Magnify God

It’s easy to magnify our problems. We think about them. We overthink and before we know it they are giants in our minds. They become strongholds that are hard to get rid of. They seem bigger than anything we know and they dominate our thoughts. They make us forget what is around us and we only focus on them. They make life look sad and depressing. I had strongholds that were so tenacious that God was not on my radar at all. That is what the enemy would like to see. He wants to see believers walking away from God and believing that there is no way out. He wants our problems to be monsters that we can’t overcome. All that is a lie. God is way bigger than anything we will ever face. We could combine all our problems, pile them up and create the highest mountain in the world and it would still not be higher and taller than our God. Our God is mighty and powerful and no one is stronger than He is. Today I want you to magnify the Lord. Make Him big in your mind. Remind yourself that He is bigger than anything you might be dealing with. Magnify Jesus and you will minimize your problems.

I understand if God seems very small to you now because your problems are so big. I have been there and I go there sometimes but I am learning that I have to magnify Jesus. Not just when the problems strike but as often as possible. When Jesus is magnified and we see Him as the Savior that can do all things, it doesn’t matter how big the problems are. Jesus will always be bigger. It is a question of vision and perspective. How do you see Jesus? How big is the Lord to you? Do you see Him clearly? In order to see something clearly and bigger, you need a magnifying glass at times. What is the magnifying glass that allows you to see the Lord better? Mine is praise and prayer. They ground me in the Lord and they open my mind to His greatness and to His goodness. The power that I have found in praise and prayer is out of this world. It is nothing I have seen on a human level. The praise and prayer time is communion with the Lord and it gives me a better understanding of who Jesus is. It also helps me keep my eyes on Him and when my eyes are on Him, He shows up in a big way.

I remember the first time prayer and praise brought the presence of the Lord in the dorm room when I was in grad school. It was something I had experienced before on a small scale. What made it so special was the fact that I was doing it every day without fail and I prioritized praising the Lord, worshiping Him and giving thanks to Him. It changed the spiritual atmosphere and it drew me closer to the Lord. Praise is concentrating on Jesus and lifting Him up. It is giving Him credit for who He is. It is trying to glorify Him as much as humanly possible. The Holy Spirit joins us and magnifies Jesus turning it into an experience that is unparalleled. When I spend time praising and praying, I spend less time worrying and fearing what is going on in my life. What is your magnifying glass? Do you have one that you use every day? The Word of God is another amazing magnifying glass that I use as much as I can. The Word renews my mind and it depicts an accurate picture of the majesty of the Lord. The Word magnifies Jesus’ promises, His love, His power and His sovereignty. Spend time in the Word and you will be ready to conquer the world.

Problems will always arise and they will try to be strongholds that leave you depleted. You have Jesus, friend. Magnify Him. Let Him be the stronghold in your life. Use the magnifying glass that works best for you and turn to it every day. See Jesus in His glory and in His greatness. He can do anything and He can definitely help you with any problems you might encounter. Stay strong in the Lord. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 11:29; Jeremiah 32:27; Luke 1:37

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