A hug from Heaven

The words “A hug from Heaven” are what I woke up to the other day. The Lord dropped those words in my spirit for me to meditate on what a hug from Heaven would look like. I have received many hugs from Heaven and if you are a believer, you have as well. Sometimes the hugs are obvious and sometimes they are more subtle. A hug is an embrace and it is an expression of affection or comfort. Dear friend, the Lord loves you more than you know and He is hugging you more than you know. He loves being with you and He keeps you company all the time. His hugs are expressions of His love for you and His presence. He shows you that He cares and that He is watching over you. Today I want you to look for the hugs from Heaven and enjoy them. You can activate those hugs as well. I am going to tell you how that can happen.

Prayer is my grounding field. It is a field of peace, of joy, of hope and of love. I call it a field because to me it is immense and extensive. My prayers are not limited to the space in my head. My prayers reach out to the Heavens and they bring back blessings from the Lord. During prayer time I experience hugs from Heaven. All the encouraging words I hear deep down in my spirit are hugs from Heaven that comfort me and that keep me going. A simple word from the Lord is enough for me to enjoy a mighty hug. When the Spirit of the Lord tells me words such as “Peace”, I get an avalanche of serenity. A few words of hope from the Lord and my day is made. Those hugs from Heaven greet me early in the morning and they follow me wherever I go if I stay open to the Lord and if I lean on Him.

“Do not lean on your understanding but trust the Lord with all your heart” is what the Bible tells us. When we lean on the Lord, we position ourselves for a beautiful hug. When we lean on the Lord, we see Him as our support and our strength. When we lean on the Lord, we receive a warm embrace that keeps us safe. When we lean on the Lord, hugs from Heaven keep on coming and keep on blessing us. Leaning on the Lord can feel as something risky when we are used to being in control but it is the best thing to do. When I lean on my understanding, I often fall flat on my face. When I trust the world and expect a hug of comfort from it, I receive rejection and a push in the wrong direction.

You must know by now that I am a fan of praise and worship. I am a fan of Jesus and I love showing Him how much I love Him through praise and worship. When I praise and worship, I get hugs from Heaven. The first few times I experienced the presence of the Lord during worship time, it was as if Heaven had come to earth. I had the most amazing time and I had never lived anything like that before. Friend, the Lord inhabits our praises and when we praise Him, hugs from Heaven flow and we get a dose of His love like never before. Lift your hands up to the Heavens and praise Him daily. Receive hugs from Heaven. Receive the peace and the love you need today. Spend time with God and He will give you the time of day with hugs that will change your day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 33:14; Psalm 22:3; Proverbs 3:5-6

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