More of God

I once wrote that too much of God was not enough. We often say that too much of anything is not good but it is not the case when it comes to God. As a matter of fact we should have more of God. We should get more of God into our lives, into our minds and into our hearts. More of God is more peace, more love, more joy, more freedom, more hope, more faith, more blessings, more encouragement and more of anything that is good, noble and pure. I can’t get enough of God and I know I should always get more of Him in my life. Whatever amount of God I have every now should be multiplied. I need to increase my interactions with God and spend more time thinking about God and talking about God. More of God in my life is what I need and what I want. God is good all the time and being in tune with Him all the time means being in tune with goodness and love all the time. We can’t go wrong when we seek God more and we spread His love more. Today I am inviting you to have more of God in your life, in every area of your life.

When I first became more serious about God, I changed my daily routine and added more of God into every time slot of my day. I started thinking more about God. Thinking about God is very powerful. It helps us get rid of negative thoughts and it gives us the opportunity to dwell on what is pure and noble. I want God to occupy a lot of my thinking so I make a conscious effort to think more of Him. I do it by thinking about what He says in His Word or simply by thinking about who He is. I think about what He did on the cross. I think about His sweet and beautiful words. I think about how much He loves all of us. Here is something that has worked well for me. When I am in a crowd, I think about how much God loves everyone I see. I look at everyone and think,”God loves him. God loves her. God loves them. God loves this little girl. God loves this older gentleman.” It keeps my mind on God and it adds more of Him into my thinking which is wonderful. Think about God more by seeing how His love impacts the people around you and how His love is for everyone around you.

Adding more of God to our day implies talking to Him more. Jesus spent time in prayer talking to the Father. He isolated Himself so He could pray. I love how I can walk away from the crowd so to speak and have one on one time with God. I add more of Him when I am just with Him and no one else. I strongly encourage you to make time for God one on one and to fix your eyes on Him when there are no distractions. God loves spending time with you and He is with you all the time. He loves it when you recognize that He is always with you and you take the time to honor Him and to lift Him up. He enjoys your focusing on Him. The closer you come to God, the more He draws near you. When you get more of God into your life, you get an overflow of His presence. He gives you more of Himself. Seek Him first and He will give you more of His love. More of God is what you and I need. Let’s do it. Let’s find ways to add Him more to our days. We will not only enjoy His blessings but we will also stay in His will and spread His love more. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:20; John 6:35;  Revelation 22:17


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