With all your heart

There is a position the Lord loves. The position of submission and total surrender. The Lord loves it when we are fully surrendered to Him and we believe in Him with all our hearts. When we trust Him in all our ways. When we have blind faith and we know that He is in control. That position of surrender is powerful and it is much needed. Every day we should surrender. Every day we should submit to God’s will and humble ourselves in front of Him. There are days when the first thing I do is physically submit to the Lord on my knees. I don’t think we need to necessarily be on our knees to pray but at times it helps me to be on my knees and surrender. I have found myself lying on the floor. This has happened when I have been in adoration and all I wanted to do was to be completely flat on the floor before God. My spirit in those moments craves submission and humbleness. I couldn’t go any lower but if I could I would. It’s during those times that I realize how small I am and how big God is. He is so big that I have to show that I understand His greatness. I humble myself and put Him on a pedestal. I put myself under so I can put Him on top of everything. Putting Him on top of everything is a way for me to say that I trust Him in everything.

Friend, the Lord wants your heart to be surrendered. He wants you to trust Him in everything. Not just in some areas of your life. He wants it all. He wants your heart and not just portions of it. Today I want to encourage you to trust the Lord with all your heart. Take a deep look at where your heart is not surrendered. Take a deep look at what needs to be changed and where you can let Jesus in more. Blind faith is no picnic but it is something that you and I can achieve. Isn’t it one of the best goals we can have for our Christian walk? Trusting God wholeheartedly. When we do, nothing, absolutely nothing can bother us. When we trust God will all our hearts, there is no room for fear, no room for doubt and no more sleepless nights. We ought to lean on the Lord no matter what heaviness and burden are leaning on us. We can push the burdens by giving them all to Jesus. Get rid of those fears and those doubts. Give them to the Lord in prayer. Get in the Word and fill yourself with hope. The hope of the Word of God will take root in your heart and Jesus will be your expectation in everything. It is when we expect Him to bless us in everything that we can recognize that our hearts are surrendered. It won’t happen overnight but when we are diligent with it, it happens for sure.

With all your heart, friend, praise the Lord. With all your heart, trust in God’s promises. With all your heart, expect a breakthrough. With all your heart, expect a blessing. With all your heart, expect a miracle. With all your heart, expect the Holy Spirit to guide you. With all your heart, love God. With all your heart, love others. With all your heart, hold on to joy, peace, love and hope. With all your heart, seek God. With all your heart, pursue the Lord. With all your heart, pray to God. With all your heart, stay close to God. With all your heart, believe that today is the day the Lord has made and you will rejoice and be glad in it. With all your heart, celebrate the Lord. With all your heart, stay in peace. This will take place when you surrender to God day after day and you tell Him that without Him you are nothing and thanks to Him you can do anything. He is your God. He is your Savior. Reminder yourself daily of the power of that truth. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Galatians 2:20; 2 Timothy 1:7; James 1:22

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