10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 235)

God is always there. Present in every corner. In the middle, above and under. Around when no else is. Involved in every situation and loving in every circumstance.

Don’t give up. There is more to come and it is going to be amazing because the God of the amazing is your God. Trust Jesus. Rely on His love. Great things are coming. Stay encouraged!

If you express fear all the time, you pitch a tent of worry. That tent is not a refuge. It’s not a place where you can find rest. Always speak faith against the fears and you will build a stronghold of hope!

God’s beauty is all around you and He is always with you. Stay in peace. The creator of the universe is your Savior!

God is an everyday God. He doesn’t take breaks from your life. He doesn’t hide and He doesn’t ignore you. Keep your eyes on Him. You are always on His mind!

God is visible even when your faith is invisible. Your blurred vision doesn’t mean that God stops being God. Faith shows you God but remember that He doesn’t need your faith to be God!

Jesus is here to stay. Hope is here to stay. Love is here to stay. Blessings are here to stay so stay in the moment with Jesus and keep on believing Him and trusting Him. He won’t let you down!

There is nothing to worry about and there is nothing to fear when Jesus is your Savior. There is everything to rejoice over and everything to look forward to when Jesus is your Savior!

God will not break your heart. God will not hurt your feelings. God will not disappoint you. God will not tear you apart. God will always love you, soothe you, support you, heal you, help you and bless you. That is the kind of God He is!

Go out of your way to be more like Jesus in all your ways! Go out of your way to love, bless and help others. Go out of your way with Jesus who is the only way!

Suggested reading: Acts 15:11; 1 Peter 4:10; 2 Corinthians 12:9

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