Bridging the love gap

It tears me apart when I hear people say they left the Church because of the way they were treated. I know people who were judged, criticized and even ostracized by their church. I can’t believe that a place of worship, a place of love can become a place of hate and a place of rejection. It is not the case for all churches obviously but it happens and I know that it saddens the Lord to see how people are kept from knowing Him. When hatred, division and seclusion are present in the church, faith is damaged, love is harmed and hope is destroyed. We are to walk in love. What we are told to do is to love God and love others like ourselves and not to just love God and judge others because of our own thinking, interpretation, feelings and bias. God is love. There is no way around it and there is nothing we should change about that truth. We can’t represent God correctly if we subtract His biggest trait from our representation. Love is His biggest trait and we should portray Jesus with love. It is love that attracted me to God. It is love that spoke to me. It is love that made sense to me. It is love that healed me and that still heals me. It is love that works with faith. Faith without love is useless. I don’t want to have useless faith. I want faith that moves mountains. That faith is powered by the love of the Lord. 

People are leaving the Church or not joining the Church because of the lack of love and welcome they experience. We are the Church, friend. We are the ones who should welcome everyone and who should be vessels of love. It is time we bridged that gap of love. It is time we became the warriors of love that will love no matter what and no matter who the people are. We have a role to play. We are imitators of the Lord and representatives of the Lord. Let’s put all politics aside and focus on Jesus. Let’s focus on who He is and let’s present Him to the world the best way we can. When we walk in His love, we walk in power and our faith is strengthened. A lot of us are working on our faith and I think it is crucial but the love walk is the most important walk. When we get filled with God’s love, everything else falls into place. Love is the way through everything. Love is the invitation many people have been waiting for. Love is the hope that lights the hearts of the world. We can ignite so many hopeless hearts by giving people love. When we use the flame of love to interact with people, we can change the world. I see so many unlit candles around me and I understand that God’s love can give those people their flame back or can introduce them to a joyful light.

There is a gap that needs to be bridged and like I said it is up to us to make that happen. My prayer is that we change our focus and prioritize God’s love. I pray that we nurture His love so we can spread it all around us. This shouldn’t just take place in the church. The love gap needs to be bridged in our everyday lives. There is always someone who needs love. There is always a broken heart that needs a hug and a nudge from Heaven. There are many lost souls that would love to be touched by love and that long for Jesus’ love. I am learning all the time about God’s love. I am learning how to get rid of my preconceived notions and how to delve into the love of God. I am learning that I have to put myself on the back burner and let God’s love be the fire that I use to interact with others. I am learning that my faith takes a hit when love is out of the picture. I am learning that God wants us to love unconditionally and it is possible when we stay in Him and we remain in His presence. I am learning that love is the answer to all my problems and it is the answer to everyone’s problems. I am learning that without love, I am nothing. I am learning that Jesus is the King of love and without my King I am poor in all my ways. Let’s bridge the love gap, friend. Let’s give hope to people and let’s shower them with love. Everyone deserves God’s love. Everyone! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 17:17; Luke 6:31; John 15:12

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