10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 239)

God gives peace. His peace is greater than the peace of the world. Turn to Him and you will have enough peace to face every day. Praise the Peace maker!

The enemy is giving you all the worse case scenarios but the Lord is flipping the script around. His version of your story will prevail. Trust Him!

The world needs love and you and I have the love that can heal the world. Let’s bridge the love gap with God’s love. Let’s welcome and love everyone. God’s love is unconditional so let’s get rid of our conditions!

Faith is not easy but the more you flex that faith muscle during trials, the stronger you get. Keep flexing. Keep believing. Your faith will get you to a new place where believing is easy!

Declare that God made you fearless and He doesn’t make mistakes. Declare that you are strong and you have the Spiritual of God in you to help you through everything!

Your best days are not behind you because with the Lord you go from glory to glory. Expect great things. Expect “God things.”

Be conditioned by the Word of God and you will know what to do in every condition.

God will not fail you. He can’t. He promised to be with you and to uphold you. Take Him as His word. He is faithful. Rest on Him all the time!

God’s Word speaks. God’s Word has a lot to say. Listen to it every day. Remove all the distractions and the chatter that gets in the way.

Don’t buy into the lies of defeat, lack and impossibilities. Buy into the supernatural power of God being your natural default in every circumstance.

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Hebrews 4:12; James 1:22


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