Keep your hopes up

“Keep your hopes up” is what I told a friend yesterday after her flight home got canceled. It is not the kind of thing we like to hear when something bad happens. When something bad seems final, we don’t think that anything good can come out of the situation. There is no hope on the horizon and all we think about doing is packing our stuff and going home so to speak. When Jesus died on the cross, His suffering and His death seemed final. There was no hope in sight. All that could be done was bury Him. He was put in a tomb but the tomb could not stop Him. Death could not stop Him. Jesus came to give a message of love, of hope and of salvation. His message is still alive today. No one and nothing can stop it. His message says “Keep your hopes up.” It is not a direct message but it is implied. When all seems lost, keep your hopes up. It is not the end. The tomb can’t keep your breakthrough, your blessing and your miracle from coming to life. Keep your hopes up, friend. Something great, something better is coming.

Jesus preached to huge crowds talking about His Father, talking about love and giving every person in attendance hope. He declared that salvation was here. He called Himself the Son of God. The One who can save the world. He also talked about how nothing was impossible to the one who believes in God. You are saved and you believe in God. Nothing is impossible. God can do the impossible for you. Even when your circumstances are telling you to give up, you should continue to hope. Keep your hopes up and let your faith do the talking. Talk back to the doubts. Talk back to the circumstances. Claim your blessings in the name of Jesus. Speak hope into every situation. Jesus was not defeated on the cross. You are a believer in Jesus so you are not defeated. Speak hope against failure. Maintain a healthy level of hope in your everyday life. Hope works with faith. It is not bothered by circumstances. It relies on Jesus the author of our faith and according to Him, hope is alive and well.

There is hope, my friend. There will always be hope. I know that at times it is very difficult to keep going and to keep believing. There will always be a good reason to keep believing and to keep hoping and that reason is Jesus. When all is said and done, Jesus still has the final say. He said that nothing was impossible to God and that is final. Say it to yourself. Repeat it to yourself. Keep your hopes up. Your Savior can turn anything around. It is not over until the Lord says it’s over. Hope is here. Something great is going to take place in your life so hold on to the King of hope. Jesus will make it come to pass. Stay strong. God’s got you! Keep your hopes up! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Mark 16:15; Luke 4:43; Ephesians 2:8

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