts from Heaven behind closed doors and those doors won’t remain closed. Continue to trust and believe. Claim your gifts. Claim your blessings. Claim your open doors. God will open them for you. He loves you and He adores you and He wants incredible things for you. My prayer for you is that you experience God’s open doors on a regular basis. Don’t forget that nothing can stop God from blessing you. Enjoy Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Revelation 3:7-8*; Mark 10:27; Jeremiah 32:17

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