God has the wisdom you need

You can never go wrong with God. You can never go astray and you can never get lost. “Why am I feeling lost and why am I feeling like I don’t know what I am doing?” you might be asking. God knows it all and He knows how to get you where you need to go. It is when you trust more in yourself, in your understanding and in your own strength that you can get lost. When you rely on yourself and you don’t consult with God, you can get to a bad spot. God wants us to be relying on Him at all times and in everything. Self-reliance is the enemy of God’s direction. Self-reliance can take you in a direction that is far from the truth of the Lord. When we put our trust in the Lord, we should agree that we will not contradict Him and we will not doubt Him. As you know, it is easy to doubt God and to second guess everything. We are called to be first guessers in the Lord and not second guessers in the world. We are called to have blind faith and to lean on God’s wisdom. His wisdom brings freedom. His wisdom gives clarity. His wisdom leads to peace. His wisdom opens minds and fills hearts with hope. Let’s rely on God’s wisdom every single day. Let’s stand on His Word and refuse to be shaken by the turbulence of life.

God’s wisdom gives us a blueprint for how to live. His wisdom has the answers we need in every situation. Sometimes the answer is as simple as “trust God no matter what.” I have received that answer many times and I take it as the ultimate wisdom to abide by. God is the King of wisdom and He knows how our lives are going to unfold. He knows the best way to make us succeed in this life. Succeeding according to His standards is better than amassing riches in this world. We succeed when we walk close to the Lord, we follow His lead, we worship Him with our lives, we love Him and we love others like ourselves and we dedicate our lives to Him. Success in His eyes is for His glory and it is the best way to live. God is God and He doesn’t need our praise and thanksgiving. He wants us to praise Him and worship Him because it is the best thing for us. Everything He tells us in His Word is for our good. Are you looking for answers today? Are you wondering how you should live your life? Turn to the King of wisdom. Turn to the Book of Life and find the inspiration, the motivation, the encouragement and the knowledge you need to live your life for Jesus.

God has the wisdom you need today. All situations you will ever encounter can be dealt with through the wisdom that is found in the Bible. This is what I want you to do today. Pray for a few minutes before you open your Bible. Do it every time you are going to read the Bible. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart and the eyes of your understanding. Pray and ask Him to guide you through the Word and to reveal His wisdom to you. Pray and thank the Lord for all the wisdom you are going to receive. You will get some great impartation and some major revelation when you do that every time. Keep at it. Cherish God’s wisdom. Seek it. Long for it. Read it. Embrace it. Keep it close to your heart. Meditate on it and you will see treasures of knowledge and wisdom that will change your life. The Bible is the ultimate manual for a better life. Sometimes all we need is direction and information. We need to find out which way to go and we need more information on how to deal with life. The Bible provides all that and more. I pray that you are encouraged to spend more time in the Bible and to seek God’s wisdom. God has all the wisdom you need to have an abundant life and to stay in His will. Take your current situation and pray that the Lord sheds light on it as you prayerfully read and study His Word. Make it a priority to spend a few minutes in the Word every day. Take notes. Find passages to meditate on. You are going to get great answers and your perspective on life is going to change. Enjoy the Word of God. Wisdom is going to be part of your daily life. Praise the Lord for that! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:6;  Proverbs 16:16; James 3:13

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