Surely the Lord is with you

I have been going through a few things lately that have tried to derail and to make me fall. Every day we can be subject to attacks from the enemy. He has traps all around us and he is waiting for the first believer who will get caught in his traps. One of his traps is the one of our negative confessions. I talk about it often. The enemy loves it when we speak negativity and doubt. He loves it when he gets believers to doubt God and to distance themselves from Him. I am learning a lot about the Lord and my knowledge is becoming dangerous to the enemy. Friend, when you grow in knowledge and in wisdom, the enemy gets very annoyed because you can really wreak havoc in his territory. You can jump over his traps and you can walk on solid ground. One thing that you understand is that surely the Lord is with you. Surely He accompanies you and He stands by you no matter what you are going through.

The Lord has been reminding me of His precious presence and of His love that won’t let me fall. The other day I was driving and I kept getting images in my mind of the Lord holding me up. He was holding me above my problems. He was holding me up so high that there was no way any problems could reach me. That is what He wants us to realize. He wants us to know that He is holding us in the palm of His hands so high that nothing can destroy us. We can look at the difficulties from above but we can’t embrace them and adhere to them. We can’t say that the problems will be the end of us and that we won’t make it. We should thank the Lord that surely He is with us supporting us and blessing us. He won’t let anything harm us. He will stand there and guard us when we stay in faith.

Surely the Lord is with you today, friend. He is there to protect you and to see you through. He is there to wipe your tears and make you smile again. With Him you are guaranteed to smile again. I know that sometimes life can be too heavy and too difficult to deal with. Some people go through atrocious situations and I can understand their tears and their fears. There is no doubt that pain and suffering are real. There is also no doubt that Jesus and His indestructible love are real as well. They are more real than our problems and our circumstances. Our problems will go away eventually but Jesus never will. He will surely keep us company and stay with us on this journey called life. Life happens. Problems arise but our Lord Jesus rises up in us through His Spirit and we can face anything.

I find so much comfort in the presence of the Lord. I don’t have to feel Him or see Him. I know that He is there and that He will surely do something amazing for me. All I have to do is persevere in faith and keep going. I have to hold on to Him and keep walking. Nothing can separate me from the love of the Lord and that truth goes for you as well, friend. Jesus is surely rejoicing over you and He has a plan to get you out of your predicament so cheer up. Cheer up and change your sad song into a song of praise. Cheer up and keep your eyes on our wonderful Lord. Cheer up and remind yourself that surely the Lord is with you. You don’t have to sense Him and you don’t have to see Him. All you have to do is praise Him, thank Him, celebrate Him, follow Him, talk to Him and listen to Him. His goodness endures forever. Things are going to get better and they are going to turn around in the mighty name of Jesus! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Zephania 3:17; Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5

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