Fight the negative thinking

Don’t overthink anything. The negative channel you are dwelling on is nothing but static and bad tunes. Change the frequency. Replace the thoughts with other thoughts. Be proactive and inject thoughts from the Lord into your thought account. Put in pure and holy thoughts you can bank on. Those thoughts will yield some great dividends. They will keep your mind focused on the right things. It’s not easy to keep your balance positive. A negative balance is a common place for many people but the Lord can help us get back on the positive side. He encourages us to renew our minds. Now, it is not a process we have to go through alone. Today I am inviting you to think about what you think about and weed out the negative thoughts. The Lord will help you.

We will always have to deal with our thoughts and our minds will always be battlefields. However, the Lord can assist us and give us a hand so we can have a better thought life. What is your thought life like these days? Do you overthink a lot? Are you able to clear your mind and keep your eyes on Jesus? I have to say that the more I spend time in the Word, the more I expose myself to His love and the less difficult it is to control my thoughts. One thing I am learning is to “switch and reload.” I switch my thoughts and load in new ones. It is a basic concept that works very well if you are consistent with it. When negative thoughts come, switch your thinking by thinking of something else. Sometimes I have to listen to words to make that happen. Sometimes I have to tune into the Lord so I can tune out the negativity. I take the words of Jesus and play them over and over in my mind. They crush the overthinking system that is so present in my mind. I am not immune to it by any means but I work on reducing its power all the time.

The power of our thoughts is real. There is no denying it. Thoughts can seem to be reality when we keep them strong in our heads. Those negative strongholds can cause a lot of damage to our emotions and to our spiritual health. The opposite can do wonders. A positive mental stronghold can do a lot of good. The Word of God has a lot of very powerful verses that can help us create great positive strongholds. That is why the Lord tells us to meditate on His Word. 

Overthinking is meditating on the wrong things. When we do, we see life in a dark and negative light. When we meditate on the Word, we see the Light and life is better. Let’s meditate on the Word of God. Let’s build strongholds of hope and peace. The Word of God is stronger than the thoughts of the enemy and stronger than our own thoughts. Sometimes our own thoughts are the cause of chaos in our lives. We imagine scenarios that lead to bad circumstances. The Holy Spirit has the words we need to combat our own thoughts. Let’s trust Him!

My prayer is that you take the time to think about what you think about all the time and deal with it with God’s Word. Pray that the Holy Spirit give you the thoughts that will build you up and that will always glorify Jesus. He does an amazing job with that. Switch and reload. Load up your mind with scriptures and the powerful encouraging words of the Lord. The battle of the mind is ongoing but keep in mind that you are in the winning camp. Keep fighting the negative thinking! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:2; Philippians 4:8; Colossians 3:2

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